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02 July 2021 12:07:00 Rosa Vazquez

Do not fly with Viva! My husband and I had purchased tickets to fly from Tijuana to Los Cabos for our summer vacation. We purchased these tickets over 2 months in advance. We received an email from Viva Aerobus two weeks prior to our flight stating that our outgoing flight was cancelled and that we would be placed on a flight that was 6 hours later that day. I accepted as I saw no other option. The next day, I was sent another email saying that my incoming flight was cancelled and that there were no other direct flights available on that day. The other flights were 5+ hours long, instead of 2 hours, and they departed at times that did not work for us. I called Viva to get a refund. They said that I did not qualify for a refund. Keep in mind that they cancelled my flight and ruined my vacation. Get this. I had even purchased the refund insurance just in case something like this happened. Viva said that my insurance did not cover the airline cancelling our flight. My only options were to get a Viva credit for the amount, but I would have to use it within 80 days. I then called my credit card company, and they said that I could not dispute the charge because they dont cover airline cancellations. And dont get me started on the customer service. They lack sympathy and are not helpful.

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22 June 2021 12:06:00 Esther Reynoso

Saying this airline is terrible and awful would actually be a compliment. Don't * your money on this airline. They are rude, rude, rude!! Customer service is atrocious at best and their website is not user friendly which costs people money. This airline does not even deserve one star but I gave them one because this systems doesn't offer no stars!

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14 June 2021 12:06:00 Guest

Our flights were cancelled by the airline three times due to covid related restrictions. The voucher was set to expire on June 4. At that time, not only were there no flights going out, there was a government shutdown and we were advised to not travel to Mexico as it was in Stage 4. They could not hold up their end of the contract; however, refused a refund and refused to extend out voucher. This company is a bunch of crooks. You can't refuse refunds when you have no flights and citizens can't travel to your country because you can control covid.

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05 May 2021 12:05:00 Guest

Parents flight got cancel, got an e-mail at 3:00 in the morning 10 hours before checking. Called customer service to speak to someone and the person was so careless and unprofessional. They told me I could get a voucher, but who wants a voucher for the same company that screwed up and they are being so heartless and not caring at all. The guy put me on hold for about 15 minutes never came back and we got disconnected called again various times & nothing. I declined the flight that they were offering in 2 days and somehow it took it as accept I called & never got through. The flight is today my parents are home with me now, had to buy another ticket with another airline since parents were already on their way to the airport and here Im no voucher and now worrying that their return flight will get canceled again (there is more to the story but not worth the time) Just want to help others make the right choice by not wasting their money/time. Btw. My parents are 69 & 75 with health problems. Im telling you IF YOU BUY A TICKET WITH THIS AIRLINE YOU ARE GOING TO REGRET IT!

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16 April 2021 12:04:00 Mon Garcia

CUSTOMER BE AWARE!!!! Don't fly with the worst mexican airline. Try instead INTERJET, AEREOMEXICO, etc but never use them. They have been a bad company always they charge you for everything but this time they went beyond that. My brother arrive 3 hrs early for his international flight, he did check in 24 hrs early and 15 MIN BEFORE BOARDING was call to the front desk to tell him that he couldn't board because US INTERPOL say that he have a record *which of course is nor true), he immediately call the US embassy and they tell him that they didn't have any criminal record of him, I start to look the red notices data base of Interpol and of course there was nothing, i send him that info to show the airline and they only say I'm sorry there is nothing that we can do, they deny a refund unless he gets a letter that state he doesn't have a record with Interpol which we just learn that is a lie, that letter doesn't even exist! He call today the US Embassy again, Migration agency and US Security agencies and all of them tell them " NO, Sr we don't have any criminal record you're clear, there is nothing wrong with your passport). He even just have his sentry card two months ago and is waiting for his global entry interview!!! This is just no fare at all. To be humiliated in this way, to be defame in this way is just not acceptable and shall not be tolerated. In a side note no police was present during his situation in the airport, nobody arrest him, nobody take him to the interrogation room in the airport, nobody take him his US visa and passport.
I'm leaving this review so you guys avoid this awful situation that my family just had, the purpose of this trip was due a medical appointment , they don't even know the damage that is cause.

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01 December 2020 12:12:00 Guest

Watch Out !!! Look for a VIVAAREOBUS CA Fraudulent bill on your credit card. Mine was $214.44 .

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18 April 2020 12:04:00 Vic

Hi guys, I had I flight by Viva Aerobus at 27 March and it was worst flight ever!
it turned out that I have to pick up the luggage on connection in Mexico City and pay for it twice! but when I bought the ticket, of course there was no information about it! And next, my second flight was canceled, they gave another one four hours later, but nothing more, no food no stay, I spent all night in the airport with nothing .. Im no doubt, its breaking the rules!
So think twice before take a flight at this terrible airlines

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20 March 2020 12:03:00 Guest

The airline does not let clients change their flight due to the pandemic of Coronavirus. This is a shame, no humanity. I would never take a flight with them, they only care about money. I had other airlines changing my flight with NO fees, such as InterJet or American Airlines.

