Way home. Part 2. Tokyo, Narita (Japan) - Vladivostok, Knevichi (Russia) with S7 Airlines
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Way home. Part 2. Tokyo, Narita (Japan) - Vladivostok, Knevichi (Russia) with S7 Airlines

Dear friends!

The final part of the Hawaiian review series is offered to your attention!
For those who are interested, who have not watched, please watch and read the previous reviews from this series:
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And also, for the sake of completeness, for the integrity of understanding the Narita airport, see the first part of the road home.
The way home. Part 1. Honolulu (Hawaii, USA) - Tokyo (Japan) in the best economy class in the world from Japan Airlines.

This segment "Tokyo, Narita - Vladivostok, Knevichi" is one of the four segments of the ticket to the Hawaiian Islands (Vladivostok-Tokyo-Honolulu-Tokyo-Vladivostok), purchased three months before the start of the trip for VERY attractive 27,000 rubles (fare with luggage). Why is the price attractive? It's simple - usually the price on this route is more than 60,000 rubles .... Fly far (1200 km Vladivostok-Tokyo and 6100 km Tokyo-Honolulu), and in the second segment there is an excellent, but expensive JAL airline.

Route: Tokyo (Narita), Japan - Vladivostok (Knevichi), Russia.
Departure date: April 24, 2016
Departure time: 15:40.
Travel time: 02:35.
Airline: S7 Airlines.
Aircraft: Airbus 320. VQ-BRC. A little over 4 years old.

Last review Honolulu-Tokyo ended at the satellite terminal at the entrance to the screening area for transit passengers. Through the security checkpoint on the first floor (arrivals), passengers get to where the red arrow "You are here" points - to the second floor (sterile international transit zone).

The escalator raises passengers to the transit area.

Immediately after the escalator, passengers enter the center of the satellite terminal with an abundance of duty-free shops.

Actually, two long corridors open before my eyes (left and right) - the road to the gates.

I am in Narita for the 4th time and this one is relatively small for me, but the cozy, understandable, spacious, modern airport is beginning to please more and more!

The flowers near the travelators bring a pleasant touch to the interior.
В чистой зоне аэропорта Токио Нарита

Smoking rooms are plentiful here. I did not feel any leaked smoke outside of such boxes. I immediately remembered the situation with smoking in our Russian airports. Not the best memories of smoky toilets....
Курительная комната в аэропорту Токио Нарита

Despite the fact that Narita Airport closes at night and all passengers must leave the transit area, there are paid rooms recreation for day transiters, where you can relax, sleep, wash.
Комнаты отдыха для транзитных пассажиров в аэропорту Токио Нарита

Drinking fountains are an excellent alternative to expensive store-bought water. The water is crystal clear and cold!

Walking along the satellite terminal, I came across a passenger boarding station in Khabarovsk from S7.

A320 is almost ready to take Khabarovsk residents home. And the B777 of the Delta flies over the famous Toho farm, located right at the airport. Read about this unique farm here.

Slightly later, a B767 ANA cruiser "floats" past.

A nice addition at the gates is the presence of soft children's areas where the kids can play and their parents can relax nearby.

This time I didn't walk from the satellite terminal to the main terminal via the Narita Sky Lounge, as there was not much time, and I wanted to have a final Japanese meal, spending the remaining 1000 yen and a few
There is no choice of catering in the satellite terminal, only the Miso Kitchen restaurant. I dined in it last time, it was delicious.

Entrance to the restaurant.

To the right of the entrance are the usual In East Asia, demonstrations of dishes with a price tag are an alternative to the menu we are familiar with.

See the menu itself.

From in the restaurant hall you can see the window into the kitchen. I was in some kind of rush hour. Waiters, chefs just ran around like crazy, serving customers.

I ordered dumplings with chicken and herbs...

...and meso soup with tofu on a large plate.

It was not cheap, but not expensive either - about 10 dollars.
The queue to the restaurant, waiting for the order greatly passed my transit. After lunch, I went straight to the boarding gate.
Выход на посадку в аэропорту Токио Нарита

Checking the boarding pass and into the boarding bridge.

Views of the the tail of our liner....

... and on the nose.

