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Country: Egypt
National airline of Egypt
IATA code: MS
ICAO code: MSR
Membership in the alliance: Star Alliance
Head office: Cairo International Airport, Terminal 3, Departure Hall, Cairo, Egypt
Phone number: +202 2696 6798, +200 9007 0000
Fax number: +202 2635 38 61
Year established: 1933
Main bases and hubs: Cairo International
Fleet: Airbus A320, Airbus A321, Airbus A330-200, Airbus A330-300, Airbus A340-200, Boeing 737-500, Boeing 737-800, Boeing 777-200, Boeing 777-300

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Reviews & Opinions of Egyptair:

15 July 2015 Guest

Seats uncomfortable! Food inedible! Plane filthy! Checkin procedures inefficient! Flights late! But, did have TV behind the seats! Take another airlines if possible!!!!!!!!!

24 June 2015 Guest

Unfortunatelly I support many of the reviews on here, I missed a connecting flight due to Egypt Air delays. the solution was a 30 hr stopover in Egypt and another 30 hrs of travel landing me at my destination 2 days late. I sourced an alternative option to board an alternative airline, Egypt Air told me there was no seats available however online there was plenty of availability and once onboard the flight was around 50% full. I have been seeking a refund now for the unused flight - that I missed due to Egypt Air delays for 4 months now. The customer service is SHOCKING to say the least. I would never fly Egypt Air again.

28 August 2014 Guest

The worst airline service I have ever experienced. If you fly with Eygptair and things go wrong, you are on your own. They refuse to offer even the slightest amount of assistance, they will tell you your problem belongs to someone else - and they are almost uncontactable. This airline should be banned from the skies.

12 February 2014 Jalal Mihoub

Not bad airlines after all, food wasn't bad and service was ok, very good flight in timing , good service ..

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Egyptair Discussion:

08 January 2017 Guest

i have booked ticket with flight hub that says in there notes they misspelled my name on the ITINERARY win there system but name is spelt wrong. can egyptair fix this ?

21 December 2016 Guest

Good day. We're going to fly to sharm el shaikh 28.12.16-04.01.17, and we wonder can we put off our flight for 2 days and return home 06.01.17,we are flying from Georgia. Thank you in advance.

22 February 2016 Abbas ghanem

I have serious problems it is Egypt air ,it is because staff in Egypt air They do not have the slightest responsibility against their customer , They do not have the slightest responsibility about time etc I leave in Dubai , and I m a regional manage for one of biggest USA company , I have a business trip to my country in Egypt and I must back on Tuesday early morning as I have urgent meeting , this is the reason I select early morning to arrive on time. The problems starting when I contact call center on 8 Feb, to reserve my ticket on 11 Feb. , one person answer me and he told me not possible and you must go to Egypt air office , I told him it is already close time @ this moment 6:10 P.M , Dubai time , when I m keeping trying with him to found a way , I offer to him to check with other , he put me in hold and lying for me and he told I checked and not possible and he told me you can to airport His word not logic even after check with other and I cant believe he check , but it same he is playing and he dont need to disturb him , I contact again and one ladies book for me a ticket. I asked for supervisor and she answer me after many try , and explain to hear the problems and she told me , I will check , and the answer after she lessening the record , this is new staff , but it same not check with right person just to close the case and he not give you the right answer , and we are sorry and we can give 10% , or 1000 miles , which is not logic and I think it bad image for Egypt air , I hope you need to look on it . Please, understand me , I m complain because of Egypt , may be other person if it is happen the same he will not book again , but I m trying to help , as this is never happen with me with other airline Today , I m trying to back to Dubai as I have urgent meeting and this is the reason I book early morning and I came early @ 2:45 and I asked different person and every one told me still not open yet , in the end after one hours , I go to counter and I asked him it is reaming 2 hours and it must open 3 hours , what is the problems. The answer we dont have this flight @ this is time since one Month, which I book on 8 Feb. , few days and he told me we can give 40 $ as it is our mistake to book this ticket and our mistake not inform you and the only way you can wait 9 :30 A.M , which after 6 hours . Really I dont have other option , and If found any other airlines to book b4 this time, I will as I need urgent back to Dubai , and this is effect my business and I have lost a big deal I must do it , because of Egypt air . The problems Egypt air staff , They do not have the slightest responsibility :

18 November 2015 Guest

16.11.15 Dear Sir/Madam, Compensation claim for delayed flight I am writing regarding the delay my partner and I experienced on flight MS839, which was scheduled to depart from Cairo on 10.10.15 and arrive at Johannesburg on 11.10.15. The flight was scheduled to arrive at 07:10am however it did not arrive until 11:35am, some 4 hours 25 minutes late. I am fully aware that as the flight was outside of the European Union, therefore I cannot apply for compensation under the EC Regulation 261/2004 for this delayed flight however, I am seeking £200 compensation per passenger as we did not get service promised by your airline and feel that the delay should have been handled in a much better fashion. The main reason for booking this flight was the decent price and the total flight time and connection time. According to Egypt air Customer Service Plan: Flight delays: .EGYPTAIR will provide customers at the airport and onboard any delayed aircraft with timely and frequent updates regarding the delay, beginning 30 minutes after we become aware of such a delay We encourage you to provide us with a mobile phone number and email address so that we can send email and text updates to you during your journey. Essential customer needs during extraordinary delays: Safety and comfort of our customers is our top priority. On very rare occasions, extraordinary events may result in lengthy onboard delays. We have developed detailed contingency plans to deal with situations in which an aircraft is delayed on the ground without access to a terminal gate. We will make reasonable efforts to ensure that your essential needs, such as food, water, restroom facilities, and basic medical assistance are met. Flight MS839 was unfortunately the most unpleasant flight we have been on. The Cabin Crew were not able to deliver accurate information on the reasons for delays or an estimated time for take off. All passengers were held inside the plane for almost 5 hours before plane took off from Cairo Airport. The first announcement was made around 40 minutes after the scheduled departure. We were told that plane was missing documentation. The second announcement came around 3 hours later, saying that some passengers had cancelled/missed the flight and their luggage now needed to be removed. There was not an apology after any of these announcements and there were no other formal announcements apart these two during the delay. Neither of provided reasons seems to be reasonable for keeping all passengers inside the plane for 5 hours on the runway. Additionally, the crew were barely visible during this period to help people or to let people know what was going on. People actually asked the cabin crew on numerous occasions what the delay was after being fed the above information/announcements but they could not actually say and had no answers. The plane was extremely hot (air condition was off), the cabin crew did not provide meals/snacks at all. Water was distributed after around 3 hours after a number of the older passengers did not feel well. I look forward to hearing from you and would welcome a response within 14 days. Yours faithfully Monika R.

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