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All reviews about Frontier Airlines

06 May 2024 12:05:00 Guest

Boarded late, plane got here late, after boarding plane say there for 2 hours with no update then they said they were waiting for the paper soon mechanic an hour ago after they sent the delay schedule were still way behind that

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04 April 2024 12:04:00 Vivek

Flight got delayed from 4.04 pm to 9.07 pm more than 5 hours. No meal vouchers provided even after many request. It was verbally confirmed but no action after that. Supervisor on hate 12 was very rude. It was mentioned there might glitch in system and we are not responsible. It was complete mental harassment with my 2 kid 5 and 11. No flight staff was supportive. I booked option flight 4919. This flight also got canceled. Even after many request from everyone it was confirmed for hotel voucher. Only 1 staff was handling issuing new flight option. We need to wait for hotel vouchers till 4hours after many request. Complete mishandling . This situation can atleasrt be handling by putting more staff because of this uncontrolled canceled but no action was taken from flight staff. It was complete mental harassment for us to reach home . No other flight are available.

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02 April 2024 12:04:00 Everett Fuller

First off there was some sort of chocolate on my seat. The landing was super hard and the crew was kind of rude and judging.

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29 August 2023 12:08:00 Guest

Late last year. Had flight from DFW to Cincy on a Monday. They delayed 2 times then cancelled. They offered a seat the following Friday, but I had people driving from Indiana to Kentucky (CVG).So I found a seat on American to Cincy for $500, 5 hours later. Eventually, Frontier did reimburse me $300. I won't use them, but My wife found a deal From DFW to Cincy round trip for $198 - Frontier a bad feeling.... Yep, Delayed on the way up and back. Whole day wasted. My 2 cents worth - Use a reputable carrier. - sometimes a good deal is NOT a good deal.

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16 December 2022 12:12:00 Nicole

What to say first and last time! Our flight from Cancun to Chicago was cancelled (which can happen and I understand this is how it is) but oh my! The crew were the most unprofessional and rude people I have ever met in my entire life (and Ive traveled more than 100 countries across the globe) travelled with hundreds times but this experience was just beyond terrible! Crew member raised their voice, lied, gave different information, pushed people, jelling at people and gave attitude. Someone recorded that crew members were raising their voice and were pushing people (like physical contact) and most probably will be seen some kind of social media! No PA announcement was made for any new information and supervisors were visibly hiding and sent crew to handle situation who is brand new for the company. What a disaster company and how terrible costumer service! NEVER FLY WITH Frontier! They dont deserve a penny from you!

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26 October 2022 12:10:00 Guest

Please save yourself the hassle of flying out with Frontier, you might as well not travel. I will gladly pay double the flight fare with another airline. They have no workers, no kios machines and they want you to speak to a ticket counter agent whom by the way was late. Also charged me $25 to speak with them, because since there is no kios machines i couldnt print and place the tags for my checked bags myself. ITS INSANE! Will never fly thru this * airline again! If i could leave negative stars i would.

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26 October 2022 12:10:00 Guest

This is by far the worst airline out there. we were on time for our flight, to be able to get thru TSA and all, only for the employees to be super petty on carry on bags and made me pay $99. it was more than my flight, its ridiculous and since there is a $10 incentive for each employee who makes a passenger pay for the carry on bags, it was insane. I will never fly out with Frontier again. We were delayed almost 2 hours while they tried to make people pay.

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28 September 2022 12:09:00 Guest

Im done with Frontier forever! My flight was 2 hours delayed because they accidentally put gas in the plane twice and overfilled it. Ive flown at least 200 times (many times with a frontier, and I have never heard of such a preventable issue in my life) If I could give negative stars, I would. I woke up at 4am to board at 7am to wait for 2 hours (sitting in a tin can, squished against other passengers [and Im tiny, so I cant even imagine the frustration of others] because the plane is * ) without any compensation or reassurance. I used to count on you, but will NEVER fly with you again - I would literally pay double to have a good experience and on time flight instead of the * show I experienced.

