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All reviews about WestJet Airlines

27 July 2022 12:07:00 Guest

Westjet is a hollow shell of what used to be a good airline. We managed to get to London Gatwick with them despite their best efforts only by booking last minute flights on Air Canada after they canceled our flight to Toronto Pearson two days in a row. They made so many changes to our original itinerary that the seats we booked were gone and we got stuck with whatever was left. The gate attendant supervisor in Ottawa was dismissive and condescending and made no attempt to help us. And now we're fighting to get reimbursed for the cost of last minute tickets. They deal in bad faith, are unprofessional and unreliable and it will be a long time before we fly with them again.

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07 July 2022 12:07:00 Westjet Sucks!

This airline makes me wish I could give negative stars. I hate just having to give them 1 star at all. Stupid policies. Useless ticket agents. Caused delay and extra cost in my travel plans due to policies. When I was stuck in Canada without a way home to the US the ticket agents were no help. Basically tossed their hands up and said too bad so sad. Tried a Delta agent and told them my issues with Westjet. They were able to resolve my issue with another airline in minutes. Westjet couldnt fix my Wesjet flight but a Delta agent was able to fix the whole issue in minutes? I will go out of my to recommend NOT using this service to anyone who will listen.

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20 June 2022 12:06:00 Jim Gowan

The WestJet of the past is not the same today.
I realize there has been two changes in CEO and the relationship with the union has deteriorated. However none of that should be an excuse for:
1. No live voice for customer service
2. Ridiculous run around to try and break through the communication barriers
3. Cancellations and lates that just keep increasing in numbers
4. Prices that are no longer competitive- always the same as Air Canada
5. Counter staff agents that must have flunked Courtesy 101
6. As a former Gold Westjetter I get service on SWOOP that is just about as bad - for half the price!!!
7. Dont spend your hard earned money with WestJet- take your chances with Lynx or Flair. Its worth a try!
8. I gave it a two star rating because the on board crews are OK!

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06 October 2021 12:10:00 Rose Miranda

I have been trying to cancel my flights from Gatwick to Vancouver for October 6th , today, for days and nobody responds! During the pandemic my flights have been cancelled 6times. I have been stranded in Spain all this time. I cannot travel because the Spanish Health department will not give me the vaccine certificate.
This is no way to treat a long time customer!

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21 August 2021 12:08:00 Kent

Unreliable service , unprofessional and really dont care about their passengers.
Told to find your own hotel and pay for it ( they may reimburse but dont have vouchers ) when connection missed because of 5 hr delay . Second leg of flight also delayed.

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13 September 2019 12:09:00 Guest

DO NOT Flight with WestJet. Horrible company with racism flight attendance and rude for crying kids.
My family had a terrible experience while taking Westjet for Canada travel. They were taking WestJet 1508 in Sep-08-019 from Calgary return back to San Francisco. Prior to boarding, this flight was delayed by 3 hours and because of this, my family had to wait in the airport for 5 hours. Thus my son, which is only 2 years old, was very exhausted and really sleepy. Imagine that even for an adult, 5 hours of waiting in airport is quite stressful.

While starting from their boarding, the flight attendant never showed any warm welcome to these exhausted passengers. Instead, she was very hostile to my family, whispering to another attendant that they should closely watch my family. Due to the stress, my son was very tired and could not easily get calmed down while seated. My wife and my mother-in-law were trying their best to calm down him and let him well sit and tied with the seatbelt. However, only after about 3 minutes, this attendant rudely came and yelled at my family. She demanded my family to leave the aircraft immediately. The total time from my family boarding to get kicked off from the airplane was only around 5 minutes, my wife even didnt have time to get the phone out from her purse to entertain my son. My family, including 2 year old child and two seniors (both >60 years old), had to pull their heavy luggage and leave the aircraft. The rude attendant even didnt tell them what to do next. My family had to walk a long way holding the 2 year baby to outside of the airport and re-checked in to purchase the next available flight tickets.

To me, this cruel treatment from WestJet to the passenger is not about uncourteous, it is more about inhumanity. I cannot image this could happen in a civilized community. My wife later on told me that this attendant was very clearly racially discriminating against them from the beginning since my son was crying during boarding (we are Asian Americans, my parents dont know how to speak English). I called WestJet customer service immediately after receiving the call from my wife and also got very rude response (they are clearly protecting each other). I am very disappointed and frustrated with WestJet. I would never take WestJet and would like to give others the same advice: DO NOT flight WestJet !!!

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24 June 2019 12:06:00 Sigalit Assor