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08 November 2019 12:11:00 Guest

I flew this Mexican discount airline once, from Cancun to Tuxtla in 2018. I expected nothing, and was pleasantly surprised. They used the old terminal in Cancun, were a bit scatterbrained about a last-minute gate change, but normal for Latin America. Booking could only be done online in Spanish, and they warned you upfront you would be charged extra if you didn't print and bring along your own boarding pass. I paid extra for early boarding, and actually got it! Flight was safely operated, and ran on time! This airline is often much cheaper than the more respectable alternatives, and has some flights that are the only direct ones, with the big guys making you change in Mexico City. Taking them may be a bit of a gamble, but I would try them again.

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17 September 2019 12:09:00 Guest

Cant remember the last time this airline was in time.
They are often overbooked and will put you in standby. If you dont raise hell they will leave you there.
Here s a word of advise...... dont use them if you have a choice. Otherwise use them at your own risk. Either way, they dont give a s......

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19 June 2019 12:06:00 Pissed off Dave

My wife, kids and two cats were supposed to fly out of Tijuana to Leon two days ago. When we bought the tickets online, the link to pay for pets was broken but we were assured that they would be able to pay for the cats at check in. When she got there with plenty of time to spare, she was told that they don't accept cash, which was all she had, as she knew her cards wouldn't work in Mexico. Because of the measly $40 pet fee, they told her that she could not board the plane, would have to buy a ticket for a different day (which have now gone up in price by a factor of 500%) and would lose all of the money we spent on the tickets. ALL OVER 2 TWENTY DOLLAR BILLS! The next day when I called to try and get the issue resolved, I was on hold for TWO AND A HALF HOURS before hanging up. So today I called at 6:30am hoping the wait would be shorter, which it was. When I finally spoke to someone, they said that they wouldn't reimburse us because it says in the terms of service that they don't accept cash at check in... which is * . Before calling, I went through the TOS with a fine toothed comb to make sure it didn't say anything like that and lo and behold, it says nothing of the sort but she kept insisting it did, yet she was unable to tell me where. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, she told me that there was no English speaking supervisor... at the call center for English-speaking customers. I told her that my family would be flying back monthly to visit me as well as friends and family would regularly be flying down, and that I would make sure that none of them flew with VivaAerobus if they didn't resolve the issue, amounting to thousands of dollars in lost revenue for their company. She then just asked in a smart * voice if I had any other questions and then hung up on me. It's now my life's mission to make sure that no one ever flies with them again. This is hands down the worst service I have ever had from any company DO... NOT... FLY... WITH... THIS... AIRLINE

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10 June 2019 12:06:00 H Baker

DO NOT FLY WITH THEM!!! They changed our flight from direct to connecting after we started our trip. That sucked but we could deal, then we just happened to get phone service and see an email that they changed our flight again. This time with a 12 hour layover and no phone call, we're lucky we saw the email. When we called to ask about it as we saw it was now for an entirely different day, we were put on hold for hours. Then told that the flight was one again changed and our only option was to fly now and then stay in another airport for over 12 hours or fly in two days. Neither of which have a guarantee of not being changed again, nor do they offer any compensation for the time, the extra hotel night, or even refunding the money we've already paid so that we can pick up a separate flight with another company. So now we're rushing to turn in our rental car and try to make an earlier flight to avoid a 2 day delay. We built in one day for things like this but two days is absolutely uncalled for. You've been warned.

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04 February 2019 12:02:00 Guest

Beware of the scam called FlexPass. Says you can change your flight in advance for no fee and late for only the charge of the difference in price. Turns out you can only change it to a different time on the same day. Otherwise, you pay the change fee and the difference in price. Totally useless upgrade.

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29 January 2019 12:01:00 Guest

They call me 10 hr. Before my flight to tell me it was cancel due to maintenance and reschedule to the next day with no fees for reschedule (really !), Call Travelocity and they say it's nothing they can do, I lost a hotel reservation and connecting airplane ticket because their cancelation. Never use the again, shame for Travelocity .

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08 November 2018 12:11:00 Sarah

Booked a flex flight which states you can make changes free of charge - hence the flex option - but thats nonsense. They will make you pay what you initially paid again so youre better off just rebooking and cutting your loses on the first flight. I attempted to change my flights 10 weeks ahead of my flight date and Im still going back and forth with their customer service. Why would I pay more for a flex flight if its that same conditions as a regular flight!??
Steer clear.

