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Philippine Airlines Reviews

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All reviews about Philippine Airlines

03 November 2021 12:11:00 Santipolo

Sadly, thought we tolerated their sub standard service for years, our experience since May 2020 has left us wishing we had never booked with them.

I have lost count of how many times an operative has told us "Just 5 more billing cycles sir" or "I shall expedite your complaint sir"

Reality is, they are taking customers money and consider it their money regardless of circumstance.

PAL cancelled our May 2020 flights because of covid and despite using every contact option available, they repeat the same lines over and over as above. We are still waiting on our nearly £1400 refund from they acknowledge we are entitled to.

We now have a solicitor working on it.

In the past we have experience several delayed departures which they dealt with very poorly. Their food isn't really so good, just barely acceptable. Their in flight entertainment is via an ipad and power brick with nowhere to put it so it has to be held.

This latest avoidance of our refund just sealed our view of them as potentially corrupt and stealing their customers hard earned money.

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17 May 2021 12:05:00 Guest

It's been over a year that we have been waiting for a refund of 4 tickets. I booked my mother's ticket a few days before we booked ours and she received hers after a few months but we still haven't received ours. The bank has been trying to dispute it but no luck. I have emailed and called Philippine Airlines several times but all they say is that they will forward the information to the support desk. It was suppose to be our first time to fly with them from NY to Manila but what an experience it has been. We booked again for this year but we had to switch it to a travel voucher due to the imposed travel restrictions of the Philippines. Before we booked the ticket, I asked if we can just use the tickets from 2020 since we didn't get the money back but the representative said no since it was already being processed. Hopefully when we get a chance to use the travel voucher that they won't give us a hard time. If we still don't get the refund from 2020, I will contact Nina Pineda who works for ABC 7 and is a fellow Filipina, hoping she can help not just me but all of us.

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12 May 2021 12:05:00 Wiggins

Beware Philippines Airlines is corrupt.
We had a flight for April 7 2021.
PAL cancelled the flight, then charged us a fraudulent re-booking fee.
The next flight was for July 3 2021.
Pal cancelled that too, and now they want to charge us a fee to re-book again.
We did NOT cancel, PAL cancelled the flights.
We should be compensated for the inconvenience!
But NO, PAL, continues to ask for the fees.
Philippines Airlines are corrupt!

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29 January 2021 12:01:00 Guest

We got a confirmation email that a refund will be processed within 5 months last August. We have been patiently waiting. Now that it has been more than 5 months, we have called several times but we are still getting a runaround. They don't have a customer service dept that could handle calls about refunds, the supervisor that I spoke with could only send an email to the refunds dept. Obviously, just trying to beat around the bush. If anyone is filing a case, let us know because we would definitely join in.

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08 July 2019 12:07:00 Guest

Philippine Airlines changed my flight Manila to Toronto, moving 12 hours forwards. My prior connecting flight would have me in the Manila airport more than 14 hours early. I first called PA and tried to get a different flight. They couldn't help me. So I booked with a different company. When trying to board my flight in Manila PA told me I couldn't do that and that Id have to pay $150 to board my flight, because I hadn't boarded my previous flight. Needless to say I was * , first because they changed their flight screwing up my schedule costing me another day hotel and parking fees and then charging me for not canceling.

I was warned not to use PA, should have heeded the advice.

PA stole $150 from me.

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24 February 2015 12:02:00 Shughes

