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22 December 2020 12:12:00 Guest

My el al flight from South Africa to Tel Aviv was cancelled by the air line because of the corona virus. I submitted a request for a refund 6 weeks ago and am still waiting to get my money back. My family and I utilized the services of 4 other carriers during this journey and ALL of them issued refunds within days. The only problematic airline is El Al. Why?

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29 January 2017 12:01:00 Guest

Planing to use ELAL, think twice and read first
I missed my return flight due to improper information given by ELAL representative. I spent an entire day arranging next flight and I had to pay $475 to get the next flight, not to say I had to stay 2 extra days in Israel and lose 2 working day in the USA. Nobody care to listen, on the phone, in person at main office in Tel Aviv and not at the airport, all it matters was the additional cost of $475. Even though the original flight had many empty seat and the flight I returned also had many empty seats. Any other Airplane would have accommodate me on the next flight at no cost, specially when both flights were half empty and most important the whole incident was ELA fault.
The flight was delayed 1.5 hours due to the captain arrive late to work, maybe because of that food was served in a rushed, awful service, the entertaining center was not functional (this is a 12 hour flight). the light were dimmed right after the meal and I went to sleep on a 3 empty sits next to my sit. 30 minutes later i was waken up by the flight attendant and i was asked to return to my original sit. To my DISMAY a few minutes latter another flight attendant showed up with pillows and blankets and accommodate hjer self to sleep through the night. Obviously with all the flight attendants sleeping in all empty sits you could not even get a drink during the night.
I was told to to complain when i get back to the USA, I did. I sent 5 emails, fax twice, they acknowledge receiving my complain but will respond later due to many other complain, 3 months ago

My worst experience ever and I will discourage anyone from using ELAL as their airline. I will be going to Israel every 2 years because my family is there but NOT with ELAL

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07 July 2015 12:07:00 Guestmandy marcovici

I wouldn't take any other lines,but the El Al. For the time being it is the most reliable from the security point of view, And that it is the best argument. Mandy

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25 April 2015 12:04:00 Ghie

I always take my flights in el al coz i felt safe flying with this airlines, but i felt bad during my last trip on april 2015, on my to my distination, upon arrival we noticed that almost all of our luggages were forcely destroyed, everything were disarranged. well, we considered it already coz we constantly fly with this airline and that kind of proceedings/inspection is usual already, but its too bad & disgusting upon learning that some things from my luggage were missing & some other things were not belong to mine, were place instead to my luggage. This is very much horrible! we faithfully submitted our belongings for inspection but no assurance from the airline company has been given to their clients! they treated our baggages like a trash when in fact we paid for our tickets in the right amount.

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13 December 2014 12:12:00 Shalev

I flew ELAL a lot of times...
There cabin is great, food even better, and best is security to bad they dont have some airbus

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15 April 2013 12:04:00 Guest

Do NOT fly EL AL - here are 10 reasons why:

I am an Israeli. In the last 10 years I fly ~150,000 miles every year. I am a senator in Star Alliance (LH, United) and Gold in British. it is the second time EL-AL approached me, asking to fly with them and giving me automatic Platinum frequent flyer, upgrade vouchers etc. I have a been a fool twice !!!
Here are the 10 top reason NOT to fly EL AL:
1. If something goes wrong - the flight is delayed and you miss your connection - you are alone, do not expect any help from them
2. redeeming point is impossible - they will let you book a flight for point but will use multiple excuses to charge you twice the points
3. You want to upgrade with point or with their vouchers - you will find you need to purchase tickets that are as expensive as buying a business class. Otherwise - no upgrade is allowed
4. They have lounges only in very few place and they are opened only 2-3 hours before the flight - so if you have a long connection or want to arrive earlier to the airport and work in the lounge - not possible
5. They will of course not publish the opening hours
6. Check-in is available only 3 hours before the flight. If you come earlier to the airport - you need to wait
7. if you work on Friday abroad and want to return on Saturday - this is not possible - you will need to wait till lat night Saturday - at least
8. They do not take real care on frequent flyer travelers - being a Platinum I have called their customer service several time - they could not help me in any upgrade etc. saying that they need to earn more and thus they can not support me - well I wonder if there are many travelers that they can earn more than me.
9. Airplanes are old, entertainment facilities are poor
10. No other airline squeezes so many seats - it is impossible to seat comfortably - no space for the legs!!!

There are many other alternatives to fly out / In to Israel - EL AL is your worse alternative

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19 May 2012 12:05:00 DeborahA. Pierce

To Whom It May Concern Shalom Shalom, i just recently flew on EL AL, and i would just like to say it is a Great improvement from the last time i flew your airline.Your service on the plane is very good n they really do their best to help all, thank you for that. But i do have one complaint, with your international flights because its such a long flight you need to upgrade your movie selection, its very boring and four movies being shown over n over won't get it, so please expand your movies and you lave a really really great airline.

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