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China Eastern Airlines

Country: China
Major airline in China, extended domestic and international services
IATA code: MU
ICAO code: CES
Membership in the alliance: SkyTeam
Head office: 2550 Hongqiao Road, Hongqiao International Airport, Shanghai, 200335, China
Phone number: +86 21 6268 6268
Fax number: +86 21 6268 6116
Year established: 1988
Main bases and hubs: Shanghai Pudong International, Shanghai Hongqiao International
Fleet: Airbus A300, Airbus A319, Airbus A320, Airbus A321, Airbus A330-200, Airbus A330-300, Airbus A340-300, Airbus A340-600, Boeing 737-700, Boeing 737-800, Embraer ERJ-145

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Reviews & Opinions of China Eastern Airlines:

11 February 2016 Patricia Malloy

The flight attendants were more then courteous ,, as for the seats were so small and cramped for a 15 hour flight it's awfull, no leg room either, so if you are tall make sure you get an aisle seat. Food was reasonably ok. They should at least give an American choice we don't all eat Chinese morning noon and night.

15 August 2015 Guest

TERRIBLE SERVICE. Takes away the fun of traveling as if traveling is not bad enough. China Eastern Airlines needs new management or be taken out of Sky Team Alliance partners. Out of all the flight attendants, there was only one steward who showed courtesy on my first and last flight with this airline. The rest especially the females were PLAIN RUDE. The airlines surely can use some kind of retraining for these flight attendants. I know there are many rude passengers (I even witnessed a fight in one of the Chinese international airport) but they have no right to assume all passengers are rude. Many of us have been raised properly and are not difficult to deal with. What happened to the costumer's value? I haven't lived in China and I sure hope these so called flight attendants do not reflect the country cultural attitude. I'd like to believe that China Eastern Airlines will get better in the future but until then, "I STRONGLY ADVICE ANYONE TO NOT FLY IN THIS AIRLINE UNTIL THEY CAN FIGURE OUT HOW TO GIVE BETTER SERVICE".

12 August 2014 Guest

Worst airline ever, DO NOT TRAVEL!! I had a connecting flight with this airline from Shanghai to Australia. As per usual, the previous flight with Chinese Eastern was delayed (by more than 6 hours), meaning I missed the connection. No accommodation was offered for the night that I had to spend at the airport. I also had to fight tooth and nail to get on the next flight at the same time the following evening (initially, they told me no seats were available, when I argued and asked to speak to a manager, a seat magically appeared). They subsequently did not book the seat that they promised. I had to ring back another 3 times and ask to speak to more managers to finally get a confirmed seat. Luckily I am fluent in mandarin. For an English speaker, forget it, as a lot of their services over the phone do not offer English service. In addition, after I made a complaint to their complaints line (again only Chinese available so non-Chinese speakers are basically not entitled to complain...), they promised response within 13 business days. I waited 20 business days and got no response. When I rang up to follow up, they claimed they could not find my complaint log. So again, I asked to speak to a manager at which point they suddenly found the log and then "promised" to resolve and call back within 2 days. As expected, I did not hear from them again. I'm so * and fed up I have basically given up. This airline does not even know what customer service is!! Am I able to take this to some sort of ombudsman? Any advice would be appreciated!

01 March 2014 Guest

Impossible to get in contact with a representative , very poor customer service!

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China Eastern Airlines Discussion:

06 August 2016 Guest

lost luggage very bad

28 July 2016 Jimmy Pinto

On 17th July, 2016, I had connecting flights from Air India airlines Air India AI 0101to prior to boarding china eastern China Eastern Airlines MU 0564 aircraft in Delhi on 17th July, 2016 I consulted the airline check in staff about my luggage if it was placed in my connecting flight. The Eastern Chinese airline staff confirmed through my luggage tags that the luggage was placed on the airline but when i reached to Jeju, Island in South Korea from China Eastern Airlines MU 5037 my luggage didn't arrive and until now (28th July, 2016) i haven't received my luggage bag. This is completely the wrong information given to me by the Eastern Chinese airline when i checked with them in Delhi and henceforth i missed my luggage bag. For follow up please email me


