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13 October 2018 12:10:00 Brandon

Flight BT654 from London/Gatwick to Riga two days ago. Everything was perfect! New plane, friendly staff and nice ... coffee!

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15 September 2017 12:09:00 alex

Stay away unless you like unpleasant surprises such as flight cancellation withing an hour from departure without any compensation except 3.5 Euro for drink. The planes are old without air conditioning, with two propellers on both sides. I thought those are not used anymore. The customer service people look at you with denial on their grim faces , no way you can talk to manager even in Riga, they ask you to us their web site. Even if you use it, they reply and say no way we compensate your losses. Due to their cancelled flight from Riga to Oslo I missed connection to San Francisco. I had to pay for rescheduling and hotel hundreds dollars. Use good airlines, don't give them your business.

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26 July 2017 12:07:00 msirocka

I recently had flight from Newark to Riga with connection in Hamburg. Arrived at 6:50AM and my flight was scheduled for 8:50AM, so I had almost 2 hours waited at the gate. I had all documents, did check in Newark, only needed to pick up boarding pass at the gate when someone show up! Couldn't print boarding pass in Newark because United and Air Baltic have no agreement, so they only can confirm your check-in, but boarding pass must be picked up at the gate! When lady show up at 8:15 AM she said I'm not registered.. how did I get to Hamburg then? After she said I supposed to get there earlier to get my boarding pass... Earlier? I was there for over an hours and she got there 4 min ago! Then she said flight is overbooked and someone is seating on my seat!!! Ridiculous! No apologies! No alternative options. NOTHING! I had to BUY tickets with LOT to get to my final destination! I would give them 0 star and NEVER fly with them again! NEVER !
When I claimed Air Baltic, they said I did not show up for my flight! WOW! In Riga I found out it is normal practice for Air Baltic! Please, save your nerves and money and fly with some other company!

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21 July 2016 12:07:00 Matt

July 7-20, 2016. I just flew St Petersburg-Riga-London-Riga-St Petersburg. I read a lot of negative reviews about Air Baltic and Riga Airport. On the outward journey all flights and connections were on time, so nothing to write about. Coming back yesterday the flight from Gatwick to Riga was delayed by an hour due to long lines of planes waiting to take off at Gatwick, so all those with onward flights to St Petersburg, Moscow, Tallinn and Tbilisi only had about 10 minutes connecting time left. However, the Air Baltic crew announced the gate numbers before we landed, and once on the ground airport officials very clearly gave everyone instructions on how to get to their gates quickly as the flights had been held. After a short wait on the plane to St Petersburg for the luggage of all the connecting passengers to arrive, we departed and only arrived in St Petersburg about half an hour late. I was impressed with Air Baltic and Riga Airport and thank all for their assistance.

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01 January 2016 12:01:00 John O'Mahony

Flew airBaltic from London to St Petersburg via Riga. Really rude and unhelpful staff. Unbelievably strict and inflexible baggage policy. Punitive charges for going even a kilogram over (£38 flat fee for anything more than 20kg). For the first time ever, staff weighed everything I owned, both checked, cabin and shopping bag. They probably would have asked me to empty my pockets if they could have. All this after a disingenuous booking process that didn't properly reveal that checked baggage wasn't included in the price (buying allowance at the gate cost И80.) In total, I paid И126.43 on top of tickets that were not cheap to begin with. Worse than Ryanair.

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24 October 2014 12:10:00 Alex K


just a cheap carrier, never expect from them anything, one of my flights with them been cancelled, another one delayed I missed my connection. No compensation or any reasonable alternative

Avoid them when it's possible

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29 July 2014 12:07:00 Guest

I have recently traveled with airbaltic and I can truly say that it was the worst experience I had with an airline from the beginning until the end. I chose this company as it had good fares for our trip; however, by the end of the trip, if I sum up all the expenses it required along the way, I could have bought tickets for a better airline that provides all the needed services.
To start with, we had to pay 10 eur per person to do the checkin at the counter. Who has ever heard of that??? We received an email a few days before with the online checkin and it didn't state ANYWHERE (and I checked and rechecked every piece of the content) that if we don't do it online, we will have to pay in the airport. Not surprisingly, in the airport everyone who was in the same flight with us had the very same problem. Not to mention about a crew member at the desk who kept pointing towards a piece of paper that had this 10 eur checkin rule. Was I supposed to come to the airport to his desk beforehand to see the hidden fees that I couldn't find anywhere in my email? Moreover, do I HAVE TO be stuck to the internet during my vacation in order to do checkins for my flights? What if I had no access to internet?
The company is not transparent at all with its customers and it uses these hidden fees so they can cover up their margins. Not to mention that we had to pay extra for every 20 kg piece of luggage, seats, transaction fees and there were no meals during the flights. So adding up all these costs to the initial price of the ticket, I could have easily flown with an all inclusive airline.
Coming to customer service, it seems that airbaltic has no idea what that means. One crew member was extremely rude during the onboarding process and started shouting at me in front of the other passengers regarding my pieces of luggage. She replied to my questions in a very rude way as if they would do me a favor to fly me home for free.
It is sad to see that for some companies the idea of customer service is still a new concept, if not unknown. One thing that is definite is that I will never use any of the airbaltic services again and I am pretty sure the other passengers that I met in the plane share the same feeling.

