Summer Air. Moscow (SVO-C) - Antalya (AYT-2) SU2142 in the updated Comfort class B777-300ER of Aeroflot
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Summer Air. Moscow (SVO-C) - Antalya (AYT-2) SU2142 in the updated Comfort class B777-300ER of Aeroflot

Greetings to all!

Like last year, it was decided to go to my beloved Austria for the summer holidays. In the current situation, I had to plunge into long reflections on how to build a route, and how to keep within the price-quality ratio. Still, I didnt want to overpay for those with whom I would be served at exorbitant prices according to the standards of low-cost airlines.
So, the choice was Aeroflot - Antalya bribed from different options due to the better availability of the Comfort class (in contrast to the very inflated prices in it to Istanbul ), and then the route through Istanbul, already familiar from last year, suggested itself.
The dates and route of the flight have also undergone changes twice. Initially, I planned to go this year with Aeroflot to Antalya and then with Turkish Airlines via Istanbul to Salzburg. We managed to purchase tickets in advance through a familiar agent at a good discount, so we got such a non-trivial route. However, 8 days before departure, it turned out that for my night flight from Moscow to Antalya, the B777 was replaced by an A330-300, and I was transferred to the morning flight with a comfort class ticket. Because of this, alas, I had to rebook on other Turkish Airlines flights for an additional fee, and Salzburg was replaced by the usual Vienna. But on the other hand, it is more comfortable to fly on a morning flight than at night, and in Vienna there was an opportunity to make a halt before the onward journey.

The icing on the cake was that when In any case, I still have the new Aeroflot B777, which only appeared on our resource in business class from my esteemed colleague Sergey.

The review turned out to be exhaustive due to the fact that this is the first full review of the departure from Sheremetyevo Terminal C, the Malevich flagship business lounge and the new Comfort Class Aeroflot.

In this review, I will omit the traditional section on Aeroflot services before departure, since, firstly, they are covered up and down in my previous series of reviews on the A320neo family ( Moscow - Sochi and Sochi - Moscow, and secondly, the rebooking process with Aeroflot let us down. Seat 9K in the second row of the Comfort class cabin, which the system designated for me on the new flight. And already at the online check-in, it turned out that this was not the case, and the seat was not saved for me. The review hung in the balance - there were no seats by the window , and I had to book an aisle seat 10H. But honor and praise to my former colleague Roman, who said that the first row was blocked for selection places, and at the check-in desk you can ask for a place there - the same information was confirmed to me at the call center of Aeroflot. And this scheme really turned out to be working.

Review content:

1. Sheremetyevo Airport, Terminal C
1.1. Malevich Business Hall
2. Flight Moscow - Antalya
3. Antalya Airport, Terminal 2

1. Sheremetyevo Airport, Terminal C

Due to an incident with the choice of a place, I moved to the airport almost 4 hours before departure, and on empty roads at dawn the journey to Sheremetyevo from home took a record 40 minutes. Therefore, I ended up at Terminal C a little more than 3 hours before departure:

Since I arrived by personal transport, I got to the terminal through the parking lot. Here, of course, in Sheremetyevo they stepped on the same rake as Domodedovo did in its time, and here it is structurally irreparable due to the transition to the parking lot. Wasn't it possible to build an intermediate floor for the transition in the northern terminals, as in D? But, we must pay tribute that this is so far the only disadvantage of the northern terminals.

There were people relatively little, and after 5 minutes I was already walking along the passage to the terminal building:

Although this is not my first visit to the spacious check-in hall of terminal C, but it is from here it was my first flight of all time - before that I was only in transit here, so to speak:

I'm heading to check-in counters, of which Aeroflot has most :

Since I passed the online registration, I'm heading to the Drop-off counters. There, the wait took no more than 5 minutes - here I successfully guessed with an early arrival, until most of the passengers of the morning wave of departures arrived:

It was not without reason that I arrived at the airport at a time when the terminal was still almost empty - at that hour the only two departures from the terminal were not by Aeroflot, but by other airlines:

So, it was my turn to check in, and then the moment of truth came - I found out about the seats in the first row by the window, and now they give me the coveted boarding pass with seat 8A. Of course, on a morning flight, due to the location of the sun, it is better to land on the right, but what did it matter? Review saved! smile:)

With the feeling of a stone that has fallen from my shoulders, I walk cheerfully to a clean zone, where I fly like a bullet through all the formalities - the first summer in 4 years when customs officers did not stop me, and only at the inspection, the abundance of things in my bag aroused increased interest of security officers, which took away an extra couple of minutes.

