Amazing Thailand. Vladivostok (VVO) - Bangkok (BKK). Aeroflot Boeing 777-300ER RA-73134 "SkyTeam" (economy)
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Amazing Thailand. Vladivostok (VVO) - Bangkok (BKK). Aeroflot Boeing 777-300ER RA-73134 "SkyTeam" (economy)

Good day, dear fans of air travel.

I present to your attention a review of a flight to warm Thailand in the middle of the Russian winter. There are no direct flights from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk to the kingdom yet, so the islanders have two options to fly to Thailand from the Far East: from Vladivostok and from Khabarovsk, flights are operated by Aeroflot to Bangkok or Phuket, I did not consider the third option from Irkutsk, there are too many reasons against , including connecting flights from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk to Irkutsk and a further flight to Bangkok, the only advantage is the price. The choice fell on a flight from Vladivostok, as it allowed us to make the most of the arrival and departure time with check-in and check-out hours at the hotel without losing a day.

The flight operated by Aeroflot is considered regular, but all charter packages from the Far East are now also issued through them . The prices are astronomical, so it was decided to take a baggage-free fare for three family members and buy an additional piece of luggage on the return flight. We got to Vladivostok by S7, it was convenient in terms of time and the price was nice. Flight to Bangkok the next morning.

We arrive at the airport in the morning by taxi, there is simply no other transport from the three hotels near the airport.

We are going through preliminary inspection.

I was attracted by the advertisement on the ground floor of the cafe-dining room on the plinth of 7 peppers, creative smile:D

On domestic without any hype.

On international lively. Two flights with a 30-minute interval to Bangkok and Phuket.

We go through check-in and get boarding at the corporate Aeroflot form.

Further to the second floor, to the passport control and inspection area. On the way there is a mother and child room, a chapel, shops.

I didnt remove the customs control area; after it theres immediate access to the local duty free.

Its not big, but theres everything for those in need.

We leave the duty free store, a medium-sized hall to the right to the left to the cafe and boarding gates.

Business hall Primorye.

While there is time, let's see what's happening on the platform.
Aurora near the sleeves on the internal lines, S7 was pushed out from the sleeve, is about to roll onto the executive.

A little later it takes off.

Let's return to our Thai birds. Today, to my great joy, we will fly on a new Aeroflot aircraft B777-300er in the SkyTeam livery. Of the main three major world alliances, I now only have Oneworld livery, which I have not flown.

The livery sides on the outside look very impressive.

The brother of our livery, B-777-300er M. Bulgakov to Phuket, they are scheduled to take off 30 minutes after us. They should, but people assume, and Aeroflot has it: D

The third B-777 for today arrived and rolled onto its boarding bridge on domestic routes, old friend RA-73147 "A. Babajanyan" on which I flew from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk to Moscow in the summer, if for a minute you give up the thought that you are in Vladivostok, you might think that you are on the morning flight to Sheremetyevo.

A319 Aurora was rolling and suddenly braked and froze for 10 minutes, waiting to see the boarding bridge, the passengers voted not to take the bus. smile:)

They announce a delay in the voyage to prepare the vessel, they say this is a practice on an ongoing basis, it seems that the port was not ready to service several wide-body and regular ones in a short period of time at once according to plan. We look further, on the board there are two international flights today to Thailand and three flights to China tomorrow.

Judging by the banners, photography is prohibited.

And the passengers Theres already a huge queue lined up for boarding, according to the plan, boarding for the flight to Phuket is soon, it turned out epic, two serpentine queues in different directions.

40 minutes delays and we are almost there.

Boarding via the jet bridge.

03 February 2024
Flight SU644
Aircraft type : Boeing 777-300ER.
Tailboard number: RA-73134 "SkyTeam", at the time of the flight 9 years 9 months on board, Aeroflot is the only operator, changed registration number in March 2022 with VQ-BQG "SkyTeam".
Departure from Vladivostok at 11-00 (local time)
Arrival in Bangkok at 14-45 (local time, difference -3 hours)
Flight time: 6 hours 50 minutes.

Flight map.

I go to my seat 19A, this is the third row from comfort. For fans of aerial photography, a tip: row 20 without a window, make allowances when ordering seats. The board is packed to the brim with economy and comfort, I wont lie about business, but judging by the number of people at check-in, it was also quite crowded.

