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07 May 2020 12:05:00 Guest

We request refund of the full amount of $7000.00 for cancellation of two Business Class tickets due to travel ban by Government of India for other nationalities due to Covid 19. We were told that we will get refund within 15 working days because we filed the refund/cancellation on March 12, 2020. The staff is rude and told us it will take 6 months to get the money back. Do not travel through Emirates and I prefer to travel through Gulf airlines from USA.

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20 July 2019 12:07:00 Bijoy

I flew long haul to visit SANTIAGO one week(on 9/07/19 ) before.
Actually this was my first time travel in flight and was a long haul one.
My travel route was COK-DXB-GIG-SCL and crews at COK airport and cabin crews was always professional, polite & helpful.
Crews helped me to find my seat in flight because of my first travel and they given me extra care because of my motion sickness.
The COK - DXB travel was awesome and enjoyed the trip.

When I reached the DXB airport at 7:00 AM, there is only 1 hrs layover at DXB for my next connection flight to Rio de Janeiro (08:05 AM).
Actually I have got boarding pass for DXB - GIG from Cochin itself and gate marked was A19 in DXB.
When I reached DXB,I saw a airport crew showing a pluck card A19-Rio,
And when I asked, he told me to get in bus this will carry passengers to A19 gate for departing to Rio de Janeiro.
When I reached the terminal, I rushed to A19 gates without double checking the gates in information display screens.
I reached A19 gates at 7:20 AM after the security checks.
In A19, there is no information display screens for checking the status of departing flight and also absence of airport crew in A19 gate
made me little bit confusion in boarding.
I enquired in another counter to double verify weather the Rio de Janeiro flight is departing from here or not.
After sometime at 07:40, I got a message regarding the change of gate A19 to B8 and I rushed to B8, but I can't reach in time at b8 and my flight was lost.
And there I came to know that the gate A19 has been changed to B8 without any prior information.
I have discussed with emirate executive, they said, they are helpless and blamed me,as this is because of full of my mistake.
And also said that, I need to pay penalty to go in next flight and also they are not ready to give STPC also.
Moreover that I lost my business meetings and stayed 2 days in Dubai for next flight.
I think emirates have rule -
"Our gate agents will provide verbal information including boarding announcements and notice of any delay or gate changes".

-At least emirates need to have a gate agent at A19 to inform the gate changes to the passengers who comes there without knowing the gate changes after the checkin process.
-At least they need a information display screen at A19 to check the status/gates of departing flights.
-At least they need to update this on pluck cards shown by airport bus drivers who carrying the passengers to terminals (by changing A19 - Rio to B8 - Rio).

Because of this minor mistakes from the part of emirates,
-I paid Rs 13000 as a penalty for next flight.
-I have to stay back in Dubai for 2 days.
-I lost my business meetings and travel became use less.

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05 July 2019 12:07:00 Guest

Its quite sad that a company like Emirates Airline is gradually losing it credibility in the market place of its customers. How shabby practices to extort monies and take monies from accounts of customers who are unsuspecting is becoming a regular practice. I booked a ticket today and used a few of my family miles with it as I am travelling with the whole family. Only to discover they collected more than was billed at the time of my payment from my account. I called their customer service and they seem to know what they did and offered no help at all. I have been a Premium customer of the Airline for more than 12 years and have never really enjoyed my loyalty, and it sad this is how they pay us.

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24 May 2018 12:05:00 Guest

I have been flying with Emirates all my life and personally they are the best airline in the world. All the flight attendants were so courteous and were always polite to me. The food was outstanding and I would eat it on any of their flights. The in flight entertainment was on par with ice being probably one of the best in flight entertainment system in the world. The new A380 is so amazing. I had the smoothest flight to LA and I had no complaints. All the staff were so generous and were always checking up on me to ask me if I was ok or if they could get anything for me. I have never had a single complaint about Emirates. They are always on time with no delays and Dubai International Airport Terminal 3 is the best airport I have ever been through. Emirates keep up the good work.

