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All reviews about Etihad Airways

12 February 2024 12:02:00 John Leutton

Etihad changed the carrier two weeks before the flight was due to depart, without contacting us. The first we knew is when the electronic tickets were sent showing that the flight was now operated by Wamus Air.
They would not answer the phone or engage with us in anyway.

Our Travel Agents said that apparently is would take weeks to refund the ticket price by which time we would not be able to book with another carrier.
The business class cabin on Wamus Air, offering, food and comfort fell way below what we expected or indeed experienced on other Etihad flights. We were due to fly business class from Manchester to Jakarta via Abu Dhabi, the fist leg was great, very comfortable, good seats, usual poor food though, however Wamus Air fell way below that experience. We also had to travel back from Jakarta to Abu Dhabi with Wamus, that plane was even older, poor seats, not enough room to fully recline, food was awful as was entertainment. A very bad experience.
I have tried to talk to Etihad, emails, feedback etc, but they really couldn't care less, they will take no responsibility, and no offer of compensation.

Why anyone would travel with this airline after our experience is beyond me. What a shadow of what they were, I really don't know what has happened to this airline, avoid at all costs!

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09 October 2023 12:10:00 Arley T

Starless company unprofessional full of lies plays games. They sell seats that has faulty entertainment system. They are aware about it but they ignore the fact and they dont do anything about it. They always ask for extra as if they are a cheap airline but they charge premium however the fact is they are cheap I would recommend you to stay away no matter what. Pathetic.

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06 October 2023 12:10:00 Hannah

I contacted their customer care to resolve an urgent matter and they finally responded to me '01 month' after my flight landed and failed to provide me a solution ! Don't be fooled by their ads featuring glamorous celebs - this is an overhyped airline with terrible service , no compassion and care for the travellers . AVOID !

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01 October 2023 12:10:00 Babu Maganti

Worst experience with Etihad today. I got multiple emails saying that i upgraded to Business Class. In fact, i was at HYD airport they informed me that my ticket was upgraded to Business Class.. after seconds they waited for 2 hours and they said its canceled again.

What a stupid company these guys are running.. What the hell they are doing until the last minute.. I was prepared from home the i upgraded to Business Class and what a disappointment. They studied me for an 2 hours and they said they can not do anything.

I ended up paying more for my luggage and ended up sitting in Economy class.


I am not going to travel with Etihad

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14 August 2023 12:08:00 Guest

I am tavelng aud to say Singapore staff is very slow waiting hall is very hot no manage well
Airarbia airline staff and service is much better then ethihad

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18 June 2023 12:06:00 Guest Mukhtar Gondal

I have sent a number of emails to Etehad feedback and consumer sections etc regarding compensation/ status of my unused international ticket but they time and again advised me to contact travel agent concerned although I informed that he is reluctant to give me details .very bad experience and height of APATHY on the part of Etehad management as they are not willing to let me know the status of my unused ticket, apparently for the reason that the trave agent doesn't so desire. Needless to mention how the business is transacted between them.
Very disappointed, considering to approach the court as a last resort.

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25 December 2022 12:12:00 Guest

If i could give 0 stars i would, so basically i was flying from manchester to abu dhabi then to pakistan, as i was boarding my gate in manchester, due to travelling with a big group of 10 people who some were elder, 1 was asthmatic and 1 person was pregnant while taking care of a baby as well as another baby flying with us. Therefore we were helping each other with their hand luggages. As i was boarding at the gate i was holding my sisters hand luggage who is pregnant, we were stopped because i was carrying mine and my sisters hand luggage. The staff members at the gate told me i was not allowed to board the flight because i had 2 hand luggages with me and i had told them i am holding my sisters hand luggage cause shes pregnant and was finding it difficult to carry. The staff member at the gate advised my sister and the rest of my family to board the plane and told me to stay back. They then advised me to pay for the luggage to be boarded and i had told them that this luggage has been booked in and i dont need to pay, however they wouldnt listen to me so i agreed to pay. Then they wouldnt allow me to pay by cash and i had only had cash on me. They advised me to pay through a bank transfer and i wasnt able to. Then they advised me to leave the hand luggage behind and to collect it from the lost and found when i return back to the UK in a month time. Due to being the last person to board i had less time to get any information as to how i can collect my belongings so the staff member took the hand luggage and then i was able to board the plane. My brother had taken pictures of all our belonging after getting checked in as a precaution with the check in tag on the hand luggage. When we returned back to the UK at the airport i had went to ethihads lost and found and explained my situation that i had and even showed them the picture that i had of the luggage and they told me that they did not have it in their possession. Then he had advised me to contact the police and tell them the situation as we had valuable things in the hand luggage.

