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Royal Air Maroc

Country: Morocco
National airline in Marocco
IATA code: AT
ICAO code: RAM
Head office: Aeroport de Casablanca-Anfa, Casablanca, Morocco
Phone number: +212 5 2248 9797
Fax number: +212 5 2291 20 95
Year established: 1957
Main bases and hubs: Casablanca Mohammed V International
Fleet: Airbus A320, Boeing 737-300, Boeing 737-400, Boeing 737-700, Boeing 737-800, Boeing 767-300, Boeing 787-8, Embraer 190

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Reviews & Opinions of Royal Air Maroc:

24 August 2017 Guest

Bought ticket from RAM Website with a connection flight : JFK==> CASABLANCA==> MARRAKECH RAM has changed the schedule of the return flight from CASABLANCA to JFK without notice. Hopefully, I checked the status and saw that change can cause my team to miss the return flight. How the hell a company can change a schedule of a return flight and not the connection flight ????? Called them to change the flight and have my team to change their meeting time at Marrakech to catch the flight. After two days of arguing, finally they changed it. Four days later, they changed the time of the flight from NY to Casablanca.... So, we have to wait 9 hours at JFK and another 9 Hours at Casablanca to get the next flight to Marrakech. This is ridiculous and unprofessional. And never do business with this company again.

20 June 2017 Guest

This is my first time travelling Royal Air Maroc and I am sad to say that it will be my last time. My company picked this airline for me and my colleague to travel to Africa on Business as the timing was right and the price was good. We purchased Business Class seats and our luggage was marked priority baggage (i.e. big red stickers all over the bag). My colleague who experienced issues with African airline companies losing his luggage demanded fr om the check-in agent whether our bags will be checked through to our final destination (Bamako), we were told YES!!!!! The flight was surprisingly good and the service was on par with other airlines. My problem is Casablanca (the place where bags go to disappear). I have never seen such chaos. Undermanned gate desks, one agent only. Inadequate ramp access for wheelchairs (persons have to get out and climb down the stairs), no order or control over carry-on bags at the gate. Disorder to board the aircraft, no preference for young children, elderly, business class, NOTHING!!!! It was madness, leading to constant delays of over 30+ minutes just to leave Casablanca. In Bamako, we got no luggage. We filed a claim, have been back and forth to the airport, back and forth with Customer Service to search down the luggage, with little or no real answers. Local office is of no help as well!!! I have no idea how an International Airport in Morocco, can not get the bags to wh ere they need to go!!!!

23 February 2017 Jacque

I was travelling from Ghana through Liberia to Morocco then Senegal. First of all the cabin crew were EXTREMELY rude to passengers, very unhelpful. We were to stop over in Liberia to drop off some passengers but for some reason we could not land in Liberia and had to go back to Ivory Coast to wait for an OK from air traffic control before we could land in Liberia. For over 1 and half hours, cabin crew offered no information about what was going on, we were not given any water or drink with the excuse that the flight had run out of water and it was simply awful!!!! There was no in flight entertainment available either. Cabin crew were not fluent in several languages and could therefore not understand or explain themselves when we asked questions in English. Think twice before you book a flight with Royal Air Maroc, their airline is truly HORRIBLE!!!!!.

16 January 2017 Guest

My return flight fr om Douala to Munich was through Royal Air Maroc. We flew to Casablanca and there were no more connection from there. The flight to Munich (1 flight per week) had left because Royal Air Maroc left with 1h delay. The flight from Douala to Casablanca was the worst Airplaine I ever had. Broken seat, dirty and stinking flight, unfriendly personal and bad food. RAM don't respect their own seat order and assigned the same seat to many people. This is what created the de delay. In Casablanca without any alternative to reach Munich, I decide to flight to Orly. But my luggage were not there in Paris upon arrival. I reported it and they promised to sent it to Munich. This is my third night without any news of my luggages and any news of Royal Air Maroc. The hotline number they provide is not assigned. At the Airport in Munich, I learned that this company is not a serious company. Now I'm sitting here in Munich for the next 5 days without any luggage and any news from Royal Air Maroc. To those who plan to flight through Royal Air Maroc, Please avoid this company. They will take you somewhere in Morocco and leave you there and you will have no option to get out. In Europe and the US, they don't have any representation, so you won't know wh ere to fill any claim. This is the worst company upon all airlines.

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Royal Air Maroc Discussion:

27 May 2018 Guest

Thiss my third flight with this airline always very pleasant never had any issues till my return flight from Dakhla to London Heathrow via Casablanca on the 9th of may 2018 I had a connecting flight in Casablanca for 3 hours stop and once at my final destination my luggage didnt appear made the claim and kept calling the airport and the airline almost every day none seems to know anything theyre telling me the Casablanca airport not even responding to them and its been 18 days now!

18 May 2018 Guest

I will not go into detail because it is not a very pleasant story to tell. This is the most unprofessional airline ever, I cannot believe that they are still in business. I wouldn't take this airline even if the ticket was free.

27 April 2018 LYNN

Did you ever get your luggage back?

27 April 2018 Guest

Guest : I recently returned to Washington fr om Tunis, via Casablanca on flight AT 573 & AT 218 respectively, which arrived 08/02/17 at 7:30PM at IAD (Washington Airport My luggage, which was supposed to be checked all the way through to my final destination, baggage tag No AT849346 has apparently been completely miss-placed and possibly off loaded somewhere in CASA. lost luggage counter, where I spoke with an agent informed me that they would be in touch within (24) hours to inform me of where and when my luggage would be tracked down and arriving. It has been 6 days now; I called the number given to me at 18003446726 numerous times since my arrival and they have absolutely no information for me as to the wh ereabouts of my luggage! tried the local number 703 5725268 for a week none answered left several voice messages none got back to me. I find it completely unprofessional how in our world today with the security and technology available to you as a large airline can completely miss-place baggage. I am considering a lawsuit if anyone interested to join me please contact me at

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