After the security check, it was time for passport control, which I went through an automatic booth, where I was required to look at the camera at attention, scan my fingerprints and then indicate the purpose of the trip. After passing through, the employee put a stamp only at the boarding gate.

apron - most of the boards rested both at the terminal and at distant parking lots, where the exclusive presence of Aeroflot was diluted with subsidiaries Russia and Pobeda:

Next, I find myself in a colossal Duty Free zone, which presents the whole variety of goods of various brands. That's what I understand the world level - perhaps nowhere we have this. It may be in the recently opened T2 Domodedovo, but it has not yet been launched there, as far as I know.

There were also such interesting installations here :

Through all the abundance of boutiques, it's time to leave this realm of luxury - you can't say that many of them left the country:

On the way there was also a caviar bar for lovers of this delicacy:

Mercedes-Benz Cafe invited visitors to a glass of prosecco for just 500 rubles. Early morning, perhaps, is not the best time for that, although I have met such zealous lovers of this drink. smile:)

At the exit, he meets the now closed Chagall business lounge, in which all flights were mainly served for the last year:

The departure board pleased with the increase in the variety of destinations against last year, although this one terminal is still enough for the entire volume of international flights in Sheremetyevo:

The very first two gates in the terminal are located in a separate nook:

Below are bus gates, near which there were no signs of life at all at this hour:

I'm leaving there for reconnaissance, along the way noticing the corridor for arriving flights, which no longer looks so large:

close nook in terminal D here, even the bus gate area looks very fresh and spacious: take a closer picture of the arrival corridor:

Since there is still a car before departure, I continue my way to the end of the terminal. The clean zone is very similar to the neighboring terminal B, which is not surprising - here it is a truly single terminal complex, and not that rabble of completely dissimilar south terminals that are not working at all:

I am passing gate 138 from which my flight will be boarding:

And here, by the way, is my board - even with covered engines. Before that, he flew the same flight to Antalya the day before:

B737-800 of Russia was being prepared for a charter flight to Sharm el-Sheikh:

Here my procession through the terminal is over, since it ends on this rotunda:

Here it's time to explore the lower gates 145-146, which simply did not fit on the main level - from here there is a direct access to the teleport, but the drive of these gates, as in the neighboring terminal B, is cramped:

1.1. Business hall "Malevich"

After a small circle of honor along the rotunda, I go up the escalator to the business hall. Through the website, it is possible to visit business lounges in Sheremetyevo for 2500 & # 8381;, which I took advantage of by paying for access to the Malevich business lounge, which is the flagship one in terminal C. It was reopened at the end of April this year after more than a year of inactivity:

This business lounge was conceived primarily as the flagship lounge of Aeroflot. Now, however, the actual situation is different, since since the end of April it has been the only open business lounge in the terminal, but its space is more than enough for current flows.

At the entrance to the hall there are showcases with our various delicacies and souvenirs - of course, at very high prices:

The hall itself, perhaps, can be considered truly the most spacious hall in Sheremetyevo, even compared to Rublev in Terminal B, which I managed to test last year before flying to Sochi . Since it is located in the rotunda, the hall follows a round shape, providing access to panoramic windows from almost everywhere:

Hall has a fairly large dining area, which is optimal for snacking, as most business lounges have very low tables:

There are enough secluded and stylish seating areas with sofas:

Just in one of these I settled down - just with a wonderful view of my board. smile:)

For lovers of expensive alcohol, there was a bar, which, however, did not work at such an early hour:

One of the main features of the business lounge is the whole bedrooms, which are available for a fee (if I'm not mistaken, the rate is somewhere around 4500₽) :

Smokers were not deprived either, having given them a whole room with a panoramic view - however, for some reason, without some of the letters. smile:D I read in one blog that this was due to the unknown prospects of smoking regulation in airports:

For younger passengers there is also a room with slot machines - but , of course, also for a fee (1 token - 300₽):

And for even younger ones, another game room:

By the way, the business lounge is almost completely isolated from the rest of the terminal behind except for the "isthmus" connecting its sides at the beginning of the rotunda:

Now, perhaps, let's move on to the most delicious parts. smile:) There were quite a lot of cold snacks, and hot and cold drinks were located next to them:

