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Frontier Airlines Reviews

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31 October 2017 STEPHEN

POOR experience with Frontier....FOUR hour delay at the front of our trip due to a pilot scheduling error (WHAT ???????) and then a SEVEN HOUR TWENTY MINUTE DELAY for our trip home which we thought was weather related but when my son tweeted about our horrendous experience , the person who tweeted back from Frontier said it was an employee issue (WHAT??????) when we complained to the customer service dept on the phone, they said they could not help us and to go to the counter at the airport....when we went to the airport counter , those people told us to call customer service... the good old run around.... also known as a sh*t show. NOT WORTH THE DISCOUNT TO HAVE THIS KIND OF SERVICE...

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13 April 2017 M.Dixon

The worst airline I've ever encountered!!!!no respect for the disable. Hidden agenda on prices, rude agents also flight attendance very unprofessional!' I felt helpless without any wheel chair assistance!! Very poor service!! First time flyer, never,ever again!!!!

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21 December 2016 Guest


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14 November 2016 Guest

I flew Frontier today for the first time. They charged for everything from carry-on items to cold drinks. If you change your random chosen seat they charge you a fee. The seats felt like they were ironboards. On top of that ther were to close together. Terrible three hour flight. Never again. One and done.

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26 September 2016 Guest

I flew Frontier from Omaha to Denver on 9/24/16. Our departure was delayed for over an hour. When we were finally boarding, the gate agent made a fairly rude announcement about carry-ons. As Frontier tells you you must pay for carry-ons every chance they get, this seemed unnecessary or at least could have been done in a more polite manner. It felt like we were children being reprimanded by a teacher. When on board, there was another strange announcement about the fines and penalties for consuming alcohol brought on board. When we arrived in Denver, we sat on the runway for over 2 hours because they did not have a ground crew available. It was obvious that the pilots and flight attendants (who were very kind) were as frustrated as the passengers. The pilot was not even always able to get updates from the gate as he couldn't always reach them on the phone. When we finally were able to deplane, the customer service rep was quite rude (clearly she was exhausted and frustrated herself). Passengers also had to wait another hour to get their baggage. I used to love Frontier when they first came to Denver. This is not my first bad experience of late and I will not fly them again unless their fare is hundreds of dollars in savings. They don't treat their customers well and they clearly don't treat their employees well.

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29 March 2016 Guest

DON'T FLY THIS AIRLINE. Their advertising is misleading due to add ons, baggage service is extremely poor though you pay for it directly, seats are small and cramped. Lines are long, and post flight problem solving is rude, full of unnecessary paperwork to avoid fulfilling their obligations and to follow their own polices. Face to face staff are friendly but are obviously overworked, and have to deal with irrate customers, due to their general mismanagement, and crass comsumer unfriendly management policies.. I have flown several of their competitors and they are all basic but MUCH BETTER. FORGET FRONTIER.

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23 March 2016 Guest

This must be the worst airline on the face of the earth. Do not expect anything from them (flights that are on time, flights that are not oversold, a customer service organization that cares about anything related to customers). I lost thousands in income because of an overbooked flight. Since Frontier has no collaborative relationships with any other airline at DIA, they could not help me book another flight (not that they would have helped me if they could).

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01 March 2016 Guest

Here's the deal people, you get what you pay for. I travel from Austin to Las Vegas regularly for under $150 roundtrip which is the price of one way on most airlines. I take a duffle bag with the few necessities for 2 days and off I go. If its cheap, convenient and no frills you are looking for, then Frontier is at the front of the line. Ive never had anything other than great customer service. I do have to say though, the seats are not comfortable and the tray tables are very small!!

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23 February 2016 Guest

Just finished making four calls to Frontier Airlines C.S. people, mainly because I couldn't believe the number of additional charges they apply. What seemed like a good deal for a trip for two to FL has turned into a round-trip more expensive than most of the other options I found on Expedia. Frontier charges extra for just about everything, which is actually their "point of differentiation." Their sales pitch is "Why pay for what you don't need?" In our case the "extras" we had to pay for included two roller board bags big enough to hold three days worth of casual clothes, and two aisle seats at the back of the plane by the loo. If you check-in online, these charges, and others, are cheaper than if you check-in at the airport. However, you can only check-in online after they send you an e-mail, 24 hours before your flight. If you go someplace where you don't have internet access, you have no choice but to check-in at the airport. Yeah, this is the first and last time I book a flight with Frontier. Recommend staying far away.

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14 February 2016 Guest

It is almost like Frontier Airlines doesn't care if they go out of service. With my last experience with Frontier I was flying from MSP to DEN and waited over two hours for our flight due to "Bad Weather" when there was nothing going on in Denver. They were nice enough to give me $50 off of my next flight, BUT, i went on today to buy tickets to go back to my hometown but the discount expired!!! What a joke! They never said that I had 90 days to use the 50 dollar discount. All I have to say is that Frontier deserves the title of "Worst Airline" because this isn't the only problem I have with Frontier. Last thing of the many bad things I could Say about Frontier, $30 FOR A CARRY ON!!!!!! Come on Frontier. It is cheaper to ship a box of clothes to my destination than take a carry on on your flights. Something needs to be done.

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15 January 2016 Guest

I have used Frontier multiple times and never had a problem. When I last used them Christmas Eve, they had plenty of staff available for check in, the flight left on time and even arrived about 15 minutes early. The seats are not extremely comfortable but then, unless one flies first class, most airline seats are pretty uncomfortable these days! Frontier is a discount carrier and customers who get their good rate and then complain that they don't get a lot of amenities are being rather naive. I have always found all their staff to be friendly and helpful. I am not saying that anyone who complains is at fault, but many times I have seen passengers from a variety of airlines be so belligerent that the staff deserves bonus pay for putting up with them! On a flight to Denver a couple of years ago, Frontier attendant made an hilarious pre-flight speech that was quite entertaining. Little no-cost efforts like that leave everyone in a better mood and should happen more often on all airlines.

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29 October 2015 Guest

This was the worst experience that I've ever had with an airline. I booked a flight 3 weeks ago with my fiancé and after traveling via train and uber (around 2 hours away) I get to the airport, check in and go to the gate, the lady told us to step aside. My fiancé was not able to go in because Frontier Airlines overbook their flights and didn't have any space for him. After booking hotel and everything the manager tells us that he can only books us for another day. It was very unpleasant, unprofessional and a horrible experience. I lost my flight and my money trying to save with Frontier. I will never again flight with them.

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