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LOT Polish Airlines Reviews

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All reviews about LOT Polish Airlines

20 February 2022 12:02:00 Katya

It was first and last time flying LOT
Lot lugguage, then received damaged lugguage.

Flights always delayed.
My dads suitcase on the way to New York from Ukraine was lost.
Staff was very unhelpful and unprofessional when it came to file report for lost item.
I was told I will be contacted in 24-48 hrs to schedule delivery of the suitcase. Apparently my dads suitcase was left at Poland.
Nobody contacted me. I had to buy everything from underwater, toothbrush, clothes, etc for my dad.

Lot polish never even apologized for such an inconvenience Im not even saying about giving credit like some airlines do.

Finally 5 days later suitcase was delivered to us. It was broken. Zipper was broke so as the result I had to buy new suitcase for my dad to return to Ukraine.
Extra expense of $125 that I should have had.


When we got to the airport.
I knew we had 5kg overnight and I was ok to pay for it. But representative told us it will be additional $183 charge. What a joke. For 5 kg when you can buy extra check in bag for $130.
Then lot polish representatives made my dad to weigh in carry on lugguage. But the crazy part in front of us it was group of Orthodox Jews and nobody was asked to weight their carry on. Their carry one were as big if not bigger my dad had and they were ok to board with them.
My dad was made to check in his carry on and I paid additional $135
It definitely looks like DISCRIMINATION from LOT polish!!!

When I tolled to manager at check in booth and asked him about list suitcase, broke zipper and I was told he wasnt there when my dad arrived so he had nothing to do it. What a professional answer from LOT representative.

You definitely lost client and not just one.

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06 May 2021 12:05:00 RomanP

In 2019 I used LOT on RZE-WAW-GVA-WAW-RZE route. Honestly I have no any complains. Nothing spectacular but also nothing to complain about. Made on time my connection so I was happy with that. But with overall opinion about LOT I do not plan to use them on trans-Atlantic flights. With my friends who used them on flights USA-Poland no one really was happy. Quick check on LOT flights on Flightradar24 clearly shows that they are almost always late! Not good! 4 stars for just my recent flights around Europe.

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05 November 2020 12:11:00 Jerry Potrawiak

I purchased ticket to Toronto for October 2020. Firstly LOT changed my itinerary twice and this was ok with LOT then I missed first leg flight (my fault, no taxi) from Poznan 2 Warsaw. I took a train as the second leg flight was 12 hours later but when I got there I had to pay 2850 PLN over and above the amount of 2100 PLN, just to reinstate my ticket. So, I end up paying 4950PLN. It looks that LOT is making sales by ripping people off! I queried that charge with LOT as it doesn't make sense to pay so much just for 10 min work reinstating my ticket, yet the plane was half empty.

I have flown more than 700 times but never again will fly LOT. No customer service nor understanding especially during Covid-19 !!!

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24 March 2020 12:03:00 jacek sosnowski

I have been using many different airlines on transatlantic flights: polish airlines LOT, British airlines, Virgins airlines, Swiss airlines. In my opinion LOT has very good new planes, good service during the flight , very good service in first class lounge in Warsaw airport, no compare to the others except British airlines in London. However if you fly by LOT you can assume that departure always be delayed.. Since I has been flying for last 15 years firstt class I was very upset that a year ago when I lost connection in USA due to bed weather condition in Jacksonville Florida. I wanted rebook my flight for next day. Me and my wife, we had to pay significant additional money. I was very upset but I hoped that since I am member of Miles and More and frequent flyer to Poland from USA that I will have better treatment. Very upsetting, but since I am POLAK i gave them 3 stars.

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08 November 2019 12:11:00 Martin

In May 2019 I used LOT and 24 hours before my flight (I was still sleeping) LOT called me that me flight is cancelled and rebooked me for later flight that they but arriving to my destination more than 10 hours later.

So of course I complained and now the fun with their Specialist in Passenger Claims section, Mr Pawel, started.
To my first complaint that I was called 24 hours before the flight, he wrote back after 2 months that my flight was canceled already in April (approx 1 month before the flight) so I was informed more than 2 weeks in advance so no compensation.

So I complaint again, with question if he has a problem with math or understanding English text as I clearly wrote I was called less than 24 hours before the flight and in my world 24 hours is much less then 2 weeks.
After 2,5 months he replied back that they (LOT) carefully investigate each complaint and that they cannot be responsible if the contact details are incorrect.

So I wrote another complaint asking him, if my details were not correct how they were able to call me and also after I booked the tickets I got all the confirmations by email.
Today (8th November) I got a new message from Mr. Pawel. He can see that my email address was changed in the system 1 day before the flight (during the phone call I was asked if I can confirm my email address) so by his opinion my details were definitely incorrect. He completly ignored the question how they were still able to call me if my data were incorrect and wrote that this case is closed for him.

Of course I raised now new complain and will be waiting another 2 months before got any answer...

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27 August 2019 12:08:00 Rodica Pop

I have travelled by LOT from Bucharest to Berlin on August 17th. My luggage was not delivered at my arrival at Tegel airport. The matter was not solved in spite of many flights from Warsaw to Berlin. I have stayed a week without the necessary things I had in my bag.
I am back in Bucharest since August 24th, and waiting in wain my luggage. During all this time it was impossible to contact LOT in Warsaw by telephone or e-mail. It was an automatic answer, who made us (there were several people with non delivered luggage) even more frustrated. The form "we are sorry for the inconvenient, if any" (???!!!) is unacceptable. I invite LOT company head and staff to stay one week with no luggage and see if there is "any inconvenient".

The LOT office in Bucharest just told me that finding the lost luggage is not their concern /business. If I am not wrong, when LOT airlines do not deliver the luggage when you fly with them this is not their concern. But who's ?

I will never fly by LOT this company again, nor my Japanese, Mongolian or German colleagues.

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28 January 2019 12:01:00 k.zenkner

I fly on Lot often and have always had very friendly, professional service. Compares favourably to Lufthansa or Swiss

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23 May 2017 12:05:00 Paul

Keep in mind that LOT is a low cost airline. No meals on short-haul flights, no complimentary alcohol anywhere. If you have excess luggage or need to change your itinerary, you will pay dearly! And you can disregard the rates that are indicated on your reservation, LOT will charge you a much higher rate at your point of origin. But if you do expect low cost customer service, then LOT will get you from point A to point B.

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12 July 2013 12:07:00 Larisa

We have "hot meal" written in our tickets, but got cold snacks in the flights.

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03 May 2013 12:05:00 Guest

Flew LOT on many occasions, from Larnaca to Warsaw and beyond throughout Europe. Larnaca LOT staff are excellent. Service on board the brand new aircraft (Embraers) is super in Business class. But in Economy they just offer a sandwich. Arriving at Warsaw, expect to be boarded into a cramped bus, Business & Economy alike.
However, never faced any delays and always on time, with friendly staff.
Keep it up and good luck with the Dreamliners.

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27 March 2008 12:03:00 Guest

Gdansk-Frankfurt by a fairly new Embraer 170, fast check-in and departed on time. Cold sandwich and soft drink were served, quite standard for a smaller airline on a shorter route. The in-flight announcement was made in English as well. Quite a pleasant flight with near full capacity. Thank you LOT!

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