While the passengers are seated, I will carry out the mandatory flight lighting program:
The buckle has seen a lot of things over 10 years of operation.

The panel is normal for three axes.

Antimakasar rag.

Chair upholstery too.

Thin armrest.

The table folds out in two positions.

The legroom is not much, but it is quite tolerable, especially when you are flying on vacation and not back.

The seats are ordinary for an Aeroflot B777, the monitors are not so fast of course, but they are quite controllable from the remote control.

In the pockets there is a standard set, safety instructions, the February corporate magazine of Aeroflot and Sky Shop, unfortunately nothing from the catalog for these flights not loading.

Everyone has flight kits on their seats, standard: slippers , mask, earplugs, hand cream.

The demonstration of safety precautions on the monitors begins.

At the same time with a 40-minute delay they begin to push us into the engine launch area.

On the road we come across an An-26-100 and a Russian SSJ 100, which is supposed to be heading to China tomorrow.

Next we roll ourselves to the executive.


The on-board cameras on the monitors did not work, so we are watching everything with our eyes.

Above the Corner bay, which is part of the Ussuri Bay and seems to be above the Amur Bay, the sea is covered in ice.

Then the hills begin, still above our territory.

After half an hour of flight, the display is turned off, and children are given branded backpacks.

Service begins. First the drinks are served. I have water, so I took tomato juice. I practically dont drink it on the ground, but there Im constantly confused like a devil. smile:)

We are already over the territory of China, the cities immediately begin.

And the landscape changes dramatically, although they flew not so far from our Primorye.

After the drinks have been served, the main service begins, choice of hot marinated fish with rice or stewed beef with pasta, I chose beef, it came with a vegetable salad and a couple of slices, cheese, butter and dessert, plastic cutlery. It was delicious.

It's a pity the phone lens doesn't clearly convey the phantasmagoric picture of the sea. "Cinema Mountains"

It's time to check out the sacred place. Fortunately, after lunch the passengers did not run there as if frightened and it was possible to get there completely calmly. Everything is clean there, paste-brush sets, creams are all there.

Our first economy salon.

Then the main part of the flight we flew in milk over mainland China.

Someone is walking parallel. Far away.

We are flying into the territory of Laos, moderately cloudy.

We flew a little more, people began to slowly change into summer clothes, overboard Thailand.

The commander announced landing , the crew took their places, easy maneuvers, views of a warm country appeared. No snow smile:)

Almost sat down.


Rolling along the runway.

Suddenly a sump tank appears Thai flagships have a depressing picture: cry:

Let's roll closer. Tough. Covid spared no one in Asia.

Rolling to the terminal, the picture is pleasing to the eye, finally there is diversity, Chinese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Israel.

We are at our telebridge, next to us is an Austrian Airlines board.

A short wait and we leave our board via the jet bridge.

Then there are long corridors with travelators and brutal concrete ceilings. Let's hurry to the border control.

We rushed in vain, the excitement was simply hellish, we stood for almost 1.5 hours at the passport office. The Thai border guards are in no hurry, everything is according to plan, passport, first 4 fingers, then big ones, the most interesting thing is that they didnt take my fingerprints, and so they let me go, but they took it from my family.

We go out to the baggage claim area, there is a board with the numbers of the belts by flight and the belts themselves on which luggage from different flights is spinning, the owners of which are hanging out in queues at the control.

In the baggage claim area there are toilets, exchangers and kiosks selling Thai SIM cards, for me the price is SIM cards there are very overpriced, in the same 7/11 there are SIM cards with internet for 199 baht, and not 450-650 baht for 2 weeks, there is also duty free, the prices are the same as upon arrival on the way to control, so dont buy anything along the road, prices are the same everywhere.

We have no luggage, so we go straight to customs control, no one is interested in us there, no one is looking at anything, there is no light, we run through quickly.

Exit area to the city, the transfer ordered on the Aeroflot website is waiting for us in sector 3. Let's go to it.

Hello, the land of smiles! We are leaving for Pattaya. We say goodbye to the terminal for 2 weeks.

Vladivostok Airport 5-, per intersector, no more, passengers of two wide-body aircraft are not very comfortable accommodated in it, people sit in the cafe because there are no seats in the common area, those who need a snack hang around the tables.
Aeroflot airline - 5-, it seems to be a regular service, but there are charter elements.
]Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport 4- passport control is just hell.

Thank you all for your attention, friends and see you again!
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