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All reviews about Philippine Airlines

08 July 2024 12:07:00 Guest

Anytime I book a round trip flight with PAL, it's a guarantee that one of the flights will be delayed / late. It's coming to be expected from this airline. Recently, a departing PAL flight from MNL to JPN had the gate change 3 times within 30 minutes! Plus the plane was late resulting in boarding an hour late! As a flag carrier, this airline feels more like a budget airline as it can't meet the basic standards of having on time flights like most flag carriers do.

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07 April 2024 12:04:00 Ben

Unfortunately, we've received absolutely terrible service from Philippine Airlines and definitely will not book with them again. We booked flights from London -> Manila with them for a large wedding party of 9 people. Having had the flights booked for 18 months, Philippine Airlines cancelled the flight just a few weeks before we were due to fly. It was such a huge problem for us, as this flight cancellation jeopardised our entire wedding. After contacting our booking agents, several alternative flights were suggested to Philippine Airlines, all of which were declined by the airline with no reason given. After several back and forths with this, I contacted Philippine Airlines directly. This led to a long-winded episode of explaining and re-explaining the problem to a host of uninterested customer service agents, eventually taking up over 5 hours of my time on phone calls. Each of the alternative flights were declined for a variety of unconvincing reasons, which I suspect masked the real reason that the airline would lose money actually providing the service that we paid them for. Eventually we were forced to refund the flights and rebook with another airline, losing out on literally thousands on pounds due to the increased costs between when we booked and when Philippine Airlines cancelled the flight at the last minute. I'm now going through the process of claiming compensation from Philippine Airlines, to which they have stopped answering e-mails. Phoning is also difficult, as it's always being referred to "another department" who, as customers, we cannot contact directly. Booking with this airline is a huge risk, so please consider other options before making your booking. Learn from our mistakes.

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07 April 2024 12:04:00 Rosalie Salazar

The best ever worst and disgusting nasty staff
Very poor customer service .
I will not recommend people flying in this airline ever..

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25 January 2024 12:01:00 Kevin Kellogg

I have NEVER left on time. They are ALWAYS LATE. They make excuse after excuse. "We are waiting on traffic". In Manila the airport was almost empty. No airplanes in view. Taxing to the runway.... no airplane in sight. 70 minutes past stated departure time. Not one jet at the terminal. Only 3 hours flight time. Arrived in Bangkok 100 min. late.

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08 January 2024 12:01:00 Guest

Flights delayed staff not helpful asked for blanket for my kids she said go sit down we dont have one on flight or 2849 staff at the back off plane

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13 October 2023 12:10:00 Phoe

The worst airlines ever,

Pal like to canceledmy conecting flight to indonesia from manila. They email me less than 24 hour before my schedule. My schedule is oct 12. But they canceled to oct 14. When i asked the check in crews at haneda, they dont like to be asking about my flight that being canceled, the check in crew in haneda is very bad temper, they dont have any emphatic, they very rude. The flight crew also bad atitude, their hospitality is awful. The transfer desk crew in manila also rude and dont have any manner. Dont ever think to fly with pal. They are so awful

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01 October 2023 12:10:00 David Campbell

By far the worst airline I have ever experienced through many years of extensive business and personal travel. Their customer service is appalling. Their flight service is at best average, with shortest pitch size I have ever had. To change a flight the day before it leaves to a delay of 10 days is incomprehensible. And then having to go to the airport and confront them in person for 2 hours and then tell them the available options for alternate carriers is just wrong. Avoid them at all costs. I will never use them again.

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29 September 2023 12:09:00 Annie

I have heard before that this Airline often cancelled flights. Usual excuse is engineering issues. When are they going to fix this? But anyway, I finally experience this. It is frustrating , last minute cancellation. All your plans and hotel booking were affected. I wouldnt recommend this airline.

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28 September 2023 12:09:00 Guest

Philippine Airlines is not suitable for passengers with special needs, particularly Persons With Disabilities (PWD). My son has a disability that necessitates the use of a specialized wheelchair for mobility. With other airlines, upon arrival, the special mobile chair is typically waiting outside the aircraft door. However, PAL consistently fails to coordinate this with the ground crew.

This issue occurred when we arrived at Manila NAIA Terminal 1, where the special chair was transported directly to the carousel. We had to create a scene to have the chair brought to the door because their available wheelchairs are not suitable for PWD passengers, as most of them lack seat belts. The same situation arose on their domestic flight when we arrived in Roxas City, and again when returning on the flight to San Francisco. We were forced to use an unsafe wheelchair.

Despite our efforts to communicate with the front desk and flight crew, we received no assistance. If you have a family member who requires a special mobile chair, I strongly discourage using PAL for Special Needs PWD passengers. They lack knowledge of the necessary accommodations. We usually choose Eva Air, where we have had no communication problems. Our experience with PAL was a one-time occurrence due to a family emergency.

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11 September 2023 12:09:00 Chelsea Heard

My first flight was disappointing when I requested a vegetarian meal and flew 14.5 hours to Manila with PAL, and they did not have a vegetarian meal for me or anywhere on the plane at all. This is now the absolute least of my concerns.