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21 November 2022 12:11:00 Guest

My full review on Etihad Airaways with pictures can be read on Etihad Pissed Consumer dot com. Etihad cabin crew, Anastasiia Karionova, verbally abuses transgender people calling them "not normal", boasts on breaking all the rules whilst working, films and mocks random Jewish people in Israel without their consent. Etihad knows everything about it and keeps silent. No single apology has been issued. Anastasiia Karionova shouldn't be even cleaning toilets in the worst airline, her primitive behavior is below any comprehension.

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19 October 2022 12:10:00 Guest

I along with my other family members, traveled on Etihad Airways on the following dates, except for Flight No. EY97 from Abu Dhabi to Istanbul, all planes were Airbus A321-200.

- 03 October 2022 on flight No. EY232 from Islamabad, Pakistan to Abu Dhabi
- 03 October 2022 on flight No. EY97 from Abu Dhabi to Istanbul
- 14 October 2022 on flight No. EY98 from Istanbul to Abu Dhabi
- 14 October 2022 on flight No. EY233 from Abu Dhabi to Islamabad, Pakistan.

Here is what we experienced travelling with the most renowned and well sought after airlines of the world.

Etihad Airways treat Passengers like herds and cattle. The airline planes operating from and to Pakistan are old and run down airbuses. The seats are cramped and uncomfortable with little legroom. If the person in front of you reclines, your seating situation gets worse.

Etihad flights to Pakistan does not offer entertainment through seatback TV screens. However, you are given an option to scan the QR code through your phone or laptop and gain access to the airline Ebox free of cost. To be honest, we thought Pakistanis are treated badly but the airline shocked us more when we boarded an airbus while travelling back from Turkey with the same worst seats and entertainment services. Imagine travelling 7-8 hours on a flight from Turkey to Pakistan with a dirty rundown bus with dirty toilets (yes a flying bus), which gets you from Turkey to Abu Dhabi and then to Pakistan.

Our travelling woes did not stop there. The food in economy class was substandard. The food was served in paper bags and not on a tray. A picture is attached to get a clear idea of the insulting way in which the food is served to Pakistanis by Etihad. My brother in law pre-ordered a low sodium meal for himself for the round trip from Pakistan to Turkey before the flight dates. He wasn't offered the food he pre-ordered on all the flights we took. The flight attendants were clueless. The whole experience with Etihad this time was unpleasant.

My experience taught me not to fly with Etihad Airways again. Instead pay a little more on another airline who gives you the same kind of respect as they do to other passengers and better services as well.

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30 September 2022 12:09:00 Guest

Terrible customer service! Do not fly with them!
I'm not big on leaving reviews or complaints but this time I will.
My 8year old son and I missed our flight connection due to one of their flight attendants getting insured on board. I tried to ring the hotline from the airport for hours (it being after 8pm there was no staff left at Syney airport). 10.30pm I still wasn't able to get a hold of them so I decided with the airport closing over night and my son being exhausted to book a hotel and try sort it out from there. We got comprehensive travel insurance but they only pay for the incident if I can provide a confirmation of travel delay from the provider. I rang them, I sent Emails, I even chased them up at the airport on our next international flight. It's been over a month now. So very disappointing. It was their fault but all I get is excuses over excuses. And we're not even asking them to pay. Do NOT book with them, there's plenty of good airlines out there, Etihad is not one of them. Will post this on all platforms I can find.

