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03 June 2024 12:06:00 Sief Ahmed

Very bad service and I dont advise anyone to use this airline. Royal air maroc even they didnt reply for your email. They are rude and luggage doesnt arrived till now. I will never travel with them again.

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20 March 2024 12:03:00 Mohamed

There is a need for an upgrade in the chairs as they are not comfortable. Additionally, the touch screen system requires improvement as it currently offers outdated movies and series compared to other airlines. While the food and staff are satisfactory, it has been noticed over the past five years that the chairs and entertainment system have become outdated.

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03 February 2024 12:02:00 Ify Awoh

I will rate this airline (-100)%
Royal Air Marocs Official are RUDE and ARROGANT
They mishandled my luggage, till now am yet to get my luggage after several weeks of arriving my destination.

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14 January 2024 12:01:00 Guest

Royal Air Maroc delivered us 2 suitcases 24 hours late the 20th of December and lost our 4 luggages in our trip back to Canada the 10th of January. No information, no consideration. If you have any tip to help us to get our luggages back, pls let us know!

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10 January 2024 12:01:00 Aldo

I had really bad experience with this airline. We are family of 5. First bad experience was our flight from Casablanca to Istanbul AT 910 in Jan 4th. We found 2 table tray during serving lunch was absolutely stinky and rancid. Felt like want to vomit. But the cabin crew respond differently. He even didnt try to wipe out the tray. He said change the seat. OMG!! I wish there was a passenger want to substitute the seat. Secondly, flight from Istanbul to Doha AT 911 and AT 216, a connecting flight with 17 hrs layover in Casablanca. Guess what?? My baggage extremely damage. Fabric was extremely torn and bag frame detached from the fabric. I am purchasing brand new bag only for this travel. First time used. I wish I can share the photos on this forum. Unfortunately, got broken after using Royal Air Maroc. Besides, I still dont have the clarification from them up to now. There was some other cons about this airline such as lagging screen entertainment during playing a video, bad ear plug socket, and dirty seat pocket.

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09 December 2023 12:12:00 Mazen

RAM Airlines exceeded expectations negatively. Any organization that fails to learn from mistakes or refuses to enhance its ongoing processes, leading to frequent and consistent incidents of lost luggage and demonstrating incompetence, is among the worst. Similarly, the employees within Royal Air Morocc who do not approach their responsibility of registering luggage and destination with seriousness, and fail to follow up on improvement, are lazy and careless. They, too, should bear responsibility alongside the airlines.
This situation reflects poorly on both ineffective leadership and a flawed business model.

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28 November 2023 12:11:00 Guest

The nightmare of the airlines!!
I flew round trip from LIS to CMN and on my return flight on Nov, 26 from CMN to LIS departure at 4:35pm they didnt give my boarding pass and denied to give my boarding pass even though I was 1h and a half early. Theyve said I should have been there 2h early.

Thankfully to their incompetence without even calling to their colleagues at the gate to ask or anything. They literally didnt move and didnt care at all. So thanks to THEM I lost my flight on Nov, 26 2023

They literally didnt hear what I was saying left me speaking to myself and made this whole mess even worse.

The second day - Nov, 27 CMN to LIS departure at 4:35pm same thing ! Ive arrived 2h and a half hour earlier. This time theyve printed the boarding pass, however they were completely unpolite AS USUAL refusing to give me their supervisor name or even their names. They hid their badges saying that I should not have that information and were again and again cutting me off not listening at all, being sarcastic and made this entire experience a mess.

Its ok not to want to give your name since my issue is with the company policy to close the boarding registration 1h and half earlier, but to be unpolite, leave a customer talking to themselves, not even listening or understanding whats going on, asking the person to move out of the way and cut the people off ALL THE TIME

YES, Royal Air Maroc needs to provide training and offer their employees a deeper sense on customer relations because they have ZERO on how to be useful and helpful to customers, how to handle challenging situations and avoid being meaningless and uneducated. It is a shame for an international company !

One thing is to have a one time bad experience, but two I wont remain for the third.

