CSA Czech Airlines: Tight Comfort
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CSA Czech Airlines: Tight Comfort

Logo of CSA Czech Airlineshttps://www.airlines-inform.ru/license/

Moscow Sheremetyevo Airporthttps://www.airlines-inform.ru/license/

Czech Airlines (CSA) is the Czech national carrier with its hub in Prague Ruzyne. The air fleet is not so great for the national carrier and consists of the A319 “shuttles”. Nevertheless CSA is a worthy carrier making both passenger and cargo transportation. Here is the review of my flight from Moscow to Paris via Prague in the end of November, 2011.

Moscow Sheremetyevo Airporthttps://www.airlines-inform.ru/license/

From Moscow Czechs take off from terminal F. Haven’t been there for ages and wish I never visited it further on. The way from aero-express station takes 20 minutes on foot. Inside everything’s tight, uncomfortable, built up to the lim it. At the same time there’s not even a currency exchange office except the exchange machines changing Euro to Roubles (in the departure area). Double window frames gave me the opportunity to see nothing – neither my plane, nor the weather out-of-doors.

Moscow Sheremetyevo Airporthttps://www.airlines-inform.ru/license/

The security systems play only a sample role. The scanning frame is a kind of decoration. The waiting lounge accommodates 15 persons. The attempt to let in the passengers of two flights simultaneously will make a jam.

New livery of CSA Czech Airilineshttps://www.airlines-inform.ru/license/
Airbus A319-112. No: OK-OER. © Olivier Le Saint / www.airliners.net.

Passenger cabin of Airbus A320 of CSA Czech Airilineshttps://www.airlines-inform.ru/license/

Nevertheless we came on board just in time. It will be my second flight on A319 – in tightness and by the aisle. The cabin is a standard one. It consists of a couple of business seats and the economy-class zone. Everything inside is clean, the stewardesses are pretty, charming and smiling, speaking Russian a bit. All the CSA crafts are equipped by monitors displaying the flight and route information and technical parameters. The monitors are mounted above the seats over each three rows. It’s very comfortable.

I looked through the flight magazine and found there very poor information. It consisted of a few pages about the airlines, and something in Czech with the English translation. There were only some advertisements in Russian, nothing more.

The food, on the contrary, was rather worthy. We’ve got the main dish, the rolls, unlim ited tea or coffee served in a metal set with a brand-name mug. Everything’s with CSA logo. I like the companies patient for their brands.

Meal on a CSA flight Moscow-Praguehttps://www.airlines-inform.ru/license/

We took off 07L/25R through the clouds smoothly and without troubles. The flight and the landing were also calm. During the flight you may make purchases in the Sky Shop. The choice of goods is rather wider than at Aeroflot or SAS flights. Though not all the goods are available on board, it’s possible to make the order for the next flight with the airlines. After landing and leaving the plane I was taken by bus just to the entrance of the Ruzyne airport.

Airbus A320 of CSA Czech Airilineshttps://www.airlines-inform.ru/license/

Prague Ruzyne Airporthttps://www.airlines-inform.ru/license/

To describe the airport is easy as a bean. There are four terminals. T1 is for the non-Schengen countries, T2 is for the Schengen countries, T3 is for the private and charter flights and T4 is a VIP terminal. Most of all I liked the planning of the premises. It’s rather easy to find your way from one place to another. I enjoyed it walking over the building. The shops are not importunate, passenger traffic is divided, the seats and the lounge rooms are planned the most rationally. Each time you’re tired to walk you’re welcome to the travolator.

Except the standard shops and cafes there are shower rooms, transit hotel, self-check-in desks, wi-fi with 15 free minutes, many VIP and business lounges and observation areas (one of them is in the end of corridor C). But there are no any post-boxes in the transfer area. You’ll have to ask the shop assistants for help if you need to send something. There’s also no any railway station by the airport (it’s in project), but many buses and taxis are available. However the airport is in the suburbs, like Sheremetyevo in Moscow.

Prague Ruzyne Airporthttps://www.airlines-inform.ru/license/

Prague Ruzyne Airporthttps://www.airlines-inform.ru/license/

Prague Ruzyne Airporthttps://www.airlines-inform.ru/license/

Airbus A320 of CSA Czech Airilineshttps://www.airlines-inform.ru/license/
Airbus A320-214. No: OK-LEG. © Stefan Sjögren / www.airliners.net.

Airbus A320 of CSA Czech Airilineshttps://www.airlines-inform.ru/license/

Take off in Praguehttps://www.airlines-inform.ru/license/

Next time my seat was near the window. We were let on board in time, also. The craft A320 (it’s a bit bigger than A319) was painted in different colors. It’s interesting, what for? Nearly half of the crafts are painted in “Japanese style” instead of a triangle on the plane’s tail. We took off 06/24, probably the same runway we’ve landed earlier. The crew was out of claims. But the food this time appeared to be rather strange. It seemed hard to decide whether it was an appendage to the breakfast or a late lunch. But it was undoubtedly better than nothing.

Meal on a CSA flight Prague-Parishttps://www.airlines-inform.ru/license/

To make the impression full I visited the toilet. Everything’s ordinary. But we fly not for these visits, don’t we?

Toilette of Airbus A320 of CSA Czech Airilineshttps://www.airlines-inform.ru/license/

On our way to Paris the sun appeared at last. The take-off and the landing were smooth. No claims to the crew.

Take off in Praguehttps://www.airlines-inform.ru/license/

We landed at the 2D terminal. It is comfortable, because it’s possible to reach the railway station on foot without taking shuttle. In comparison to Ruzyne the Parisian airport is huge. It’s a drawback because you have to spend up to half an hour walking from A to B. However, it’s built up rather not tightly. There is much waist space. Take my pardon, but it looks not like scope, but like mockery.
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