Hot dishes included sausages, as well as mutton and buckwheat, atypical for breakfast:

In addition, there was a small selection of mini desserts typical for business lounges:

Since I managed to have breakfast at home, I had no appetite except for a couple of sausages and pieces of cheese, and therefore I decided to do a little spotting next.
At that time, the only A321 in the fleet of Armenian Airlines was preparing for departure to Yerevan (a few days later, the second one entered the flights):

fellow of our board and B737-800 in SkyTeam livery:

Terminal B had more boards, including including the freshest A321neo in the fleet, which at one time was miraculously saved from arrest in Egypt:

Actually, this was all with spotting - there was not much variety of sides . The landing time was approaching, and in just a couple of minutes I was at my gate:

50 minutes before departure, and among the first I go down to the air bridge. Here you need to go down to them according to the same principle as in terminals B and E (now closed). Of course, it would be more logical to make escalators - as, for example, in T2 Munich or T3 Vienna: I managed to shoot my board from a couple more angles - however, not as advantageous as from the clean zone and the business lounge:

After shooting these frames, I "dive" into the air bridge:

2. Flight Moscow-Antalya

Information about the board:
Type : Boeing 777-300ER
Tail number and name: RA-73142 "S. Govorukhin"
First flight : 01.05.2020
Delivery date: 30.09.2021
Test registration - N1794B

Until April 2022 flew with tail number VQ-BFO.

Flight Information:

The flight followed a slightly different trajectory from the standard one for flights to Antalya - instead of Georgia and eastern Turkey, after Volgograd and Astrakhan, it turned sharply to the right and flew along the northern Caucasus over the territories of Dagestan, Chechnya, Ingushetia, North Ossetia, Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachay-Cherkessia, and also in the Krasnodar Territory. After flying directly over Sochi, the board crossed the Black Sea and between the cities of Sinop and Samsun flew into Turkey and then went down to Antalya past Ankara and Konya. direct, travel time - 4:26.

Due to failures over southern Russia, Flightradar split the flight route into two parts:

Now let's get back to the flight itself. At the entrance to the board, very friendly flight attendants are met and allowed to take a look at the updated business class: . The comfort class in the B777 (as in the A350) is made in a 2-4-2 layout, and instead of the previous cocoon seats, there are full-fledged recliners, similar (and in the case of Aeroflot and superior in functionality) to the business class on narrow-body sides . The number of seats has been halved - from 48 seats (6 rows) to 24 (3 rows):

So these chairs look in profile. The color scheme corresponds to the corporate colors of Aeroflot. The chairs here are made of jacquard blue fabric:

And this is the rear view. There is a rather tangible resemblance to the Turkish Airlines A321neo and B737MAX business class seats:

Leaving things on my block of seats, I decided to look around the economy class cabin - there are chairs similar to the A350, only a little narrower. By the way, there are now more of them due to the reduction of the Comfort class cabin by half - 375 instead of 324 in the old layout:

Both front and rear, it is quite difficult to distinguish them from the seats in the A350:

Well, while some passengers dissatisfied with my presence on the way looked askance at me, I realized that it was time to return to my seat. smile:) It's time to study it in more detail.
The headrests here are leather, unlike the chair itself, and with Aeroflot's signature engraving. They were very conveniently adjusted to the position of the head:

There was also a reading lamp on the side of them:

The seat adjustment buttons were completely identical to those in the new Turkish Airlines business class seats (for comparison, I will attach a link to my last year's review of them B737 MAX 9, where the similarity of seats can be seen with the naked eye), except that in the Comfort class they lack some additional functions and are narrower:

The armrests pleased with their neatness, and under them there was an outlet (although it did not work) and a storage compartment:

The belt buckle was also branded engraved:

The table here was removed from the armrest and folded in half. In addition, here it also had a folding stand for gadgets, which turned out to be very convenient:

The theater starts with a hanger, and flights in business and comfort class - with a welcome drink. I limited myself to a glass of orange juice - now it is not simple, but in an avant-garde design dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Aeroflot:

The menu for this flight turned out to be made in the same style. In the tradition of the Comfort class - starters and desserts of their own, and a hot one from the business class menu:][/SLIDER]

Oh yes, I completely forgot about the entertainment system! On the front row, you dont immediately pay attention to its presence. In the armrest there was a control panel for it - no frills, just a remote control without a screen placed on it: lever on the armrest:

Brief information about the flight and flight map. Well dig into it even more after takeoff, so for now, in general terms:

Under the screen there were also ports for headphones, USB and, most importantly, USB-C, which is relevant for most modern smartphones:

Overboard, our only neighbor was at first the B737-800, which flew to Dubai a little earlier than us, and then the A321 appeared after it, which we will meet today in Istanbul:

Soon the towing began, during which the sides at Terminal B were opened for us in close-up:

And at the same time we launched a new original briefing in honor of the anniversary - and here everything is in avant-garde style - with allusions to new seats on airplanes. In Aeroflot, the guys are great, it turned out extremely unusual. smile:)

Passing Pobeda in distant parking lots:

And near the truck Il-76 and An-12 of the Border Service of the FSB stood at the terminal - infrequent guests:

We arrived quickly enough, and 15 minutes after the planned departure time, according to the schedule, we take the position of the executive start on runway 24C:

On the other side of the platform there were several aircraft in storage - B747-8 and B747-400 AirBridge Cargo, B777 Nordwind, A330-300 Aeroflot and A320, dismantled for parts:

We took an executive start, which, however, was delayed - I already thought what happened, and only I was distracted, as after 3 minutes the powerful GE90 engines switched to takeoff mode , and we began a rapid acceleration...

And we take off above the lifeless terminal D - a sort of ghost terminal with moored ghost sides:

The weather in Moscow was not kind, and literally in the first minute we disappeared into the clouds:

However, it was not cloudy all over the Moscow region, and the clouds broke through on the turn after takeoff:

Such a favorable air made it possible to see Istra with the local shrine - the New Jerusalem Monastery:

As we climbed, we finally disappeared into the clouds, but soon it seemed amazing the glory of our side, which accompanied us for quite a long time:

Interesting views overboard disappeared for a while, and the board gained height. And so I decided to check what was in the travel kit left in each chair. It included slippers, a sleep mask, earplugs and lip balm:

There were also headphones are left, and of very decent quality, although after a while I ended up listening to music through headphones from my phone:

In addition, there were also traditional ones in the pocket:
1) Safety instructions

2) Logbook

3) on board the SkyShop

Since the departure was quite early, after takeoff I decided to unfold my seat. I must say that there is a very decent level of inclination of the chair, and the ottoman is adjustable in length:

After I managed to relax in the chair, I find that somewhere in the Ryazan region, the cloudiness began to gradually dissipate: aromas of today's dishes. The flight attendants handed out hot towels and collected menu orders:

At the beginning, an aperitif in the form of nuts and drinks were distributed. I chose water with lemon and juice:

And after that the service arrived.
1) Appetizer - salad "Russian", beef, cheese;
2) Hot - omelette with vegetables and sauce Four cheeses apple and cinnamon);
3) Dessert - shortcake and fruit salad.

The instruments were metal - the same as in the business class:

As always, I would like to especially note the attentiveness and helpfulness of the crew - they came for any questions and quickly responded to requests, so that hydration in the body always remained at the level. smile:)

After a hearty breakfast with a cup of coffee (in fact, it was brought a little later due to the onset of strong turbulence), it's time to study the entertainment system. On the tab with information about the board, we also managed to find a biography of the famous director Stanislav Sergeevich Govorukhin, whose name this board bears:

And also to study the catalog of films presented in the entertainment system - there were many novelties of domestic cinema, Soviet classics and famous foreign films, as well as all kinds of educational programs:

Music was also in abundance, including for my taste:

The catalog of goods on board was also presented in the entertainment system:

and across, so it's time to look overboard - we have already flown up to the city of Volzhsky, in the Volgograd region. True, both he and Volgograd itself remained on the starboard side:

The Akhtuba River appeared next:

And then the boundless steppe began at the junction of the Volgograd, Astrakhan regions and Kalmykia - almost like in western Kazakhstan not far from here:

We continue our journey parallel to Mother Volga:

Here comes Astrakhan at a glance - for a long time there were no such successful views of the city:

And the Volga Delta:

From the onboard camera, these natural patterns looked even more amazing:

There are no interesting views over the Caspian Sea was, and therefore I decided to walk around the cabin and shoot a general view of the Comfort class cabin:

somehow located exactly there:

The top panel and luggage racks are standard for B777:

Then I fell asleep, periodically looking at the flight map - to be honest, today I expected a different flight route - through Georgia, but today we were given an unusual for this flight and already familiar to me corridor through the North Caucasus and Sochi. Such stunning views of the Caucasian peaks in Kabardino-Balkaria made me return to full wakefulness. smile:)

And a few minutes later the majestic Elbrus appeared in all its glory and all its 5642 meters!