While in Bali for YTT, I learned that my uncle unexpectedly and tragically passed away. He may not be my FATHER, but my father is already dealing with physical and mental concerns after a great deal of grief, including the loss of his other brother just about a month ago. My uncle committed suicide. I called the airline crying and frantic to get some support with getting home to my grieving family and to try to help with arrangements, attend the funeral, etc. My return flight is not scheduled for 10 days from the date I learned of this and contacted PAL (arriving 12 days later).

PAL has absolutely humiliated me and continuously refused to listen to me or assist me in any way. I have been passed from agent to agent, department to department, repeating my story. I have provided over 15+ documents due to being asked to "PROVE" my uncle is in fact my uncle, and my father is in fact my father, and my uncle did in fact die, as they seem to assume all passengers are liars and want them to jump through hoops before anyone attempts to provide any support or compassion.

In the U.S., it is common knowledge that death certificates are not made immediately available. It takes 48-72 hours for a death certificate to be created, and once it is requested, it takes at least 1-2 weeks to receive due. Not to mention, I am in Bali. Not the U.S. I am certainly not going to ask anyone to take a photo of his limp and lifeless body to satisfy PAL's morbid and impossible demands. Likewise, you can't just call the police department on a Friday night and demand an instant police report. I am waiting still to hear back from anyone in the MPD despite several calls and emails, but it is just now Monday morning in the U.S as there is a -13 hour time difference and business hours do not include weekends... and the investigation is ongoing. Not to mention the situation is different. He doesn't have surviving parents, children, or a spouse. He wasn't hospitalized due to illness. This is sick to require of PAL customers in the first place, plus they know very well that it is impossible to obtain this sort of documentation before 1-2 weeks. The death JUST OCCURED. I have been going back and forth with several heartless agents for 4 days now while grieving away from my family. They have the nerve to rephrase my concerns as if I am "inconvenienced by being asked to take action on my part." The only support anyone has offered so far is to charge me for a brand new flight this week which I could have just booked myself this week if I were rich, for $3000+. "Logan" and "Raj," supposedly supervisors forced me to * hours on the phone and hours collecting and uploading documentation for them to send my request to their "higher support team," only for "Raj" to call me back hours later and leave me one voice message stating my documentation of my uncle's unexpected suicide was insufficient for them. No further attemps to contact me whatsoever.

PAL is the worst airline I've ever encountered. They have made less than the minimal effort to support a reasonable request from a grieving customer (I've already spent over $3000 on flights with them, which I've saved up for for years) and have only managed so far to humiliate me. I would never recommend this airline to anyone for any reason. They have no customer service or basic human compassion, let alone honesty or work ethic.

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08 September 2023 12:09:00 Kenneth

Horrible customer service!!! Lost my luggage during my flights from Kansas City USA to Cagayan Philippines. After 5 days w8th no luggage they offered only 2k pesos with is around $40 USD for their mistakes. Will never fly this airline again!!!

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16 August 2023 12:08:00 Guest

Philippines Airlines is the worst airlines I have ever experience always delayed flight short notice, the inflight experienced is bad chair, entertainment cleanliness.

Check in on the gate is no system everyone lines.

Suggestion don't book a flight to Philippines airlines the management should improve service.

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10 August 2023 12:08:00 Guest

I booked a flight on PAL from Los Angeles to Manila. Unfortunately, I put in a wrong return date. I discovered the error a few minutes after the booking. I contacted PAL and requested it correct the error and offered to pay any fare difference. It's agent I spoke to refused. Then I requested he cancel the flight so I can rebook for the correct date. He refunded and kept saying the ticket is nonrefundable. To which I responded that, per US law, I am entitled to full refund because the cancelation request is within 24 hours of the booking. The man will not budge. He kept repeating what was obviously preprepared explanations. After arguing with him for more than an hour, he put me on hold to supposedly speak to his supervisor. After waiting for more than 15 minutes, the phone suddenly went dead.

I called back immediately and this time spoke to a different person. This time it was a lady. I again requested that she rebook the flight or cancel it. To which she responded with the same responses as the guy before. Then after a frustrating one hour arguing with her, she put me on hold. When she returned, she finally said she will cancel the ticket and refund me my money, but I will get the refund after three months. I asked for confirming email, which as you will surmise, never came. I called back three days later and requested the confirmation email. None was sent.

This airline must be so crooked and desperate for money to resorted to such a gimmick to scam money from people and violate US law.

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02 August 2023 12:08:00 Ret suu

PAL is the absolute worse Airline in the world. Not very accommodating and will cancelled your flight without further notice and explanation. The flight was supposed to be 6am then we received email confirmation thst it was cancelled and was moved to a later hour. After waiting for a few hours and was ready to board then PAL sent us another email confirmation that it was cancelled again and will wait for another few hours then we asked the staff to transfer us to another airlines due to having appointments but they werent able to help us. One staff told us that there was a problem on the aircraft and we asked another staff what was the problem and the answer is different the other staff said the aircraft hasnt arrived yet. This it an absolutely lies from the staffs, the delayed tactics of this airline company to rob peoples money and * their time. Never again and never ever book a flight on PAL. They will never care and will never help you or give you some kind of complimentaries

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04 July 2023 12:07:00 Guest

I have only been once to Philippines and I didn't want a budget airline. The pictures and all looks OK so I decided to pay alittle more because I wanted a full flight service and they said this is the best airline from the Philippines. The coming from Singapore to Philippines was horrible because I realised there was not much entertainment and the seats were no difference from the budget airline. After boarding, we were suddenly told we will be delayed due to maintenance and everyone was perspiring like mad on board.. on my returned flight we were told in advance flight will be delayed and when we waited for the delayed new timing, it delayed again for boarding and all .... also when I asked the counter girl to confirm if this flight has entertainment she said not sure and no guarantee there be screens ... to make matters worst I actually reserved a seat and they gave me a seat very far different and far back. I asked her why because I did reserved a seat she told me because its full flight. No more seats left.

