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Iberia Reviews

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12 April 2024 12:04:00 Miguel Alvarez

Horrible customer support for their frequent flier program months to update an email address and no access to benefits meanwhile
Useless efforts every time explaining the whole story to a new person never allowed to talk directly to a supervisor and problem never solved just automated replies with empty promises

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24 January 2024 12:01:00 Andrey Syedin

Have you seen this? An Iberia Airlines Customer Care Service employee, in all seriousness, insistently asks me to send a photo of my credit card on both sides to pay for something. After I refuse, he hangs up and stops answering questions. There was also a request to "find relatives or friends in England or Europe" so I could buy a seat with extra legroom because my country - Kazakhstan - is "not supported by our system". What is wrong with my country?

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20 September 2023 12:09:00 GuestPassager

Dont fly with these airlines. We are stuck in The Bahamas for almost 2 hours without AirCondition. The Crew just dont care. They are the worst 😡😡 Zero rate

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04 September 2023 12:09:00 Ivana

Iberia passengers, Beware you cannot board a plane without credit card of the person who bought flight ticket. You have to have card handy or wont be allowed to checkin at the counter nor online.

My husband bought flight tickets for both of us in May 2023 for the flight on September 4th from Santiago Chile to Madrid. Credit Card was charged and flight tickets paid back in May.
I was not able to do check in online but that happens sometimes so we arrived at the counter at the airport to check me in. Person attending us asked if i have credit card that was used to buy tickets with me. I said its my husbands and he said he left it at home as he doesnt travel with all cards he has.
She said i cannon checkin without a card even though everything is paid and i have a receipt.
We had a photo of the credit card on my husbands phone but she sent us to speak with supervisor.
Supervisor was very rude and showed no flexibility, said he has to see the card or a official bank letter directed to Iberia in order to let me check in.
We got credit card certificate by msg but Iberia is not accepting it as it is not official email directed to Iberia.
Getting letter from the bank with exact wording that Iberia requested is not really feasible in a such short time.
Going back home was not an option either as we couldnt get in on time.

Issue was resolved just minutes before checkin was about to close. We had credit card brought to us from our home. Person attending us just took a look at the card and proceeded to check me in.

So much hassle for some imaginary security reasons according to them. Whose security? Bank? My husband? Iberia who already took their money in advance

I asked what happens if you buy ticket as a gift for someone. Response was well security check is random and if card used to buy tickets is not on the name of passenger then your only option is to go back home

Lessons learned - I will never again fly with Iberia.

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22 June 2023 12:06:00 Scott Abry

I grew up in Spain and loved Iberia but it is a far different airline today! Really terrible we are waiting for our 7:30pm flight just from MALAGA TO BARCELONA, but now it looks like maybe 1am because they have some partnership with Vueling Air that runs these flights now and their equipment is awful. We tried to change airlines buy another ticket and were told it's the only option and this happens all the time! We have a flight in the am out of Barcelona back to NYC and we're told too bad if we don't get there in time! Shame on you! And never again flying Iberia!

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12 April 2023 12:04:00 Nikolay B

Want to buy flexible tickets with refund without fees? Want to do it on Iberia website direct? STOP! Isn't direct actually. When you buy tickets on Iberia website you buy it via agency Serviberia. And of course you need to pay service charges to refund ticket "with refund without charges" because it's agency. And you haven't way to cancel ticket on website or with email as direct as you bought it. I don't even understand how the authorities allow this scheme to work. Outrageous scheme, looks like fraud. Booking J4MXL

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06 February 2023 12:02:00 Rosemary Spingola

I bought two airline tickets for me and my daughter (May/2020). Due to COVID, Iberia canceled the trip and sent me a voucher. Due to personal immigration issues, we were unable to leave the United States from 2020 to 2022. Today I received by email with a voucher number, but the expiration date expired. Over the phone, they say they can't do anything as my voucher is expired. When COVID restrictions started, they lured their clients into vouchers with a 10% additional amount. In doing so, they did voluntarily omit to tell their clients that they could be reimbursed as per European regulation. They just did not propose it and counted on the rebate offered to distract their clients. What I need is just an extension of my voucher and I don't think that's asking too much, after all, I spent $1500 for tickets I never used.

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29 January 2023 12:01:00 Guest

Worst airline, worst customer service.
The only airline that expects you to wear a mask for international flights.
Choosing seats is a nightmare.
Customer service will always run with the company line about any problems, essentially saying they cant do anything ever about anything. Iberia is an airline that practices "take it or leave it." I recommend leaving it.

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08 December 2022 12:12:00 Adriana Aponte

Please don't book your flight with this company, the service is more than horrible. They take your money and went you need any help Noone will help you. I have been trying more than a week to change the day of my trip and the customer service is useless. Also they open my baggage and took different gifts from there, more than $800 dollars value.
Noby take responsibility for that either.