Followed by the mountains of Karachay-Cherkessia, including the mountainous region of Arkhyz:

Next came the peaks of the eastern part of the Krasnodar Territory, among which is Rosa Peak, where I was during my last trip to Sochi, so a pleasant nostalgia came up, and it was interesting to look at them in the summer:

Actually Rosa Khutor and Krasnaya Polyana. Still, the on-board camera with such a clear resolution helps out a lot when there is no way to see these beauties from the window:

Mountains gave way to plains and the sea, and here is Adler with Olympic facilities and the airport:

And the center itself Sochi, the silhouette of which I unmistakably recognized:

Mother Russia is over, and while the endless expanse of the Black Sea is overboard, you can once again look at the flight map - really , with not very accurate data, since the system categorically did not believe in changing the length of the route. smile:)

Here we are and crossed the coast of Turkey - only 25 minutes after Sochi passed, and here already completely different landscapes than domestic ones. Well, let's look at them in more detail, later comparing the data with the map on the Flyradar:

By the way, a free adjacent seat allowed me to watch the flight map and the onboard camera at the same time. smile:)

Here is the first remarkable geographical object in Turkey on our way - the Kyzylyrmak River:

Tuz Salt Lake (which is translated from Turkish as salty), whose salinity reaches 340 ppm, is, by the way, the main source of salt in Turkey. Well, and besides - the second largest lake in the country:

Through the onboard camera, we managed to catch an SSJ flying a lower echelon -100 Red Wings from Sochi to Antalya. We will meet him again on the ground:

The Mediterranean coast with the city of Manavgat has already appeared on the horizon of the map, at the resorts near which I was last year, so pleasant memories caught up here too. smile:)

A few minutes later the city of Konya appeared. It was at its latitude that we began to descend.

The crew at that time handed out marmalade to the passengers - it tasted very worthy:

From the flat terrain we get into the mountainous. Here, for example, the river Kocachay:

Mountain landscapes in Turkey are very impressive, including their view from above:

Kopruchay river valley, which is about 50 km northeast of Antalya:

And again, from the mountainous area, we find ourselves over the plains - and here is the sea coast! The peninsula on the horizon is just the city of Side, where I was last year:

Under us is the famous resort of Belek with the valley of the river of the same name - one of the favorite places for package tours tours to Antalya:

I make the final shot of the coast east of Antalya - then our board takes a sharp turn over the sea:

Let's go to the glide path parallel to the western shore of the Antalya Bay - here the mountain and sea elements meet immediately, without smooth transitions:

Along the way, we catch the shadow of our side over the sea. smile:)

Mountains receded into the background, and now Antalya itself with its suburbs appeared. Today we were very lucky that the entry was from the south - in last time I saw it all under the cover of night:

There are only a few tens of seconds left before touchdown, and the agricultural land was instantly replaced by the airport apron:

Almost 25 minutes ahead of schedule, we smoothly touched the airport runway. The pilots received well-deserved applause for the smooth landing of such a colossus.

After braking, we leave the runway, and the first board that meets me on the apron is the same B737 MAX 9 Turkish Airlines, where I last flew away from here. smile:) Right behind him, by the way, is the same B737-800 LOT, on which we managed to fly at the beginning of 2020 from Warsaw to Vienna:

Terminal 1 and domestic terminal, from where my next flight was coming. Near the domestic terminal, there was also a rare B757 of the Kazakh charter airline Sunday Airlines, and next to it - the only private A318 registered in Russia (RA-73888):

We continue taxiing past the distant stops, which makes it immediately clear which airlines dominate here. smile:)

The E190-E2 of the Swiss Helvetic Airways takes off - apparently, a charter, since almost all of their boards are used on SWISS flights the rest of the time:

We are heading to terminal 2, which is now actively expanding, and near which there are many boards - our compatriots:

This (and 4 others) B777-300ER Turkish Airlines was reconfigured for the summer season into a mono-configuration for 496 seats for charters to Russia, putting the same seats as Nordwind. Thank God my next flight isn't on this one. smile:)

