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Volaris Reviews

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26 March 2024 12:03:00 Dominique Singleton

Volaris airlines is by far the biggest piece of sh&% garbage airline that i have ever flown on. It's like Spirit and Frontier came together and doubled down on not giving a * about people, money, time or procedures and created this huge pile of dogsh##$ trash airline that is VOLARIS.

If you don't speak Spanish, they don't give a * about you and will give quick instructions without considering you as a human. Also they make changes to your flight plans, make you disembark the plane, only to have to go through a security screening, where they then make you throw away all of the beverages you paid for, for your 6 hour flight. They don't care that you spent money and they don't care how wrong they are. They will also lie to you and tell you, that you can check your carry on bags for free. Once you check your bag, you realize you ended up getting charged. I can't urge folks enough to not ride with this crooked company who only cares about forcing you to make in flight purchases.

Finally the seats are just a piece of plywood with the thinnest cushion you could think of, and it's a 50/50 shot if your seat will actually recline. There are absolutely no features on board make the flight bearable. The flight attendance are rude as all hell, and will bang into you without a second thought or even an attempt at remorse or professionalism.

I can't say it enough DO NOT FLY WITH VOLARIS. The service is terrible and the flight just feels unsafe in general
Also stay away from GROUPON. They booked this second rate nonsense for our vacation and they did it without a care or even seeing that VOLARIS is recommended by no one. It's fun to travel, but there are much better ways to do so, and i am more than happy to pay extra to never have to experience the flight that is VOLARIS.. if I could rate them 0 stars I absolutely would. They deserve to be exposed and called out for what a shady, uncaring and unprofessional airline it is from reception to the flight, to exiting the plane itself. The final straw was that these disgusting pieces of trash went through my sons suitcase... zip tied and and stole his Nintendo switch out of his bag. A bunch of sad sorry disgusting useless people. VOLARIS IS NOW SYNONYMOUS WITH JOKE and THIEVERY!!!

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21 March 2024 12:03:00 Sandy

Volaris is a rip off! There is hardly no customer service and the agents they do have are so rude! I booked a flight online a month ago for $374.00. Got my reservation and number. Today I went to check in and Volaris wanted $70.00 more!!! What kind of business does that? After being on the phone all afternoon and spoke with 3 different agents I was forced to pay extra. They didn't care at all? Who does that? Be careful with this airline.

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20 October 2023 12:10:00 mando

Be aware!!!!! My family book with them and when I realized it was too late.i thought let's give them another chance what a garbage company. They canceled our flight from cancun to tijuana and would not work with us to get home. their offer was to wait more than 24 hours in the airport for a flight .I had to purchase another flight with united airlines so it costs me over two thousand dollars their stupidity. Now understand it was 15 of us including kids can you imagine waiting more than a day on the floor cause they don't have chairs there at least by the entrance. Book at your own risk they are worse than criminals. Totally garbage company I rather walk than flight with this corrupt piece of company. My advice,saving a couple of bucks will be your worse nightmare with them you are warned. Don't deserve a single star ,more like a thousand poop emojis.

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09 October 2023 12:10:00 Patrick Connor

Volaris is by far the worst airline. Cancelled our original flight for no reason so we booked another with a stop in Mexico City. Waited three hours for that stop only to see it cancelled. Rebooked on a flight 7 hours later. That flight was delayed another 2 hours but finally departed. No leg room, old planes and rude employees. Total joke but you get what you pay for. Aero Mexico is so much better.

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17 November 2022 12:11:00 Guest

This airline is awful. We tried to check into our flight online using their website, but it wouldn't let us. So we decided we would check in at the airport. When we got to the airport we waited in the check-in line for 40 minutes. There was only one employee working the check-in line, and they were taking super long to help people. They also kept disappearing for 10 minutes after helping someone. Meanwhile there were about 5 employees just standing around, not doing anything. They were directing people to wait in line, and talking to themselves. It was a stupid use of resources. A lot of people in line were complaining. When it was finally our turn, the employee told us casually that our flight was cancelled and we can take the next flight in 8 hours. We did not receive any text, email, or call about our cancellation. If we knew the flight was cancelled we would not have shown up to the airport so early. We ended up spending around 12 hours at the airport for no reason. Once we got to the gate for our flight, it kept getting delayed because the plane still had not arrived. It was so frustrating. It took forever for us to get boarded.

