Singapore to Kuala Lumpur with AirAsia
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Singapore to Kuala Lumpur with AirAsia

I took a flight AK732 from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur in October 2011. It was departed at 10:30 AM (local time) from Singapore Changi Airport and arrived at 11:30 AM (local time) in Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia. The plane was Airbus A320 manufactured 1988.

AirAsia logo

I chose the low-cost airline Air Asia for this flight because of their enticing prices. However, although the starting price was advertised at about 30 USD, the roundtrip came to a total of 100 USD, mostly due to the 10 USD which you only find out about just before confirming your purchase! Moreover, it was difficult to remove flight insurance from the bill, when booking a ticket. On the other hand, the fee for picking your seat was quite reasonable at 2 USD each way. The same goes for the pre-order meals, which were very affordable.

My boarding pass: despite the online registration, I still had to go to a special stand to check in and validate my passport and visa.

Boarding pass of AirAsia airline

Here are several photos taken while waiting for the plane. Here is an A320 operated by JetStar, another large, low-cost subsidiary of Qantas.

Airbus A320 of JetStar in Singapore airport

A Boeing 737-900 of Lion Air: the emergency exit behind the wing is a little surprising for this aircraft.

Boeing 737 of Lion Airlines in Singapore airport

Here, an A330-300 of China Airlines has just arrived from Taipei

Airbus A330 of China Airlines in Singapore airport

Singapore is, of course, the home of Singapore Airlines, considered one of the best airlines in the world

Boeing 777-300 of Singapore Airlines in Changi airport

Duty Free shopping…

Duty Free shop in Singapore Changi Airport

The children’s area at Singapore International Airport

Children’s area at Singapore International Airport

My plane is taxiing up, sporting the livery of Junior Club

Airbus A320 of AirAsia in Singapore airport

Boarding begins for Kuala Lumpur

The Malaysian flag indicates that the plane belongs to Air Asia Malaysia

Flight from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur with AirAsia

The upholstery is black leather

Passenger cabin in AirAsia Airbus A320

Passenger cabin in AirAsia Airbus A320


Advertising for that flight insurance that was so difficult to get off my ticket…

Passenger seat in AirAsia Airbus A320

Next to us was another plane with the colors of Air Asia Indonesia

Singapore Changi Airport

The safety card

Safety card of AirAsia

Self Check-in Air Asia

The in-flight menu: on this flight, hot meals are served only if you’ve paid ahead when purchasing the ticket, only refreshments are available otherwise.

The ads continue

The Duty Free catalog

Flight magazine of AirAsia

And the flight magazine

Flight magazine of AirAsia

While we were taxiing to the runway, another Air Asia jet docked

Singapore Changi Airport


Flying over Singapore


Singapore, Malayasia, Indonesia…
Flying over Malaysia

A Malaysian city next to the border

Flying over Malaysia

View of the cabin

Cabin in AirAsia Airbus A320

Right after the seatbelt lights went off, the prepaid hot meals were distributed. I had chosen a hotdog for the morning flight. The meals were served with a tiny cup of water. All of this cost about 2 USD.

Hotdog on AirAsia flight

A hotdog with various condiments

The hotdog has a chicken sausage

Hotdog on AirAsia flight

Bon appetit...

Hotdog on AirAsia flight

The flight was very short, 30 minutes at best. The cloud cover was very thick and low.

Arriving in Malaysia

Flying over Malaysia

Welcome to Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur International Airport

A gas station right next to the taxiways, always handy if you forgot to fill your car before leaving it in long-term parking…

Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Air Asia is served by the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) in Kuala Lumpur. Unfortunately, as soon as our arrival was announced, we were informed that taking pictures is forbidden. I didn’t want to get on the bad side of my hosts, so I didn’t take any photos after disembarking. That was too bad, because the distance to the terminal was substantial, about 5 minutes' walk. At most airports, they would have used a shuttle.

Low cost terminal in the Kuala Lumpur International Airport
Low cost terminal in the Kuala Lumpur International Airport

The local currency, a Malaysian 5-Ringgit bill

Malaysian 5-Ringgit bill

This is a 10-Ringgit bill with a picture of a Malaysian airliner!

Malaysian 10-Ringgit bill

Here I’d like to present several photos of the LCCT which I took on the return flight. To go downtown, I decided to take the airport’s commuter train, which connects downtown and the airport. Only the main terminal building is connected, but you can take a bus to the nearest station outside the airport and catch the train there. Here you can see the Kuala Lampur International Airport (KLIA) Express, which runs from the airport all the way downtown (a bit like… well, there is no equivalent to it back home).

I arrived at the central station in Kuala Lumpur. Interestingly, the ticket vending machines are the same exact kind as found on buses, trams and trains in Europe.

The Petronas Towers, symbol of the city.

The Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur

With a large shopping mall at the base.

The Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur

The area next to the towers.

Kuala Lumpur

Soon afterwards I got back to the airport via the KLIA train and the bus.


All in all, a very enjoyable flight. The flight attendants were fairly young, friendly and courteous. The meals were quite good. The price of about 90 euro for the roundtrip, along with the option to pick your seat, was reasonable considering the ticket was purchased only about ten days before departure.

There was a slight delay in the beginning, and the flight was rescheduled to 30 minutes later than originally planned.

Perhaps a little off topic, but I was very pleased with the friendliness of the Malaysians, who were very friendly and helpful, including their immigration services. I liked Singapore, but by contrast I found the Singaporeans a bit "colder". Being my first trip to Asia, I enjoyed discovering this contrast to the austerity of Singapore, which is very beautiful, clean and well organized (this isn’t meant as a criticism, I really liked Singapore).

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Airbus A320

Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Singapore Changi Airport

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