We drive up to the terminal, near which there are quite non-trivial boards - like this A320 of the Romanian Fly Lili:

And we arrive at our gate 64 - we are lucky not to have to go out into the 40-degree heat. By the way, in the announcement of the crew upon arrival, there were optimistic 28 degrees - apparently, they secured data for the early morning. smile:D

The same SSJ Red Wings landed, with which we had previously missed each other in the air:

In front of the terminal there is also a fairly large parking lot of private jets, one of which has just departed, carrying very important guests to their destination:

To the next gate arrived B737-400 Tailwind at a respectable age. By the way, sometimes they fly charter flights from Istanbul to Vnukovo:

They adjust the air bridge to us - or rather two at once, in order to separate the gentlemen from the business class from the comrades from comfort and economy classes. smile:)

The disembarkation started quite quickly, but I'm not in a hurry and before leaving I ask the crew for permission to see the business class cabin, with which they easily met me. smile:)

Compared to the previous version of the B777 cabin, the business class here is made in a 1-2-1 layout, and the seats themselves are a kind of cabins. In general, a completely new level:

In addition, doors are visible here, providing complete privacy during the flight:

On this positive note, my flight came to an end, and, after heartily thanking the wonderful crew, it's time to leave the board.

3. Antalya Airport, Terminal 2

After saying goodbye to the crew, I go out via the boarding bridge:

And then follow the signs and numerous corridors towards passport control. The terminals here are without frills and built in the most utilitarian style:

In 5 minutes, passport control was passed, since the Turkish border guards are as laconic and efficient as possible:

And now I'm heading to the escalator to the baggage claim:

The baggage claim area itself is quite spacious - noticeably larger than in the domestic terminal:

I recognize my baggage claim by the board - I'm going to the right from this crossroads. Along the way, I tried to connect to the local Wi-Fi network for a long time - it worked intermittently, and my Turkish SIM card from last year was expired.

The luggage from my flight was issued on tape 205. As a result, the waiting time of 9 minutes written on the scoreboard turned out to be too optimistic - luggage was first issued in tiny batches, and only after a long time they finally began to issue the bulk of the suitcases from my flight. I can't even imagine how movers work here...

As a result, I left the baggage claim hall only 50 (!) minutes after passing through passport control. Luckily, I booked the time for the transplant (3 hours). Even before I left, they stopped me at customs and asked me to give my suitcases a ride, after which they began to interrogate what kind of pills I had in my luggage, and asked me to open the suitcase. True, while I was already preparing to open it, I said that I would soon have flights to Istanbul and then to Vienna, that is, in a few hours I would no longer be in Turkey. After that, the customs officers instantly changed their faces and let me go in peace, without looking at my tickets for further flights and without conducting an additional inspection. smile:)

There was a real steam room outside after the cool terminal - +42 degrees. At the exit, they meet stands of local tour operators:

Such heat made me feel uneasy after the Moscow coolness, and I briskly turned right to the taxi rank, from where I got 100 lira (345₽ at the then exchange rate) in a matter of minutes they were taken to the domestic terminal:

On the way, by the way, we managed to take a close-up of the T2 extension construction site. It should be noted that for the time being, T1 is considered to be a more prestigious terminal for foreign airlines - apparently due to Turkish Airlines being based there and simplified logistical accessibility - but, apparently, this issue will soon be resolved with T2, when it reaches a new level.

It's time to take stock of this wonderful flight.

  • Sheremetyevo Airport, Terminal C - 5. The terminal pleased with its beauty and convenience, quick passage of pre-flight formalities and a variety of shops and catering outlets.
  • Business hall "Malevich" - corners, everything is very thought out, as well as a fairly good selection of snacks and drinks.
  • Aeroflot - 5+. Remarkable condition of the board, a very modern entertainment system and comfortable seats. The service is excellent, the crew is very friendly and helpful. The on-board food did not let us down either. They worked perfectly, despite all the difficulties that the airline had to face due to well-known events. Unless the booking system turned out to be a C grade.
  • Antalya Airport, Terminal 2 - 4-. Although passport control was passed quickly, baggage claim was a complete disgrace. It is good that the temperature in the terminal was also maintained at a comfortable level. Wi-Fi at the airport also causes a lot of criticism.

VK - @a321lufthansa (my profile); @a321lufthansaofficial (group).
Instagram - @a321lufthansa .
I do not accept criticism. Thank you all for your attention!


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