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Cebu Pacific Air Reviews

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All reviews about Cebu Pacific Air

21 November 2023 12:11:00 Guest

I made add-on luggage request online but paying online since there was a system glitch so the agent suggested payment center, which having 8 hours holding time to pay from the time I request, so I paid and send them the proof of payment to request payment validation so the add-on will appear on my booking yet after 48 hours, it wasn't still reflected on my booking.

There was also an agent who told me that some international airport not accepting over the counter for the add-on luggage so I must pay the amount, otherwise my flight ticket will be forfeited.

I was so disappoint to here that from one gently knowingly that even excess baggage can be paid at the airport upon checking in. Another agent acknowledge this misinformation and so I proceed with my next question, what if my payment still did not reflect in the system, what happens on the day of my checking in? And she says, I might be pay it over the counter and ask for the refund for the other payment made. I was totally devastated with that info, how can they have payment centers for payments and then it takes days or not reflecting in their system?!! I will repay at the airport?? Omg!!

So, she suggested that I must show my receipt at the airport but if the personnel will demand for payment, I must pay otherwise they will not check in my luggage and just request refund to my previous payment.

But many random reviews online shows bad reputation of cebu pac NOT REFUNDING AND NOT GIVING PAYMENT CONFIRMATION.

I'm quite disappointed with how their system is really slow to accommodate payments and validation fast.

I don't even see if they are doing something about this to improve their service and commitment to customer satisfaction. For many years of flying people, they have poor online booking system.

I think this is my last flight with this airline.

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10 October 2023 12:10:00 Randell

Using the booking app can be extremely frustrating. While trying to select your flight the date changes back to the current date. You have to be extremely careful or you will accidently purchase tickets for the date of booking.I have lost thousands of pesos because of this. ALSO travel insurance is Automatically included..Basically worthless insurance that gives the passenger nothing. A freebee for the airline.

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24 January 2023 12:01:00 Guest

I book a flight on the Cebu Pacific website using a debit card but no itinerary receive in my email.
I contacted Cebu Pac saying they did not receive the payment and should file for a dispute at the bank.
The bank confirmed that the transaction was successful.

Cebu Pacific won’t send me proof that the transaction failed. No refund until now!!!

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16 November 2019 12:11:00 Guest

I don't know who is responsible fot IT and customer service in this company. It is beyond the worst I ever experienced.
Website down for days, customer help talk like robots - no help at all.

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08 July 2019 12:07:00 Ben

Cebu Pacific keeps accepting my credit card and then immediately canceling and reimbursing the amount. I have bought hundreds of CebPac tickets over the years. I've tried two cards from different banks over the space of two weeks and always the same result. One time I called and booked over the phone at a greater expense. This last time I just switched to PAL. Customer service is useless.

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02 February 2019 12:02:00 Guest

We were already lining up in tbe boarding gate but we were held at the line. The personnel said that we didn't have records of checking in. As a first timer, i thought that going pass that baggage security check into the boarding area means that we're 'checked in'. Apparently, we're not. I know that my fault is i didn't ask about the procedure. But my only sentiment is that why were we allowed to pass through that baggage security just before the boarding gate. I thought everything was right since our bag was 'checked in'. I wasn't aware of the 'boarding pass'. We just showed our e-ticket to the personnel and went pass the baggage security and waited to the boarding gate. We learned about the boarding gate number for our flight by looking at the live monitors. So we waited by the boarding area, not knowing that we will be held on the line. We missed the flight and were told to purchase another ticket. We were deeply disappointed. My main point is that the personnels should make sure that everyone who passes by the security check has a boarding pass!! First timers like us aren't familiar.

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08 March 2018 12:03:00 Guest

Cebu pacific online booking is becoming harder and harder to use. Lots of errors and hanging. Is this because they would prefer you to book with the call center which they would charge you service fees? They would announce promos but the system would not work during promo period, so you cannot really avail of the promos. Strategy to have less promo booked?
Calling PAL, try to match the prices of Cebu Pacific and most of my friends in the business circle would like to shift to PAL.

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31 August 2017 12:08:00 michelle sevilla s

My experience with Cebu Pacific Air was always pleasant. Their tickets are extremely cheap as compared to other carriers in Philippines. And what i love flying with them is their games on board! It's such a great idea and is so much fun for passengers who loves souvenirs take home for their love ones.

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15 June 2017 12:06:00 M J Cruz

Cebu pacific is a dishonest airline. I paid for premium seats on 3 flights between Manila and Bangkok last year for flights in June, September and November. They raised their rates for the said seats and asked me to pay for the difference between what I had paid and their new rates. As far as I am concerned, I made a contract with them for those seats at the lower rates. They deleted my reserved seats from my itinerary without informing me. When I called the airline mystified as to what happened, they refused to acknowledge that they deleted it from my itinerary and just said that I had to add to get the equivalent seats on the bigger aircraft they are using instead of the smaller one they were supposed to use. And their call center agents are rude!!

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14 November 2016 12:11:00 Olivier

I travelled very frequently between Hong Kong and Cebu and the staffs is quite unfriendly and do not care about customers. Buying a ticket is a real pain too. If you are not careful you will be buying a lot of things you do not want or need and it takes forever to unselect them too. Onboard food is always the same thing (neither good or bad).