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22 September 2022 12:09:00 Alneisha

This has been the worst experience Ive ever had with an airline. My luggage was STOLEN by a worker on 6/20/22. I found out when I got to my destination and my bag wasnt on and for a couple of weeks there was no update on my bag. So what does that tell me.. it was stolen not lost. In talking to their customer service they barely understood what was going on and thats frustrating to tell your story to people who dont care or dont quite comprehend the situation. I asked for a manager multiple times and they even acted like they were slow, if youre listening to my complaint, you should know the department I need to speak with. Instead, they kept saying its nothing we can do. REALLY HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. I finally got to an email team and they did not reimburse me for all my items I had to prove I had in my bags. They told me they only do a percentage of the price or some bs. To this day, I have yet to see a check in the mail. I PROMISE I WILL NEVER FLY FRONTIER EVER AGAIN! If there was a such thing as negative 100 I would rate them beyond worse than that. If you can help it. DO NOT fly with these people.

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16 August 2021 12:08:00 Dmitry

I had a surprise for my gf for her 50th bday. We were flying to Las Vegas for 5 days! We arrived to airport 2 1/2 hours prior the flight. The line had many people. There were only 3 people at the counter. We were in line for an hour. At this point one of the people at the counter yelled All people who are late for Dallas flight, go to the front of the line! Which created a huge chaos. Well, we figured all this people need to get on the flight! Another 45 minutes go by. One lady with the kid, trying to get on the Dallas flight. They told her she was too late. She was with the checker for about 20 minutes. Then same guy, who yelled for Dallas started to help her for another 15 minutes. Re booking flight or something else! After that he went back to his counter! At this point he yelled Who is flying to Vegas? Everyone on the back of the line, went around us and went to his checking counter. So about 40-50 people, who was in front of them Now were behind them, back of the line! At this point many people started to get pretty * ! So this is goes on for about 15-20 more minutes! Most of the people, who was on the back of the line checked their bags and went onto the plane flying to Vegas! Then with loud voice he announced, that flight to Vegas is done boarding and no one is allowed to check their luggage to go on this plane! There were also 2 handicap people, who was Not giving any special privileges,treatment to go to the front of the line, who also missed the flight! When he was asked if we could talk to anyone he said that manager was on his way! That was a lie! Manager never showed up! My GF had to call, while in line and talk to customer service in India, told them that 50 people are abandoned from flying to Vegas! My gf tried to rebook the flight for the next night. They wanted to charge us xtra $300! At this point we cancelled the flight and got the refund! I luckily booked the flight next morning with Spirit airline! Next morning they were very pleasant and had 10 checkers at the counter, who was dressed and acted very professionally! One of the checkers said that he used to work for Frontier!
I WILL NEVER EVER WILL FLY FRONTIER AIR LINE AGAIN! Also anybody I know will hear this story! How this airline has 0 customer service and 0 care!

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26 April 2021 12:04:00 David Woods

Worst airlines reservation system in the entire industry.

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22 March 2019 12:03:00 Guest

Frontier has a very high cancelation fee of $119. Their cancelation policy is listed differently in different places on their website. If you look in the wrong place you WILL BE MISLEAD! Make sure to read on their FAQ page here Additionally, their website will not inform you of the policy before you cancel the flight. Your money will just be gone with no explanation. I could not even tell that my flight reservation had been canceled nor did I get an email that made my cancelation clear. I had to call and wait to talk to a representative on the phone just to confirm that my flight had indeed been canceled. This company has lost a customer.

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31 October 2017 12:10:00 STEPHEN

POOR experience with Frontier....FOUR hour delay at the front of our trip due to a pilot scheduling error (WHAT ???????)

and then a SEVEN HOUR TWENTY MINUTE DELAY for our trip home which we thought was weather related but when my son tweeted about our horrendous experience , the person who tweeted back from Frontier said it was an employee issue (WHAT??????)

when we complained to the customer service dept on the phone, they said they could not help us and to go to the counter at the airport....when we went to the airport counter , those people told us to call customer service... the good old run around.... also known as a sh*t show.


