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01 February 2022 12:02:00 Guest

Our flight was canceled and we were auto booked on a KLM flight. After communicating our situation to the agent at the service counter, we were subjected to a series of offenses and non-compliant behaviors by the agent, which I have outlined below.

1. Inability and reluctance to provide pertinent information to us regarding our travel reservation: When I requested our new itinerary, she stated the counter is closing I will not do that. I informed her that the agent at gate E69 directed us to this counter for help. She continued to say that there are no more flights and that she did not need to be there. After continuously expressing that we were auto booked and dont even know our flight numbers, she reluctantly printed our itinerary.
Furthermore, we communicated that we did not know the travel documentation requirements for Amsterdam. However, she only stated that the US requires a negative COVID test. We showed her our passports, negative antigen tests, and documentation of recovery. She was unwilling to tell us what documents were needed for our route.
2. Refusal to abide by CDC travel requirements per the US guidelines: As part of the US entry requirements, we were prepared with official documentation of recovery documents that met the CDC guidelines. These documents were verified by multiple travel agencies and licensed physicians and met all requirements for documentation of recovery. She refused to acknowledge that these met the US guidelines and stated No. It is my rule, I decide what is accepted and what is not accepted, not CDC. This will not be accepted. When we offered to show her the CDC checklists for airlines, she threatened to cancel our booking and began scanning our passports into the computer.

3. Refusal to escalate the issue to her superiors or identify herself as a KLM employee:
As the discussion escalated, we asked to please speak with another agent or supervisor. She refused to contact anyone else. We said we needed help, that our flight was canceled and that we needed information about our new route. She stated, I am closing the counter this isnt my problem. At this response, I asked for her name. She then, turned her employee identification badge inwards as to conceal any identifiers. I asked if she was even a KLM employee and she refused to answer and scoffed at us, walking away from the counter. At approximately 6:44 am we saw her socializing with other colleagues at the air Europe counter around counter 540.
4. Inappropriate use of our personal information: We provided this agent with official documentation containing personal information such as US passport numbers, date of births, names, and personal health information related to COVID. This was provided to her as she presented herself as an agent able to assist us. However, she used our information to flag and block our ticket. We were unable to check in to our new flight by phone, website, or app. When we arrived at the airport the next morning, the new agent was not able to check us in without assistance from other staff. This created additional inefficiencies amongst an already short, staffed counter.

Employee Description: Approximately 55, female, Caucasian, 55-65 years old, * brown/black hair, brown eyes, seated at or around KLM counter 429 at approx. 6:15 am on January 29, 2022. The itinerary receipt that she printed for us has an EMIS/issued by: 00773205/LIS and I believe that is her employee ID.

This employee refused to review our COVID-10 documentation for the US and is in direct violation of current US CDC COVID-19 protocols and likely did not follow standard company policies or procedures. This created significant hardship and distress, particularly in my current condition of being 18 weeks pregnant and her behavior should not be overlooked.

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07 June 2019 12:06:00 BLN

Told me on arrival in Panama that under Panamanian law that medication beyond what was needed for the flight had to go in the hold luggage. On return flight they decided to leave my hold luggage in Havana airport (where we connected to our flight home). Despite more than 20 occasions to return the bag, they decided to leave it in Havana for 72 hours. I've now had my luggage but items are missing and, as my medication is temperature sensitive, it is potentially poisonous now. Due to Brexit, I've had to go into hospital as the medication is not readily available.

Even the CEO fails to respond when you escalate the trouble to them. And customer services seem to be staffed by complete idiots who are apparently still looking for my bag at Havana airport.

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27 May 2019 12:05:00 Kathleen Moran

On the 23rd May I travelled on flight KL0566 from Nairobi to Amsterdam. I find it difficult to find words that adequately describe the poor standard of service provided. The flight was delayed and that was understandable and acceptable. Two really nice male members of the crew apologised for the delay. However, it was the in cabin service that was appalling. A small bottle of water was provided before the meal. I have no idea what type of food was served but it tasted so awful that it could not be eaten. No tea or coffee was offered and there were no fluids available throughout the night. My experience of KLM was that fluids were offered at regular intervals throughout the night. Then came the breakfast and it was scrambled egg with some other unidentifiable items and none including the scrambled egg was edible. experience.
I talked with other passenger later and all had the same experience. I had really looked forward to this trip because previous experience of KLM has been very good.

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05 January 2018 12:01:00 Alexander Borschevsky

More than 3 years, my wife and I periodically use the services of KLM. Now there was a problem. On January 4, we arrived at Madrid airport to fly through Amsterdam to Kiev But they got an unexpected answer: there were no seats. And they offered us an uncomfortable flight to Prague. Flew with difficulty and additional problems. In Prague, the plane was detained for 40 minutes ... and one of my suitcases in Kiev was never delivered. Compiled at the airport an act with a seal Who will answer for everything and compensate me for the damage?

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21 September 2016 12:09:00 nboerma

Worst airline in the world by far, extremely unfriendly and bureaucratic for children. Totally inflexible. When you call them you have to wait 30 minutes on the line and the service is poor.