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03 February 2016 12:02:00 Guest

Worse airline in the Philippines. Money only not people interests and concerns, always delayed and no explanations most of the times.

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28 September 2015 12:09:00 Guest richard

Not a bad little airline ,,, their main problem however is the constant delays and cancellations

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15 July 2013 12:07:00 Gerry Guzon

MY FAMILY & ALL THE PEOPLE THAT I CAN CONVINCE WILL NEVER FLY WITH THIS AIRLINE AGAIN. My family booked 5 domestic flights with connections & 3 of the flights were either cancelled or had problems during our recent family vacation. The reason for the cancellations was "aircraft situation" which is very vague. As a result, we lost a day in Boracay (the highlight of our vacation; every day counts because we had an itinerary)& forfeited the money we paid, spent more money staying overnight in a hotel because we missed the connecting flight, & we were constantly worried that our next flight will be cancelled again. One comment we heard from an employee of another airline was that Cebu Pacific uses all the planes available in their fleet that they don't have reserves in case they need one. A lot of people fly with them because their prices are cheaper but it is not worth it for people who have a schedule. We ended up spending more because of the cancellations. Most importantly, you can't put a value on the experiences that never happened because of that lost day (was spent sitting around in the airports which is a far cry from sitting on the beach) & the stress of haggling with the ground crew to get you on the plane. WE WILL NEVER FLY CEBU PACIFIC AGAIN. We'd rather pay a little bit more.

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01 January 2013 12:01:00 Guest

i can sharmy experience of the past ten years flying with cebu Pacific in domestic and international destinations. The only good thing is the friendly service on board. Everything lese, one big disappointment. Hardly any flight leaves/arrives on time, frequent flight cancellations, poor luggage handling, no complaint handling, outrageous extra charges for smallest services.

CebuPacific call themselves international airline, unfortunately they are missing any international standards. Low base price only works if you stay exactly on the booked flight, any change will make your flight extremely expensive.

Do no get blended by a low base price, consider also impact of delayed/canceled flights, these are more the rule than the exception with Cebu Pacific.

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11 September 2011 12:09:00 Guest

I had a flight on September 9 from Coron (Busuanga), Palawan to Manila, Philippines. This was our return flight after a three-day vacation in the islands. The flight was scheduled to take off 2:10PM. It was past 2:10PM when they announced that the flight was delayed to 2:40PM. At around 3:15PM, exactly while a plane from a different carrier was landing in front of the terminal, they announced that the flight was cancelled due to "bad weather" in Coron. The terminal was quite small, and because of the noise from the landing plane, not everyone heard the announcement. Everyone who had heard rushed to the counter. The Cebu Pacific people were as unhelpful as they could be. No, there would not be another plane coming in on the same day. No, they would not refund anyone's tickets. No, they would not be paying for anyone's accommodations, food or transportation for the extra night's stay because the cancellation was due to bad weather. Bad weather??! Another plane of the same size landed right in front of us exactly while they were claiming bad weather! In the end, some passengers transferred to another airline and paid for the added expense on their own, because they had connecting flights to catch that Cebu Pacific would not pay for if they missed. We stayed another night in Coron because we didn't have any connecting flights, and we paid for the expense on our own as well.
The next day, our re-booked flight was at 10:10AM. This turned to 10:40AM, then was moved to 1:50PM, but the announcement was made 11AM already. Then the 1:50PM flight was further delayed to 2:05PM, and finally, cancelled again (but the announcement for this was made at around 3:00PM already). When the harrassed passengers surrounded the counter (turns out Cebu Pacific cancelled their only 2 flights that day), the Cebu Pacific representatives treated people quite badly. No one would attend to us even if we were already in front of the counter. All the Cebu Pacific people just disappeared and ignored the passengers.
In the end, what they told us was that they would not allow refunds or airline transfers. All they would offer was the extra night's accommodations and transfers to and from the airport, and this was only grudgingly given because they had to concede that the weather wasn't the reason this time, what with the two Air Philippines planes, one Zest Air plane and three chartered planes that landed and took off with no problem. We weren't even sure if the rebooked flight for the next day would take off, what with the three cancelled flights in a span of two days! For those who would miss their connecting flights on different airlines, they would not compensate for anything. For those who wanted to transfer airlines, they would not cover for the expense.
They would not accept refunds. They were unapologetic, rude and unhelpful. One passenger had reached the end of his patience with the treatment, and in his frustration, snapped and tried to storm the counter. Instead of trying to calm him down, they yelled at him and threatened to have him removed from the airport.
Some foreign passengers had no more money and were trying to borrow from locals in order to reach Manila in time for their connecting flights, as the other airlines which were still accommodating last-minute passengers in their flight could only accept cash payment. One couple had to split up so that at least one of them could make their connecting flight home. They used all the last of their money and had to borrow just to pay for a ticket on the other airline. Another couple was on their honeymoon, who I'm sure had had a great time in Palawan until they met with Cebu Pacific's incompetence.
We were lucky enough to know someone who could lend us the money at the last minute, as we also lacked the on-hand cash. Thus, we were able to reach Manila on that day. No thanks to Cebu Pacific. This is the worst airline EVER. I'm writing this not only on my behalf, but also on behalf of those other passengers who were left behind to deal with the unresponsive Cebu Pacific staff. After this harrowing experience, I think I can say for certain that none of the passengers will fly again with this airline. I sure won't.

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