If they had just listened and understood, but who cares right! Who cares! I lost my money anyways bc they made me purchase a second ticket to be mistreated as well.
The worst customer service in the world trophy goes to Royal air maroc the deception, the appalling, the insult, the sarcasm simply horrible!!! For the record even though the attendant didnt give her name this happened at the Mohammed V Airport at the Guiche/counter # 59 and with all the other two attendants at the front counter on Nov 27, 2023. All meaningless, uneducated and unhelpful. Completely appalling.

After flying back I even had nightmares, so definitely this is the nightmare of the airlines!!! and I do not expect anything good coming from this company, so I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY TO ANYONE!!!

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17 November 2023 12:11:00 Zoë

Lost luggage X2, with a suitcase full of sentimental belongings for my daughter including family photos and of her grandmother who has passed away, all my clothes.. no help, constant emails and phone calls to no avail, numerous claims sent, no help whatsoever and they don't care, 2 weeks have passed and still have another 3 to go, I am devastated and disgusted.. I will never travel again with this airline

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21 October 2023 12:10:00 Sandra Smith

Worst airline experience ever. Very late departure. NO BAGS ON PLANE FOR ANYONE. NOT ONE BAG! . Day three and still no bags. Now in a different city. No bags. No clothes. Awful. No one to call who can tell you when your bags will arrive. Constantly must call the airline. Constantly told people to whom you are speaking are not the luggage people. Told you have to go back to the airport, wait in missing luggage line. IMPOSSIBLE. Worst ever, ever, ever.

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04 September 2023 12:09:00 Mehdi Badra

I had the worst experience with the Moroccan Airline "Royal Air Maroc". I booked my flight via their official website with booking reference R662BP dated June 19, 2019. Due to covid 19 pandemic, they cancelled my flight and issued a travel voucher claiming that in case of non-use within 1 year, I will receive a refund equivalent to the amount of my ticket (USD 590) upon request. When the time was due, i requested a refund in 2019 with case N01612483 and within the following 2 years, i've been sending numerous reminders, trying to contact them by phone without any reply. I have also visited their branch in Doha, Qatar and all my efforts went in vain. I felt like i've been scammed as it is my right to receive a refund following their published circular.

On March 2, 2022, I received an email from them asking for a copy of my IBAN to issue a refund. I sent all the required documents and to the present day (September 4, 2023), I have not received a single reply from them. I kept calling the customer service who always claim that there is nothing they can do except raising the issue to another department. I asked for an alternative and they stated that the department responsible for handling my case is located in their Head Office in Morocco and they have no way for me to contact them. Even if i had to go there which i tried to do, i won't be able to get access as it is not allowed to visit. i asked for another alternative and they said that I should keep calling the customer service which I was speaking to at that moment. In other words, they got me in a loophole.

I really do not recommend flying with This airline. During this horrendous experience of mine, i came across other victims with similar cases such as luggage Loss, unsettled Ticket refunds, Cancellations, Bad customer service, lack of communication and list goes on. I will keep fighting to get what it's mine and I'm ready to raise this issue to the Civil Aviation Authority.
Honest Advice: Stay Away from this Airline,

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23 August 2023 12:08:00 Laith kadhim

Worse air line to travel with specially the baggage handling they treat the customers in a humiliated way , find another way to travel customer service at the airport zero

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07 June 2023 12:06:00 Guest

I recently flew round trip from JFK to BCN with a layover in Casablanca each way with Royal Air Maroc and can confidently say that unless I am left with no other choice, I will NOT be flying this airline again.

It all started a few days before the first flight when my family and I noticed that there was a typo in my name; after spending 4+ hours on the phone, most of which I was on hold or trying to reach someone to speak to, the only option they presented me with was that I had to cancel my ticket and purchase another round trip ticket for over $2,000 USD - a markup of over 100% than my original ticket! They would not apply any credit from my original booking to the new one they forced me to buy or even attempt to confirm my identity through my passport, drivers license, or birth certificate. The customer service representatives on the phone were not helpful, loud, rude, and dismissive. On top of all this, both the first and connecting flight had open seats around the plane and I was obviously lied to that the flights were fully booked and that in order to travel I needed to purchase a new ticket. I have proof of the empty seats on both flights.