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16 February 2018 12:02:00 Guest

Such a shame with emirates skywards program. Purchased a flexi plus business class ticket and wanted to upgrade to first. There are at least 9 tickets available but no upgrades. Whats the point of having upgrade as an option when you cant use it. Have over 140k in points just sitting there doing nothing.

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18 October 2016 12:10:00 Guest

Good quality planes but a company policy that doesn't care about Customer Service.

Emirates airlines are really good in Window dressing when it comes to their Customer Service. At first sight it looks like they're really value their (loyal) customers but unfortunately in reality they don't live up to the expectations they promise to the world.

I've been flying with Emirates many times before and also reached their Silver Member Status so you can call me experienced when it comes to this airline. The plane itself, the seats and the food provided are OK.

Only when it comes to how they treat their (loyal) customers it becomes a complete different story. Once you've ordered and paid for your ticket they loose their complete interest in you as a customer. They treat you like a number and the only feedback you get are the lines that were written out in their "Customer" scripts.

This resulted for me to the (unfortunate) decision to use the Emirates services in the future and look for other airlines which provide proper Customer Service

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23 August 2016 12:08:00 Guest

why all the negative reports I have flown emirates over the past ten years and have found them to be the most courteous of airlines with the best flight attendants ever , nothing is a bother to them just ask and they are there with request. Sometimes people over expect service from attendants, try to do there job once for 7 hour flight and servicing over 250 passengers of differing nationalities. I always say walk a mile in someone else s shoes.

Thank you Emirates for ten years of happy flying

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13 July 2016 12:07:00 Guest

Emirates are great on other routes, but plain awful in Hong Kong. I would rather fly with a budget airline than with Emirates in Hong Kong. By the way, they only offer in town check in ON THE DAY OF THE FLIGHT, which is pretty * useless

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11 May 2016 12:05:00 Will

Very disappointed with the Emirates. The service is third class. Aboard did not receive the pre-ordained vegetarian food. The board attentions really are not the kind I expected. Emirates are rather advertising. The lost miles, to expire. I do not recommend this airline to reach Dubai Airlines Cathay would definitely well.

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22 April 2016 12:04:00 Guest

I agree to all the complaints about Emirates. They cannot handle all the pressure and passengers.
I am still waiting for a reply to my various letters since January 2016 (today 22 April 2016)
I phoned them and still no response.
The seat did not recline. We had to wait in an old lounge without any air condition and then were driven in a bus on the tarmac for 30 minutes before we could go on board.
This is flying business class. Not impressed at all. Will be flying with Delta air end of May 2016.
Very disappointed as I only fly business class all the time.

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26 January 2016 12:01:00 Guest

I have used emirates for many years .
1;It has good online booking and payment website.
2;Cabin crew services and on board food, unlimited efreshment are better than many airlines.Ladies cabin crew are best unlike men who should be done away with as are not friendly to travellers.
3;Airline is always clean and Eu board bussiness class aircraft and emirates biz lounge in uae cannot be matched by other airlines.
4;very polite and happy checking in ladies in dxb.

However all above are diluted by
1;Checking in supervisors who cannot allow checking in of customers to checked by polite and understanding ladies who despite ther pleas to supervisors it fall in deaf ears.....this i took as discrimination,racism by some arabic men who ignore customer pleas of being late while queing.
Worse one has to pay for no show for flight and others connecting flights and spend monies in time had to spend extra nite with credit since my US card had problems.there shud be no harrament and racist attitude.

Lastly when one complains of damaged suitcase with big hole and one received with items missing since zip is partly open ,one is asked for receipts for damge suitcase and items missing.
In this regard can emirates confirm that it is IATA and emirates policy that all travellers must have suitcase and baggage items receipts inorder to claim or rather for claim to be accepted incase are damaged or missing.

Quing for hours after arrival in dxb ..babies crying is not pleasant arrival.
Waiting for baggage for more than an hour in africa is also not pleasant thing.

Treat all customers on all routes well including providing latest aircraft to all.