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09 July 2014 12:07:00 Traveller

Via their web page, they sold us a flight from Istanbul to Riga this July, but as they "cancelled" it, we found out that flight wasn't even scheduled and AirBaltic doesn't even have Istanbul as their destination this year. They offered money back but I demanded new routing. We had to take what flights they were offering but they demanded we fly via Riga in any case. We had to leave 8hours earlier than original so we had to leave the hotel at 2AM. As after two flights and long waiting time on the way we arrived to Riga to find out our last flight home was cancelled. Staff was really rude but we got new flight at midnight. They offered as side salad and glass of juice for compensation. Finally after travelling 24hours we arrived home, alive.

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29 December 2013 12:12:00 Kat

This is the first time I've ever been scammed by an airline. I know how they charge you for every single thing separately, so I was prepared, I selected all the necessary options and paid for everything in advance. A couple years ago I flew with this airline out of Saint Petersburg and didn't have any problems with check-in, but this time the lady at the counter in Warsaw airport said I had two options, check in from my cell phone for free or pay 10 euros per person for her to check us in. I asked her to give me some time to check in from my phone, there was no wifi, so my provider's internet was slow and it took some time for the check-in form to load, then suddenly the lady informs me that she already checked us in and now we have to pay 20 euros at the office. When I asked her why she checked us in without my consent she just said "There's nothing I can do for you, you need to pay now." We went to the office and tried to explain the situation to the lady there, but all she could tell us was a straightup lie: "Online check-in ends 3 hours before departure, so you're too late", while in reality it ends 1 hour before departure and we still had plenty of time. It was 5am, so there was no hope of reaching any person with more authority, so we had to pay the 20 euros in order to not miss our flight. When I got back home I wrote to airBaltic about this situation, but all they could offer me was a 30 euro voucher that expires in 6 months, a marketing trick to make me buy another ticket from them, since you can't buy anything with 30 euros. Never have I been treated so unfairly by an airline, especially considering that I'm a Baltic Miles member. Avoid this airline at all costs, they will scam you even if you know their rules!

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25 June 2013 12:06:00 MEQ

Your airline has provided us with the worst flight experience that we've ever encountered!! We were to leave Russia on May 17, 2013 and take us to London via Riga. While in Russia, we had spotty to no internet service. We found out late night the evening before we were to leave that our connection in Riga could not be made due to a change in time for the flight from Saint Petersburg to Riga! Air Baltic could not get us out of Russia until May 20, 2013, 3 days later! They did not find us another flight even on another airline. We had to pay $420 more to fly out on our planned day the 17th. DO NOT PLAN ANY FLIGHTS WITH BALTIC AIR!!!

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06 September 2012 12:09:00 Alex

The last airline to fly. Bad service. Young unprofessional with no experience staff.

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11 March 2008 12:03:00 Guest

Berlin to Riga. Air Baltic is basically a no service airline (unless your are willing to pay four or five times more to get a meal and some newspapers in their so called "Business Class"). They use B 737-500. Plane was reasonably clean and the flight was on time. Seat pitch was all right, certainly better than on Ryanair or Easy Jet. Flight attendants were all right although you do not really need them on a non service flight (well if you wish you may purchase some overpriced drinks or food). Would I use them again? I fear I have to because most if not all airlines that are servicing the Baltic States have become no service airlines.

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26 January 2008 12:01:00 Guest

CPH to VNO (Vilnius), actually flown as by Air Baltic, but booked as SAS. Flight left and arrived on time. B737 showed its age, however kept to a certain standard. No food or drinks for free on the LCC, therefore just as its mother (SAS). Cabin Crew was rather friendly, not overwhelming but okay. For a 90 minutes flight, this was acceptable. Would fly them again if required.

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