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WestJet Airlines

Country: Canada
Low-cost domestic services in Canada and international routes to the USA and Central America
IATA code: WS
ICAO code: WJA
Head office: 21 Aerial Place North East, Calgary, Alberta, T2E 8X7, Canada
Phone number: +1 403 444 26 00, +1 888 937 85 38
Fax number: +1 403 444 22 61
Year established: 1996
Main bases and hubs: Calgary International, Toronto Pearson International, Vancouver International
Fleet: Boeing 737-600, Boeing 737-700, Boeing 737-800, Boeing 767-300

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Reviews & Opinions of WestJet Airlines:

01 June 2014 Guest

It's a no thrill airline. But service and staff attitude is great. I have not encountered a flight that was seriously late or any lost luggage. I will keep flying them. But I had 2 flights where the entertainment on 1 side of the plane did not work for the whole flight. To me that was no problem since I watched a movie on my laptop. But to the rest of the passengers it could be an issue. And well I find the entertainment is not that great. But it a no thrills airline.

08 February 2011 Guest

What has happened to Westjet? The only packages being offered out of Saskatoon are totally over-priced and flights take two days there and two days on the way back... Do you care so little for Sk. that you are willing to do that to loyal customers. My opinion of Westjet has completely gone down the tube. Air Transat looks better than the little or lack of competition. Hopefully Signature, Sunquest, Air Transat will feel our pain and step up to the plate and offer us viable alternatives.

08 February 2011 Denis from Saskatoon

I thought West Jet's entry into the travel business would be a good thing. I was totally wrong it has been a disaster for Saskatoon and all of Saskatchewan travellers. Not only are your packages outrageouly priced your travel plans are not geared to the consumer, for example you expect us to go to Calgary then back to Toronto or Hamilton or Montreal then on to our destinations. The result is you have now wasted 2 days coming and 2 days coming home and are totally exhausted by the time you actually arrive at you resort. If that's the best you can do why don't you just ignore Saskatchewan and let other carriers service us. Earlier this winter we went to Punta Cana with Air Transat.. We flew directly there and made one stop in Jamaica on the way back. Now when you try to book another trip with the travel companies you end up with these West Jet outrageous travel arrangements. Used to like West Jet but now understand how llittle Saskatchewan counts. If you can't provide decent service why don't you just leave Saskatchewan to other carriers. Very frustrating maybe the solution is to start hounding the travel companies not to use West Jet as a carrier for Saskatchewan. We dont want to be limited to Mexico treavel which is what West Jet loves to push. Totally frustrated and annoyed By West Jet's treatment.

18 October 2010 Guest

Advertised as a low cost airline however they seem to nickle and dime the customer. Charging for movies, blankets, pillows. They offer corny jokes enflight which seem to have worn out. Good safety record with modern up to date equipment. Meal service is unheard of. Comparing prices with the competition this is not a low cost airline.

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WestJet Airlines Discussion:

17 March 2017 Guest

Worst Airline I have ever flown. Your first experience is when you arrive and they tell you that you have to use the self serve kiosk even when you know that you booked with American Airlines and you are using their "partnership" with the airline and there are multiple tickets with some upgrades and different weight limits per suitcase and you are flying internationally. I should have known something was up when I saw the flight canceled at the airport hotel but when I called they said it was on time. Long story short, 4 hour delay, missed connection flight . Day started at 5:30 am and will end at 9:30 pm with a 3 hour time difference. Flight crew never gave the passengers any updates as to the problem but took the plane on a "test ride" before letting passengers board

01 January 2017 Guest

My flight was delayed almost two hours and there was no advanced notice. The attendants finally announced the delay after we were supposed to board and they said it was only a slight delay. Then the plane stopped in Vancouver because they had a problem with the cockpit screen. In total it was more than three hours. Passengers should be compensated. If Westjet is too cheap to ramp up staffing during snowstorms then all passengers suffer. I'm flying Air Canada next time.

29 November 2016 Carolyn

Did anyone fly on August 28 out of Gatwick to Calgary and claimed EU compensation ? 5 hours late.

25 November 2016 Guest

Guest : Paul Elun : We had a 3 hour delay leaving Calgary to London England missed our connecting flight had to pay $2400.00 Canadian dollars to book another flight to our destination. I phoned Westjet they couldn't care less. Not there problem they got us to London safe. I will have to deal with them when I get home. We were suppose to board at 6:35 wasn't even a plane at the gate for us. Looks like we are back with Air Canada If you arrived 3 hours late in London you may get compensation under the EU regulation (the, for airlines, notorious EC 261/2004) regarding delays. AFAIK the regulation is applicable for flights to the EU/EEA as well as from the EU/EEA. The compensation will be EUR 600 per ticket unless Westjet can prove there is what they call "force majeure" (technical problems aren't considered "force majeure" unless the aircraft had to return or divert). Note that many airlines will try not to pay this compensation (especially those outside the EU) and give excuses without merit (and thus hope you don't make a case). Thus this may be something worthwhile exploring if you arrived 3 hours late in London UK. If you arrived less than 3 hours late you get nothing. The legislation only applies to NON-EU airlines flying out of Europe. It doesn't apply to Westjet flying into the UK as I have found out to my cost. 5 hours delay LGW to YYC. Return delay YYC to LGW was 4 hours late but does not qualify. Good luck trying to get anything from WestJet I've been battling with them for 4 months now so far all I have been offered is a #150 travel voucher. Why would I want this? I don't intend to fly with them again!

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