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23 August 2022 12:08:00 Guest

I flew Etihad from Chicago to Abu Dabi then to Sydney. Starting on August 8. No bag delivered since then. Filed online baggage claim on their site but they returned no confirmation number and simply stated they would respond within 72 hours. No response for over 2 weeks. Customer service no help

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13 August 2022 12:08:00 ALKESH DESAI

Travelled from Ahmedabad to Chicago on 08/08/2022, through Etihad Airways.
My four baggage did not arrived at the ORD air port. The PIR given did not showed any update since 08/09/2022, still tracing my baggage. If any one has direct contact or person phone number, let me know. The phone number given on form did not worked, its always goes into message. Its more then week and no response from Etihad.....totally negligence and no customer service. Not a international standard of service. Spend 3400 on Air ticket and get worst experience. If anyone get luggage for that day...08/08/2022 at ORD air port, keep posted or text me at 630 823 1300.

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11 August 2022 12:08:00 Rey

This is the second time Etihad lost my bag. On top of it their entire communication system is just horrible. This entire airline is being run by Indians, and they are extremely incompetent, lazy and have a cheap mentality. Their work ethics simple stink and are horrible in doing their job. Last time I had to fight hard to get compensated and their measley offer was $150. And it's the same headache again, now I am dealing with another agent who is even more pathetic then the last one. This is the very last time I will be traveling with garbage airline.

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02 June 2022 12:06:00 Etihad Airways

Guest :
Lost bag on flight Madrid - Abu Dhabi. Called dozens of times to many numbers (several of which are disactivated, including baggage services number in Madrid, and Abu Dhabi, supposedly the HQ, doesn´t even have a working number for baggage) and get no response except "an email has been sent to Madrid with no response." It appears after calling Madrid lost luggage that the bag never left Madrid. 4 days with no word on where the bag is. On holiday in Dubai spending 100s of euros on new clothes, toiletries, and no hope of ever getting compensation. An absolute embarrasment of a company.

Hi there, please reach out to us on any of our Social Media platforms to look into this for you. Thank you. *Nay

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01 June 2022 12:06:00 Guest

Lost bag on flight Madrid - Abu Dhabi. Called dozens of times to many numbers (several of which are disactivated, including baggage services number in Madrid, and Abu Dhabi, supposedly the HQ, doesn´t even have a working number for baggage) and get no response except "an email has been sent to Madrid with no response." It appears after calling Madrid lost luggage that the bag never left Madrid. 4 days with no word on where the bag is. On holiday in Dubai spending 100s of euros on new clothes, toiletries, and no hope of ever getting compensation. An absolute embarrasment of a company.

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14 April 2022 12:04:00 Lekshman

@Etihad Aiways: This is regarding horrible travel experience for the booking reference JMCBHV. We are senior citizens travelling on 11th March 2022 from Denver to Kochi(COK) via Chicago(ORD) & Abudhabi . We did not get wheel chair service at ORD, Abudhabi although it is reserved in advance . At ORD , there is no one at the station to ask status, the layover time is 1 hr 40 mins, Hence we need to walk all the way to catch the next segement flight to abu dhabi. Again to our surprise, the flight to abudhabi was delayed and the time to transit was squeezed to catch next flight (to Final designation COK). Again, No wheel chair is provided and we are told to board the flight in next 40 mins. It was extremely difficult for a senior citizen like me and my wife to run with less transit time and no wheel chair. Once we reached Destination, the baggage was delayed. After 48 hours baggage was delivered to our home, However the baggage was completely damaged.

Could you let us know :
1. why wheel chair assistance was not provided at 2 segments(ORD , Abudhabi) inspite of reducing transit time. Is it not your responsibility to arrange for transits if there are no wheel chairs available for elderly passengers?

2. Why did you mishandle my luggage and transported the belongings in plastic wraps like this? Do you pay for the luggage charge. This is new luggage i purchased in Oct 2021

3. what compensation you can provide for this experience. Do you even can imagine if your own parents travel in this situation with Etihad airways what would happen? with my age (76), i could barely walk, However i made my best to reach my next flight to Cok in abudhabi airport. I am a heart patient and was suffering a lot to walk and no one from Etihad helped this the way you treat senior passengers?

