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Pegasus Airlines Reviews

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All reviews about Pegasus Airlines

27 March 2024 12:03:00 Linda

Terrible no one to contact. Fobbed of. Told no ma nageres. Won't accept official documentation re illness.
They want documents with a seal. Eng didn't use seals since 17th century.

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09 January 2024 12:01:00 MARIIA

I, Mariia Alexandrovna Volkova (PNR: HZAP5P), bought a ticket from this airline through an agency. Before the trip, I became seriously ill, and the doctor banned me from flying for six months. I am pregnant, and during my pregnancy my chronic tonsillitis worsened, as well as otitis media. Any change in pressure can harm me and my baby. But for two months now I have not been able to get my money back (more than $400), since the airline shifts responsibility to the agency, and the agency shifts responsibility to the airline. Please note that I applied for a refund of the ticket before the flight, I have all the documents confirming my illness. The airline refuses to explain to me the reason for refusing a refund. Both the airline and the agency ignore my rights. I'm going to sue both organizations. I do not recommend this airline and encourage people to choose alternative airlines. Also, if you are facing similar problems, fight for your rights. You can join my lawsuit in court. I will seek maximum compensation for moral and material damage. This kind of attitude towards customers is unacceptable.

In addition, as it turned out later, this agency does not have a license to sell international air tickets. This means that this airline is collaborating with scammers and facilitating fraud.

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28 October 2023 12:10:00 Guest

A delay in the return flight (2,5 hous) was absolutely poorly handled, no reason given, at the booth the rude personel were not willing to give any contact information and on contacting them by E-mail to request a certificate for the delay, I got a ridiculous standard E-mail back. This company is 10 times worse than RyanAir, only fly with them if you are masochistic of nature.

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22 May 2023 12:05:00 Guest

They should be rather called "Maybe Airlines". They usually hook you up on initially very convenient flight schedule. Once you buy a ticket, they change your flights to the extent rediculus. They tumbled my flights in such a way that my connecting flight was supposed to depart 4 hours before my first flight.????

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05 March 2020 12:03:00 Guest

Terrible airline. No repercussions so I they don't improve, no regulations to monitor their service and process. CEOs of airline are friends with the president so theyre comfortable in their mistake. Already had several plane crash in the space of 6 months. Cheap is not always better don't * your time with this good for nothing airline. Horrible staff, horrible customer service and horrible owner.

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25 February 2019 12:02:00 Aydar

Never travel with it!! They charged me 84 Euro for carrying my expensive surfing equipment which was in a special bag with "fragile" stickers all over it and you broke it. The new board that cost me 1750 Euro last year is now inusable. And they just said it was like that before. And it's even impossible to file a complaint on the website, because they require a baggage number that is obviously different from what I see on the baggage sticker. The shittiest airline!

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23 September 2018 12:09:00 Guest

Pegasus airlines discriminate against the disabled and contravene international law

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04 July 2017 12:07:00 Carole

We reserved an EXTRA ticket flying from Dalaman to Istanbul to Madrid. We paid extra for 10kg of extra luggage, 4 meals and seat selection on all flights. The ticket conditions explicitly says that the ticket is changeable and all pre-paid services will be applied to the new reservation. NOT! Pegasus removed all pre-paid extras and charged us again for new services. When I complained and provided a photocopy of both our original invoice showing the extra charges, and the new invoice which had been stripped of all extra services, they refused to refund my money or apply the previously paid services to the new flight (date change). Their advertising is a PURE LIE! We will never

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13 August 2016 12:08:00 Guest

Terrible flight services, I do understand that it is a low cost company, but the cabin crew members barely spoke English and were not helpful when asking about flight information... Both of my flights were super late and I ended up with a missing luggage on arrival. Then to continue the bad journey, I had to deal with the WORST customer service ever with the operator hanging up on my face while i was trying to have more information.... Will NEVER EVER take this company again. Completely ruined my first day of holiday doesn't worth it at all.

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01 August 2016 12:08:00 Aysegul C

I have been flying with Pegasus Airlines over the last 5 years and their service has been steadily getting worse. Me and other Turkish friends and family had a lot of problems, including lost/delayed luggage, flights with huge delays, terrible customer service etc...We have been enduring it, because their rates were not too bad, they have at least one flight every day fr om Turkey to UK. For me also they fly to a relatively small airport near London (Stansted), which is quite convenient for its location and size (less hectic than Heathrow or Gatwick). However, 4 days ago, when I flew to UK from Turkey, my luggage has not arrived and since then I cannot reach anyone from Pegasus Airlines to get information. My e-mails to customer service is unanswered and noone picks the phones at the numbers given on their website, as if the airline has just vanished after my flight...I never felt so helpless before as a customer. I will obviously not fly with Pegasus any more and would like to warn other people here. If you are flying with only a hand luggage, that may be OK, but if you have a check-in luggage count on not having it back and or having it 1 week later (happened 2 times before)...This time I have no hope, as they don't even reply. I think they lost it and they don't know its wh ereabouts.