Unfortunately we also had booked with Volaris for another flight from Oaxaca to Merida. And of course the flight was delayed by 1 hour 30 mins, but they didn't mention anything about the flight being delayed. So again we showed up to the airport earlier than needed. It's very frustrating but we didn't say anything because we were not in a rush. When we started boarding the stupidest possible thing occurred. At the very last second as we were boarding, the employee told us we need to weigh our bags. I do not know why they waited until we were at the front of the line, as we are boarding, to make us weigh our bags, when the flight was already delayed by so long. After we weighed our bags they told us we need to move some 10kg from one bag to a different bag, or pay $750 pesos. They really wanted us to sit there and try to move 10kg from one bag to another. That is completely ridiculous. The bags are normal travel size and fit perfectly. We argued with the employee but they wouldn't budge. They held up the entire line and pressured us so that we had to pay the stupid fee. It was so unnecessary because both the bags were going onto the carry on spot anyways. They just charged us a bullsh*t fee and scammed us. It literally made no difference because we still boarded with the same bags and same weight in the bags.

This airline is completely horrible. Do not book with this airline if you do not have to. They delay flights consistently. They will cancel flights and merge them with much later flights to save themselves money. They scam you with stupid fees. Viva Aerobus is better lol.

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01 November 2022 12:11:00 Guest

Its sad that this airline wants to charge inflated fees for everything.
$120 dollars for a name edit, funny how there website doesn't even ask for middle or secondary last name.
$110 dollars for a 50 pound luggage the day of.
$20 to print out your ticket.
Customers think that it's cheaper you end up paying more.

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13 September 2022 12:09:00 Antonio Porem Pires

Irresponsable crew. Sent me to the tracks without assistance which got me into the wrong plane. If I haven't had asked where they were flying I would have lost my connection and a 2k flight.

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26 August 2022 12:08:00 Guest

Use Viva Aerobus. They have great English speaking customer service reps that answer the phone immediately and very helpful. I have flown on Viva and Volaris many times and the flights have been great on both. I spent 13 hours to try to make a flight change with Volaris. I have a right to make unlimited changes because I bought the flex combo. Should be easy. When it was almost finished and I agreed to pay a small fee, boom, representative GONE. Starting over. Not worth it. Shame Volaris.

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26 July 2022 12:07:00 Guest

-5 stars RUN!!!! No matter how good of a deal dont use this airline. Customer services always hangs up when you call. They always cancel flights as well as delay your flights. They also have the worst planes our flights always get stopped while on board for maintenance.

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07 July 2022 12:07:00 L. Mullings

I wish there was a way to submit this review without having to give any stars. This airline deserves a negative 5. Customer service was the worst. They gave me the wrong gate number... Made me miss my flight... I had to pay extra money to get another flight out of Mexico... They claim their credit card machine was down and all they'll accept is cash. You ask a question and they made it seem like you are bothering them. FYI... This is your job. Never again will I use this airline or recommend no matter how cheap. Please people!! Pay the extra for a better airline and service.

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27 June 2022 12:06:00 Norma S

I purchased five tickets round trip with five carry ons and checked bags. I was able to fly from Tijuana to Morelia With everything being okay. Taking one less carry on them what I paid for. I then tried flying back from Morelia to Tijuana and they charged me for my purse which was within the weight we paid for five carry ons and only had four coming and going. If we paid for five 22lb carry ons and only had four with all four being under weight I dont understand how I got charged. $25 (dollars) for a personal bag/ my small purse. I think this is ridiculous and their only explanation was that what the had on their system did not match what I had on their app that I downloaded on my phone when I purchase everything. I also have screenshots of all the boarding passes which stated the luggage (carryons/ checked bags that were paid for per boarding pass. This is the second time this happens last year they charge me for an additional carry on, that I had pay for. They charge me $65 more at the gate. I decided to give them a second chance. But now is getting more ridiculous. I have to pay $25 for my small purse and on top of them they are super rude.

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19 June 2022 12:06:00 Eduardo Perez

Worse airline ever. Never had such a poor experience time after time , worst trained agents at the desks and stations to let you into the plane. They literally dont care about customers nor how much they paid to buy their flights and turn on top of that they penny pinch you fir every little thing. Like asking you to pay for your carry on? Then after you pay they have a separate line for those that didnt pay so you can still go in with carry on with out paying makes no sense. I was in flight from GDL to DFW Y4892, on June 18 at 2:02pm.