Baggage damage: case number is 2204131571081.
Wheel chair issue :case number is 2204131571687.

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11 January 2022 12:01:00 Guest

The worst customer experience in my life. This airline over promises and under delivers. They lack the basic understanding of responsibility and integrity. As business class traveler for over 10 years and a gold member, yet I was treated less than cargo. Forget calling customer care, forget expecting them to respond to your complaint or address your issues. It is basically organized fraud! This airline should be band and boycotted.

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07 December 2021 12:12:00 Rob

Amazing experience omw from Munich to Abu Dhabi in the Economy Class of Etihad

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02 April 2020 12:04:00 Guest

If I could give this airline and its customer service 0 stars I would. As a long time, international business traveller, my experience from airport check in to flight experience (in business class) ranks this airline near the bottom of my list, only a step above a Chinese airline I flew in the 1990's, when Chinese airlines held the worst crash, maintenance and service records. Airport reps are surly, robotic, and most unprofessional encountered (and THIS is the Business check in!). Flight attendants are only a half step above. At gate, there was no separate first/business line and we were all herded into a long line which didn't move for nearly 20 min.'s as there was some back up plane-side. After encountering the same robotic, surly service on board, I asked not to be disturbed and slept most of the 15 hours....

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15 December 2018 12:12:00 Guest

I am here today, to share my bad experience with Etihad airways. I flew to back to Australia from Lebanon, arriving on the 12/09/2018. one of my checked in baggage was missing, I opened a file regarding my missing baggage (reference file is BNEEY11292) , and went home that night, after being reassured that my bag will be found soon and i will be contacted to get updates. A few days later, they asked me if i have any photos of the bag, i did sent the photos, and all that was through the baggage services at the airport. After 21 days, i called back again the same number provided by Brisbane airport for baggage services, they told me that it's time to file a claim online with Etihad, and that's what i did on the 4/10/2018 i received back an email regarding all necessary documents needed to complete the claim. I replied back straight away with all documents attached and information needed. (claim Ref 668113)
After that email, i sent another 3 emails, haven't received anything back at all. There is no phone number to call, only the email address which is: and unfortunately there's no other way to reach that department whatsoever. I tried again to reach out Brisbane baggage services at the airport, but there's nothing they can do, the matter isn't in their hands anymore, it's with Etihad. so I waited 3 months until the 13/12/2018 to receive an email back from the baggage claims department of Etihad, and just for them to say sorry my bag is lost forever, and they will only pay me 600 dollars as a compensation.
Well let me tell you something, that's first of all and for sure UNPROFESSIONAL, second it's disrespectful, and third it's like take those money and shut your mouth, we don't care what you have in your bag, and if it's valuable or no, and what's the value of all things you have lost. And since you know it's hard to get receipts for all things you have in the bag, i might find some, but definitely not gonna find a receipt for each and every item. My bag itself costed me around $350 when i first bought it, so that's not FAIR at all. The bag was under your responsibility, not mine, you lost it, wasn't my choice, at least do something to show that you really care about customers who chose you and put their trust in you above millions of other airlines.

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24 July 2018 12:07:00 Guest

The worst experience I have ever had with any airline was with Etihad Airways.
I will NEVER EVER travel with this airline again. This airline is doomed anyway because of the business decisions taken by its management and their attitude is making it easier for it to go downwards.
The carry-on luggage that was allowed by the staff in Abu Dhabi, the SAME carry-on was NOT allowed by the staff at Toronto on the return journey because according to them it was over-sized because the wheels did not fit in their measuring frame. How the hell the same carry-on fit in the same frame from AUH to YYZ.

Imagine the pain and frustration these people caused us. We had to return the whole carry-on with the people that came to drop us off.

Talking to the supervisor was like talking to a brick wall. Extremely inconsiderate and unprofessional attitude.