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05 December 2022 12:12:00 Pereira

I had a flight delayed from Brazil to Madri and lost my transfer flight to London, they but me and my family in another flight but missed all our 3 luggages. They delivered 3 luggages for me on Saturday one of the luggages is not mine, Ive contacted them the whole weekend and they have been super rude with me.
Im now in another country for a holiday without any clothes, even my son medicines is inside of that luggage and lthey treated me as it was my fault. Dont buy any flights from this company, besides the horrible seats and food on the flight they lose your belongings.

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29 October 2022 12:10:00 Quiana Coley

Please stay away from this airline. They are the worse . My husband & I left from jfk for our cruise. The lost our luggage. We had to go on a cruise to Europe with no clothes . We didnt receive our cloths until the day before we had to come home. Five days!! We had to purchase cloths , under cloths , tooth brush etc. Money we were not expecting to spend . They promised a reimbursement. Well I got an email they are only giving us $161. Which we spend $400 for everything we needed. So not even half . This was our first time using this airline. It will be the last . PLEASE STAY AWAY !!

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10 September 2022 12:09:00 Guest

I called to cancel my Business Class tkt 8 days before the departure date and was told full refund and given a case number and would receive an email confirming. No email called back 5 days later (still before departure date to learn that the original case # was not submitted received another case number (#2) and told full refund again. Disputed charge w/CC company Iberia has reapplied the charge. Worst airline and customer service DO NOT Fly with IBERIA Did not fly with them and will Never fly with them. Charge is being disputed w/CC company for 2nd time

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17 March 2022 12:03:00 Guest

Its so sad to write down such a bad review but seriously, I will never ever again take over 10 hours international trips with iberia. Not only seats are small and uncomfortable compared to economy class of other major airline companies and complements on board are inexistent, but also the entertainment on the screens is limited and outdated. Besides, the so promoted wifi on board was not available at all, not even by paying.
Im also terribly sorry to admit the staff on board is totally absent; calls buttons are basically ignored till that I couldnt neither get water during the whole flight. Dont even let me started with the quality of meals and service, during dinner I had to repeat myself several time, to different hostess, for a beverage that in fact I did not get; while during breakfast, I chosen to drink a glass of orange juice, and I was stared at because I also asked for the glass of water I was dreaming of for literally hours.
This awful story repeated itself consistently at the return flight, but luckily this time I was prepared.
Unfortunately a very unpleasant journey, and a frustrating and exhausting experience which for such ticket price is just not fair. Regards.

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25 December 2021 12:12:00 Guest


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16 January 2021 12:01:00 Lionel Torres

Hi I m Lionel Torres passenger in Iberia flight IB6830 from Santiago Chile to London Heathrow my flight when from being a delate over 9 hrs. to being cancel I was taking after 10 hrs at airport to a hotel next day brought back to airport spend 5 hrs. standing in a queue for the girl at desk to tell me they had no conecto on from Madrid to London on the 13/1/2021 so back to hotel on the 14/1/2021 at last I was in the plane do to how busy they were due to back log of cancellation the staff was not professional handling bookings and luggage so I got to London when to collect my bag but has not arrived
Numbers given at airport with a reference number that you have no one to complain to numbers given by Iberias web site are the same I will not recommend any one to use

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07 May 2020 12:05:00 Speedbird Boac

We were scheduled to fly fr om LPA Las Palmas via Madrid to DUS Düsseldorf on Thurday 19 March 2020.

These flights were cancelled about 24 hours beforehand then due to the Corona Virus Emergency by Email.

We were offered IBERIA Flight Vouchers valid for 9 months as recompense per Email which we refused and demanded they repay us the money 277,85 through our payment Mastercard credit card by return Email to them. No reply!
After this we followed up with 2 further Emails requesteing IBERIA to answer us and repay our money as is required by EU Law within 14 Days! Again no replies just stony silence!
Back in German we wrote again to IBERIA by registered letter requesting the return of our many payed for flights we did not recieve and as per EU Law and again no reply from IBERIA.

3 weeks before our flight with RYANAIR Lauda Motion were cancelled becaus of the Virus Emergency and we recieved our mony back withour and apllication or hassle within 7 days! What does this tell us? Ignore IBERIA and use a relieble airline!

We have put the matter now in the hands of our lawywer in Düsseldorf and made a formail complaint to MASTERCARD that IBERIA is withholding our money for fk
lights they cancelled and did not operate for us!

Our recommendation is when the Virus Emergency is ended do not fly or use IBERIA because their service to clients is terrible especially wh ere their flights are cancelled and financially they are running on thier rims!!