Flight Service Eclipse

On 2-3 may 2019, we were supposed to fly with you On a continuation flight from LAS VEGAS to TORONTO and than from TORONTO to ISREAL.
It is important to note that we are loyal customers of El Al, and It's very important to us to fly with El AL if we can.
Frequent Flyer Member number Of AMNON ANAVI is: 9352444.
Frequent Flyer Member number Of SIGALIT ASSOR is: 9382441.
This flight was supposed the flight home When actually we fly at 21/4/19 by El-Al from ISRAEL to TORONTO. Flight No. 31 LY. Attached airline tickets. Appendix A.
When we arrive to LAS VEGAS airport the receptionist told us that We can't get us on the first flight because there's a malfunction and the plane won't be out in time, so we won't make the sequel.
Attached to the original airline tickets that contained both flights. Appendix B.
We were transferred to the UNITED company to try to find us a flight home.
After about half an hour of exploration and uncertainty, a flight was found for us from LAS VEGAS to NEW YORK and continuation from NEW YORK to ISRAEL with UNITED company.
No one bothered to send us an email or call and update that we won't go home through TORONTO, but through NEW YORK.
Change of destination and addition of two hours on the first flight.
The flight tickets are attached to the two flights that were actually flying. Appendix C+D.
From that moment on, we passed a mask and an incessant uncertainty.
Since it was decided to raise us on an early flight, we had to run through the check-in and the lines are very long and the airport is very large.
We have to fly without even drinking water or going to the bathroom.
After an hour of waiting inside the plane, they announced the loudspeaker that there was a malfunction and we were delayed. After about an hour, the loudspeaker announced that a person on the plane was ill and awaiting evacuation of an ambulance, After an hour, they announced that because of harsh weather conditions, we would not takeoff. Only after two hours and 40 minutes of waiting on a plane without a drink we're on our way..
Because they found us a last-minute flight, and I couldn't sit together and we sat apart.
The whole flight was under pressure, as the takeoff was too late and we didn't know if we were going to make the flight of the sequel, and we really didn't fit to stay in New York And our luggage has already been automatically moved to Israel.
We were trained to eat vegetarian kosher food on El Al flight and both United Airlines flights didn't even understand what we were asking for.
We stayed hungry the whole flight.
For this reason, we have lost 44 flight points for each of us that we should have received if we were to fly in El Al as we were flying from Israel to Toronto.
In retrospect, I understood that he had planned and even paid to give me a "heaven's Gift" of El Al, late and 3.5.19 I celebrated my birthday and we thought we would fly by El Al.
Attached copy of my ID card. Appendix E.
We arrived in New York in the 99 minute and then pressed us to fly to Israel.
We did not sit together on this flight, but on both ends of the plane. 11 hours of flight.
We landed in Israel on Friday, 17:30. We're traditional people. The Sabbath entered in 19:07.
We were supposed to go to Haifa to celebrate a birthday at the hotel. We haven't managed to do that, Instead we went to the streets of the house default. We couldn't even eat, because we haven't been home in two weeks, and all the stores have been closed before.
One of the suitcases broke into our flight and we had to complain about a broken suitcase and fill out forms for replacement. It took us about an hour.

After all we've been through, we have no doubt that you will be entitled to a compensation for our mental and harassment.

Please note that we have approached El Al Company and they have said that the responsibility for your entire default.

Best regards
Sigalit Assor & Amnon Anavi
Zeharia Madar 3/44 Rehovot ISRAEL
Sigalit Assor 050-6232360
Amnon Anavi 02-3678176

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03 August 2018 12:08:00 Lisa

Our flight Edmt- Victoria has been delayed by more than 3 hours due to a "maintenance issue". Terrible weather delaying flights is understandable; maintenance issue speaks to human incompetence, inconveniencing a great number of passengers.

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01 June 2014 12:06:00 Guest

It's a no thrill airline. But service and staff attitude is great. I have not encountered a flight that was seriously late or any lost luggage. I will keep flying them. But I had 2 flights where the entertainment on 1 side of the plane did not work for the whole flight. To me that was no problem since I watched a movie on my laptop. But to the rest of the passengers it could be an issue. And well I find the entertainment is not that great. But it a no thrills airline.

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08 February 2011 12:02:00 Guest

What has happened to Westjet? The only packages being offered out of Saskatoon are totally over-priced and flights take two days there and two days on the way back... Do you care so little for Sk. that you are willing to do that to loyal customers. My opinion of Westjet has completely gone down the tube. Air Transat looks better than the little or lack of competition. Hopefully Signature, Sunquest, Air Transat will feel our pain and step up to the plate and offer us viable alternatives.

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08 February 2011 12:02:00 Denis from Saskatoon

I thought West Jet's entry into the travel business would be a good thing. I was totally wrong it has been a disaster for Saskatoon and all of Saskatchewan travellers. Not only are your packages outrageouly priced your travel plans are not geared to the consumer, for example you expect us to go to Calgary then back to Toronto or Hamilton or Montreal then on to our destinations. The result is you have now wasted 2 days coming and 2 days coming home and are totally exhausted by the time you actually arrive at you resort. If that's the best you can do why don't you just ignore Saskatchewan and let other carriers service us. Earlier this winter we went to Punta Cana with Air Transat.. We flew directly there and made one stop in Jamaica on the way back. Now when you try to book another trip with the travel companies you end up with these West Jet outrageous travel arrangements. Used to like West Jet but now understand how llittle Saskatchewan counts. If you can't provide decent service why don't you just leave Saskatchewan to other carriers. Very frustrating maybe the solution is to start hounding the travel companies not to use West Jet as a carrier for Saskatchewan. We dont want to be limited to Mexico treavel which is what West Jet loves to push. Totally frustrated and annoyed By West Jet's treatment.

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18 October 2010 12:10:00 Guest

Advertised as a low cost airline however they seem to nickle and dime the customer. Charging for movies, blankets, pillows. They offer corny jokes enflight which seem to have worn out. Good safety record with modern up to date equipment. Meal service is unheard of. Comparing prices with the competition this is not a low cost airline.

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