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Country: Colombia
National airline in Colombia
IATA code: AV
ICAO code: AVA
Head office:  Avenida Eldorado No 92 - 30, Centro Administrativo Avianca, 4879773 Operaciones Cap Jacome, Bogota, 1, Colombia
Phone number: +57 1 413 9202
Fax number: +57 1 413 8716
Year established: 1919
Main bases and hubs: Bogota Eldorado International
Fleet: ATR 72, Airbus A318, Airbus A319, Airbus A320, Airbus A330-200, Fokker 50

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Reviews & Opinions of Avianca:

15 November 2015 Guest

I had the most appalling experience with Avianca. I booked an airfare that simply got cancelled without notification. I arrived at the airport on the day of the flight to find out that my ticket was cancelled - 2 hours before departure! The Avianca customer service could not care less about the cancellation (it seems this is the way they regularly operate). They simply advised me to buy another plane ticket - with a price premium for buying it 2 hours before the flight... of course! This seems surreal to me: in 2015, not even a notification of cancellation? I am still fighting to get my money back on the price difference. I know I won't fly with them again because I do not want to have to deal with the stress of potentially arriving at the airport and handle a last minute airfare purchase.

13 July 2012 LiLy

I was VERY Upset with Avianca on my last trip to Colombia, I will NEVER use Avianca again!!! They tried to put me on Stand By after I have purchased my tickets 6 months in anvanced and I got to the airport 3 hours before the plane had to leave. It is just a business, I heard of other people that had the same experience as me and my family and they have to pay extra $ to get a seat, increideble! how corrupted this people are!

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Avianca Discussion:

16 November 2016 Hans

On September 30 we were supposed to fly from FRS to GUA on 3 tickets redeemed with my LifeMiles my daughter, her baby (one year old) and me. The first problem was that the flight had been cancelled. That would not be the biggest problem if I would have been contacted by LifeMiles or by Avianca they had my local phone number but did not move one finger to inform us and did never call. So we arrived at Flores airport at 6.30am with our baby and the employees of Avianca told us that the next flight was 13 hours later! This is no option with a 1 year-old baby. So the Avianca employee told us that there would be a flight by another small airline 30 minutes later and he said that we should buy tickets for this flight but would get our expenses refunded by Avianca. We just would have to apply which could even happen online. The flight was very much delayed and we arrived in Guatemala City late the same morning. I paid for the tickets, domestic taxes and taxis (as we arrived in a different terminal in Guatemala City and could not use the hotel shuttle) 2100 Quetzales and after 2 emails back and forth neither Avianca nor LifeMiles do want to refund anything or make a compromise with us last message is from November 3rd and another 11 days have passed since then. Avianca does not even not refund our used LifeMiles for the cancelled flight and I feel completely ripped off . After 15 years of support of Taca/Avianca in Central America is this the biggest disappointment and Ill use my existing LifeMiles and will then never again in my life use any of the both companies. It is very sad to be treated this way by a formerly reputable airline! Ill wait 7 more days to maybe have the proposed compromise accepted by both Avianca or/and LifeMiles. Avianca said that their staff in Flores did never say that we would get refunded and I asked Avianca if they thought I would be stupid and make such a story up in my mind? I had asked What if the Avianca employee did make this offer and its completely true what I stated? Then you would completely mistreat us! Yesterday they offered a compensation to refund 3000 Miles - we had spent 18000 Miles 9000 of which we could not use because Avianca cancelled the flight. I see in the Internet that these kind of stories seem to be a general attitude and I'll never again use Avianca again!.

20 February 2016 Guest

Worst service ever you guys need to get cut off Ima make sure I get a lawyer avianca sucks

04 May 2015 Guest

On April 24, 2015 I attempted to travel with my wife out of Pereira, Colombia to Bogota with a final destination of Washington DC (IAD). We arrived at the Pereira airport at 0545 expecting to board Avianca flight # _______ that departed at 0620. We were met by an Avianca ticket agent stating that the flight was already closed. We argued that the aircraft was still on the ground, how could the flight be closed with more than 30 minutes for scheduled departure. All we were told, by this ticket agent and the supervisor (Mauricio Mesa) in charge of Avianca, was that the flight was closed. We then asked to be placed on the next available flight and were sent to the cashiers counter (Lina Duran). Ms. Duran informed my wife that the next flight was at 0730 and that it will cost us an additional $200.00, per person, as a fine. We flipped out and could not believe what we were hearing fr om your representatives. We took a breather, thought we had regrouped and calmly approached this situation again. I asked Mauricio Mesa what the fine is to get us to Bogota on the next flight. Mauricios response was that he did not know and that I would have to consult with the cahier in order to find out what the fine was. In disbelief I asked him if he was playing with me or he really did not want to tell me. I imagine that they do this kind of trick on a daily basis and why would he not know the fine if they fine passengers everyday as he boldly stated. I then went to see Lina the cashier. After several minutes she finally discovered that the new fee for the next flight out to Bogota was $750.00 per person and not the $200.00 that we were quoted a few minutes earlier. That the next flight she could book us on for $200.00 per person was on Monday the 27th. We left the airport in disbelief with much skepticism and a boat load of mistrust. How can Avianca do this to us? How does something like this happen? Where in the rules does it say to stop boarding passengers at 30 minutes prior to departure? Wh ere is a PAX able to read this rule? If this is not a rule then, who is going to reimburse us for the additional penalty that we paid in order to get a flight from Colombia the U.S.? Not to mention the trouble and angst that your representatives put us through!

30 April 2015 Guest

very rude and unhelpful staff

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