Dear Sir/ Madam on July 2nd we had flight tickets (Moshe Berenholtz and Gil Berenholtz) ETKT 7817882578240/1 AND ETK 7617882578239/1 After checking in for the flight we learned that there will be a delay as much as 6hrs and flight will only possibly go at 20:00. We should have a flight to TLV from Hong Kong at 21:00, there was no way we could catch it. Therefore we gave up this China eastern flight and bougt new tikets to Bangkok at the airport, for an unbeleavable price. In order to catch the TLV flight from Bangkok.We also had to book hotel rooms for the night. Attached please find copies of both ticket sets . Please refund the 2 tickets SHanghai/Hong Kong and grant us a discount on the new once we had to buy at the airport. As soon as you approve our request we will provide you with our bank accout for you to swift the refund. Best Regards Moshe Berenholtz C.T.O. Thermogym Ltd Tel. +972 544678095 Fax. +972 3 7526030

14 June 2016 Guest

Complaint To, China Eastern Sub: Flight of Mr Atul Khanna fr om London Heathrow to Guangzhou via Shanghai on 02/06/2016 Sir, Please see that I was travelling with your airlines on 2/06/2016. From London Heathrow E Ticket number : 7819115897073 Booked from Flysharp ref number: LGKNKE From London Heathrow to Guangzhou via Shanghai. I was issued boarding pass from London Heathrow to Guangzhou. At, Heathrow airport itself. Seat number 4A on flight number MU9315 was given for the flight from Shanghai to Guangzhou The date wise facts of this case are as under: 1.26/05/2016 - Spoke to Airport Manager Showed the tickets He saw the tickets and said all is ok, I asked particular question and will you allow to me to travel with tickets . He said yes under 72 hour visa free policy. (This was done three days prior from date of travel) 2. 31/05/2016 Spoke to China Embassy showed the tickets: They also said yes its all ok but still speak to airline, which I had already done. 3. 02/06/2016 -- Went to airport on the date of travel ticket was seen by three people. i. e Counter staff, her Supervisor and Manager, all said its ok, only then the boarding card was issued for Guangzhou by the counter staff. With transfer tag on suit cases. Again I am saying that I was given the Boarding pass and with transfer of luggage tags to Guangzhou. 4. I was stopped at Shanghai airport as said they cant allow under 72 hour visa policy as further tickets have to be from same airport. 5. I was then taken by China Eastern airline to Hong Kong and left there and abandoned ( no reason given) . This was done without informing me and no further plan. 6. I have to buy new tickets again with Dragon Air for 04/06/2016 and pay for that and paid for the luggage separately I have to wait at airport whole night as the flight was only in morning. That cost me about £ 450 .00 7. With this I have to buy new tickets from Guangzhou to San Francisco for £960 for 06/06/2016 and cancel my Air China tickets also which gave me huge loss which cost me £ 350 Questions. 1. Why wrong information given to me when we came to airport to get the clarification regarding travelling to China under 72 hour visa policy. 2. Why I was allowed to board if did not have the required. Visa. Even after checking by three staff members. 3. Why the boarding card and transfer of luggage tags were issued to Guangzhou. Via shanghai. 4. Who authorised my ticket to Hong Kong from shanghai and why no confirmation was taken from me. 5. Did any body had any consultation or any authorisation before transferring me to Hong Kong. 6. Why was I not transferred back to London 7. Why was I abandoned in Hong Kong with no further plan and no food or water? 8. Who will pay for all this loss? 9. Mental tension to my family and to my father as he had to take two days off work to settle this. 10. Why no food / water were provided to me at Shanghai airport for more than 8 hours. 11. Why nobody cared for or met me at Hong Kong with no food or water was given there 12. When spoken to Richard at London office and asked that who will take care of him at Hong Kong airport he said I dont know . Total inhuman statement. This was done by my father when he called the London office on phone. 13. When spoken to airport manager by my father when he went airport personally on 03/06/2016 he raised hand and said its airline mistake and he will bear all expenses Now please provide all the information to my father MR Praveen Khanna, please contact him directly His details are as under: Praveen khanna Address : flat 606 vantage building, high point village, Hayes, UB34FA Email : Mobile number: 07973617971 Further tell me what is solution to all this which I HAD TO GO THROUGH FOR 48 HOUR with total inhuman treatment given by your airline. Wh ere I was suppose to go one country but left totally in different country with no further plan and no information. And I have incurred huge loss to me and my father. This have given me and my family lot of mental tension and put my life in danger. Hope for early reply. Regards (Atul khanna)

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