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Egyptair Reviews

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26 September 2023 12:09:00 Ria

Extremely dissappointed!!!! Egypt Air was late again from Luxor and therefore we missed our flight to South Africa. We landed at 23:00 local time and it is now 23:44 and Im still waiting for my luggage? The belt has not even begin to move?? The didnt offer the slightest assistance after the ground floor promised to see if the can allocate my luggage and said that they will call to hold our plane. Check in refused to wait even thought we only fly out at 00:10? Ridiculous

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14 September 2023 12:09:00 Azza Hashem

was going to Egypt & Suadi Arabia , That day I didnt eat breakfast , I got very sick after I ate first meal on board, I had diarrhea , stomachache, heart burn , I didnt eat at all after that I got in another flight to Madiana in Suadi Arabia
In there you dont have to have doctor prescription I went to the pharmacy and I got medicine, it didnt help , I went o Makkah , I went twice to the pharmacy and bought medicine still didnt help I had to pray and didnt want to leave the prayers to go to the hospital
I stayed sick till I came back to ER in USA the next day
It was 11 days vacation, I got six flights on same airline
I was going to Cairo on 8/28 , I had heavy hand bag that I couldnt carry I choice to use carry on to put the hand bag on till I get on board
There was a bus to take the passengers to the airplane and there were stairs
I asked if is there someone can help me to carry these bags for me for money the guy that help there said you can come with handicapped people I said ok
While I getting in the plane , the crew made fun on me , treated me very bad and they were very rude all of them I was wearing Islamic clothes , they made fun on the carry on and the handbag , I explained That I came from NY I suppose to have two logged and one carry on , but this is one for me and the other is for my sister one of the crew said oh your sister will bring another carry on and more bags ? The all laughed and looked at each other disrespect what I was saying , didnt even help to direct me to my chair and let the guy who helped the handicapped people helped me
I am 54 years only with knee , neck and back problems should I explain this all to them to accept me and to understand my situation ?
On my way back to NY, there was three hours delay in Cairo international airport
The airport was very cold they put the AC on very low degree i was still sick I had to buy something to wear to Make me warm , I couldnt find coat but I bought a big towel and pajama ( I have the receipts)
That what happened to me I am very disappointed
And want to file a complaint against Egyptair company for all I went through , pain, sickness , looking for bathroom everywhere I go, I was treated with disrespect from their crew, and I got more sick due to the three hours delay in the frozen degree waiting for the flight

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31 August 2023 12:08:00 Guest

To sum it all up of my experience of traveling July, 2023, "Barbarians runs Egypt Airlines!" Bathrooms are so filthy and pee all over, sticky floor, 2 out of 3 restrooms of our Business Class were out of order, food will make you feel like throw up, broken seats, very old entertainment system, huts your year and eyes, Flight attendants acts like they are relative to Egypt Airlines High officials, don't give a * about passengers need, DO NOT SEND YOUR ELDERLY RELATIVES IN THIS AIRLINE, they are extremely irresponsible! FAA should investigate and banned them to enter USA if necessary. Awful Awful experience! NEVER AGAIN, BYE BYE EGYPT AIR!

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26 July 2023 12:07:00 Marius

Do not use Egypt Air under any circumstances.
We traveled with them 4 times before, but the last time our most valuable things were stolen from our luggage, over 2000eur. It is our fault that we chose Egypt air instead of Turkish, Tarom... A little story to understand what type of company it is. I was on vacation in Hurghada and unfortunately I found out about the death of my wife's grandmother. We decided to interrupt the trip on the same day and buy plane tickets to get home as soon as possible... I bought business class tickets! As for feedback on business class services, they are mediocre at best, banal food, no entertainment, dirt (even another passenger argued for a long time during the flight with one of the flight attendants because of the mess in the toilet and seats...) . In the end we reach the destination, of course without luggage, which will delay 4 days, plus stolen things of over 2000eur.
I wrote to the company the next day, on the 10th, on the 20th, no answer on the 28th, they replied that I must write to them within 7 days of the incident, even though they replied to the email I sent the second day day after the incident.
The biggest thieves!!!

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26 June 2023 12:06:00 Iman

I got food poisoning due to this airline's food on 2 different occasions!! Terrible food and uncomfortable seats. Just never want to fly with them again.

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19 June 2023 12:06:00 Guest

Had a very long delay on Egyptair flight MS 758 because of incorrect boarding procedures of the ground crew. Because of this I mist my connecting Egyptair flight. Unfortunately I am getting no response to my valid claim for financial compensation. This airline simply does not seem to care about customer service. I am never flying with them again!

