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Airbus A320 Family

The family of single-aisle middle-size Airbus aircraft comprises four models offering two-class seating capacity for 107-185 passengers. They are A318, A319, A320 and A321. The family pioneered the use of the glass cockpit and digital fly-by-wire control system in a commercial aircraft.

The baseline model Airbus A320 first flew in February 1987 and entered service with Air France in 1988, with the stretched 185-seat Airbus A321 following in March 1994. The first of the two shorter-fuselage members, the 124-seat Airbus A319, entered service in May 1999, with the 107-seat Airbus A318 following in July 2003.

The A320 family became the most successfull commercial aircraft program of Airbus with more than 6 000 aircraft ordered and about 4 000 built. It is the second best-selling jet airliner family of all time after the famous Boeing 737. Airbus A320 model takes more than a half of these orders.

To replace these popular models Airbus has developed next-generation airliners based on the Airbus A320 series, which they called A320neo (New Engine Option). New engines and a number of modifications to the frame made the aircrafts more efficient. The first airliners of the Airbus A320neo entered service in 2016.

Planes of the Airbus A320 family

Airbus A318
The smallest member of the family carriing 107-117 passengers up to 3 000 - 6 000 km range.

Airbus A318 commercial aircraft

Airbus A319
The shortened version of A320 with less capacity (124-150 passengers) and extended range to 6 800 km.

Airbus A319 commercial aircraft

Airbus A320
The baseline model of the family which can carry 150-180 passengers and has typical range of 5 500 km.

Airbus A320 commercial aircraft

Airbus A321
The stretched version with capacity of 185-220 passengers and a maximum range of 5 500 km.

Airbus A321 commercial aircraft

New generation – Planes of the A320neo family

Airbus A319neo
The aircraft to be exploited for longer distances and a smaller passenger flow. It can carry 120-150 passengers and has a maximum range of 7 500 km.

Airbus A319neo commercial aircraft

Airbus A320neo
The baseline model of the family with capacity of 150-180 passengers and a maximum range of 6 800 km.

Airbus A320neo commercial aircraft

Airbus A321neo
The stretched version which can carry 185-220 passengers to up to 6 800 km.

Airbus A321neo commercial aircraft

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