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01 December 2016 12:12:00 Hausmann

As a very loyal customer who flies with this airline every year in Business Class I am now extremely disappointed at the service we have received from Iberia as to the loss of all our luggage registered, one still missing and the information given by their call center is based on what you can read yourself in the WorldTracer site which has been totally incorrect. These agents can only repeat over and over again the same wrong info. When asked whether there is a possibility to talk to a supervisor they all either say there is no supervisor or that the supervisor cannot offer more info that they had already given thus they are not going to pass the call. When asked if they have any other contact phone number or the one of Madrid Iberia Headquarters they state that they have no phone numbers and that is it. Talking to many other frequent travelers and the rating that Iberia is now receiving should warn corporate officers that their policy of lowering cost by reducing to the bare minimum their staff and offices is not working and they will lose more than what they are saving. Star caring about your customers, especially as our family, if noy it will backfire on your business big time

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01 March 2016 12:03:00 Margaret

DO NOT EVER FLY IBERIA. They regularly overbook and bump passenger off plane. Staff at the rudest ever. Do not listen to passengers. If you need customer services at Madrid you have to wait hours in queue and then get nowhere. Avoid flying with this USELESS airline.

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11 August 2015 12:08:00 LEMS

I was travelling in business class from Madrid to Bogota two days ago. My family (wife and two children) was travelling with me. Iberia gave me a confirmed seat but at the gate, literally when I was entering the plane, they told me that the flight was overbooked and I had to travel in economy. We were travelling in a A340-600.
They did not give me any alternative (endorsing the ticket to another company or travelling the following day).
The ground staff was very rude with both me and my family.
We were shocked that this kind of practices were possible and that Iberia could act in such a way almost in full impunity.

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21 May 2015 12:05:00 Margaret

Absolutely dreadful airline. Customer service is none existent and the mo a number in Spain costs almost a euro a minute and you are left holding until you give up!

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16 August 2014 12:08:00 Costin Ramona Alexandra

How is it possible that such a big company cares so little about its customers? I just suffered an accident with multiple injuries, which stops me from flying and going on my planned holiday and Iberia doesn't want to reimburse my money for the flight or at least let me sell the ticket to someone. It is outrageous not to have any policy regarding such accidents!!!
I am deeply disappointed and don't know what to do...

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15 August 2014 12:08:00 Sue

Nightmare!!!!!!!!! Fly AirEuropa or any other airline while flying within Spain! Worst experience! I filled out a customer complaint form in Madrid 20 days ago and have not heard a thing!!!! The only phone number that has a person that answers the phone is one to make reservations! Every complaint has to be done by e-mail and there is no confirmation that it even went through. I called and spoke to someone in reservations and I asked for a mailing address. They don't have one!! Really??? Where is the CEO located???? The reservation agent just kept repeating the same thing, "all complaints are done through e-mail". I tried explaining that I am following up. She repeated the same thing over and over again!!!!!!! HORRIBLE airline!

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14 April 2014 12:04:00 Johno

They are disastrous ... Never again !

Tried to change my flight departure date however it took me several attempts as staff were totally inept
they also charged me several hundred dollars for fare difference which was almost equal to re booking the whole flight.

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01 June 2013 12:06:00 David

Awful service. Poorly trained staff and very untimely in their international flights. Their airplanes are outdated (except for a couple of them that they show all over the media) and they are not accountable for their mistakes: missing your luggage, losing a connection because of a delay, etc. In addition they often go on strike and they pretty much neglect the most basic duties towards their customers. I completely refuse to fly with Iberia and I advice all other passengers to choose a more competent airline (KLM, Lufthansa, Air France, etc.).

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26 March 2012 12:03:00 She Flys

You can't get a seat assignment till 24 hours prior to the flight!!! What lousy customer service.

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12 October 2009 12:10:00 Guest

First and last experience with Iberia. Flew to Johannesburg via Madrid return. Flight delayed fr om Johannesburg to Madrid. Inflight journey was awful with rude staff who only offered 1 refreshment over a 9 hour flight. Arrived late at Madrid where I was due to board a connecting flight but was told I had to go to police as I did not have a Spanish visa. I explained that I was not stopping in Madrid and was in transit. Still I was ordered to go to security by a staff member who spoke no English at all. After another security check I was sent to a different boarding gate to find that our connecting flight would be delayed by 4 hours with absolutely no explanation or reassurance. Finally we connected to London Heathrow where my baggage was then lost. I filled in the claim forms and have been waiting for 4 days now. I was given a contact number to call if my luggage did not arrive after 1 day. The contact number is voice automated only and does not work most times. I have tried calling various Iberia numbers only to be told every time that there is nothing they can do to help me.

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