No more Philippines whatever airline for me... I am going back to SQ

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24 June 2023 12:06:00 Disappointed customer

Flew from Manila to Los Angeles on business class.
The first two hours was great..
After that, everyone went to sleep.
You could not find any attendant talking care of the passengers. On the tenth hour, they started appearing.
I asked about their mid flight snacks and told I should have asked. Who could I have asked if nobody was around..
NO star review
Worst airline

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21 June 2023 12:06:00 Wilfredo Penascosas

Poor customer service specially in terms of refund of your hotel due to flight delay.

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20 June 2023 12:06:00 Guest

I've been flying for over 30 years and Philippines Airlines is by far the WORST airline I have ever had the misfortune of flying with. You've been warned. If you want to be treated like complete trash fly with PAL, otherwise do NOT fly with PAL

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16 June 2023 12:06:00 Ayu

Terrible experience. The flight was rescheduled 4 times before it's cancelled last minute. Not only once, the return flight was also rescheduled 3 times and delayed for 7 hours. Think twice when you book with this airline. Zero professionalism in handling flight disruptions, they don't care at all.

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10 June 2023 12:06:00 Guest

Terrible airline, terrible experience!
1. Flight was cancelled hours before departure and after online check-in. Cancellation was not due to bad weather, but due to aircraft maintenance

2. On the day of my departure (rescheduled flight), no provision for online check-in. Had to call PAL 2x to check if indeed I have the right flight details.

3. Long queue despite having business flight ticket during check-in. Maybe because theres only 2 counters catering for Elite Mabuhay members, business class and premium economy class passengers.

4. Boarding was on time but we departed late (>2 hours waiting inside the plane) due to complaints of passengers on the seat they were given.

5. Limited food choices and small food portion. Considering that their business class ticket was sooo expensive than other airlines.

6. No automatic flight mileage accrual despite having my mabuhay miles membership number during booking and in my boarding pass. Had to apply for missing miles.

7. Finally after more than a week, miles accrual was successfully credited for the WRONG FLIGHT hence, the wrong mileage accrual. I have sent them a photo copy of my boarding pass and yet, they have managed to enter the wrong info.

As a summary, my experience with PAL, mabuhay miles app, Mabuhay miles perks and customer service for miles accrual was TERRIBLE!

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10 May 2023 12:05:00 Guest

I'm an OFW and I fly back and forth to the Philippines from Singapore once or twice a year since 2008. My normal routine when flying is Singapore to Manila, Manila to Laoag then vice-versa. Suffice it to say, my Mabuhay Miles points would be very useful if they were given by other airlines except for Philippine Airlines. Suffice it to say, the Mabuhay Miles points are absolutely useless, and good luck if you can even convert it to your desired flight (or any flight). Just to give you an idea, if you want to claim you have to call a landline which is always busy. It is not uncommon to wait for 30 mins to an hour just to get through. And most of the time, you'll be at a dead end. * of time and effort. I haven't successfully converted my miles to date, I even gave up trying.

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08 May 2023 12:05:00 Guest

"Nightmare in the Skies: My Terrible Experience with Philippine Airlines"

Dear readers,

I want to share my terrible experience with Philippine Airlines during my recent flight with them. I had purchased a business class ticket with high expectations, only to be extremely disappointed and frustrated throughout the entire journey.

The 14-hour flight from Los Angeles to Manila was extremely uncomfortable due to the absence of remote controls on our seats, which meant we couldn't even watch any movies or programs during the flight. Despite their acknowledgment of the defect, the compensation offered by the airline of only 5,000 bonus miles each was not enough to make up for the inconvenience caused during our honeymoon trip.

Unfortunately, the issues didn't end there. We experienced serious deficiencies in service by the check-in counter personnel, gate agents, flight attendants, their teamwork, and the in-flight facilities. It was an unpleasant, frustrating, and even traumatic experience for us.

The check-in personnel at LAX Los Angeles Airport were not professional and their hysterical attitude made us feel unwelcome. We were even forced to purchase tickets without regard to the date because the boarding time was near, and her words were threatening. Furthermore, the baggage manager demanded an excessive baggage fee for my 5'5" surfboard that we were already permitted to check-in during our previous flight from the US to Hong Kong.

Additionally, the remote control for our seats was broken, and we weren't even informed until after we asked for their email address and emailed them. The flight attendants even stepped on my feet when preparing food, which was both painful and unprofessional. To make matters worse, my surfboard was broken upon arrival in Hong Kong.

The experience traumatized us, and it was very disappointing to not have received a response from the customer service center for almost a month. It was a nightmare from start to finish and made our honeymoon extremely unpleasant.

As a paying customer who bought a business class ticket, I expected better service from the airline. However, the poor quality of service and lack of accountability left me feeling * and frustrated.

I hope that the airline takes the necessary steps to improve their service standards and prevent similar issues from happening to other passengers in the future.