Next, in Casablanca I attempted to be switched to the flight that the rest of my family was on as I knew that seats were still available and the representative at the desk did not even bother to stand up from her chair behind the high counter and continued her conversation in her AirPod while telling me that there was nothing possible to be done and pointing to my ticket. Once again, an unprofessional, rude, and dismissive interaction. If I had more energy I would tell you about the atrocious experiences I had with the cabin crew themselves ON EACH FLIGHT - to speak lowly on and degrade a passenger standing RIGHT in front of them in a different language assuming they dont understand and wont say anything left me speechless.

I have flown a lot, worked in customer service, and have never been treated in such a way. It is appalling to see that an airline which prides itself to be part of the OneWorld Alliance treat its passengers this way. These OneWorld airlines promise the highest level of service and convenience but I experienced the exact opposite. Budget airlines, like Spirit and Frontier, dont even treat you like this! A typo that could have been very easily corrected resulted in one of, if not, the worst travel experience in my life. I demand that this be corrected for me and that no other person go through a similar situation. I am not one who leaves negative and lengthy reviews, as this one is, but feel that this entire experience was outright ridiculous and deserved nothing less. I caution everyone from flying with Royal Air Maroc and inform you to be prepared for the worst.

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09 January 2023 12:01:00 Isatou

Hello am warning anyone wanting to travel with Royal Air Maroc not to do so try other airlines , I travelled with my four children in July 2021, and was checked in by a baggage handler who had no experience, I had two 23kg suitcases included with the ticket and this woman recharge me for the same suitcases to a total of £1300, and said is either I pay for it or leave my luggage behind I try to explain that this was wrong and nor her or the lady next to her listen to me ,I ended up paying them and when I got to my destination I went to their office who express their disappointment and promised to sort it there in Gambia but later said I had to wait till I get to UK , I raised a claim and had a letter in November 2021 that they are sorry and a refund will be made of £725, I forwarded my bank details as requested up to today I have not received my refund , for over 1 year 6months I constantly call them and they will only say an email will be send to the refund team and they will contact me which they never do , worse Air line, how they are allow to operate is beyond me , speaking to people I realise they do this to a lot of people. DO NOT BOOK WITH THEM IF ANYTHING GOES WRONG YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN . Case no 01157701

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16 November 2022 12:11:00 Guest

Royal air Moroc is the worst airline in the whole world. They are stealing from the innocent customers. I can never advice anyone to enter that flight, they lost my 65 inches Tv . Up till now is just a story, l will make sure l take them to small claim court.

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31 May 2022 12:05:00 Ouafae Zimou

Royal air maroc is the worst airlines on earth. If youre ready to lose your time, your luggage and get no refund go with this shitty airlines. I m having a terrible experience with this trash airlines. Instead of enjoying my vacation I m dealing with calls and trips back and forth to get my luggage that never arrived. Please spread the word and save people from wasting money and time, by the way its never been inexpensive, you can go cheap and get a way better service than this thieves.

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08 November 2021 12:11:00 Guest

Flew from Miami to Casablanca in June and it was literally a nightmare. I have never come across unprofessional, unhelpful, and careless staff like RAM. The check in was the worst and on top of that theyve lost my checked bag and it was never found until now which is 5 months later and no compensation.
I will never travel with them again. I would rather take a longer route than travel with them. Also, their planes are the most old and dirtiest planes I have ever ridden on.
Not a single thing that feels royal about the airlines!
Please avoid this airlines they dont care at all.