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26 April 2023 12:04:00 Guest

Worst airline I have ever used and we travel often. Planes delay for hours, they don't tell you or change the airline screen to let you know. When you finally get on it then takes another 40 minutes before take off. They lost 2 bags, ours and some other poor person. We spent the next hour 'hoping' it was coming on the next flight which it didn't. No one helps you and they don't care. We missed our connecting flight and not a care in the world from them. Never ever again. Do not support this airline, they are the worst and they should be reported.

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14 April 2023 12:04:00 Gloria Akherie

The worst airline, how I wish their license should be revoked from them.
They have no customer service.
They lost my two luggages and till date nothing has been done.

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28 March 2023 12:03:00 Rashid

These idiots lost my luggage and i had nothing on me, not even my medication or clothes, me snd my mother were just left with the clothes we had on. You call them on +44 844 822 1110, and no one picks up. These guys are basically theives, now Im in Makkah with no medication cause every pharmacy is either closed or out of stock. Absolutely disaster

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31 December 2022 12:12:00 Guest

I had a lay over of 1h20 min from Kuwait to Cairo for a final destination to Sharm El Sheikh. I missed my connection to sharm el sheikh due to the 1h delay of the aircraft departure from Kuwait which gave me barely 10 min to run to the gate instead of 1 hour, and I obviously arrived too late. After being denied the entrance to the aircraft I managed to find the egypt airline office which is divided by 2 different offices. Got a voucher for an hotel room and meals, but by the time I went to grab my luggage there was apparently no rooms left in any hotel. Feel like I will spend the night on the floor due to their lack of time management and poor customer service

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02 March 2022 12:03:00 Zobain

What a pathetic level of information. I booked my ticket in advance from Baghdad to Jeddah. I am double vaccinated and read all the informarion provided on egyptairs website for my travels. All set to go I get to Baghdad Airport and hello sir you do know you have to pay £420 for a 3 star isolation package in Jeddah because you are flying through Cairo?! Unbelievable!!!

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22 January 2019 12:01:00 Michael

Great and amazing flight They love to travel on time, I liked the food, but I guess maybe there is better than that

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05 December 2017 12:12:00 Guest

Flying by Egypt Air from Jeddah to Cairo to London. There seems to be a pattern of disrespect, lies and 'don't give a * attitude. We were delayed by almost 15 hours at Jeddah as our flight had not arrived. Other airlines were landing and taking off, yet we were told repeatedly by Egypt Air staff that no flights were landing at Jeddah. We were not given any accomodation and spent 14 hours in the check in area. I spent two hours trying to get a wheelchair for my mum which they would not give until we had our boarding passes. Every two hours we were told a message was imminent but that was just to say a further message would be issued in two hours. All the staff were flippant about our position and the airline office was chaotic with people shouting at each other left right and centre. After complaining to Egypt Air, we got a letter saying it was 'Force Major' that caused the delays and there was no sympathy for the problems we faced. NEVER FLY BY EGYPT AIR. If you are flying to Saudi Arabia, pay a little extra and fly by Emirates, Turkish or Qatar.

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03 July 2017 12:07:00 Guest

I Always fly with Egypt air from Amsterdam and I am contet with the service from Egypt Air. The staf is nice and Always willing to help. The food is good so, for me no complains.

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15 July 2015 12:07:00 Guest

Seats uncomfortable! Food inedible! Plane filthy! Checkin procedures inefficient! Flights late! But, did have TV behind the seats!
Take another airlines if possible!!!!!!!!!

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24 June 2015 12:06:00 Guest

Unfortunatelly I support many of the reviews on here,

I missed a connecting flight due to Egypt Air delays. the solution was a 30 hr stopover in Egypt and another 30 hrs of travel landing me at my destination 2 days late.

I sourced an alternative option to board an alternative airline, Egypt Air told me there was no seats available however online there was plenty of availability and once onboard the flight was around 50% full.

I have been seeking a refund now for the unused flight - that I missed due to Egypt Air delays for 4 months now.

The customer service is SHOCKING to say the least. I would never fly Egypt Air again.

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28 August 2014 12:08:00 Guest

The worst airline service I have ever experienced. If you fly with Eygptair and things go wrong, you are on your own. They refuse to offer even the slightest amount of assistance, they will tell you your problem belongs to someone else - and they are almost uncontactable. This airline should be banned from the skies.

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12 February 2014 12:02:00 Jalal Mihoub

Not bad airlines after all, food wasn't bad and service was ok, very good flight in timing , good service ..

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29 June 2008 12:06:00 S Gaddis

Cairo to Heathrow. The aircraft was a 777 and looking rather tired. The seats were comfortable and there seemed to be quite a lot of legroom. We were served a soft drink after take off and another with the meal, followed by tea and coffee. Food was no worse than other airline food I've tasted. There was a recently released film shown, which managed to keep the children occupied for a few hours, although the nearest screen to us was about 7 rows in front, making it difficult to see. The crew were friendly and good with the children

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