I waited in line like any normal customer for boarding , then as about to get in they said I needed that little piece of paper from immigration , its that they didnt have any extras there so they told me I had to leave out of the airport , and then back through security. I told them I had my computer bag stolen a there in Mexico a few days earlier so to just let me fill it out in the plane or when I land in US. They says no, I then took off running like they said, cant back drenched in sweat and they said I couldnt get in because they cut off to board was 1:47 and it was 1:53. I told them you just sent to exit and get that stupid piece of paper that is worthless, just to check off a box. Meanwhile people were still boarding as I could see them going up the stairs into plane. It was ridiculous. Then they sent me to a different gate to get a new ticket , for the following day , there they charged me an additional $100+ to get a new one. Then I tasked the ticker person why that guy didnt just let me in, he said if its like 5 or more they would let me get in but since it was only two they decided not to. Now need to spend additional night at hotel , pay the additional fee just due 5 minutes out if their subjective decision. They truly do not care about you as a customer , despite us being the ones that pay their bills. I will never fly with them again. Worst airline ever.

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03 June 2022 12:06:00 Farzad

Missed flight due to factors beyond my control. They wouldn't change it. I had to pay $115 more. Then they messed up payment. And I was left stranded at the airport. Spent 1/2 day at airport with either a busy CX line or agents that didn't know what to do.
How am I supposed to feel?

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12 May 2022 12:05:00 Guest

Volaris has the worst Customer service I have ever experienced. We had planned a family vacation and due to a family illness we had to cancel and reschedule. When the time came to reschedule instead of the $700 that should have credited to each of us we were only credited $70. After several attempts to resolve the issue (we received no response back) we finally had to file a complaint with the DOT. I would never recommend this airline.

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07 May 2022 12:05:00 Guest

Hopeless airline! Do not use.

Our flight going out was cancelled and we only found out on the morning of the flight!

For our return flight, we arrived at the airport to be told they had overbooked the flight by 30 people! Yes, thirty!!

Thanks e therefore were told we could be driven to another airport 3 hours away or wait to get on a flight 2 days later.

They confirmed that they had found out the day before but decided not to tell us!

The worst airline ever booked with!

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13 April 2022 12:04:00 Sarah

Greetings Family and Friends. I wanted to make sure none of you EVER use Volaris Airlines. My friends bought flights to come visit me. Volaris boasts of having cheaper flights (NOT TRUE). You always have to pay for your seat and either have to pay for an upgraded ticket if you want baggage OR pay for your carrying on and checked baggage. If you have to cancel your flight (due to COVID for instance, which is what happened to my friends), they ONLY give you vouchers for the flight costs (not seat, not baggage, not taxes, so you lose all that money). If you bought a round trip, they split the money you paid into one voucher for your flight to the location and one voucher for your flight back from the location so that they are equal amounts. When you go to buy your new flights (that you have to purchase within 90 days), you have to buy the flight there separately from the flight back. This means that if your flight there is more expensive than your voucher, you have to pay the difference (so my friends have to pay over 100$ extra each for a family of three for their flight to Mexico). If your flight back is cheaper than your voucher, you lose all of that money (which for my friends is more than 100$). So they are losing over $300 more in addition to their seat and baggage and having to pay over $300 dollars more! When you call to talk to the people they basically say "this is how our system works." When you ask for a higher up they take your number.and never call you.

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30 December 2021 12:12:00 Guest

this airline is the worst i was racially profiled for the sake of me i dont know they took my contents out of my bag that i couldnt get on the plane with and tell me i couldnt aboard the plane with the bag after i set in a seat for to hours at the boarding gate with the bag the young man that told me that i couldnt get on the plane because i didnt check my bag he told to go to theend of the line for no reason i had all the proper documents to get thru the airport to even get to the door i asked him again why do i have to go to the end of the line he said he dont speak english but told me that i had to leave the line so then i was told that i couldnt aboard the flight i asked why he please step aside i was tghen told to pay$317 to take my bag aboard the plane he asked for my credit card i said i dont that for a bag when they already told me what i had to do in order to take my bag on the plane so i started to cry as i thru my property in the garbage and still being told i cant aboard flight even tho i complied to the horrible treatment i soiled my self i wa so scared cause they were literally trying to make me miss the flight i came home with no luggage or dignity