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13 April 2017 12:04:00 M.Dixon

The worst airline I've ever encountered!!!!no respect for the disable. Hidden agenda on prices, rude agents also flight attendance very unprofessional!'
I felt helpless without any wheel chair assistance!! Very poor service!! First time flyer, never,ever again!!!!

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22 February 2017 12:02:00 Risa

I will NEVER,EVER consider this HORRIBLE airline again. I don 't care if I have to go broke flying on a good aircraft. To call Frontier air-crafts cattle cars would be an insult to cattle. Goldfish cars. A C-130 has better seats. The crews- ATL-SLC 2-5/17 SLC-ATL 2/9/17.... rude. They did not walk through the cabin during the flight. They waited about 1 hour to start a VERY limited service. LAZY. I was close to the back galley and learned all about their personal lives.The SLC ground staff doesn't come to work until 2hrs before a flight???? In the middle of the afternoon? Who thought this was providing customer service? There was a line of passengers waiting (2 hours) to check bags.I can appreciate cutting cost but this is beyond acceptable.They are a disgrace to the airline industry. Save your money so you can afford to fly a decent airline. Save your sanity. You are worth it.
will NEVER,EVER consider this HORRIBLE airline again. I don 't care if I have to go broke flying on a good aircraft. To call Frontier air-crafts cattle cars would be an insult to cattle. Goldfish cars. A C-130 has better seats. I can appreciate cutting cost but this is beyond acceptable.They are a disgrace to the airline industry. Save your money so you can afford to fly a decent airline. Save your sanity. You are worth it.
THE SEATS DO NOT RECLINE. AT ALL. NONE OF THEM. Air craft type A-320.No in flight entertainment. NO in flight phone, computer use- in other words- no wi-fi. NOTHING. NO room to cross your legs. I am a short person and I was a pretzel. A 4 1/2 hr flight. The seats are concave. Worse possible configuration for your back. Even a pillow or rolled up coat won't help. DO NOT use this airline.

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21 December 2016 12:12:00 Guest

Frontier is the worst business I have ever had an interaction with. I dont know how they spread so much rage and still stay in business. Our flight to Cleveland was one of hundreds canceled out of Denver the weekend before Christmas. They tried to claim it was weather related, even though it had been beautiful for days and no other airlines were having these problems. Lines were horrendously long to talk to customer service and remedy our canceled flight. We were lucky and only waited a little over an hour. The customer service agent seemed like she could care less and just wanted a nap. She was not helpful at all. She had no recommendations for us. We were told we couldn't fly into Cleveland until Friday! (Mind you, this occurred at 9am Monday) We finally got out of her that we could get tickets on a flight to Cincinnati.
Upon asking about our luggage that had been checked to Cleveland, we were told that our checked bag would be taken off the canceled flight to Cleveland and we could pick it up at baggage claim, recheck it on the new flight to Cincinnati. When we arrived at baggage claim there were hundreds or suitcases strewn around the carousels. After waiting half an hour, I was told that our bag was still going to go to Cleveland. Meanwhile, my husband was told to wait there and the bags would come up on the carousel in about 45 minutes. It turned out our bags would indeed be showing up. Get your story straight people! Fr om the time the flight was canceled to the time the luggage made it back to baggage claim was almost three hours!
The flight to Cincinnati started getting delayed over and over. As hope that we would make it to Cincinnati that night and still be conscious enough to drive to Cleveland ebbed away, we started looking for other options. We ended up getting on a standby list for a flight to Columbus and getting on that plane. With all this bouncing around between flights, I was told we could fill out a form directing the airline to ship our bag to us in Cleveland when it landed in Cincinnati. When we landed in Columbus I asked a frontier agent wh ere I could fill out the form. She didnt know what I was talking about! She told me to call customer service. More conflicting information, imagine that. I called customer service and proceeded to wait on hold for 2.5 hours! Upon talking to a person, she told me my bag had actually been pulled off the Cincinnati flight when it was discovered we were no longer on it and was in Denver. She took the address for delivery and said the bag would be overnighted. Imagine my surprise when I got a voice mail the next afternoon saying I had to call Frontier baggage at Cincinnati and provide delivery information because our bag was actually in Cincinnati! Six hours and 20 phone calls later, I was finally able to talk to someone who said my bag did, in fact, make it to Cincinnati and I had to give them delivery information to ship it.
Does no one know anything? Who spreads all this false information to so many employees? How is it that one company can have so much conflicting information? This fiasco is the absolute epitome of incompetence. And my story is better than some others. I made it home that day. The same cannot be said for everyone Frontier screwed over this past weekend. I hope these atrocities indicate a company in its death throws that will soon be nothing but a distant memory of anguish and a warning to others how not to run an airline.