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04 May 2023 12:05:00 Fennis Jones

This was my worst flying g experience ever!!!!!
I will never fly this greedy airline again.
They overbooked yet they offer to give you an entire row of seats.
Plane was 3 hours late departure flight PR126 Manila to JFK May 2 2023.
They tell us at time of departure having fueling issues, 9p.m. still say still working out fueling issues.

Plane departs at 11p.m. 3 hours late sitting in Plane and arrive in JFK3.30 a.m. I had flight scheduled with American to Norfolk at 6.30 a.m.
I paid for Mr luggage to be on that airline but guess what it wasn't boarded on plane because of weight issues.
Noone ever mentioned that.

This airline left it up to JFK attendants to deal with this mess people were * !!!!!!!!.
I'm trying to get answers about my bags and finally someone had the sense to get us all in a location where we can find what happened they gave me an insult with 180.00 Lol!!!!
I have all kinda of important things in my luggage that are known to be taken in Manila.

I am very disappointed with this poor customer service and greed of thus airline.
22 years of flying all-over the world that is the worst experience I have ever had and will never fly with this airline again Thanks for nothing

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28 April 2023 12:04:00 Guest

Flight delays, terrible service, and the nerve of employees. Transits are a nightmare with them particularly if you pass through Manila. Don't fly with them even if tickets are cheap.

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11 April 2023 12:04:00 Guest

Dont fly with PAL. Booking was easy with Ticket Agency but a couple of days later seating arrangements were unbooked. I emailed PAL multiple times about the issue and they were going in circles with their email response. I purchased seats because I will be flying with elderly family members. Then they respond by saying they cant find a record of purchased seats. The * . I have proof and even provided attachments. Even with purchased seats they will unbook those seats and not provide you another seat with same price. They will also say need to purchase seats again. * this airline the worse ever. Such a simple issue and they cant even fix it. Classic filipino and corrupt business.

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04 April 2023 12:04:00 Guest

ABSOLUTE RUBBISH. TWICE, they screwed up our business class tickets. overbooked our flight, gave us a voucher, jumped through hoops to get ticket rebooked. Go to check-in online, won't allow it. Send an email saying our tickets aren't confirmed, yet I have emails saying our tickets are confirmed. ALL LEGS of the flights, no room in business class, now. WE PAID FOR BUSINESS CLASS. They SUCK! I'm out of pocket for my original business class tickets, my connecting flights and hotels. DO NOT FLY Philippine Airlines. HORRIBLE. They don't desrve the one star rating, but it won't allow me to post with ZERO star rating.

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22 March 2023 12:03:00 R Barroso

They are by far the worst when it comes to Customer Service, Policies that doesn't make any sense, Systems that are outdated, Discrimination to Filipinos especially those who are flying Economy, how they treat them like sh*t, yet they cater and bend over backwards to Non-Filipinos or those who are flying Business Class, Disgusting Food they serve at the Economy class, On board entertainment that sucks, most uncomfortable seats and almost ZERO legroom for a 16 hour flight, costly onboard wifi that doesn't always work, additional security screenings on their gates at the airport after you already had been screened. Stupid restrictions that other airlines doesn't have to give them right to confiscate items in your luggage for no reason, and we know that the a-holes at their so called Security keep them for themselves, and everything else that you can take.....What IRKS me the most aside from what I mentioned is how they REQUIRE everyone to BUY and WEAR mask just to let you pass through their boarding gate, then they really don't care if you wear them after you get in, and you see some of their employees not even wearing them on the other side of the gate, which cost 50 pesos each instead of just handing it for free. Obviously not a big deal for us, but what about those who really cant afford it? Some of those folks are probably traveling because someone died or a family member is sick, and they had to go back home for emergency, and may even have just enough money to buy food, but yet they end up having to use their last 50 pesos to buy a stupid mask, which none of the other airlines even require! PAL insisted to continue to rob everyone for this stupid mask policy......SMH! This company needs to shut down, and I am going to publish all our experiences on every social media.....I'm a FULL BLOOD FILIPINO, and I am ashamed that this is the Airline the represents the country I Love.....It's SICKENING!!! Never Again!!!!

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05 March 2023 12:03:00 Cory L

This Philippine airlines is a JOKE! I've had my flight booked for 4 weeks and in that time frame they've changed my flight times 3 times and my seating arrangement 4 times. Do not use these clowns! I get no answers when I call and talk to them and will never recommend them to my worse enemy. They should rename themselves as "The Jokes On You" Airlines

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02 March 2023 12:03:00 R. Malagamba

It was appalling experience rebooking after our flight schedule was postponed three times. At one point, we were asked to hang up and will call us back after two hours. We waited for more than two hours, then, called them back in the morning after more than 6 hours waiting.
It was very unpleasant and we thought our loyalty will be considered.

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25 February 2023 12:02:00 Guest

To sad this airline is Philippines National Carrier always worst on delayed and rescheduling flight short notice to the passenger.

Inside the Airplane experienced is to bad broken seat entertainment not working selection of movies bad.

Boarding time is to bad un organized no instructions from the ground crew every passenger is confused wants to go first because most of the passenger is fraustrated due to delayed flight.

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20 February 2023 12:02:00 Vasant

I recently had an incredibly frustrating experience with Philippine Airlines. They rescheduled my flight multiple times and then ultimately cancelled it at the last minute. To make matters worse, they denied my request for a refund, leaving me with no alternative options and a significant financial loss.