Bye Bye Etihad,

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02 January 2018 12:01:00 Guest

Hyderabad airport Etihad staff is worst, 1) they are incompetent , 2) poorly trained and 3) don't know how to read their own fare rules and threaten the passengers to cash.
The premium desk at Abu Dhabi asked to sent an email to No response after 2 days !

I have been charged excess baggage fee when none should have been charged. Looking for some lawyers to help, does anyone have info for lawyers who can file a case in India.

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06 November 2017 12:11:00 Guest

It's the wors airline ever, don't even try it. You will lose your baggage and no one will help you to getting an answer

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22 August 2017 12:08:00 MOHAMMAD KUWAIT

I was so disappointed with etihad! worst experience ever! My flight schedule was last August 20, 2017 at 11:00 in the evening from Kuwait to Moscow, unfortunately the flight was delayed for an hour but I patiently waited and hoping that we can reached abu dhabi immediately for 3: 00 early in the morning
schedule of connecting flight to Moscow but everything turned out a big disaster.
We did not reached the ertihad heading to moscow the airline gone flight no. EY65. What an inconvenience! I cant do something about it that time , now I am thinking of the meeting that I am going to missed in Moscow. I waited for several hours for etihad flight schedule and now heading to Munich Germany. From Germany now I already knew that my luggge was lost 7607EY728916 & 7607EY728917. From Germany I fly with S7 Airline arrange by etihad. Now i lost my luggage , i dont have something to wear, i lost all my appoinments .

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03 July 2017 12:07:00 Guest850

Flew Mel-auh-txl-hel on June 28. Bags were not at the baggage carousel when we arrived and still no word 4 days later. They weren't much help at the counter there, told us to go online and fill out the form using a code, got to the hotel and the code they gave us was invalid... call up the contact number and they're closed... the next day we finally reached them and got the right code. 4 days later still bags are missing, had some valuable items in there that I would appreciate bag. Thanks Etihad...

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22 May 2017 12:05:00 Mohamad Zuhair AL Homsi

I enjoyed my trip from Dammam to New York , it was excellent

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07 February 2017 12:02:00 Guest

Etihad and there bagageclaims are a nightmare I have a claim since march last year where mr.Shahab Mehmood say that they have
a new finance sysytem and can not transfer payments this is since 16/10/2016
Can you believe it

This airline is just a joke

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03 September 2016 12:09:00 Jim C

I travelled first class from Melbourne to Abu Dhabi on 1 Sept and then business class Abu Dhabi Frankfurt on 2 September (connecting flight). Etihad lost both my bags. I have a PIR but it says tracking continues. The Frankfurt contact number does not get answered and wont return my calls when I leave a message. I have had no contact from the airline. This is the most appalling customer service, let alone the ineptitude of losing bags and then being unable to find them. Why wont you contact me etihad? Is this how you treat first class customers???

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22 August 2016 12:08:00 Guest

I thought it was a serious airline but defenitely is NOT
3 days later they cannot tell me where is my luggage

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21 July 2016 12:07:00 Guest

I had the misfortune of travelling on this terrible airline on 18th July fr om JFK to Mumbai via Abu Dhabi on flight number EY 102 and EY 204 respectively. The airline has misplaced one of my two bags. On filing a complaint at Mumbai airport, I was told that the bag was on the next flight to Mumbai and would be returned to me that very night and I would be called and updated regularly regarding the status of my lost bag. Not only was I not called and informed anything, when I tried calling the number provided to me, I was put on hold for more than an hour and finally no one took my call. I have spent all day trying different numbers to get in touch with Etihad until finally I called the booking office who informed me that they have no idea where my bag is. This kind of customer service is ridiculous and has caused me immense inconvenience. Not only are all my personal belongings in that bag, including a suit for a very important interview- which I have to buy a new one for but all the gifts that I have bought for my family are all misplaced. I had to come home after an entire year empty handed with nothing to give to my loved ones because of Etihad's carelessness. The least that Etihad can do is call and update me or at least answer my call when I want to find out where my bag is an give me a better answer than 'we have no idea wh ere your bag is'.
I'm so sorely disappointed by this service and hope that my bag comes soon and with all its contents intact.
I have already filed a property irregularity report and my baggage claim number is 4607EY220062.