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21 December 2016 12:12:00 Guest


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21 December 2016 12:12:00 Guest












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14 November 2016 12:11:00 Guest

I flew Frontier today for the first time. They charged for everything from carry-on items to cold drinks. If you change your random chosen seat they charge you a fee. The seats felt like they were ironboards. On top of that ther were to close together. Terrible three hour flight. Never again. One and done.

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26 September 2016 12:09:00 Guest

I flew Frontier from Omaha to Denver on 9/24/16. Our departure was delayed for over an hour. When we were finally boarding, the gate agent made a fairly rude announcement about carry-ons. As Frontier tells you you must pay for carry-ons every chance they get, this seemed unnecessary or at least could have been done in a more polite manner. It felt like we were children being reprimanded by a teacher. When on board, there was another strange announcement about the fines and penalties for consuming alcohol brought on board. When we arrived in Denver, we sat on the runway for over 2 hours because they did not have a ground crew available. It was obvious that the pilots and flight attendants (who were very kind) were as frustrated as the passengers. The pilot was not even always able to get updates from the gate as he couldn't always reach them on the phone. When we finally were able to deplane, the customer service rep was quite rude (clearly she was exhausted and frustrated herself). Passengers also had to wait another hour to get their baggage. I used to love Frontier when they first came to Denver. This is not my first bad experience of late and I will not fly them again unless their fare is hundreds of dollars in savings. They don't treat their customers well and they clearly don't treat their employees well.

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29 March 2016 12:03:00 Guest

DON'T FLY THIS AIRLINE. Their advertising is misleading due to add ons, baggage service is extremely poor though you pay for it directly, seats are small and cramped. Lines are long, and post flight problem solving is rude, full of unnecessary paperwork to avoid fulfilling their obligations and to follow their own polices. Face to face staff are friendly but are obviously overworked, and have to deal with irrate customers, due to their general mismanagement, and crass comsumer unfriendly management policies..

I have flown several of their competitors and they are all basic but MUCH BETTER. FORGET FRONTIER.

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23 March 2016 12:03:00 Guest

This must be the worst airline on the face of the earth. Do not expect anything from them (flights that are on time, flights that are not oversold, a customer service organization that cares about anything related to customers). I lost thousands in income because of an overbooked flight. Since Frontier has no collaborative relationships with any other airline at DIA, they could not help me book another flight (not that they would have helped me if they could).

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01 March 2016 12:03:00 Guest

Here's the deal people, you get what you pay for. I travel from Austin to Las Vegas regularly for under $150 roundtrip which is the price of one way on most airlines. I take a duffle bag with the few necessities for 2 days and off I go. If its cheap, convenient and no frills you are looking for, then Frontier is at the front of the line. Ive never had anything other than great customer service.
I do have to say though, the seats are not comfortable and the tray tables are very small!!

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23 February 2016 12:02:00 Guest

Just finished making four calls to Frontier Airlines C.S. people, mainly because I couldn't believe the number of additional charges they apply. What seemed like a good deal for a trip for two to FL has turned into a round-trip more expensive than most of the other options I found on Expedia. Frontier charges extra for just about everything, which is actually their "point of differentiation." Their sales pitch is "Why pay for what you don't need?" In our case the "extras" we had to pay for included two roller board bags big enough to hold three days worth of casual clothes, and two aisle seats at the back of the plane by the loo. If you check-in online, these charges, and others, are cheaper than if you check-in at the airport. However, you can only check-in online after they send you an e-mail, 24 hours before your flight. If you go someplace where you don't have internet access, you have no choice but to check-in at the airport. Yeah, this is the first and last time I book a flight with Frontier. Recommend staying far away.