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09 December 2015 12:12:00 Guest

Flew to Manchester 2 years ago with Emirates in a group of 100 students was my great experience ever. Pretty and patient stewardess, never shows black face to us when we keep asking for instant noodles cups. Can't image how busy they were to serve 100 students.
Thumbs up on the meal served and in-flight entertainment.

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20 June 2015 12:06:00 Guest

I have stop flying Emirates few years ago, Due the rudeness of their flight attendants & Non caring attitude of their customer service. My route was NY (JFK) to Dubai to Dhaka ..

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13 June 2015 12:06:00 Ms S Kazemi, recent traveller

It is extremely difficult to contact you without an email address. I have searched the website for hours, made several calls until eventually sent an email to an address which went through.

It is unacceptable for an airline to hide their customer services email deliberately so that people cannot make a complaint. Your staff gave me wrong emails that bounced back. I am very disappointed with Emirates baggage handling and customer services. You need to be transparent so that customers can trust your airline and make further bookings.

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06 June 2015 12:06:00 Isaac

I have been flying this airline since 2003. Now they depart late and even issue no apology. I had to buy a new flydubai ticket because Emirates delayed me and flydubai could not accept any explanation except buy a new ticket. This has happened to me twice. I am disgusted and its now time to move on to another airline.

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20 April 2015 12:04:00 Guest

Emirates airlines has got probably the rudest hostesses in the entire airline industry. I am a frequent flyer who does 3-4 international travels per month and as far as i have witnessed Emirates Airlines appears to have exclusively hired hostesses from Eastern European and North African countries with a very low understanding of the customer service principles and in some cases even basic rules of politeness.

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31 March 2015 12:03:00 Alibhai Dassat

Dear All, travelling in emirates fr om Dubai to Jhb 28th Marchand then in SAA to Maputo Mozambique. Since 3 Days gone and my luggage with tag Priority under business class With Silver Class card not arrived and NOBODY KNOWS WH ERE the luggage are. After asking and making all enquiry NO REPLY. Plus Emirates charged 9kgs aditional Weight.
Sincerely I like to travel in Emirates but the growing of the company are only in numbers NOT in,quality.

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10 March 2015 12:03:00 upset

This is my third time to travel with Emirates and I will not travel using this airlines anymore. They charged me 3 times for a same route that I have booked because of their system error, and ends up I have 3 e-tickets for a same route...How could their system can be so stupid to let one passenger to hv 3 e-tickets. So, i filed a complaint to request for full refund for 2 extra tickets immediately. You know what I get? they only refund me the tax value, instead of full fare..they said, because my tickets are super saver! Now I have to lose 1000 pound because of their system error! Worst ever experience!

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22 January 2015 12:01:00 Sandra B

We first flew with emirates economy class in 2006 and were impressed and rated it the best airline we had used to date and as a result we continued to book emirates we do long haul flights every year sometimes 2 or 3 times a year & the service has declined each time - ICE not working needing reset over and over or not working at all faulty headphones lack of attendance of cabin crew when request for a drink or something for a child bumping of your elbows or shoulders when crew passing or their trolleys passing even had a drink poured over us and no offer of drycleaning the food standard has declined women putting bags in overhead lockers while crew stand and watch lack of choice of meal by the time they get to your seat on nearly every occasion so why bother with a menu choice because most of the time you wont get it. So we are going on a once in a lifetime trip to watch our son in a worldcup & as we have a 2 year old grandson decided to book business class on the longest part of the multi journey - tour operator called up business class quoted us we paid & when looking on emirates it was all economy!!! Which we had paid substantially more for. Tour operator has blamed emirates for coming back with an M class although they entered Business this is the final straw unless Emirates honour this we will not fly with them again (family of 5 plus child) plus extended family - extremely disappointed that Emirates can use this 'trick' of M class when business is entered - Emirates never even responded to my feedback survey either -they don't care about us as customers!!!

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24 December 2014 12:12:00 Guitar Singapore

Flew with Emirates in Economy for the first time recently. Overall, a very impressive product, in Economy. Our first flight was from Singapore to Dubai, then Dubai to London. The plane was an A380. Flight was full. Food was good. The In-Flight entertainment system was superb.