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03 February 2018 12:02:00 jetstream87

Must admit that this is the worse airline ever!!!!!! Flew from LAX-GDL (round trip) and have to admit it was my first and last time! To start we were suppose to board our flight at 1810 / depart at 1830, turns out that the plane got into LAX late, crew went to clear Customs, and saw them walking back to the gate with their sweet a** time. We ended up boarding at 1845 and departing at 1715, during the flight they have seats that do not recline back at all!!! They are claiming to have the "latest aircraft", I get that they are a low cost carrier but seriously everything is sold in that flight (this is an international flight) at least a bag of peanuts and water! Upon the return, we were delayed for 2 hours due to a crew member forgetting to do security check prior to boarding, at the time we were boarding there were 5 random people selected to be searched during the first boarding. Once we were in the aircraft, we were offloaded, aircraft moved to another gate, and the same 5 people were searched again! We were not compensated for the delay, at the arrival our luggage were not dropped off at the terminal after 2 hours later. We landed at 1930 and did not go out the terminal until 2345!!!!!! Worse airline ever!

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24 June 2015 12:06:00 MEXICO CITY TO GUADALAJARA


My family and I flew from Guadalajara into Mexico City, and had a return flight back to Guadalajara. while we were in line to check in one of the customer service reps comes up to the front of the line and says that the check in is closed, they will no longer check people in. it was 8pm and the departure time was at 845 we didn't have to check in any bags we only had personal items. we tried talking to the customer service rep to see what we could do. All they said was that there was nothing we could do but pay for another ticket back to Guadalajara. So after a pointless argument we had no choice but to purchase another plane ticket. we were supposed to depart at 8am the next day. but there was a delay which they failed to report. after waiting at the gate for hours they finally told us the flight had been delayed until 1pm and if we couldn't depart then we could be departing until 6pm! Theyre customer service is HORRIBLE!! its like they do this on purpose just so people have to buy more tickets. NEVER again will I fly with Viva Aerobus.

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17 April 2015 12:04:00 Guest

My first time flying with Viva Aerobus we left with a 2.5 hr delay without getting any apologies or explanations. On my second attempt, my flight was cancelled less than two weeks before my departure (right before spring break) via email- no apologies extended at all, and getting my refund took getting my credit card company involved to get my money back after almost two months trying to get a refund. They don't tell you anywhere that though they charge your credit card, they aren't willing to issue a refund to your credit card if you live in the U.S. They require bank information for a wire transfer.
Bad, bad experience...never again :(

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30 January 2015 12:01:00 Sophie

We flew from Cancun to Mexico City and expected the worst after having read all the bad reviewes!
But when we arrived to the airport everything went as planned and we arrived in Mexico City on time :-)

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29 January 2015 12:01:00 Guest

Vivaaerobus is the worst airline I've used. They also do have the worst customer service asking the same questions over and over again, not understanding the problem and not being able to help at all. They changed my flight date from the Jan 30th to Jan 29th with extra charges for cancel or changes. I had to cancel my hotel reservation. The cheap flight destroyed my vacation completely and it took a lot of time and nerves to speak to that rude company which is unable to provide any service at all. Will never fly with them.

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11 January 2015 12:01:00 Guest

VivaAerobus: Departure delayed 2 hours: flight 2951; Houston- Guadalajara; Dec. 13, 2014. Return on time, Guadalajara - Houston, Jan. 10, 2015. I had assumed not traveling, because the mayor airlines had, an over $900.00Dlls, price; through, I found a same trip with VivaAerobus, for $295.00Dlls.
I had concerns, because of so many negative comments and reviews about VivaAerobus. I found nothing wrong with the air trip, at all, other than the daparture delay. If at anytime you track the departures, any airline will have delays. I have had delays of up to 6 hours, with the mayor airliners, and travelers were not even offered a lunch sack while waiting for the flight.
Yes, I would recommend VivaAerobus, and plan on flying with it again.

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05 January 2015 12:01:00 M. Rangel

Worst customer service in an Airline. Yes, tickets are cheap, but this airline exploits its employees and has only 3 people on their counter checking in at least 150 passengers per flight. Long lines, very unorganized and whats worst, they lost my bag. They never answered their phone to update on the status of the bag. 8 days later I returned to Houston without my bag or any information about it. Very frustrating to spend your vacations without your belongings. So be prepared; and if you're forced to use this airline for their cheap prices, just remember, you will pay with aggravation and headaches what you saved in money. In fact, considering all I lost in my bag this has been the most expensive ticket ever. I will try to file a complaint; they should not be allowed to do bussiness in USA,

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28 June 2013 12:06:00 Guest

very very bad service of vivaaerobus. they changed our flights on 27 June and did not send us any notification even we book our tickets 2 months back and also checked online reservation just 2 days back it was scheduled and on airport they say they have cancelled the flight and change the dates..
very bad company for any travelers

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24 February 2013 12:02:00 MAria

Website not working, nobody answer phones, long lines on airport booth, very untrusty for US resident traveling to Mexico,h iden charges when a credit card will be used.