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17 February 2020 12:02:00 Guest

Without doubt the worst service ever. Booked to fly with Royal air maroc to Casablanca june 2019. Queued at check in desk for 2 hours luckily we were early, boarded plane 5 minutes before take off time then sat on plane for 4 hours. A group of wealthy Morrocan teenagers were traveling and 1 had lost passport. Then told to disembark because flight was cancelled. Back to collect luggage from carousel then queue at checkin desk, another 2 hours, to be allocated accomodation. We are now 1 day late. Told to get to checkin desk at 07.30 for a flight at 09.30. Queued again until 09.15. flight eventually left at 11.30. Arrived at Casablanca and had to wait 2 hours for luggage at carousel. Claimed for compensation as per EU regulations and was told it would be paid, then nothing for 6 months despite repeated reminders. Then made complaint to UK CAA who could not get a response either. If this company ignores CAA who can say what regulations they flout, are the aircraft safe?

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27 November 2019 12:11:00 Guest

They will lose your luggage, tell you to write them an email, say they will answer in 60 days (which is already a long time) and then will never reply.

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11 October 2019 12:10:00 Guest

The worst airline. Do not travel on this airline. They lose your bag, they cancel flights worst of all the customer does not exist. we lost our luggage since July 3rd it's now October 11th! We filed a claim and they had the nerve to finally email us back saying our luggage was whom? to where?? Not to mention they owed us compensation of $700 euro for a cancelled flight which by law they are suppose to compensate you within 7 days...well were still waiting. STAY AWAY! OUR FLIGHT WAS TO LEAVE ROME TO CASABLANCA THEN TO MIAMI. WELL IT CERTAINLY DIDN'T WORK OUT LIKE THAT. WE ENDED UP LOSING 24 HOURS OF SLEEP IN CASABLANCA TREATED LIKE * BECAUSE WE JUST WANTED A FLIGHT HOME

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02 September 2019 12:09:00 Guest

This airline is a huge pain and yes, has a terrible system for dealing with missed bags. They apparently lose them all the time because they have an overworked/ perpetually on strike subcontractor managing the bags for connections in Casablanca. However, just to give hope out there to other people reading all these forums, i did get my bag back after almost 3 weeks, with zero communication in the interim, which in the end is all I care about (fortunately I was on the return leg of my trip.)

When my bag went missing on my trip home to New York, via a connection in Casablanca, I was told it would be on the next flight, and to file a claim with their baggage claims subcontractor at JFK Airport. I got a number for tracing in an online system, filed a detailed list of contents, gave a local address and phone numbers, and was told they would handle the case for 5 days, after which the claim is returned to be managed directly by the airline. I called everyday and though the people at JFK were very helpful, they said they were as in the * as me about what was going on in Casablanca.

When 5 days was up, I received no communication from Royal Air Maroc. I left messages in the online bag tracing system, and called both their US hotline and the Casablanca baggage claims office, though that office only speaks Arabic and French. The number for the JFK RAM office was disconnected. No news, sorry!

One morning I both called Casablanca and checked online... still no news. But when I got home from work, I had a missed package notice from Fedex. No recipient, just a stamped address indicating that my package could be picked up at the Fedex office in the cargo area of Hangar 6 at JFK. I figured it had to be my bag, though I wasn't sure. I tried to call the office and couldn't get past an automated system to talk to anyone. Since I had work the next day and might miss the package if they tried to redeliver (which I wasn't sure they would), but was also pretty desperate for it, I would just go to JFK that night. Turns out it was my bag. Everything in it seemed untouched, although it was very dirty. It looks like it had flown into Dulles in DC, and then been shipped up to JFK. But who? I don't know. As of a few days later, the online system still says my bag is missing.

The moral of the story? Who knows! You may never get your bag back. But maybe you will? I guess, make your peace with the fact that it may be gone, but also be patient and follow up, but don't * too much time, since apparently there is more than one system at work. If you want to speak to anyone, practice your French and Arabic... and if the address you give them on Day 1 is a temporary address, follow up with whoever lives/works there to let them know to contact you if anyone tries to deliver something! I got lucky that this was my return leg and the address I gave them was my apartment. Anyway, I hope this helps someone hold onto some hope/ make sure they get their bag back by staying in touch with the first address they gave.