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21 October 2014 12:10:00 Guest

Great service, I enjoyed my 7 hrs flight to UK... loved the food btw.

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27 September 2014 12:09:00 Guest

My last flight with Emirates has given me second thoughts to book with them again. The agent in Riyadh did not portray any customer service skills or work ethic as for flight from Dubai I'm still waiting for a glass of water. I'm still in shock on how awful my flight was. Apart from that the customer service team I spoke to based in Dubai were helpful and explained clearly the procedure I found myself in.

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24 June 2014 12:06:00 Guest

I've been travelling with Emirates for over 5 years. I can honestly say, service getting worse by the minute. Rude staff in airport and cold staff on board flight. They are so rude to the extent you think they transporting cattle for free! Their customer service is appalling. And may I say they are not ABTA member either, so if you have a problem you are on your own! So full of them selves & over priced. Entertainment system down, deal with it. No soap in toilets, no problem use washing up liquid in few occasions! Generally speaking unpleasant, rude, unwilling to serve. Never flying with them any more. Don't think that flying with them regularly you earn any thing, loyalty not rewarded unless you fly bussiness or first class MANY times. I have been flying with them over 5 years more than 3 times a year, and never had an upgrade or similar.

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11 June 2014 12:06:00 Nehal Patel

I am a frequent flyer with Emirates Airlines. I take atleast 4 flights a month for Dubai - Mumbai sector
In past 2 yrs never even once...seriously not even once the flight has taken off on time !! I tried selecting different timings thinking If I can get on time. But it's the matter what time u travel. And in past 1 year it's even got worse..The standard delay once u have boarded the flight is at least 1 hr
The in flight service and attitude of staff in this particular sector is as if they r taking u for free and they owe no service commitment towards you. In spite of complains they just don't care. 4.5 rating is really funny !!!

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18 April 2014 12:04:00 Germine

I traveled with my 20 month daughter from Egypt to USA with a transit in Dubai. I have encountered a lot of problems during my trip.
1) In Egypt, the Emirates personnel took my stroller and refused to give me a claim ticket. He threatened me that if I waited for a claim that I might miss the flight. He promised that they will deliver the stroller at New York, which didn't happen. At NY, they told me that the stroller was never shipped and they have no clue about it.
2) In the flight from Cairo to Dubai, the flight attendants have brought me a bassinet (previously reserved and confirmed), but they refused to allow my daughter to sit in. They claim that my daughter's weight is more than what the bassinet can sustain. They didn't ask my daughter's weight neither they told me their bassinet's specifications.
3) In the flight from Dubai to NY, the flight attendants refused even to bring me the bassinet. They forced me to carry my daughter for 14 hours. They have even refused that I rest her on the ground for a few minutes, threatening me that this might affect the plane's stability. The supervisor was very rude.
4) After I have arrived, I found out that the bassinet can sustain 22 pounds, while my daughter is 20 pounds. I made a complaint and their response was not apologizing at all.

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25 March 2014 12:03:00 AirplaneFreak1000

i absolutely love Emirates, i flu with them from Perth to Dubai and it was amazing. The hostesses were so nice and there was no turbulence.
Not to mention that flight was 10 hours and 45 minutes long in a Boeing 777-300ER

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04 February 2014 12:02:00 Jane Constance Campbell

I always fly Emirates, so it is with Great disappointment that after my last flight with them to know they have lost my luggage.
I arrived from Durban in SA to New Zealand after a wonderful trip, I had upgraded two of my sectors to Business class. Once home in New Zealand after waiting an hour at the carousel, only to find my luggage had not arrived, that was on the 19th Jan 2014 and it has still not arrived. Very poor handling I'm afraid with few updates and certainly no assurance that this will be resolved. A very stressful and disappointing ordeal Emirates.