Throughout the entire experience, the airline's communication was poor, and they were not transparent about their policies and procedures. I felt as though I was not being taken seriously and that my concerns were not being addressed.

Overall, I was extremely disappointed with the way that Philippine Airlines handled the situation. As a customer, I expect to be treated fairly and with respect, and unfortunately, that was not the case with this airline. I would not recommend flying with them in the future.

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24 January 2023 12:01:00 Guest

Really bad customer service, they refused to help rebook a ticket even though it was less than 48 hrs from flight time. They force you go to back to the travel store that cannot rebook tickets under 48hrs. They want to rip you off, to rebook, the force you to pay over 1000.00 for a 1 way ticket from Manila to LAX even though seats were available.

The Manila airport and gate was so disorganized, you have to leave terminal to use the bathroom at T1 for Phillipne air. Don't fly them, they need to shut down and maybe hire better employees.

Flight was delayed over 2 hrs and if you look at their flight history for Jan 2023, they are around 40% > 1 hr late for an international flight

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16 January 2023 12:01:00 Guest

Phillipine Airlines have the sheer arrogance of placing a Business Class passenger into a broken seat that will never turn into anything comfortable to sleep on. Worst still, I thought the seat was just uncomfortable and that was the way it was supposed to be. After 2 hours of struggling to get comfortable, I gave up sliding down the seat and it was only then I noticed the issue. Earlier in the flight, I was having a chat with one of the stewardesses and she said something about broken seats. I thought I mis-heard her and dismissed it. After letting a steward know, he got a box for the seat to prop up on. Far too late by then. Damage was done, the other passengers' children had had their sleep and there was no letting up on their noise from there on out. I'm glad I had Neurofen on hand for the headache. Why wasn't I told from the start about this? Was it the case that I wasn't going to notice or not care? Better not to alert the other passengers of the failure either else they might have something to say in social media? Towards the end of the flight, another seat failed and then my partner lets me know she can't place any weight on her chair without it collapsing. Word of advice to Phillipine Airline "Business Class" passengers. Don't assume by paying $1000s extra that your trip is going to be anywhere near "Business Class". The photo of the damaged section of lighting is a bonus. I tried to let the airline to respond but the complaint was ignored.

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12 January 2023 12:01:00 C. Adams

Same experience as many others posted here:

Philippine Airlines downgrades its available class of service then refuses to provide a refund for the difference in the higher priced ticket that was purchased and the cheaper seat that was delivered!

This has happened to me repeatedly.

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23 November 2022 12:11:00 Guest

Absolutely the worst customer service to resolve any issues. Flight food was way below average, bathrooms were dirty while flight attendants rested in the rear of the plane.

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18 October 2022 12:10:00 Guest

The absolute worst airline in the world. We lost thousands of dollars (and so did our credit card company) just trying to rebook a flight. When their reps got caught up in their own lies they simply hang up the phone (which they are trained to do) forcing the customer to go through their aweful cycle all over again. This process can continue for days or weeks at a time.

They will pray upon anyone, anywhere, any time.

I truly hope they pay for the things they've done to people and the unmitigated shame they've brought to the Philippines; this county doesn't deserve to be dragged down by these crooks on the world stage.

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20 September 2022 12:09:00 Guest

I booked business class tickets through a 3rd party. PAL are not giving the 3rd party company my refund - I have been chasing for more than 2 years. Will never fly them again.

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14 September 2022 12:09:00 Criselda

This airlines is the worst customer service they have. No one can help you for small issues. If I can only give less than one star, I would. This airline is unprofessional in all ethical. They have a supervisor but cannot do anything, I been calling them to resolve issues for my set that I pay to upgrade my set for front row unfortunately until now still waiting to resolve and is been 3 months, this is not the first time I have issues from this airlines last flight I have they lost my luggage. I don't honestly even want to think about anymore because it is very stressful and not to mention that I might wasted my money! So, please, if you are to book with this airline, I highly suggest you consider other airlines. Philippines airline is not professional, do not care about their customers, and is very difficult to reach out to when an uneventful situation happens. STAY AWAY FROM THIS AIRLINE and PLEASE DO NOT BOOK YOUR FLIGHT TO THEM.

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14 September 2022 12:09:00 Guest

I booked my flight to Philippine airlines for there promotion that you can cancel anytime last March for this coming December flight. Then I realized that there is no set assign to me so call them them April and inform the person that I dont mind paying as long I got the front row for bigger space for my foot then I paid. I called send I receive an email that they changed my flight then I fond out that my set is not front row but on the second row so I make a complaint on July and ask to resolve the issue, they told me to wait 48 hours that someone will call me. I waited for a week no call or email. I emailed them to figure out what happened to my inquiry no response. I called today after 3 months waiting still asking me to wait as they send email for follow up. This ridiculous that no one can help you and I fond out that there is a penalty if you cancel your flight which is scam since the promotion is you can cancel anytime. Still waiting a solution from this airline

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11 September 2022 12:09:00 Joy Cheng

Requested my flight to be upgraded through their call center. The call center agent made a quote and sent the payment link for the additional payment.

After paying, the agent reviewed and noted that my booking was NOT UPGRADED due to system limitation.

After wasting our time on calls for about 3 hours and involving CIVIL AERONAUTICS BOARD - they mentioned that they will refund, retrain their agents and give a "courtesy" 1-way domestic ticket.