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05 November 2018 12:11:00 Ricardo Ferreira


I travelled yesterday 4/11/2018 on flight AT981 from Lisbon to Casablanca , flight was to departure at 16:25 so 18:25 Morocco time , we only boarded at 16:30 then we did not taken off and waited in the plane for 2hours 18:30 so 20.30 Morocco time with no explanation why until people started complaining. We landed in Casablanca 20H00 so 22H00 Morocco time , which it was boarding time for my connecting flight to Accra Ghana was 22H15 , 15Min to get off the plane , across the airport , passport control and to get to the terminal and the plane departured at 23:00 , I was being sent from one side of the airport to the airport , spoke to Mr Muhammed Gabib , not very helpful and not interested in helping my situation . Had to pay the extra fees ,waiting for my luggage , about 2hours spent at the airport , then spend 2days in Casablanca because next flight only available in 2days to my destination . Royal Maroc Airport staff not friendly , only speak Arabic and French , no english which makes it very hard for tourists and Royal Maroc Staff , very poor communication skills, no one apologized , worst flying experience , will not travel with Royal Maroc anymore until I have some form of contact . Please note there was several people who missed their flights on the same night .

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24 August 2017 12:08:00 Guest

Bought ticket from RAM Website with a connection flight : JFK==> CASABLANCA==> MARRAKECH

RAM has changed the schedule of the return flight from CASABLANCA to JFK without notice. Hopefully, I checked the status and saw that change can cause my team to miss the return flight. How the hell a company can change a schedule of a return flight and not the connection flight ????? Called them to change the flight and have my team to change their meeting time at Marrakech to catch the flight. After two days of arguing, finally they changed it.

Four days later, they changed the time of the flight from NY to Casablanca.... So, we have to wait 9 hours at JFK and another 9 Hours at Casablanca to get the next flight to Marrakech.

This is ridiculous and unprofessional. And never do business with this company again.

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20 June 2017 12:06:00 Guest

This is my first time travelling Royal Air Maroc and I am sad to say that it will be my last time. My company picked this airline for me and my colleague to travel to Africa on Business as the timing was right and the price was good. We purchased Business Class seats and our luggage was marked priority baggage (i.e. big red stickers all over the bag). My colleague who experienced issues with African airline companies losing his luggage demanded fr om the check-in agent whether our bags will be checked through to our final destination (Bamako), we were told YES!!!!!
The flight was surprisingly good and the service was on par with other airlines.
My problem is Casablanca (the place where bags go to disappear). I have never seen such chaos. Undermanned gate desks, one agent only. Inadequate ramp access for wheelchairs (persons have to get out and climb down the stairs), no order or control over carry-on bags at the gate. Disorder to board the aircraft, no preference for young children, elderly, business class, NOTHING!!!! It was madness, leading to constant delays of over 30+ minutes just to leave Casablanca.
In Bamako, we got no luggage. We filed a claim, have been back and forth to the airport, back and forth with Customer Service to search down the luggage, with little or no real answers. Local office is of no help as well!!!
I have no idea how an International Airport in Morocco, can not get the bags to wh ere they need to go!!!!

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23 February 2017 12:02:00 Jacque

I was travelling from Ghana through Liberia to Morocco then Senegal. First of all the cabin crew were EXTREMELY rude to passengers, very unhelpful. We were to stop over in Liberia to drop off some passengers but for some reason we could not land in Liberia and had to go back to Ivory Coast to wait for an OK from air traffic control before we could land in Liberia. For over 1 and half hours, cabin crew offered no information about what was going on, we were not given any water or drink with the excuse that the flight had run out of water and it was simply awful!!!! There was no in flight entertainment available either. Cabin crew were not fluent in several languages and could therefore not understand or explain themselves when we asked questions in English. Think twice before you book a flight with Royal Air Maroc, their airline is truly HORRIBLE!!!!!.