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12 April 2012 12:04:00 Dunx

Beware of the duplicate bookings. website authorises credit card and then satys there has been a problem. I knew it had gone through so waited a week but nothing and so booked again. This time it went through twice. The booking was for 2. on the day they would not refins so i said I would take 4 seats but oh no.. that was not possible as a duplicate. they take your money then offer no ticket. surely illegal you would think? Oh but they did offer a 6 month voucher which is v useful given I live on the other side of the planet to Mexico. Finally, they try and knock up a load of extras. speedy boarding, travel insurance, document insurance. This airline would be shut down in the UK! Stick with Aeromexico or take the bus..

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07 April 2011 12:04:00 Eve

Vivaaerobus is the worst airline I've used, they changed my flight date from the 4th of April until the 24th of April, unbelievable I had to cancel my hotel reservation and my reservation on the 2nd airline I was going to use. The money I thought I was saving I ended it up spending it because Vivaaerobus ended up changing my flight dates. They stated that because the ticket that I bought was under a promotion they hold the right to change not only times of flight at the last minute but also they hold the right to change the dates of the flight. Will never fly with them again.

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22 March 2011 12:03:00 Guest

Is the worst airline you can use, they dont have any respect for the client and they change your fligth anytime the want and if the do it with 24 hours of anticipation, they say that they dont have the obligation to return your money, because the did it, whit an antipation of 24 hours.

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24 November 2010 12:11:00 Jose

cheap airline bad customer service....... they weight my luggage carry on only after I pay only to travel with the carry on only option they still wanted to know the weight so they did it weight about 1/2 pund more then they allowed but ended up chargin me as it was a25 pound bag checked !!!! unbelieveble I most likely will ot fly with them anymore

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18 August 2010 12:08:00 Mark

With this airline you get what you pay for. I live in Los Angeles. My wife's family is from Monterrey. Depending on the season, tickets from any SoCal airport to Monterrey will cost in excess of $450 (sometimes over $700). Due to the need for a connection in Texas when you fly American or Continental, it is a long trip. It is actually faster and a lot cheaper to drive down to Tijuana and fly Viva non-stop to Monterrey. Their 737-300s are over 20 years old, on average, and they show their age. The seats are cramped (I am only 5'9" and find the leg room cramped). There is no in-flight entertainment. Seating is a Southwest-style first come first served with some minor exceptions. But, when you consider that I have recently paid between $60 and $150 per round trip on Viva from Tijuana to Monterrey, you tend to put up with the "deficiencies". It is a 2 1/2 hour flight. I will put up with the minor defects in this airline for the $400 savings per ticket.

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26 July 2009 12:07:00 Guest

Flyer beware-------------!!

I have used Vivaaerobus before and basically have found their flights to be on time and a good value. I want to inform any possible passenger about what I consider to be unethical practices by the airline however. When booking a flight online they will offer you luggage options or travel options that they then will cheat you on and force you to pay extra for at the airport before you can fly. When you make an online flight arrangement they will send you a reservation error booking message which will leave you making another reservation (trying to make sure that you have a booked seat) I ended up with this causing me a double booking to which they gave me two options to solve a double payment overcharge.
1. Take a future flight credit (which is good for 6 months)

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02 July 2009 12:07:00 Guest

I would give them a zero if that was an option. They refuse to refund the money I paid for a ticket from Austin when they cancelled service from Austin. They originally charged me twice for the tickets and refused to acknowledge it. Visa charged them back for one of the charges and now they say I never paid so there is no money to refund. Interesting since they were still showing the tickets as valid until their flights were cancelled from Austin. They are not only unethical but in my case they simply stole several hundred dollars of my money.
I say good riddance; stay in Mexico. Beware all who do business with them.

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23 April 2009 12:04:00 Guest

They cancelled my flight with no explanantion and refused to give us a refund. When we call they refuse to allow us to talk to anyone with authority. I might as well burned $375 of my hard earned money. Never again.

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24 August 2008 12:08:00 Guest

They cancelled my flight and never told me, I had to buy a new ticket from other airline and waited fro 12 hours! sucks big time

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24 August 2008 12:08:00 Guest

bad, bad, bad, never agian will buy anything from VivaAerobus!!

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17 February 2008 12:02:00 J.B.

Flight from Monterrey to Merida. 30 minutes delay, plane was clean and personnel was friendly. I saved a lot of money too. It means Vivaaerobus is rather good airline. Great value for money!

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