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14 February 2016 12:02:00 Guest

It is almost like Frontier Airlines doesn't care if they go out of service. With my last experience with Frontier I was flying from MSP to DEN and waited over two hours for our flight due to "Bad Weather" when there was nothing going on in Denver. They were nice enough to give me $50 off of my next flight, BUT, i went on today to buy tickets to go back to my hometown but the discount expired!!! What a joke! They never said that I had 90 days to use the 50 dollar discount. All I have to say is that Frontier deserves the title of "Worst Airline" because this isn't the only problem I have with Frontier. Last thing of the many bad things I could Say about Frontier, $30 FOR A CARRY ON!!!!!! Come on Frontier. It is cheaper to ship a box of clothes to my destination than take a carry on on your flights. Something needs to be done.

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15 January 2016 12:01:00 Guest

I have used Frontier multiple times and never had a problem. When I last used them Christmas Eve, they had plenty of staff available for check in, the flight left on time and even arrived about 15 minutes early. The seats are not extremely comfortable but then, unless one flies first class, most airline seats are pretty uncomfortable these days! Frontier is a discount carrier and customers who get their good rate and then complain that they don't get a lot of amenities are being rather naive. I have always found all their staff to be friendly and helpful. I am not saying that anyone who complains is at fault, but many times I have seen passengers from a variety of airlines be so belligerent that the staff deserves bonus pay for putting up with them! On a flight to Denver a couple of years ago, Frontier attendant made an hilarious pre-flight speech that was quite entertaining. Little no-cost efforts like that leave everyone in a better mood and should happen more often on all airlines.

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29 October 2015 12:10:00 Guest

This was the worst experience that I've ever had with an airline. I booked a flight 3 weeks ago with my fiancé and after traveling via train and uber (around 2 hours away) I get to the airport, check in and go to the gate, the lady told us to step aside. My fiancé was not able to go in because Frontier Airlines overbook their flights and didn't have any space for him. After booking hotel and everything the manager tells us that he can only books us for another day. It was very unpleasant, unprofessional and a horrible experience. I lost my flight and my money trying to save with Frontier. I will never again flight with them.

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14 July 2015 12:07:00 J. Mallette

Had been given a gift card with no expiration. When I tried to use the card, I was told it expired. I called customer service and complained. I requested reimbursement for the ticket I had to pay for another way. I was told they would call me back. It has been over 24 hours and still I have not heard from Frontier. Very poor service and they do not stand behind promises or commitments.

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30 June 2015 12:06:00 S. Wicks

I decided to give Frontier a try for travel to our Disney World Vacation. I understood that Frontier was a low cost airline and that many "extras" had additional fees associated with them. What I didn't realize was that if you paid the fees, they would not provide the service you paid for. I chose to pay the extra fees for seat selection so that my party could sit together and my children would not have to sit next to a stranger. I booked 8 seats and chose the seats from Frontier's seat selection menu. When we arrived at the airport, the seats had been changed and we were no longer seated as a group. The agent told me there was nothing they could do about it since our seats had already been assigned to someone else. So, we were split up on our flight. I was told that not only could we not sit together, they had no power to refund the seat selection fees that had already been paid. I would have to call and talk with "Customer Relations." I have now made 3 phone calls to customer relations and spent a total of 2.5 hours on the phone (most of this on hold while they checked on my request). Each time I am told that I should expect a call back in 24 to 48 hours. I wait a little over the two days and call back. Again I am told that "customer relations is working on it" and that I should expect a call back in 24-48 hours. I waited and again, no call back. This time I was told that complaints are dealt with on a first come first served basis and I should get a call back in about a week. No one has the ability to refund the charges for services that Frontier refused to provide. Will I ever get a call back????