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19 February 2016 12:02:00 Nagarjuna

Worst experience
1. 8 hours Flight delay.
2. Baggage delivered after 5 days.
3. No reply to the mails.

I have never seen such bad experience.


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24 January 2016 12:01:00 Bernard

Etihad, everything but the miles,
I flew with my wife and children many times in 2015. At every Etihad boarding counter I asked specifically to put all the family miles(3 plus me) on my Etihad account. Yes, of course, ok, its done said the Etihad crew at every different place and occasion.
End of the year I had +/- 5000 instead of more than 50 000. After several try online, several mails, a lot of time spent to complete different registration, they wrote to me: all your request has been fulfill. As I had clearly mention name, guest no, flights for all my family, I thought it was done.
But how could I trust them after all I checked and saw that AGAIN, they didnt give any miles for my children and wife on their account.
After several months and emails, they finally put some of the miles but I lost almost 50 percent of them due to the 6 months delay.
They answer that it was to be fair (LOL), so basically my mistake was to have trust their official crew words and even official written email.
I dont understand their strategy as they are ok in most of other field, but watch for your miles!!!

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10 January 2016 12:01:00 Guest

The service of Etihad Airwaysis absolutely inappropriate - they should be punished legally for this kind of services. No any custom service at all at any airport and you should call them for the hours spending the millions to find out some information.
Traveling on Budiness class on the ticket 6079712568413 they have lost my the one and only suitcase on the flight fr om Abu Dhabi to Rome EY 0440-08. The bad was not simply loaded in Abu Dhabi. After 24 hours I have received a message that the bag was found and will be delivered to the airport of Tivat today in the evening with a flight YM8110 to Tivat (Montenegro) wh ere I should stay for 2 days. The airport has refuse to make any home delivery so I was obliged to travel 2 hours in taxi to pick up my suitcase. When I have arrived to the airport the suitcase has not arrived and they did not load from the connected flight in Belgrade!!!! I have no any warm clothes with me and tomorrow I should go to Moscow!!! You should refund the costs of the ticket and refund all my expenses for the lost language! What a * service in Business class - what are you doing with the suitcases in Economy I am just wondering!!!!

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15 December 2015 12:12:00 Guest

I travelled with Etihad in August from Dublin to Nairobi. My bags were delayed as they were not transferred in Abu Dhabi. I was on an overland trip and my location was constantly changing (not day to day, hour to hour at times). As I had no essentials such as a sleeping bag for camping I needed my bags asap. My tour guide arranged a courier to collect them from Nairobi and bring them to a predetermined point along our route. This cost me $150USD. Although getting my bags in a way was priceless, Etihad messed up by not transferring my bags, despite having enough time to do so in Abu Dhabi.

I have emailed the baggage claim team on numerous occasions looking for an update over the last few months and have received no reply at all!! I find there level of customer service appalling. I have contacted them via Facebook and the 'Oh so concerned' response was that they would look into it. Again no update. When I contacted them via this route again I was essentially told they could do nothing and it was up to the baggage claim team.

All I have asked is for an update on my claim but nobody in claim team can be bothered to reply to me. I have contacted the relevant agencies in Ireland looking for advice as to how to escalate my complaint and am awaiting a response.

My experience of flying with Etihad apart from this was positive but their absolute unprofessional approach to customer service has resulted in me making the decision not to use the airline again. I would advise anybody flying with Etihad to seriously consider their options (particularly on outbound legs). For those aware of the legacy of Ryanair's customer service, I would view that as gold standard in comparison to Etihad's.

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28 September 2015 12:09:00 Guest

One of the worst airlines I have ever experienced. It was my bad luck that I selected this airlines. My flight was delayed for more than 4 hours in the first place and every one had to stand in a queue for the said duration. On my way back, my luggage went missing and I have no idea on its whereabouts. I would never recommend this to anyone.