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30 October 2021 12:10:00 Charles Velez

This volaris airline is a terrible airline to flight, we are stuck in Hermosillo Mexico for 2 hours and they dint care about me and my wife and all the passengers in this flight we tried to ask for a refund they refused and dint compasate in no way. Absolutely a nightmare airline, the staff is the worst of all airlines, i don't recommend anyone to flight with volaris, i will tell anyone not to flight with this horrible airline

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18 February 2021 12:02:00 Judy Bolanos

Poor customer service! Management is a joke.
Tried getting a refund in ins i purchased and Marcos Peralta would not refund.
It was a flight Volaris ended up Cancelling.
He is extremely unprofessional and said he has no one above him,
Volaris needs to revamp their customer service!
Corporate this is not good! Fix it!

Consumer Beware! Save yourself money, time, and energy! Customer service is like talking to robots! No common sense!

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15 April 2020 12:04:00 Leticia Jaime

Volaris is a group of thieves. Think before to use this company airline. Any agency that is associated with them operates the same way. The agencies that support this airline Volaris treat costumers without any consideration, respect and honesty. They are connected to defraud those who at any time use their services to travel.
I have been dealing to get a reimbursement airflight ticket from Volaris for more than 4 months.
they canceled the flight that was already planned and the only thing that I requested was the refund of the flight that was not made, but they refused and made up a series of lies just to stole my money. Right now I am still dealing with lawyers to get my money back.

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07 April 2020 12:04:00 Guest

They stole my money!! I feel so abused by this company. I had to email them back and forth to get my refund for a flight that THEY cancelled. After over 2 weeks of back and forth they have granted me a refund to a bank account that has been closed since I have left America. Because of them being so unprofessional and the delay in the refund, the bank rejected the refund since its over 10 day limit. Thus they still have my money. FURTHERMORE, the woman who granted my refund has blocked me!!!!! Are you they joking right now???? I need my refund, and I will pay for any other transfer related costs, otherwise I am taking this to court. I have enough of you them treating me this way. What kind of business are u is this?!

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16 November 2019 12:11:00 Guest

I have the worst experience with VOLARIS.....they do not know what customer service is. They lost my babys luggage and it was found 3 days later, we werent given any explanation as to what had happened. Then on our way back from Guadalajara to LAX they tried to charge us for my carry on and my purse, claiming the purse and carry in exceeded the 20lbs. But I saw other people that werent questioned about their purse just move along. The woman in the picture was so rude and told me and my family to leave the counter and fix our luggage in the middle of the airport in order to make things fit how they wanted them in order to meet the required weight. We spoke to a manager who was useless and very rude. At the same time there were other people in the line complaining about the same thing and they just stood there saying they had to pay $120 dollars. This airline is a joke. Everyone is always cussing them out and theyre used to it. I suggest volaris paya their employees a little more so they dont try to steal from its customers with hidden fees.

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14 November 2019 12:11:00 Gregg

Horrible airline. Cancelled a flight, next available flight wasn't until 4 days later. They would not refund the ticket or even give a voucher. Ruined vacation and STOLE my money!

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15 April 2019 12:04:00 TJM

Ever tried Volaris? Its a grounded piece of * . After my own Sunday plane got cancelled today, I learned fr om a neighbour that it is a common business practice for Volaris to cancel Sunday flights and put passengers last minute on Monday flights because its cheaper for Volaris.

My flight today got cancelled 2.5hs before departure from SJO wh ere weather conditions are pristine and no other airline is experiencing trouble today. Instead of sending another plane or getting me tickets for a competitor airline. They put me on another plane that makes two stops and gets me to my destination >24hs late.

Im ashamed about myself: I had wanted to give Volaris a first chance today because I thought Volaris is comparable to other budget airlines in the region (Im frequently flying Interjet, Gol, Azul, etc.) and I never had problems with the others. I should have read this forum first.