Sadly the amount I paid for the UPGRADE scheme - NOT YET REFUNDED after 6months. What a scam.

*Not willing to take that "courtesy" 1-way ticket. No thanks.

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10 September 2022 12:09:00 William

I thought this philipine airline is good at first but they turn out to be a greedy set of crooks I had a ticket canceled on me because of the pandemic according to them they converted it into a travel voucher and thne I tried to use the ticket again and once again they cancel the flight they offered me a refund promising a 3 month or 3 billing cycles timeframe of of course they lied amd did not fulfill their obligation to refund my amount of almost $1000 usd.I had to call several times amd then complain to the us department of transportation to get them to budge finally they sent me a email with some arn code a bunch of numbers they told me to give to my bank to try to track down the refund because the card this philipine airlines refunded I no longer use because my bank switched my card a while back.Very * poor customer service I advise anybody before you book on them use a credit card to pay for the fare not a bank debit card like I did because they will screw around with you and you will have to take drastic steps like I did to get them to budge on refunding your money and if you don't call them and fight for your money they won't refund a penny willingly

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09 September 2022 12:09:00 cynthia fernandez

Travelled to Phil with my husband taking PAL for the first time and total disaster!! Coming back to US our 2 baggage were paintings. I checked in the website that paintings, etc. are ex. of fragile/bulky items that this airline accepts with a limited release baggage tag and i also checked in their office: oversize, 65 inches and 76 inches with 16 and 17.5 kg.And that we check in in dipolog and claim them in JFK.This is the perk why we chose Pal. So knowing we'll be out the airport by 1045 the most, i made a business transaction appointment.
Upon checking in, we were told that we have to collect our baggage and proceed to TSA .Someone will assist.Nightmare begins. TSA said oversize after a supervisor checking they passed us to transfer desk entertained by few different trainees? and different supervisors that doesn't know how to proceed. They contacted Dipolog and i talked to a supervisor that seems to acknowledge the oversight.....and I refuse to accept that pabayaan na. Ang laki na ng hassle
We had to drive our cart with the lady from the transfer desk, no help from the transport as promised. They were so slow . I decided to pay and just deal with the rest in US to write a complaint in the airline hoping to improve their service.

Time frame:
Arrival in Mla 10:15 Am
1 PM still in the transfer desk
1:15 PM told them I will pay.
2:45 PM paid
3;15 PM settled a bite in jollibee....missed my appointment

Personnel needs more training and proper mentorship.

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04 September 2022 12:09:00 Guest

Very poor customer service manner. You asked them for help for plane tickets and schedule, and if they dont know the answer they will hang up, instead of apologising that they are having trouble of assisting you.

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04 September 2022 12:09:00 ramsey abouremeleh

This is the worst International airline I have ever flown on. Flight delays, no help for people with disabilities ( I watched as a blind patron was forced sit in a wheel chair against his will. They did not want him walking around the airport port. He did not want to be placed in the chair I spoke with him for a little while he stated he has traveled all across Thailand completely blind and he did not need a wheelchair, nor want one arranged for him. They left him a corner waiting for his flight which was leaving in four hours. He was very * . I called customer service about half of my own issues and was on hold for two hours and then told Talk to a security guard. I spoke to security guard and he told me to call Philippine Airlines 🙁 I did call philippine airlines and was on hold for another 45 minutes. And then then the phone agent told me to talk to an airline agent after an hour I found an agent who then told me to call Philippine Airlines again . 😑 call number six Spoke with the Philippines airline agent who told me to call security guard and called an in person agents both people then and again told me to speak to the phone agent. 😕 call number nine Philippine Airlines was unable to help in anyway I myself am a person with a disability and this has to be the worst airline I have ever flown on. Do not give them any of your money

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18 July 2022 12:07:00 Peter M

Second trip to the Philippines this year. First time was on April 2022. Two days prior to my departure the trip suddenly disappeared from my itinerary. Spend hours trying to rectify and finally got it resolved. Talking to any representative was a major ordeal and took on average 2 hours just to get through the system.
The day before my departure the new updated trip also got mysteriously cancelled. A few more hours on the phone and an extra $535 got me on a different flight. Absolutely ridiculous.
Fast forward to July and problems again. They cancelled the original flight which was booked 3 months in advance and rescheduled me on a different flight with a 14 hour layover. I called Expedia and got my flight changed for the next day so I wouldnt have such a long layover. After that I got a confirmation email from Philippines Airlines saying my flight is booked and confirmed. I then went to their website and purchased better seats. Also got confirmation email with new seat selection. Its now the day before my trip and low and behold my flight is gone!! I called Expedia and they told me there is no flight and nothing they can do. 3 hours on the phone and the end result was a refund. I have plans, reservations and a wedding to attend and they managed to ruin everything.
2 trips with PAL and both trips ended up in disaster. Thankfully I was able to secure a trip the following day with a different airline. Will never use PAL regardless of price. Im sharing this so hopefully my feedback will save someone the aggravation and * of time. So, as far as PAL goes I only have one word. RUN!