Traditional photo of the entrance to the plane from

Here our Russian service began, but no offense... I'm still a patriot of my Motherland.
The first thing I heard from the flight attendants: "Do not take pictures, remove the camera!".
And you know, I like this certain strict severity in the faces of the S7 flight attendants (not to be confused with rudeness, which was not there). She exudes some kind of reliability, or something, that everything will be fine, it exudes some more seriousness in the crew..... I don’t know how else to convey my feelings.
instructing! on safety!), as well as the harsh flight attendants passing by, I lost the desire to take pictures of anything. But still, I gained strength and overcame myself.
The salon cannot boast of ANYTHING special. I can only say that everything was very clean and fresh.

The chairs are absolutely ordinary. Normal for medium and short flights.
Пассажирские кресла в самолете Airbus A320 S7 Airlines

The picture overboard was much more interesting, it's me about the road to the runway and takeoff.

In a couple of minutes it will be undocking from the boarding bridge and towing to the engine start zone.

The undocked first (our) arm of the boarding bridge.

Controller. ...

Turning around, we looked at the Toho farm and taxied to the runway.

In addition to white and yellow, there was a lot of "greenery" on the taxiways.

On the way we met the JAL Dreamliner.

Welcome/farewell inscription " Narita" along a 4 km runway.

Driving along this runway, watching the takeoffs.
B747 Delta has just switched its engines to takeoff.

B777-200 of exotic Thai budget airline NokSkoot is taxiing to the runway. Shen is cool - it's like a real beak! "tails" moored at the terminal....
Терминал 1 аэропорта Токио Нарита

...until they finally got off the ground. In this part of the Narita airport is the realm of the second main carrier of the land of the rising sun, ANA. A couple of Canadians and even a Thai took refuge among the blue shades.

Further on, the aircraft flew over technical parking lots with huge aircraft hangars. Below is AirAsiaX A330 and JAL B767.

And now right below us is the aviation museum. Approximately 4 hours from the Buddhist stupa.

The weather was cloudy; the last Japanese view of the Pacific coast of Honshu.

On short flights, S7 offers a light snack in the form of sandwiches with drinks (water, juices, tea, coffee).
Sandwich with chicken and tea with lemon.
Бортпитание на рейсе S7 Airlines Токио-Владивосток

The monotonous milky-cloudy views over Honshu and the Sea of BR]

As I went down, the picture became clearer and clearer.

Private houses directly under the glide path. I still want to somehow get out to this area to watch the planes land.

The plane touches the runway in front of the terminal building.
Пассажирский терминал аэропорта Владивосток Кневичи

Noisy braking.

A leisurely stroll through very familiar places and we are at the terminal.

Our modest airport, to Unfortunately, it cannot boast of a variety of spotting.
Now B757 Azur Air ...

... and B757 Uzbeks from Tashkent were spotted on the platform.

Exit through the air bridge.

After all, BIG thanks to our government for the new Vladivostok airport terminal! This is heaven and earth compared to a terrible dream - the old terminal, especially its international sector.
A short corridor with a panoramic view of the platform leads from the boarding bridge to the border guards.

Para photo of our aircraft.

It pleases and surprises that ALL passport control booths were working.

To get to the baggage claim hall, you need to go down the stairs after passing the border control.

Baggage claim hall, and border control on the second floor above.
As you can see, luggage from our flight has already begun to flow to the carousel.

Зал выдачи багажа в аэропорту Владивосток Кневичи

Then I remembered that I was traveling with a bicycle in my luggage. Honestly, I even forgot about my luggage after the amazing flight with JAL from Honolulu to Tokyo smile:)
So what do you think, how and in what condition did I get the bike in Vladivostok??
Waiting for it at the tape. Appeared .... Lies on the tape half-side, pressed down by a suitcase from above. After digging it out, I put it on a cart.

It's good that NOTHING was damaged.
In the previous photo, you can see how Honolulu airport security sealed the bike (from below) after checking the contents . Well done guys, they did a great job. Inside the package, already at home, I found a memo from the security service containing information that my luggage was opened and inspected.

Exit from the customs area and the baggage claim hall to the terminal.

To the right of the exit is a coffee shop and exit to the express train to Vladivostok, ....

.... and on the left is a large part of the terminal.

Check-in area for international flights. Now there is a check-in for Tashkent, and four weeks ago my trip began with a flight to Tokyo. are reflected in the glass facade of the terminal.


In conclusion, I want to thank S7 Airlines for the second gorgeous gift in the last six months in the form of affordable air tickets to Hawaii, as well as for more flexibility in baggage allowance and hand luggage, from which even a bicycle can be taken on your flights without any problems!

Thank you all for watching and reading this review!
Fly more often, fly with interesting routes and airlines!
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