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01 December 2013 12:12:00 Kim Chance

There is no doubt that Emirates are a great airline, but can I suggest that the people who rated it the world's best airline have only ever travelled in first or business classes.
For those almost 400 souls behind you in cattle class, particularly if the plane is a B.777, it isn't quite the same.
Emirates rig their 777 economy cabin seating in a 3-4-3 configuration, most other airlines are 3-3-3. The extra row means 17" wide seats so that people with slightly wider than average shoulders can not all sit back at the same time! The aisles are so narrow that cabin staff can not efficiently move their trolleys up and down without disturbing the aisle passenger.
I took a quick look at which airline offers the best seating space in economy......Aeroflot at 20". World's best airline indeed, trumped by Aeroflot.
Emirates seem to no longer use the lovely old A340s on my most common route, but they were far more comfortable than the dreadful B.777s..... roll on the A380.

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05 October 2013 12:10:00 Kathy

Given a choice, I would never fly Emirates again. after waiting on the tarmac at Tripolie for 3 and half hours. It was supposed to be one hour. this was not our first delay with Emirates. But all other delays were caused by us waiting for connecting flights. We arrived in Dubai 20 minutes after our flight was due to take off. I was convinced and the staff led us to believe, our flight would be waiting. We arrive in /dubai only to be told our flight has left. Given a food voucher. food was nothing to write home about. And told to wait at the airport for the next 6 and half hours. My husband and I were also given seats away from each other for the next two legs of the journey home which took approx 14 hours. I felt we were being punished for their error. No sympathy at Dubai. I at least expected to be put up in the Emirates lounge, but this is only for Business and first Class. Poor job Emirates

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12 May 2013 12:05:00 Guest

Used this airline for flights to Singapore 4off,not one of them took off on time and delay after delay ,Staff exceptionally rude at Dubai airport and Customer Care is non existent ,Do not fly this airline if you want to be treated as a second class citizen ,sub standard food and service ,If you are going to Singapore use their airline and be treat nicely

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26 April 2013 12:04:00 Tracey

Having just flown with your airline,
i would like to say a big THANK YOU very much for all your help and special support during my time of stress with an ailing mother in NZ... Also having to return to Eng. early from my due date,and from a different exit origin (Auz) your customer service person Mark Gourley. re- Gatwick. Was more than helpfull in his concern and help for me.. Plus your airline team are of an exceptional standard, I have joined Skywards, and will endevour to travel with your airline as often as time permits... much love happy customer...

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23 April 2013 12:04:00 Guest

Having travelled to London recently with Emirates from Perth. I found the ground staff at Perth a little pushy but the crew aboard were fantastic,a truly enjoyable experience. At Dubai I was a little disappointed that there were no 'smoker' (yes there are still smokers in this world)zones/rooms, (unlike Hong Kong which have 'smokers' rooms dotted all over the airport) and after a long flight it would have been nice to have one. The airport was light,bright and fresh. The crew were from all over the world which was a nice thing to see. Generally a great airline with good food,entertainment,crew & the plane was spacious & comfortable, and on time.

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11 January 2013 12:01:00 Sue

We travelled from London Heathrow on 24th Dec. to Mauritus via Dubai.
The first flight - we waited over 2 hours for the staff to start serving food, & no drinks were served.
This was Xmas eve, and the staff clearly didn't want to work.They had a poor attitude, were rude, and one girl a Russian, was heard to say she would rather be in London, that work !

On our return flight, the distinct lack of gourmet meals as advertsied, was clear, with a subway roll & muffin provided !
Not impressed with the food or service. They clearly operate on a 'that will do' approach.

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27 December 2012 12:12:00 Guest


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25 December 2012 12:12:00 Guest

This airline has the worst customer service centre we have ever seen. It even beats Easy Jet and Ryan Air which should tell you something. The staff do not give any respect to fare paying customers and they are more interested in their own comfort.