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21 June 2015 12:06:00 LGTP

The absolute worst travel experience ever. Absolutely NO customer service, extremely long waits to try to talk to someone to resolve issues. Although promised by Frontier, no one ever called me back. Except for crew in the air, every other employee was lazy, rude, lacking any empathy or compassion, no effort to resolve a problem created by their own staff or to help us in any way. Careless typo by reservation agent created multiple problems for us that were costly, unnecessary, frustrating and infuriating. What use is it to provide our government issued ID if your staff doesn't even check it? Paid an extra $95 to take a guitar and it was left in over sized baggage bin while ALL Frontier Airlines staff had gone home for the night. An employee of another airline saw it unattended, picked it up and called Harbor Police. Your inefficient staff ruined this vacation and a future family reunion we planned to attend. I see no positive reviews any where - HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE - NEVER FLY FRONTIER. Unfortunately they probably won't respond to this review either.

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11 April 2015 12:04:00 Regan

Flight to Philly canceled due to weather. Rescheduled 24hours later. That's fine but when I ask if other flight were going out that day like maybe trenton. I was told they don't fly to trenton. I look on my computer and a flight to trenton did go out. Lied!

Came back the next day for my rescheduled flight. Delayed 2 hours. That's still fine I thought. Found my gate went to the closest restaurant. Got a snack. Looked at the board and the internet several times, no change. Even walk passed the gate itself two times. At 1:40pm walk up to the gate attendant and asked when the flight would be boarding. Behind her is a sign that says PHILADELPHIA 2:42pm. SHE SAYS IT JUST LEFT!!!!!!! Are you kidding? 15 of us that I know of missed this flight because they never updated anything.

My whole trip was canceled, so was 15 other peoples'. BEWARE. I FLY at least 5 times a year and I have never heard of such craziness.

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18 March 2015 12:03:00 RC

Frontier = WORSE AIRLINE EVER!! Their prices may look lower than others, but they nickel and dime you for EVERYTHING. You book your flight in advance and you still have to pay extra to guarantee a SEAT!! On return flight from Puerto Vallarta via Denver in January 2015, our plane was late getting to PV so we were 3.5 ours late leaving PV to Den, missing our connection home. We decided to make it to the US and reschedule a flight the next day. WRONG!! Frontier 'customer service' couldn't get us on a flight for another THREE DAYS, stranding us in Denver. We spent the night and booked a flight on another airline to get home. Almost three months later, still no reimbursement for extra travel expenses promised to us by Frontier. Now I can't even get a call through due to 'technology changes' (??? WTF ???). I WILL NEVER FLY FRONTIER AGAIN. EVER.

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12 March 2015 12:03:00 Guest

I hate this airline. I have tried multiple times to get through to customer service -each time I've been told my wait will be 50+ minutes I booked my daughters flight online--- and all I want to know is how to take advantage of the military discount because she is in the national guard. I give up. The last call I made was at midnight and they still said I had a 58 minute wait. Will never use this airline again and I am telling all my friends.

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09 March 2015 12:03:00 Jeff Lee

In nearly 50 years, neither my wife or I have had as unsatisfactory an experience with any corporate entity of any kind as we have just experienced with Frontier Airlines. NEVER FLY FRONTIER AIRLINES!
-Flight from PHL to MCO; one bag goes to MCO, the other bag goes to Denver and is not delivered to our vacation site for 48 hours.
-Person working the evening baggage desk not at worksite; no one available to assit 5 passengers with missing baggage.
-Website is terribly flawed...we have never encountered a more dysfunctional website anywhere.
-Flight Operations Supervisor at MCO did not return three messages.
-Customer Relations did not respond to my email.
-MCO personnel working the flight desk are impersonal and disinterested.
Overall Rating: Whatever is the worst possible rating is appropriate.

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13 February 2015 12:02:00 Guest

What used to be a fun, reliable airline is now the worst I have ever seen. DO NOT FLY FRONTIER!!!!