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30 November 2018 12:11:00 Jacqueline Peterson

Good Afternoon
Flight #6964 Saturday November 24th, 2018 From Mexico City to San Antonio Texas. Confirmation #GBYUYQ.
Checked in at the Mexico City Airport and landed in San Antonio Texas and our luggage was not on the flight. Our luggage tag showed the luggage went to Las Vegas with someone elses name on it. The agent helped us out we filled out the lost luggage form she took all of information told us to go wait at gate A-5 and she would be there to meet up with us. After about 30 minutes I went to go look for her found her at Gate A8 or Gate A9 and she said give her a minute went back to gate A5 and after an hour she still never showed up went to look for her and unable to find her. She also said she would call us and our luggage would be at our house on Monday or Tuesday. Monday evening after not hearing anything and no luggage called the customer service line. No luggage was reported lost they would call us back in an hour no call back. So we called back they told my husband he had to call the San Antonio Airport gave us a number that is just voice mail and no one ever calls back. Called customer service again on Tuesday November 27th. The agent sent an email to Las Vegas and was told we would here back in 48 hours, then someone else called us and said she was going to send an email to Mexico City, Las Vegas and San Antonio Airports and would call us back in 24 hours. Well now you can understand why I am writing this email. We had to call again today and again were told we will send another email. Can you please just find my luggage that went to Las Vegas out of Mexico City on Saturday November 24th with someones elses name on it. Also find the lady who took all of our information including claim ticket and find out why she never did her job, this is very very frustrating I have never received such a run around from a company. I am tired of waiting and truly I am running out of patience

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02 November 2018 12:11:00 Patsiefe

Got to LAX 1/2 hour late because of traffic, but still well before check in time. International flight went to Tom Bradly. Waited in line 20 minutes than told have to go to terminal 2 to correct an error that THEY MADE on ticket. (they do not have ticketing in international were there flight takes off from). Went to terminal 2. Waited in line over 1/2 hour. Realised there was another 45 min wait, and I would be late if I waited so I went to special check in desk. They informed me I was to late to check in. I asked when they closed checkin. "1 Hour in advance" I pointed to the clock on the TV behind them which showed I had 1:23 minutes. They than said flight was Over Sold. Offered me a flight to another city instead (!). aid that I would easily be refunded as it was there fault. Called the next day for refund. Told that the online reservation had "OS (Oversold)" by it by two people. It would take 7 days... Called 7 days later, it would take 7 MORE days. The law states it should be refunded (X4) on the spot, but it never was. Still waiting for refund. Airline is out of Mexico, so impossible for small claims. Lost hotel stay, driving expenses, parking... Now they have changed what they say, and say I never showed up!!! WTF?? I was there in person!

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08 June 2018 12:06:00 Guest

Their reservation site, general website, customer service and everyone involved are the worst! The website gives different information than what is provided by email or by their customer service. Nothing is consistent. The website never works properly. I've flown on them twice now and I would rather pay more for better service on other airlines.

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25 October 2017 12:10:00 Dave E. Chapala, Jal.

The Volaris website is terrible. Have problems every time I try to use it. Doesn't make sense. I was asked for a document # and had to phone to find out what document. Was advised it was for the passport. I asked why don't you just say that. Must have had a high school kid translate the original form to English.
Don't book them anymore because of the confusion.

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07 March 2017 12:03:00 Guest

People complain about Volaris for a reason. You don't always even get what you pay for. Their website, email service, and phone lines often do not seem to work properly - nor do their flight operations and business practices. Although several previous flights have been fine, two of my most recent four Volaris flights were "delayed" 3-4 hours - and checked baggage was destroyed. Volaris is the least helpful and most dishonest company I have ever dealt with regarding resolving problems. I suggest that anyone reading this choose a different airline.

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27 September 2016 12:09:00 Guest

Volaris is the worst travel agency you can travel with. Customer services is HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!. No one there knows how to do their job. They are so unqualified. I will NEVER ever travel with them again. They lost my luggage and they can't do nothing about it but compensate me with 100.00 and i had at least more then 600.00 worth of clothes and gifts..


