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Country: Singapore
Low-cost long-haul airline, flights from Singapore to Asia and Australia
IATA code: TZ
ICAO code: SCO
Head office: 4 Airline Road, Changi Airport, Singapore, 819825, Singapore
Phone number: +65 3158 3388
Year established: 2012
Main bases and hubs: Singapore Changi
Fleet: Boeing 787-8, Boeing 787-9

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Reviews & Opinions of Scoot:

08 March 2016 Pho liong

My relatives and I took Scoot to Hong Kong from Singapore on 29 February 2016 and returned on 5 March. Before our trips, I was a bit anxious and worried that I would have bad experience with Scoot as I often read bad comments regarding this airline. But it turned out that my first experience with Scoot was great. I enjoyed the flight. The economy seat is better than the other budget airlines that i have ever taken. The flights on both dates were on scheduled and the flight attendants were very attentive. Thank you Scoot. Keep up good work.

07 March 2016 David Goh

Flight schedule to leave Sydney 27/2 13:45hrs. Received an SMS on 27/2 that flight was delayed to 16:45hrs. The Customer Call Center told to me to check in my baggage at least 3 hrs before 13:45 hrs even though the flight was delayed to 16:45hrs. This is the second time that I had experience flight delays on SCOOT. Some Passenger were even worst off in that they loss their ticket on the connecting flight in Singapore. Some lose a day from their hotel room charges. Perhaps it is better to say Fly SCOOT and lose Loot. It is strange to see SCOOT advertising to get Customers and then gave out such appalling services with the hope they will fly SCOOT again.

20 February 2016 JamesT

Worst customer service of any airline I've every flown - that's if they even pick up the phone. I had to call 3 times, on hold for more than 20 minutes each time before finally getting through to someone. That someone was curt, impatient and dismissive. Told me loudly, interrupting what I was saying, to go on the website and manage my booking from there. I was trying to explain I had not yet made a booking, I just wanted confirmation of some information prior to making my booking. Apparently this is the equivalent of calling to tell someone you are about to set fire to their house, judging by the attitude I got. This is the 3rd time in some years I've had to call them and nothing has improved, hence leaving this review. It is strange how such a good looking airline can have such appalling customer service.

08 January 2016 Guest

The only thing good about Scoot is the plane is nice. Other than that everything else is really poor service - whatever happened to Singaporean hospitality and Singapore Airlines world famous service record. The staff are rude and incompetent. We ordered 2 hot meals but never got them. We had forgotten that we ordered the meals but then if the staff have two meals on their hands which were unaccounted for aren't they supposed supposed to track down the passengers ??? Or were they too busy eating our food ! The flight manifest or whatever documentation they have should state these things. Never expected this of an airline.

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Scoot Discussion:

07 December 2016 Guest

I made reservations for Scoot on Ctrip order No. 2846716620 for thee people to fly from Guangzhou to Singapore on the seventh day of January 2017. But Ctrip dos not give me any information in English to confirm my tickets. Can you find any information for me? the three names are Peter Gaffney and Michael and Ioanna Gaffney Please help me, thank you very much.

30 November 2016 Guest

Scoot: Flight TZ292 Departing: Singapore Changi Airport, 22:00 hours, 17 November 2016 Arriving: Don Muang Airport (DMK) Bangkok, 23:30 hours, 17 November 2016 Booking Reference: SZUFTB My family and I arrived at the check in counter number 11 at 20:00 hours at Terminal 2 of Singapore Changi Airport. There were already about 6 other people in the check in counter queue during that time. There were two other men arguing with the Scoot staffs over the counter during the time. To my ultimate horror, when it got to our turn, we were told that the check in counter for our flight was closed (time: 20:10 hours). The other passengers including myself are extremely shocked and disgusted that the Scoot staff had told us that we are not allowed to get onto the flight as we did not check in on time and the counter had already closed. All the passengers, including myself requested to see the Scoot supervisor on duty, however she did not show even after waiting for 15 minutes (time: 20:30 hours). I explained very calmly to the Scoot staff, who clearly saw us in line at the check-in counter 2 hours before, that we were not late and that we already had the allocated seat number and e-mail confirmation. To my disgust, the Filipino Scoot staff, told me that she was not able to help and immediately walked passed me. I am utterly disappointed and mostly upset with the standards and customer service presented to me. There were also two other staff at the counter, and none of them had apologized or offered an alternative plan to us. However, because we have already booked our trip itinerary to Bangkok, we insisted to find a solution as soon as possible. I then called Scoot customer service hotline and spoke to a lady over the phone (21:00 hours). I explained to her the situation and because the phone call was already past 2 hours before the departure time, she concluded that my family and I are not able to get onto the flight as there were no other way that we can retrieve our physical tickets. She managed to check that our names were also not on the No Show list, which meant that the boarding gate was not closed yet. She told me that the only alternative was for us to book another flight. I was shocked that I was required to pay an additional SGD $198 per pax (see enclosed for invoice) for the next flight. In desperation, I had no choice but to book the flight in order to resume my planned trip to Bangkok (booking reference: DBC1MK). I am in outrage that I have wasted my time, effort and money to book the initial flight only for Scoot to assume that I was late for check in. I have taken many different flights from different airlines from all over the world but I have never come stumbled to a similar situation. I noted from the attached invoice that Check in closes 1 hour before departure time and the Scoot website guests are strongly advised to arrive at the airport at least 120mins before departure so you may complete check-in procedures on time. It was clear that my family and I were at the check in counter on time as we arrived 2 hours before the departure time. It is not our fault that the officer on duty on the day decided to close the gate earlier that day. Being an often traveller myself, I have experienced checked in for a flight about half an hour prior to departure time, and was still welcomed to the boarding gate. I also spoke to one of the other passengers in the situation and learnt that his wife was about to expect their first child. It is sickening that Scoot was not able to allow the gentleman pass the check in counter, even though he was there two hours before departure. A Singaporean myself, I feel embarrassed for what this Singapore airline represented. I am extremely appalled that Scoot would cheat passengers. I demand an apology as well as a fair compensation for the two different sets of tickets we have paid for, including the time and effort wasted my family and me.

30 November 2016 Guest

Seat No. : 6C Flight No. : TZ 1 (from Sydney to S'pore) Date : 29th Nov 2016 My lousy experience with scoot. It is a few hours flight, both my wife and myself wanted to go to the toilet during the flight (different timing). The toilet at the far back was with quite a long queue and we have waited a long while, we have no choice due to the urgency, we went to the toilet that is 5 rows of seat in front of our seat, since the toilet light has shown vacant for a long time. There we were told by the stewardess that we are not to use the toilet. I explained to them that since it is vacant and due to the urgency while the back toilet is always occupied, why can let us use it. And also we also have paid a little extra for a priority seat hoping for a pleasant flight; a supervisor looking steward name Kai (shown in attached picture) added on telling us that this toilet is only for business class passenger and we are not one, so we can't use it. I asked him whether can I feedback to scoot on this incident, he did not reply directly to me, but took out a passengers feedback form and told me, you can compliant using this form... Definitely does not look like a warm and friendly scootees as scoot has claimed. It was a very embarrassing experience for both of us, as if we were asking some unreasonable thing that was not included in the ticket we have bought. After this incident, worse still was when the plane about to land, this Kai guy seated at the steward seat directly facing me with his leg crossed (show in picture), he would look at me and turn to his fellow stewardess and start laughing back and forth; Due to the noise of the plane, I cannot hear what he was saying, but pretty sure they are making fun on me. My conclusion is.... given a choice... I will never ... never fly scoot anymore.

28 November 2016 morine01

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