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16 January 2017 12:01:00 Guest

My return flight fr om Douala to Munich was through Royal Air Maroc. We flew to Casablanca and there were no more connection from there. The flight to Munich (1 flight per week) had left because Royal Air Maroc left with 1h delay.
The flight from Douala to Casablanca was the worst Airplaine I ever had. Broken seat, dirty and stinking flight, unfriendly personal and bad food. RAM don't respect their own seat order and assigned the same seat to many people. This is what created the de delay. In Casablanca without any alternative to reach Munich, I decide to flight to Orly. But my luggage were not there in Paris upon arrival. I reported it and they promised to sent it to Munich. This is my third night without any news of my luggages and any news of Royal Air Maroc. The hotline number they provide is not assigned. At the Airport in Munich, I learned that this company is not a serious company. Now I'm sitting here in Munich for the next 5 days without any luggage and any news from Royal Air Maroc.
To those who plan to flight through Royal Air Maroc, Please avoid this company. They will take you somewhere in Morocco and leave you there and you will have no option to get out. In Europe and the US, they don't have any representation, so you won't know wh ere to fill any claim. This is the worst company upon all airlines.

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20 September 2016 12:09:00 Fatiha OKHKHA

I did have a very bad customer service traveling with Ram plus I did pay $ 400 for over weight and they refuse to give me a proof of payment plus my 4 bags didn't arrived with me to MOHAMMED V I put a claim for that and any time I call they don't have any idea where are my bags

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07 July 2016 12:07:00 Max

Royal Air Maroc is a disgrace. I flew with my family last week from JFK. Our suitcases didn't arrive with us to Casablanca and about 20 other passengers from the same flight had lost luggage. There's virtually no procedure in place to help passengers in distress. The company's staff is arrogant and careless, and so are the flight attendants who do less than the required minimum to assist the passengers-- no eye contact with the passengers, they behave as if they were doing you a favor by just being there.
The funny thing is that the airplane we took from JFK to Casablanca was a brand new Dreamliner, but the buttons on the passenger screen meant to call a flight attendant were turned off (inactive). The attendants just sit there and stare at the empty space, as if the passengers did not exist. Amazing!

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05 March 2016 12:03:00 Guest

very bad after service always loosing baggage
not helpful staff
will never travel on theme again or even recommend theme to any one of my co workers or friends

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07 February 2016 12:02:00 Klaas Koko Lijkendijk

Very good service from Casablanca to Amsterdam, and the same good service on the way back. Very nice meals, and great staff.

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04 August 2015 12:08:00 Guest

Just traveled with Royal Air Maroc and I would not do it ever again. I flew out from Kinshasa, Congo via Casablanca, to Malaga. Upon arrival in Casablanca I went to a RAM customer service counter to make sure that the 4 luggages would be put on the flight to Malaga and the lady assured us that they were. Landed in Malaga and everyone received their luggages except my family and 4 other families who happened to all have been on transit in Casablanca. I am now trying to contact RAM with the number online as well as with the number provided by the agent at the Malaga airport but no answer. What a disaster Royal Air Maroc.

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17 July 2015 12:07:00 Guest

Royal Air Maroc are without doubt the worst airline I have ever flown with. The provide no customer service to deal with lost baggage, so if you do have this misfortune to travel with these cow-boys do not expect any luggage that you do not take on board with you to arrive at your destination and certainly don't expect any help from the "airline" when trying to retrieve your lost belongings.

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14 April 2014 12:04:00 Guest

Avoid this Airline, the worst I have ever seen, They just charge whatever they want, I rather pay more and travel with other airlines, they are expensive at all time that is why their flight are empty, when i went with easyjet there were no seats left, when I came back with RAM, there were only 20 people in the plane, that explain it all.... rate it 1/10

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24 August 2009 12:08:00 Guest

Having just returned from Marrakesh via Casablanca to Heathrow, I was pleasantly surprised. The flight staff were courteous, food was good for airline meals, planes were on time both ways. I just wish more happy passengers would start to give this airline some positive feedback because until I actually travelled with them, the only feedback I had to go on was less than positive!

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