The only thing worse than their planes and flight service is their customer service. They are open on the phone 8 - 11 am mountain time (3 hours a day) and the wait time has been over 20 minutes each time I tried to call (I hung up after that).

I booked a flight and bought stretch seating. When I arrived at the airport, I was told my seat was no longer stretch and they moved me to seat 1D.

Seat 1D does not allow you to stretch your legs - you press up against a wall. I asked for a refund of my stretch seat price back and was denied.

On the return flight, I could not get stretch seating. The person in front of me put their seat all the way back while we had not even left the gate. I pushed the attendant button and no one came. It created an unsafe experience. Frontier did not respond to my complaints/requests.

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20 March 2014 12:03:00 Guest

Frontier is terrible. "Downsized the plane" and put me and my three kids in separate rows, center seats instead of our full row together. Plus, you pay extra for a carry-on bag and a soft drink. And for the first time in my flying career, the flight attendants didn't offer a thanks, bye or good day to anyone as they deplaned. And I fly about 20x per year...usually on United.
So bad...

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03 February 2014 12:02:00 Guest

Flew on Frontier for first & last time to Nashville- Phoenix. Connecting flight delayed 45 minutes due to mechanical problem with door.
Return trip: Phoenix-Denver flight o.k. Flight from Denver to Nashville took off and had to return to Denver (plane landing gear unable to retract).
In both situations, staff had very poor communication informing passengers of situation. Rudest flight attendants I have ever experienced.
No compensation for inconvenience or lost time due to delays. Frontier is an economy airline, I get it. They want to charge you for anything/everything they can. Baggage, food and beverages.

I have flown almost every other commercial airline. Frontier airlines proved to be THE WORST FLYING EXPERIENCE EVER.
I would spend the extra $ to fly Southwest Airlines who have mastered the are of professional, economy airfare.

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28 January 2014 12:01:00 Guest

For several years due to business travel I flew Frontier from DEN to SFO two to three times a month. Great service. AND I only had to deal with them through American Express. Now that I have had to deal with them for personal travel, I am appalled. I just spent over 1 hour on the phone to use the value of an old ticket to pay for a new reservation. While the CSR was nice, the wait time was crazy and they charged me $10 for the phone service. Their bag fees are a joke if you don't book with them directly. Hopefully, the Indigo people will take a cue from Southwest and fix this rotten customer experience they have going.

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26 October 2013 12:10:00 Guest

I booked a flight with Frontier and a month before my trip I found out I was going to have to push it back a few days. I called the airline immediately and spoke with a rude customer service agent. I spent 18 minutes on the phone with her and she changed my flight to a new flight and took my credit card information. I believed the change to have been done. When I went to inquire about my reservation I couldn't access it online so I called. The original agent never made the change and it showed that I was a no show for my flight. On top of that there is no record that I even called. I have the info on my phone and I have contacted customer relations but they are not open on the weekends. Really.. people fly on the weekends.. bad form Frontier. Needless to say someone has my credit card info. I have to cancel my card, cancel the first night of my hotel, which at this point is non-refundable and the same with my rental car.

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08 October 2013 12:10:00 Jonathan

Frontier completely ruined my weekend! I was scheduled to fly out of KC to Seattle with a layover in Denver. Our flight was delayed in KC and I asked the ticket clerk if I need to make arrangements for the the Denver-Seattle flight. She assured me that I didn't need to. There were available flights at that time that I could have booked to make it to an event I had purchased non refundable tickets for. I explained to the ticket clerk that I needed to make it to Seattle before 8 so if there was any doubt to please let me know and I would buy additional tickets- out of my pocket. She assured me that my flight out of Denver would also be delayed. It wasn't. I missed the event and ended up having to fly through PHOENIX out of Denver to get to Seattle. I should've arrived at 2 pm- I arrived at 2 am. On the way home my flight was also delayed. This time Frontier automatically booked me on a later flight. I actually arrived to the airport with enough time to make the original flight- which would've have gotten me home sooner. The ticket counter clerk said she 'didn't have time' to help me even though there was no one else in line. She explained that I'd have to go to customer service. I went to customer service who called the ticket counter- who advised that we couldn't board the plan but didn't give us a reason. Frontier is an awful airline that doesn't care about it's customers. You would be wise to go with a different airline- even if you have to spend more. I wish I would have

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15 July 2013 12:07:00 Not a happy traveler

I loathe this airline. I have never been on a flight that has left on time. The planes are always breaking down and the customer service is the worst in the world.