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25 June 2016 12:06:00 Guest

Worst experience I ever had!!!

1. The flight attendants and the ground stuff are not friendly, they treat the passengers badly
2. No Air condition in the flight,
3. The pilots are horrible (I had 2 flights with them), I almost throw up during the landing and I don't suffer from any flight sickness.
4. My suitcase was damaged.
5. The fight was delayed in hour
6. They don't offer any water in the flight, if you want water you need to pay for it (they charge you 1.5 euro).

I will never fly with Pegasus Airlines again!

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25 June 2016 12:06:00 Guest

Do not fly Pegasus. Bagage damaged. No answers to email. Very very very unfriendly staff. Incredible small seatings. Not helpful while traveling with small baby.

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21 October 2015 12:10:00 Elaine

Terrible web site and impossible to get to speak to anyone by phone wether it be in uk or turkey.
Worst airline in the world

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27 August 2015 12:08:00 Guest

Really bad service and flight from Gatwick to Turkey on 14 August 2015. Flight delayed, but we couldn't understand any of the announcements, even when in English. None of the announcements throughout the entire flight were audible, the cabin crew didn't do any of the usual safety checks, the cabin crew were very unfriendly. The air conditioning wasn't working properly and the cabin was much too hot. I have to say the return flight was slightly better, but still none of the announcements were audible, which would be dangerous if any sort of incident occurred.

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24 August 2015 12:08:00 Guest

Got to the Bodrum AirPort on time, initial boarding time was 19:50, the delay announced for the FIRST time was 45min , for the second time 180 min than 5h !!! No explanation, spent almost whole night at the airport. Teribble airlines. Don't use it.

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28 June 2015 12:06:00 Guest

Terrible experience. Paid extra for their "advantage" service-- wasn't given the seats I booked, wasn't allowed the extra 5 kg I paid for, and the staff entirely rude. No response to emails. Ridiculous.

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08 May 2015 12:05:00 Moesey fonov

This is the worst airline I've ever flown on. First my baggage didn't show up on time so I couldn't take it with me to my next destination. And second, I tied contacting them but no one picks up the phone or replies on the email.

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16 August 2013 12:08:00 Guest

I travelled from London Stansted to Beirut (Via Istanbul).
The travel was awful:
a) They checked me with the wrong name at the check in;
b) They lost my bag;
c) When I found my bag, it was missing new adidas trainers;
d) They were about 4 hours late (from Istanbul to Beirut) and then they made us wait for an additional 30 min at the gates before the plane took off; the staff were rude and not helpful as they didn't know a lot of English
f) I paid 600 GBP for this flight and I had to travel for more 26 hours, which was not worth this at all.

Shortly, I wouldn't recommend this flight at all, unless you are desperate and you are willing to lose your luggage bag and to wait additional time for flights (apparently delays are very common with this company).

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16 July 2013 12:07:00 Guest

By far the worst airline I have ever dealt with!!!! They lost my luggage on a flight from Tel Aviv to Rome (along with many other people). I was assured that my luggage would arrive at the hotel at my next destination and I was provided with customer service numbers to call. The luggage did not arrive and all of the numbers for customer service did not work. I spent countless hours of my vacation trying to get in touch with someone, anyone who could deliver my bag. At each destination I was assured I was going to recieve my bag the next day. After five days in Italy, I had to spend my last day travelling to the airport to get my bag because they had just told me that it could not be delievered to my hotel.

I have written to their custom service and called multiple times and not one person will take responsibility for their mistake. I have not recieved one return e-mail. This airline is beyond horrid and I would never recommend anyone fly with them again.

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16 July 2011 12:07:00 Guest

Customer service not helpful at all!!!

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30 September 2009 12:09:00 Guest

Gatwick to Dalaman, very basic plane, not enough meals to go around and only one toilet working. Check in staff were very good and was able to get extra leg room which helped me through the flight as I did not feel so closed in. The staff were not really helpful as thier English was limited and we could'nt understand what they were saying. Coming home we were waiting to check in, when a young couple walked past the queue to the front desk - next thing we saw that they were being checked in. When I asked them why they got preferential treatment, they told me it was because they were Turkish and they had a big family and lots of friends - needless to say it did not go down well. When we got to the desk, we were aout the tenth to check in. I asked for extra leg room only to be told it had all gone. If Pegasus policy is to give preferential treatment to thier own people I am afraid people will choose to fly with an airline that is not so biassed.

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