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20 September 2016 12:09:00 Guest

Volaris has a TERRIBLE SERVICE!!!!...MY FAMILY AND i HAD A TRIP FROM TIJUANA-CANCUN this summer. I booked my flights 8 months ahead to avoid any possible problem. they changed our flight 1 day before my original date. I was desperate, and spent the whole day on the phone trying to find out another possible flight to Cancun, I had to change my original departure from tijuana to Los Angeles. then in our way to cancun, they lost my baggage for 2 days I was with no clothes at all. Then in our way back from Cancun, they lost my husband's baggage too!!!...after wasting tons of time trying to talk to someone in charge, they never can help you, they just send you to someone else. ITS A REAL NIGHTMARE DEALING WITH THIS COMPANY!!!...THEY OFFERED US TWO VOUCHERS TO BE USE IN OUR NEXT TRAVEL,....NOW THAT I TRIED TO USE THEM, APPARENTLY, I CAN NOT USE THESE VOUCHERS BECAUSE OF THE EXPIRATION DATE WILL BE BEFORE MY TRIP SCHEDULE DATE!!!!...CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW DISAPPOINTED WE FEEL NOW?..ALL THE TIME WASTED WITH THESE PEOPLE TO GET THOSE VOUCHERS AND THEY ARE JUST FAKE!!!...PLEASE SAVE YOUR ENERGY AND AVOID ALL THESE INCONVENIENCES!!!!....DO NOT FLY WITH VOLARIS!!!

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10 May 2016 12:05:00 Guest

Volaris has terrible customer service, none of the employees seem to know basic information and always charge a bunch of extra fees, forget about rescheduling a flight, they keep your money and do not reimburse you or deduct fees for your new flight. It's really bad and there is nobody to express your concerns to. Everyone at Volaris seems to be a manager and none can provide you with the information you request due to them not being authorized. What type of excuse is that?

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18 April 2016 12:04:00 Guest

I have flown on Volaris several times, and I had not had any problems until I was returning home to Tijuana from Guadalajara. The airline first cancelled the filght I had originally booked, and I called to re-book a new flight. When I arrived 1 hour and 45 minutes before my newly booked flight, after I confirmed with the gentleman on the phone that everything was booked and scheduled, I found that even though I had called and arrived nearly two hours early, they sold my seat to another person. Long story short, I spent 13 hours in the airport and they only gave me 20 bucks for food. The customer service was HORRIBLE, and they quiet honestly DID NOT CARE THAT THEY SOLD MY SEAT TO SOMEONE ELSE!!!! I WOULD NOT RECOMEND THIS COMPANY!

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04 March 2016 12:03:00 Guest

Yes, Volaris truly is the worst airline ever. Cancelled the late flight from GDL to Mex leaving us stranded overnight in the terminal. No explanation for the delay until well after the airport shut down then announced the flight would leave at 5:30 a.m. and got off the ground at 6:20. No apology, no food, not even water, no place to sleep.
Missed our connection to Lima - no compensation and still no apology.
Yes, they lie, promise and still no help. Do not fly Volaris - truly the worst ever.

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16 January 2016 12:01:00 Guest

My first and last time I flight with this company they have the worst customer service and their employees don't help at all they don't even know English and it seem like they just hire by looks. They want to charge for everything and every employee do want they want. They wanted to charged me double for the window sit when I already have choose it when I was booking it. I would recommend not to use this airline. Thank you

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05 October 2014 12:10:00 Eva

This is the 2nd time that we book through Volaris, AND IT WILL BE OUR LAST! We booked a round-trip flight from Los Angeles to Cancun and as I was preparing to book our shuttle, I decided to log on to Volaris's website to confirm the departure/arrival times and to my surprise, Volaris not only changed both legs of the trip, BUT WE NEVER RECEIVED an email advising us of this change. They moved our departure to one day later, and the layover for the return flight went from a one hour layover, to a SIX hour layover! I would have never booked a 6 hour layover! After sitting on hold for 30 minutes, I was able to speak to representative. I must say that he was extremely helpful; however, how does an airline company not notify you of this drastic change?!?! Every other airline communicates with us via email; even if the change of flight is only a few minutes difference. Yet this company, changed our departure date and departure time from Cancun with ABSOLUTELY no communication. It's pretty sad. Needless to say, they were able to change our departure date to the original date; however, we are now stuck with a 6 hour layover on our return flight. Please, save time & headaches, and book elsewhere.

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25 June 2014 12:06:00 Brenda C.

VERY BAD SERVICE!! Our flight was canceled and we were not told until we were at the airport. The employees are very rude and offered no help. They refused to give me another flight that same day or the next day and just told me that there was nothing they could do and no one in charge to talk to just call the corporate office. I had to call the corporate office 4 times before anyone helped me, as they were also very rude, and all they did was change my flight to leave from Tijuana airport. I had to * time and money to drive to Tijuana and the employees there were even worse. They still charged me an additional fee for not registering online! I tried to explain that the machine at the airport did not register us and it said we had to see an agent but the employee was so rude and said he did not care and he knew we had money so pay or get out of the line. We never even got an apology for the inconvenience let alone any reimbursement for the time and gas for driving all the way to Tijuana. This is the worst experience I have ever had. NEVER USE THIS AIRLINE!!