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13 June 2016 12:06:00 Richard

Hello my name is Richard Scott I've just come back from Amsterdam I want to say what a smashing airline you are I went on June 10th at 12:55 flight number1084. I just would like to say how happy and comfortable I was with the Care and the staff on the plane they help me out very well because I am blind in one eye the staff would caring for me to my seat and the plane staff were very reassuring to me coming back on June 12th again the staff on the Care side and the pine store with excellent I cannot fault your airline they would caring understandable and very reassuring to me I will be using your airline all the time going to Amsterdam to see my big sister Hazel Scott you booked it all for me please can you thank the Pines staff and the Care staff for me as I said keep it up you are a very very good airline I just want to say 10 stars thank you so much people with disabilities are not respected that much in Airlines airport but your staff are the best thank you again so much for making my holiday very reassuring and special

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20 November 2014 12:11:00 Guest

They oversold the international flight and afterwords they give us a vouchers that are worth less. I can't book flight and the call center help are just awful. They refus to help and hang up to phone. This is the worst of the worst.

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15 April 2014 12:04:00 Guest

The web site is nice, however they are cheating with search engines. You select an interesting fare, and you end up with +20% with apologies telling that the selected fare is no more available. So why can you choose this fare first place???

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14 April 2014 12:04:00 Guest

Best airline I have flown to date, alitalia the worst. comfort great, service great, food great, entertainment great, what else can be said, I would definitely recommend this airlines and will use it when ever I can.

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01 October 2013 12:10:00 Guest

KLM was good with large seat space BUT very long check-in, overbooked flight, no option to choose your seat or online checkin for the return flight.
Then after running through the whole airport in AMS they dropped us from the boarding right at the gate with valid boarding passes 2 minutes before the gate closed beacause their partner airline TRANSAVIA (worst in the World EVER) delayed.We were at the gate on time and we couldn't make the flight.I had similar rushes before in Frankfurt with Lufthansa and they never did this.KLM has to learn a lot and instead of overbooking flights and kick passengers off they should focus on service.They never said sorry for this.Very very bad experience with them and probably never again with this airline.I rather change flights twice than flying with them in the future.SHAME KLM!!!!

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01 June 2012 12:06:00 Frank

The best airline I have ever flown!!! Great customer service! Very extremely delicious food! And the aircraft are very comfortable and clean and new plus they have a huge entertainment system with 50 games or so and about 500 movies! With TV shows and much more! I highly recommend this airline! And I would have to disagree with the other comments about Amsterdam airport schiphol when it was rated the most friendly in customer service in 2011 and is aiming the same in 2012! KLM all the way!

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25 May 2012 12:05:00 Guest

I have tried this airline 4 times and don't plan on flying with them again. Their staff are ignorant and incompetent and some of their information can be so misleading that you can end up missing your flight (happened to me). They don't understand the meaning of customer service and can make your life a living hell if you are in a difficult situation. One time I was distressed with tears running down my face because they made me miss my flight and the staff were so rude and every time I tried to get them to hear me out, they would yell at me and even go as far making derogatory comments about how I am the only one who missed my flight (implying that I am stupid). If you value your sanity and are planning a multi stopover trip avoid Amsterdam airport and KLM or chances are YOU WILL GET SCREWED!!!

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06 May 2012 12:05:00 Christine

To whom it may concern,
I recently had the misfortune of booking a flight with KLM. So far to date I have never felt such a strong need to write a review to convey the absolute disappointment I feel having flown with KLM.

Firstly, on the 31st of March 2012 I planned to fly fr om Dublin to Koh Samui in Thailand via Amsterdam and Singapore. The night before my friend and I were due to leave we were called to advise us that our flight had been double booked and we would need to fly via Hong Kong rather than Singapore. As were excited about our holiday we accepted this and continued with our plans.

When we arrived in Amsterdam, we were given what we thought was our boarding pass for our flight to Singapore. On arrival at the gate we were told we were on standby and would only board the flight if other people missed their connection fr om other locations. We were told this by the rudest airline representative I have ever met. I was told that my friend had a ticket if they wanted it but I would not be boarding the flight. (I might mention that I paid for both our tickets with my credit card and I also paid an additional 300 euro to change the date of our outbound flight a few weeks earlier.) After one hour of begging for our seats based on the fact we would miss our connection in Hong Kong we convinced them to let us both on the plane.

On arrival at the Bangkok Airways desk in Hong Kong we were told KLM never confirmed us on the flight to Koh Samui and we would not be allowed to board the plane. There also would not be a KLM representative available to us until 6pm (the time the flight was due for take off).

We went to the main airline support desk wh ere each of us phoned the KLM customer support line. I spoke to a supervisor while my friend spoke to another representative. Both agents hung up the phone on us stating there was nothing they could do. We were both now stranded in Hong Kong, a city we had never been to before when we were in fact never meant to be there in the first place.

Eventually at 6pm a representative showed up and told us there would not be a flight until the following day. We were told they would book us into a hotel and the room, all refreshments, dinner and breakfast would be included. At dinner we ordered a glass of wine each which we were made pay for. At breakfast the waitress told us it in fact was not included and we would have to pay. This as you can imagine is massively embarrassing in a crowded restaurant when you dont have the currency of the country you are in on you.

The following day they flew us not to Koh Samui but back to Singapore wh ere we were originally meant to fly through and then onto our final destination.

We were delayed in total by 24hrs by being doublebooked on 3 separate flights. The most appalling and absolutely disappointing thing was the lack of sympathy from KLM staff. I will never ever fly with this airline again or recommend it to any friend of mine. I was completely ashamed that a national airline like this would treat their customers so poorly
I might add that I have been compensated in no way for the flight, delay or the expense of the hotel we had booked in Koh Samui for our first night there.

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