Easily the worst airline I have ever flown with. Prior to departure we had 3 reschedules that were not confirmed with us until WE contacted them 2 days before departure. One of our flights was rescheduled to the evening before we were meant to fly meaning we had to spend a night in Manila (our final destination was Tagbilaran, Bohol). On the return journey our flight from Tagbilaran to Manila (connecting to a flight to HK) was cancelled meaning we missed our connection. The reason was because another airline was on the runway too long so the PAL plane we were catching couldn't land. It was rescheduled to the next day. However as it was a different airline causing the delay PAL claimed it was an act of god and would not pay for our accommodation. We eventually got on the plane to Manila the next day at 7:05 but take off was delayed 20 mins. We arrived in Manila expecting to be put on the next flight to HK (PAL airlines or any other). Instead we were told they were all overbooked and we would have to wait on standby. We waited for two flights (one at 10am and one at 2:30pm) both were full and we could not get on. They maintained the reason we missed our flights was "force meajure" (act of god) and that they would not pay for us to go on another airline, or for accommodation for us in manila until the next available flight (2 days later!). Eventually after 7 hours waiting in Manila we left Terminal 2 (a horrendous excuse for an airport terminal, exclusively for Philippine airlines) to go to Terminal 3 (by taxi!) which was much nicer. Bought a ticket with Cebu Pacific and got a flight back to HK leaving at 7pm that night with them instead. PAL ruined our holiday and cost us each a day of work and we saw no compensation. We will now never fly back to Philippines because of them. There staff were patronizing and unhelpful. Despite whether it was an act of god or otherwise there planes were all overbooked by 5 - 10 passengers (signs everywhere requesting people volunteer to give up their seats). Almost everyone on our flight had to pay for new tickets for missed connections. It is a beautiful country, but my advice is go to Thailand. Equally nice weather and beaches, much higher quality national airline.

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03 July 2013 12:07:00 Guest

For the first time to Manila Philippines I book my business class on Philippines airlines from Toronto to Manila via Vancouver and the service and punctual was excellent. I flew on Air Canada to Vancouver in their Executive Class then transfer to Philippines Airlines, the transfer was smooth and my luggage was tagged all the way to Manila so the connecting flight went smooth. Flight attendants greeted with a smile and gave me their names. Food, service and entertainment was excellent and the seat was very comfortable. Good varieties of moves to watch. However checking in Manila to Toronto via Vancouver was very slow at the counter which I believe passengers were not prepare to fill out forms so that causes the hold up which I wasn't too happy with. But once I board the flight everything was smooth. This time Philippines flew to Toronto via Vancouver with new crews. I'm hoping to fly with them or another airline depending who can give me good deals on Business Class to Vietnam this time from Toronto.

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12 August 2012 12:08:00 Guest

Whether you're flying economy or business class, PAL is very expensive even for direct flight. With a little patience , consider taking other planes going to the Phil., even with a stop over.
Took PAL flight, direct from Vancouver to Manila. It has its own terminal in Manila. This airline was unorganized and last minute seat distribution continuously occur. I booked for business class but never got into the plane ahead of everyone. The elderly people and those with children also could not get into the plane ahead of time as passengers were rowdy and did not wait for the general boarding announcement. The stewardesses were not accommodating. The plane has uncomfortable seats even for business class and not very clean seats. The toilets are dirty. Although food is great and portions are huge. In Manila, to change your flight or get a seat selection, you have to go to the PAL building somewhere in Makati and had to sit for more than hour to get your flight changed. There was no online booking, no online changes you can do. So if you want to make changes, you're in hell hole. The airline crew was alright in serving you your food but anything else you need, you're in bad luck. These people were not trained to practice good customer service. I noticed too that when there was turbulent, none of the crew were around, unlike the other crew of other international flights I took all through the years. This alone was an indication you can't rely on the PAL crews during emergencies. I promised never to take on PAL again.

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26 August 2009 12:08:00 Guest

Manila-Singapore-Manila Economy. Check-in in Manila easy. Lines at immigration was terrible since it was holy week. Departure on time, flight attendants friendly and respectful. Return flight was okay. Check-in counter opened late and there was already a long line of people waiting. Flight attendants were friendly. In-flight entertainment on both flights were terrible. I just hope PAL would install personal screens in every seat in their planes.

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04 March 2008 12:03:00 Guest

Manila-Tagbilaran (Bohol). We just walked into the airport and asked for seats for this flight - the flight was full but the booking office at Manila sold us seats on the waiting list and despite the flight being overbooked by 8 seats we got on in the end. New plane, smooth flight. Food served was inferior - sweet light nasty crackers and some gooey snacks in plastic, not really food. Flight on time, and for 65 euros for a single last minute ticket I would use Philippine Airlines again.

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