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29 November 2012 12:11:00 Deanna Jeffries

My husband and I recently travelled Economy from Christchurch New Zealand to Sydney Australia return on Emirates. I would like to thank you for excellent service given by your staff during both flights, they were attentive and very pleasant. It was great to have a choice on the menu, and the food was lovely.
The range of entertainment available blew us away, such a choice of films, TV. music etc., etc. We were so impressed we recommended your airline to our Son and his partner who recently moved to Germany. They took our advice and flew from Sydney to Dubai and onto Hamburg this week. They enjoyed the experience having sent us an email saying they would definitely consider flying Emirates again. We are hoping to travel to Germany next year from New Zealand probably Christmas 1913 and will definitely be flying Emerates .

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03 October 2012 12:10:00 Guest

Appalling customer service. Please don't be fooled into thinking that you will be any better treated by going Business Class. Your concerns will largely be ignored and if you finally manage to get an answer the correspondence will be loaded with arrogance and contempt. If you are able to choose a different airline you would be advised to do or resign yourself to being ignored if a problem later materialises.

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27 September 2012 12:09:00 Dr Gerwin Gerke

Emirates is ok when everything goes well, but their customer service is real lousy when things go wrong. Will never fly with them again.

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19 September 2012 12:09:00 Guest

Emirates the best airline ever to appear in the airline industry. Setting higher standards, great multinational crew, I.C.E ( interior cabin entertainment. Fly emirates and be wowed!!

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24 July 2012 12:07:00 N Wockner

Emirates show a level of contempt for its passengers with exceptionally uncomfortable seats, a lack of quality which is completely unnecessary.

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01 November 2011 12:11:00 farhan

i think emirates is one of the best airlines in the world but can also improve

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20 September 2011 12:09:00 Guest

I was attending Cape Town Univ as an exchange student & found a cheap one-way fare CPT to Paris ($570) to meet my parents for a few leisure days before returning home with them to the USA on a separate ticket. Unfortunately I became a victim of Emirates strict checked baggage allowance. I am used to checking bags & paying by piece with a flat overweight fee, but since my USA destination was not on my Emirates ticket, I was subjected to their by weight policy. Emirates policy is 30 kg maximum for all checked bags & their excess baggage rate is ZAR600/kg. I had 1 bag at 30 kg and a second bag at 28 kg, so the fee was close to $2,400! I was horrified since my fare was only a fourth of the cost. To Emirates credit, they took pity on me & made an exception & only charged $800, which is still excessive in my opinion. I hope someone can learn from my experience. When choosing an airline, read all of the fine print & determine upfront all of the fees that may be added to see what youre ultimately paying for, because sometimes that cheap fare doesnt end up so cheap after all.

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14 March 2011 12:03:00 Mary Dyer

I travelled on the 10th Feb from Glasgow to Melbourne ,the flight was delayed 2hrs resulting in missed connections .
The bottom of the seat in front of me fell off
The seats in economy are so tightly packed for such long flights it was really uncomfortable.
The Aircraft was noisy and toilet facilities poor with so many people constant queues.
The food was disappointing with no variety over the 3 flights.
I was an elderly lady travelling alone and thought I was choosing the best how wrong I was .my return journey was just as difficult with a stop in Singapore when my ticket clearly stated Melbourne /Dubai will not use your airline in the future and will make a point of telling my friends and family my experieces

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27 June 2008 12:06:00 Guest

Heathrow-Dubai-Melbourne and return. Disappointed no flatbeds on any leg despite hype on Emirates website. Deeply reclining seats are dreadfully uncomfortable and not conducive to getting much sleep during 14 hour flight. Lack of leg oom for anyone six foot tall when seat fully reclined. Did think I was onto winner for the flight back from Dubai where the aircraft actually had flatbeds fitted as advertised but after 70 minutes in the plane, still stationary on the tarmac with mechanical trouble, we were ushered off to wait a further four hours before a relief plane and another crew arrived. Business lounge at Dubai on arrival was crowded and toilet facilities are inadequate with queues forming. Total lack of communication while waiting for relief plane and further delays while searching for relief crew. Old noisy 777/300, and same uncomfortable seats, for the journey back to Heathrow arriving five hours late. Cabin service nothing special and food disappointing. Can't see how Emirates got award for airline of the year - its nothing special in Business.

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