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01 May 2013 12:05:00 Guest

I flew from Portland, Oregon to Denver with Frontier Airlines. Aside from the check-in process with a rattled, brainless agent named Laura, it was an average airline experience. The Airbus 319 had adequate legroom, and the flight attendants were friendly and professional. There wasn't anything that set this airline apart from the average, including the fare which wasn't low cost as promoted by the airline.

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12 April 2013 12:04:00 Guest

Frontier lost my checked luggage. They forgot to check it into the plane I was taking off on. When I arrived at my destination I noticed my bag was missing. Baggage claims helped me to track my bag and I was told it would be delivered to my residence later that afternoon. I received a call stating my bag will be dropped off within a 3 hour time frame. 4 hours later still no bag and the delivery service could of at least given a courtesy call explaining why they are so late. I feel this is very poor service when it comes to their employee mistakes. We all make them but I feel as though they are not taking the responsibility in making it up seriously.

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08 March 2012 12:03:00 Guest

on the flight between Hou-Denver-MDW/ CHICAGO . My wife's 1 bag that you charged an extra $ 20 for her to take was DESTROYED. She got into MDW Wed 2/29/12 in the evening. Her brother in law met her and they went looking for a frontier person and could find NO ONE. They needed to get on the road to Indiana, they gathered the destroyed hard exterior bag and left. I'm told no claim in time is my tough luck. SO YOU(FRONTIER AIRLINES) GET AROUND BAGGAGE PROBLEMS BY MAKING NO ONE AVAILABLE TO TALK TO AT BAGGAGE CLAIM. no recommendations and no returning customer. I will in fact copy and paste this in airline review websites. Frontier Airlines 2 thumbs down. Would you like to destroy the matching piece that she did not take?

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10 September 2009 12:09:00 J Lavender

I was supposed to be flying United, but after being screwed on that airline, Frontier in Denver offered me great service and went above and beyond to get me home. Thank you! The flight was very comfortable, much more so than United. I will definitely fly with Frontier again.

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22 June 2008 12:06:00 Guest

Frontier has recently began flying out of my city so being a frequent business flier, I decided to give them a try. I am an elite flier on 2 other airlines and I have experienced better service on the Frontier flights. One example of this was a recent flight I was on from Salt Lake City. I was coming home, leaving Salt Lake and was put on standby for an earlier connection through Denver. This left me only 30 minutes between flights. Everything would have been fine but the gate agent in Salt Lake made an error which caused a 45 minute delay in take off. The crew made several announcements that all connections would be made as they had called ahead to hold the planes. Even mine, which was standby, was going to be OK. When we landed, the crew held the other passengers so that we could get off the plane. Frontier had a motorized cart waiting to take me to the other end of the terminal to catch my plane, which I did get on. I have been flying two of the major US airlines frequently for 5 years and I have never had this kind of service. I am now a loyal customer of Frontier.

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27 February 2008 12:02:00 Annette Thomas

My children and I were flying to Oregon and the plane was delayed at the Denver airport due to bad weather. My daughter has health issues and needed to eat, so we asked the flight attendant if we could leave the plane for food. She went to the cockpit, spoke with the pilots, then returned after a few minutes. Telling us that we couldn't leave the plane in case it was cleared for takeoff and the plane couldn't fly without the co-pilot, he volunteered to go to the terminal to get my children something to eat, even asking what they preferred. This, in all my years of extensive traveling, has never happened. We were treated exceptionally well, as were the other passengers on this flight. The crew was simply outstanding. Hats off to Frontier!

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