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13 June 2013 12:06:00 Guest

The money you THINK you are saving with Volaris will cost you more in the end. Don't get taken like so many of us. The WORST customer service. I feel like they do not know what kind of customer service people in the US are accustomed to and could care less. They want to treat you like a beggar off the street.

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30 July 2012 12:07:00 Guest Norma

worst service !!
Expensive & not worth the money!!

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15 December 2011 12:12:00 el michoacano j

VOLARIS IS ABSOLUTELY AWFUL! Never fly Volaris! I received a call confirming my flights then an hour later they call me again and say that my flight for TOMORROW is cancelled to my primary destination!! WTF??? So now the options are:
A) arrive at another city and take a bus to the city i was SUPPOSED to fly into ( 4 hrs away)

B) fly into LA and wait there for hrs for the next flight to Morelia.

They put you between the sword and the wall... NO OPTIONS, NOR DISCOUNTS FOR THIS FLIGHT!


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07 January 2011 12:01:00 Nancy

My baby and I fall down from the stairs of the airplane, they refuse to take us to a hospital for X-rays or further medical atention, I had bruises all aver my body and my daugther had a head contusion!!! They are totally disorganized have no clue of what to do in case of a accident, those stairs are very dangerous!!
On or way back they lost all my family bagagge, it was documented to Guadalajara (the employees was unable to print the rigth baggage claim tickets) and my final destination was Chicago. No body answers the phone, no body is able to help you, it is winter in Chicago and we have to walk with my children (one is 14 months) with no jackets!!
For your own safety DON'T FLY WITH VOLARIS

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26 September 2010 12:09:00 Guest


I (thought I) bought a couple airline tickets three weeks ago online. It all went through the system smoothly and there was nothing to indicate anything was wrong. I even printed out the "confirmation" page which stated the reservation number, the itinerary, and a line saying "amount paid by credit card....$398.30 USD." A few minutes later, I received a call from my credit card asking if I authorized payment which I did. So I happily waited for my flight.

Yesterday, when I arrived at the airport, the employee said I had no tickets because my credit card had been denied. I called the credit card company and they told me they authorized payment but that the Volaris system had not charged it. AT NO TIME DID VOLARIS NOTIFY ME THAT ANYTHING WAS WRONG NOR WAS THERE ANY INDICATION ON THEIR SITE THAT I HAD NOT BOUGHT THE TICKETS.

They refuse to honor the original fare and I spent hours on the phone but got nowhere except, "we'll be sure to check this to better our service."

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26 August 2009 12:08:00 Jose Dolores Garcia

volaris tiene un pesimo servicio el dia de hoy hice una reservacion por internet y me marco un error, me comunique al telefono indicado en la pagina el incompetente empleado llamado Jose Antonio Gutierrez nunca me resolvio el problema fue groceso y prepotente me toco pagar el voleto doble por su pesimo servicio siendo un cliente frecuente al que no se le dio el trato justo.

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30 April 2009 12:04:00 Guest

30 April 2009 08:04:49 Guest
Volaris Tiene el habito de perder el equipaje, y no quiere reembolsarte por el contenido..Todos ellos le dan vuelta al asunto y te la hacen larga y finalmente consiguen lo que quieren, que te enfades, te enojes y no sigas reclamando...Recientemente mi madre perdio una mochila que fue registrada en Guadalajara pero no recibida en su destino, que era Tijuana...Muy mal servicio....Dure 4 dias hablando a Tijuana y a Guadalajara y nadie tiene respuesta.

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30 April 2009 12:04:00 Guest

Volaris Tiene el habito de perder el equipaje, y no quiere reembolsarte por el contenido..Todos ellos le dan vuelta al asunto y te la hacen larga y finalmente consiguen lo que quieren, que te enfades, te enojes y no sigas reclamando...Recientemente mi madre perdio una mochila que fue registrada en Guadalajara pero no recibida en su destino, que era Tijuana...Muy mal servicio....Dure 4 dias hablando a Tijuana y a Guadalajara y nadie tiene respuesta.

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