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01 August 2015 12:08:00 Joji

i had very bad experience with ethi had airways , when we arrived Edinburgh we didn't get our bags , they we would get next day, but never got it .we had to phone and enquire several time. We lost lots money, third day we got three bags ,then next day another bag, we will never fly with ethi had , it was a mental torturing

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12 July 2015 12:07:00 Guest

We flew from Colombo though Abu Dhabi to Dublin 11th to 12 July, Business class, luggage marked "priority". No trace of our bags on arrival in Dublin, and no information or tracking available from Etihad.- No sign of our bags on the next flight from Abu Dhabi either. On the Abu Dhabi-Dublin leg of the journey the plane lost all inflight entertainment , and seats could not be adjusted. I was relieved when the landing gear engaged and we landed safely, but I am very concerned that our bags and contents may never be seen again! Not a good experience, especially considering the price of the Business class tickets.

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06 July 2015 12:07:00 Sunil

Horrible travel experience with etihad

Lost my baggage in Cairo took 10 days to get it back. No claim, no allowance to buy emergency utilities.

Etihad not sure why such apathy towards customer.

Had to call the air hostess 4 times requesting for water. Not sure if eithad is trying to save some money by saving few ml of water.

I have resolved never to travel again on etihad both business and personal.

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20 May 2015 12:05:00 Guest

I have travelled from DFW (Dallas) to Chennai (MAA) via UAE, on 8th May & 9 th May my baggages got delayed, because of that I missed my connecting flight also to Madurai. No ground staff at Chennai Airport at the morning hours. I got the baggage delivered after 3 days. No compensation nothing, I have lost huge amount for buying one day cloth and I am forced to travel by Bus to Madurai. Worst experience. Hope the Ethihad will improve their services.

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26 February 2015 12:02:00 Guest

The worst business class experience in EY183- Jet Configured Etihad airlines flight. Food options were all Indian chicken for non-veg only, amenity kit was shitty, entertainment system was breaking apart. First time I saw that in a business class, they don't provide slippers or socks. Toothbrush, toothpaste are all cheap Indian stuff and you have to ask for those, they are not kept in the bathroom by default. WORST BUSINESS CLASS EXPERIENCE - DO NOT FLY THEM

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04 January 2015 12:01:00 Sobia Asif

I was travelling with my infant son fr om Toronto to Abu Dhabi and from Abu Dhabi to Lahore. The flight from Toronto was on-time and the service was pretty good. But after landing in Abu Dhabi it was a nightmare. We were told our connecting was late but not how late (13 hours). The staff had no idea how late the flight was going to be. We were told the airport hotel was full and they couldn't let us go out. passengers from other connecting flights also had the same problem and a lot of people started fighting with the staff who ere quite rude to begin with. We must have moved from one terminal to the other 5 times because the crew had no idea what was going on either. My husband kept trying to contact the airline via email, phone and even facebook about our flight and wh ereabouts but the airline never responded

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04 September 2014 12:09:00 Regular guest

I've traveled so far Emirates , Singapore , Qatar , Turkish , British airways and many other leading airlines .. the best was Etihad airways. It's just amazing experience in every way , service and food quality is very good , staff are very pro and friendly.. I fly only etihad now and I'm very happy.. the business class is the best so far worldwide.. I don't know how some people are complaining about Etihad. . I doubt their integrity and probably Indians who lives to complaints. Thank u etihad best airline in the world.

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22 May 2014 12:05:00 Guest

I have traveled Emirates, Qatar Airways, Lufthansa, British Airways, Air India and Etihad Airways so far in the last few years. But the staff service I received from Etihad Airways was so bad that I am writing this immediately after my travel from Chicago to Abu Dhabi. I was travelling with my 1 year old daughter and was surprised by the attitude of the Air Hostesses and other cabin staff. They were least friendly and least helpful when you ask them anything. I needed some help with my bags to be put in the compartments above the seat and I asked a staff to help me, as I had my daughter who was not very happy either. But I was told point blank that she cannot carry my bags. During the flight I asked for some warm milk for my daughter and the staff gave a cup of cold milk (after asking a couple of times). When I asked if they can help me get the milk warmed, I was again told clearly that, that is all they can do and they can't warm the milk. Then I had to request them a few times to finally get the milk warmed. I am just putting down a couple of things here. But the experience was bad to worse and it all had to do with an unfriendly and unhelpful staff.Next time I will stick with Qatar or Emirates.