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09 July 2022 12:07:00 Hawaii

Philippines Airlines is worst airlines to fly to Philippines. Been to Philippines many times and decided to fly with Philippines Airlines this year 2022, and biggest mistake ever.
Philippines Airlines delayed schedule d flight for 5 hours which caused my connection flight to be canceled, and spent another 6 hours in Manila Airport.
Customer Service and Flight Attendants are not friendly, and worst airlines food. Regretted ordering their menu.
They don't acknowledge their inconvenience due to flight delays, and no compensation.
Same issues with flight delays coming back to Hawaii.
I don't recommend Philippines Airlines to my worst enemy. Worst airlines company and if they don't improve 😒, most likely they will go Bankrupt again 🙄

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31 May 2022 12:05:00 Christopher Fernandez

I was booked and purchase a business class ticket for June 3, 2022 PR 113 at 12:25. They suddenly changed my flight to June 2,2022 without even calling or informing me if I can fly on that day. Of course not! That is why I booked a flight on June 3! I found out that they have to change to a smaller plane and that is why I was displaced in my original flight. But other passengers remained on the flight! Who makes the decision which passengers get displaced or not! I called the hotline customer service and they cannot book me on a later flight or any succeeding days until June 10th. All business seats are full. But I have to go home to Manila so I was forced to take a later flight PR 103 June 3rd at 10:25 pm ON ECONOMY CLASS! after paying a business class ticket!!
So disappointed at PAL! This might be my last Time to use PAL!

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05 April 2022 12:04:00 Sandra Adams

My first & last time to fly this airline. It doesnt deserved any single star based on my appalling experience! I flew from Manila to Dubai last 2nd April 2022, PR658 Business Class. From check-in counter, the lady behind the counter was rude & unfriendly to boarding (no lines for Business class) to given my seat right behind!! The crews filled up the business class with upgraded passengers, given them the good seats as opposed to giving the priority to passengers who paid the right price! I felt like it was a daytime robbery of my rights! Service & food was atrocious! Never again neither I will recommend!!!

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14 February 2022 12:02:00 Angela Cristobal

If I can only give less than one star, I would. This airline is unprofessional in all ethical aspects. First of all, if the airline is to change any rules and regulations about flights regarding anything, the most professional way to do it is first to make sure ALL customers are informed about the changes days before their scheduled flight, and not just a few days at least a week to give the customers time to get all the requirements needed. I understand the pandemic has influenced many of these changes, but the least this airplane could do is compensate their customers rightfully, not milk them more of their money with more rebooking and swabbing. I want to share all the details about my family's experience. Unfortunately, the incident happened with too many misfortune that I don't honestly even want to think about anymore because it is very stressful and not to mention a complete * of time and money! So, please, if you are to book with this airline, I highly suggest you consider other airlines. Philippines airline is not professional, do not care about their customers, and is very difficult to reach out to when an uneventful situation happens. STAY AWAY FROM THIS AIRLINE.

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03 November 2021 12:11:00 Santipolo

Sadly, thought we tolerated their sub standard service for years, our experience since May 2020 has left us wishing we had never booked with them.

I have lost count of how many times an operative has told us "Just 5 more billing cycles sir" or "I shall expedite your complaint sir"

Reality is, they are taking customers money and consider it their money regardless of circumstance.

PAL cancelled our May 2020 flights because of covid and despite using every contact option available, they repeat the same lines over and over as above. We are still waiting on our nearly £1400 refund from they acknowledge we are entitled to.

We now have a solicitor working on it.

In the past we have experience several delayed departures which they dealt with very poorly. Their food isn't really so good, just barely acceptable. Their in flight entertainment is via an ipad and power brick with nowhere to put it so it has to be held.

This latest avoidance of our refund just sealed our view of them as potentially corrupt and stealing their customers hard earned money.

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17 May 2021 12:05:00 Guest

It's been over a year that we have been waiting for a refund of 4 tickets. I booked my mother's ticket a few days before we booked ours and she received hers after a few months but we still haven't received ours. The bank has been trying to dispute it but no luck. I have emailed and called Philippine Airlines several times but all they say is that they will forward the information to the support desk. It was suppose to be our first time to fly with them from NY to Manila but what an experience it has been. We booked again for this year but we had to switch it to a travel voucher due to the imposed travel restrictions of the Philippines. Before we booked the ticket, I asked if we can just use the tickets from 2020 since we didn't get the money back but the representative said no since it was already being processed. Hopefully when we get a chance to use the travel voucher that they won't give us a hard time. If we still don't get the refund from 2020, I will contact Nina Pineda who works for ABC 7 and is a fellow Filipina, hoping she can help not just me but all of us.

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12 May 2021 12:05:00 Wiggins

Beware Philippines Airlines is corrupt.
We had a flight for April 7 2021.
PAL cancelled the flight, then charged us a fraudulent re-booking fee.
The next flight was for July 3 2021.
Pal cancelled that too, and now they want to charge us a fee to re-book again.
We did NOT cancel, PAL cancelled the flights.
We should be compensated for the inconvenience!
But NO, PAL, continues to ask for the fees.
Philippines Airlines are corrupt!

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29 January 2021 12:01:00 Guest

We got a confirmation email that a refund will be processed within 5 months last August. We have been patiently waiting. Now that it has been more than 5 months, we have called several times but we are still getting a runaround. They don't have a customer service dept that could handle calls about refunds, the supervisor that I spoke with could only send an email to the refunds dept. Obviously, just trying to beat around the bush. If anyone is filing a case, let us know because we would definitely join in.