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09 January 2014 12:01:00 Patrick Ervin

Flew Pearl Business on Etihad CAI/AUH/BKK and return. No real complaints on the outgoing trip except that Pearl Business is not worth the money paid on Airbus 319. Save your money.
Pearl Business on Boeing 777 from AUH to BKK was wonderful.
On the return however, flight was delayed and we arrived CAI without luggage. No assistance at CAI. Attempted 8 calls to the call center and spoke with a man this morning who claimed we would have a call today to confirm our delivery address as the luggage was coming to CAI on EY653 arriving CAI at 12:20pm.
It is now 17:17 and no call, no email, and no response from the call center...I've now been on hold waiting for an answer for 52 minutes.

We will never fly Etihad Airways again.

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13 June 2012 12:06:00 Sujatha Raj

Flying the third time on Etihad fr om ORD-ABU-MAA and back. this time was trasvelling alone with my 2 yr old son. Horrible experience. After having stated multiple times to customer service for child meal it was still not updated and they refused to give any on the airlines and my son had to do with snacks all through. At Chicago, they made sure they weighed and measured our cabin bags explaining that it was to ensure that they fit in the smaller flight from ABU-MAA. But at Abu Dhabu I was told to checkin one of my cabin bags and retain my son's which was too small to hold the other important items from the other cabin bag. Infact the supervisor was so arrogant that he refused to let me board the flight and made me and my son wait in the sultry weather until all passengers were loaded and I literally handed over my cabin bag. I had to take every stuff out and with the help of other ground crew members got a big plastic bag to take them onboard and trhe cabing bag was checked in almost empty. The supervisor infact threatened to call the police and he wouldn't listen to what I had to say of the information from Chicago regarding baggage. All he wanted was to checkin the bag even if it is empty just to prove his authority. While returning, my husband was along with us and we were asked if we would like to upgrade to business class for just $100 a seat. And we agreed and since they accepted only cash, we immediately arranged it through family members who had come to send us off at the airport. They took the money and then they made us wait for almost 40 minutes, we were already checked in for economy class. When we requested time and time again as to why we were being made to wait when all they said was to be done is change the seats, at last one of them said that they cannot allow my husband as he was wearring bermudas/knee length shorts. We were very infuriated and asked them that we have seen folks in business class wear shorts and hence why this discrimination, and if it was due to our skin color. And they said that those who pay full fare do not have restrictions on dress wh ereas we were econonmy class passenges. We felt very insulted and questioned how can they expect a passenger to always carry a business suit and if that was their policy how can they discriminate based on the fare rules when they are the ones that recommended an upgrade. They took an hour to serve food and couple of hours to clear them off causing a lot of discomfort for my son. In all a very bad experience and we will never fly them again even if it means we have to spend more on other airlines for the same trip./seats!!!!

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28 December 2009 12:12:00 B Chalmers

Pearl Class Bahrain-Abu Dhabi-Melbourne, return via Sydney. Catering and IFE were of a high standard, liked the Etihad business lounge in Abu Dhabi - friendly staff keen to offer good service. On the outward and return journeys the business cabin was less than 50% full, so service was good. The crew were friendly and attentive, flat bed seat excellent and I managed to sleep. The a la carte menu service worked and I liked the on demand dining - food quality was just adequate. I would certainly travel Etihad again - the main aspect for me was a more comfortable seat than Emirates - service was comparable.

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26 May 2009 12:05:00 Fleur Doidge

Sydney to London Heathrow via Abu Dhabi return. New planes, tasty food, pleasant staff, good service, excellent AVOD. Security seemed good and staff friendly and organised. Don't know why people are moaning about Abu Dhabi Airport - it's small but rather nice. Also loved the Islamic/romantic desert style of the architecture. If I had to whinge about anything, maybe the toilets in economy could have been slightly cleaner.

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