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08 July 2019 12:07:00 Guest

Philippine Airlines changed my flight Manila to Toronto, moving 12 hours forwards. My prior connecting flight would have me in the Manila airport more than 14 hours early. I first called PA and tried to get a different flight. They couldn't help me. So I booked with a different company. When trying to board my flight in Manila PA told me I couldn't do that and that Id have to pay $150 to board my flight, because I hadn't boarded my previous flight. Needless to say I was * , first because they changed their flight screwing up my schedule costing me another day hotel and parking fees and then charging me for not canceling.

I was warned not to use PA, should have heeded the advice.

PA stole $150 from me.

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24 February 2015 12:02:00 Shughes

Easily the worst airline I have ever flown with. Prior to departure we had 3 reschedules that were not confirmed with us until WE contacted them 2 days before departure. One of our flights was rescheduled to the evening before we were meant to fly meaning we had to spend a night in Manila (our final destination was Tagbilaran, Bohol). On the return journey our flight from Tagbilaran to Manila (connecting to a flight to HK) was cancelled meaning we missed our connection. The reason was because another airline was on the runway too long so the PAL plane we were catching couldn't land. It was rescheduled to the next day. However as it was a different airline causing the delay PAL claimed it was an act of god and would not pay for our accommodation. We eventually got on the plane to Manila the next day at 7:05 but take off was delayed 20 mins. We arrived in Manila expecting to be put on the next flight to HK (PAL airlines or any other). Instead we were told they were all overbooked and we would have to wait on standby. We waited for two flights (one at 10am and one at 2:30pm) both were full and we could not get on. They maintained the reason we missed our flights was "force meajure" (act of god) and that they would not pay for us to go on another airline, or for accommodation for us in manila until the next available flight (2 days later!). Eventually after 7 hours waiting in Manila we left Terminal 2 (a horrendous excuse for an airport terminal, exclusively for Philippine airlines) to go to Terminal 3 (by taxi!) which was much nicer. Bought a ticket with Cebu Pacific and got a flight back to HK leaving at 7pm that night with them instead. PAL ruined our holiday and cost us each a day of work and we saw no compensation. We will now never fly back to Philippines because of them. There staff were patronizing and unhelpful. Despite whether it was an act of god or otherwise there planes were all overbooked by 5 - 10 passengers (signs everywhere requesting people volunteer to give up their seats). Almost everyone on our flight had to pay for new tickets for missed connections. It is a beautiful country, but my advice is go to Thailand. Equally nice weather and beaches, much higher quality national airline.

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03 July 2013 12:07:00 Guest

For the first time to Manila Philippines I book my business class on Philippines airlines from Toronto to Manila via Vancouver and the service and punctual was excellent. I flew on Air Canada to Vancouver in their Executive Class then transfer to Philippines Airlines, the transfer was smooth and my luggage was tagged all the way to Manila so the connecting flight went smooth. Flight attendants greeted with a smile and gave me their names. Food, service and entertainment was excellent and the seat was very comfortable. Good varieties of moves to watch. However checking in Manila to Toronto via Vancouver was very slow at the counter which I believe passengers were not prepare to fill out forms so that causes the hold up which I wasn't too happy with. But once I board the flight everything was smooth. This time Philippines flew to Toronto via Vancouver with new crews. I'm hoping to fly with them or another airline depending who can give me good deals on Business Class to Vietnam this time from Toronto.

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12 August 2012 12:08:00 Guest

Whether you're flying economy or business class, PAL is very expensive even for direct flight. With a little patience , consider taking other planes going to the Phil., even with a stop over.
Took PAL flight, direct from Vancouver to Manila. It has its own terminal in Manila. This airline was unorganized and last minute seat distribution continuously occur. I booked for business class but never got into the plane ahead of everyone. The elderly people and those with children also could not get into the plane ahead of time as passengers were rowdy and did not wait for the general boarding announcement. The stewardesses were not accommodating. The plane has uncomfortable seats even for business class and not very clean seats. The toilets are dirty. Although food is great and portions are huge. In Manila, to change your flight or get a seat selection, you have to go to the PAL building somewhere in Makati and had to sit for more than hour to get your flight changed. There was no online booking, no online changes you can do. So if you want to make changes, you're in hell hole. The airline crew was alright in serving you your food but anything else you need, you're in bad luck. These people were not trained to practice good customer service. I noticed too that when there was turbulent, none of the crew were around, unlike the other crew of other international flights I took all through the years. This alone was an indication you can't rely on the PAL crews during emergencies. I promised never to take on PAL again.

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26 August 2009 12:08:00 Guest

Manila-Singapore-Manila Economy. Check-in in Manila easy. Lines at immigration was terrible since it was holy week. Departure on time, flight attendants friendly and respectful. Return flight was okay. Check-in counter opened late and there was already a long line of people waiting. Flight attendants were friendly. In-flight entertainment on both flights were terrible. I just hope PAL would install personal screens in every seat in their planes.

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04 March 2008 12:03:00 Guest

Manila-Tagbilaran (Bohol). We just walked into the airport and asked for seats for this flight - the flight was full but the booking office at Manila sold us seats on the waiting list and despite the flight being overbooked by 8 seats we got on in the end. New plane, smooth flight. Food served was inferior - sweet light nasty crackers and some gooey snacks in plastic, not really food. Flight on time, and for 65 euros for a single last minute ticket I would use Philippine Airlines again.

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