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Avianca Reviews

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All reviews about Avianca

12 December 2023 12:12:00 Freqeunt quest

Addressing the author of the previous review: I know this site, but no longer works, current address:

do not thank))

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27 October 2023 12:10:00

Thus have very good loyalty program, I buy lifemiles and fly cheapest - this is awesome))

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10 September 2023 12:09:00 Margo

Worst airline. I bought my ticket 6 months in advance and when I arrived 3 hours before the flight to the airport they have told me they oversold the flight and it is unknown whether I will be able to fly. I have a dog in a dog hotel that I need to pick up and the owners leave for holidays and there is no one that can pick up my dog. Ladies at the check in didn’t seem to care that my dog may end up on the street. Never flying with this airline again. Unrespectful and only interested in earning money. How can you interfere with peoples lives this way - they oversell by 10% - imagine! Traveling should be an enjoyable experience you look forward to - I definitely am not enjoying the stress of not knowing my and my dogs situation for another hour. DONT FLY Avianca

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22 August 2022 12:08:00 Patrick

Our 2 pieces of luggage where lost traveling from GYE to LAX on 8/18. Trying to get in touch with Avianca via text, WhatsApp, phone was useless. Seems like nobody really cares. Not happy as now we have to travel 3 hours back to the airport. Last flight on Avianca.

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22 February 2021 12:02:00 Guest

keep away
the worst service of any
you can not reach them by phone, chat or messaging on a Sunday

does not even deserve one star

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03 January 2020 12:01:00 Guest

I was due a refund of the total amount of 2 tickets. Unbelievably it is over a year that I am waiting. Would I book through Avianca again. Never. Never come across a more useless airline.

See below a reply from Avianca. They have asked for same same documentation at least 20 times.

Avianca would like to inform you that your request under case number: xxxxxxxx has been handled. Please find below your case details:

Date of resolution:  

Resolution: Allow us to inform you, we have updated the account details related to the refund request, in order to proceed with the payment in the following days.

Please keep in contact to follow up. 

Person who attended: xxx

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15 October 2019 12:10:00 Guest


I have literally spent the entire day trying to get help from these guys...Just like Jeanie Cotton below...1.5 hours? How about 4.5, 10 calls, bad help.

Stay away from these guys.

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21 February 2019 12:02:00 Guest Jeanie Cotton

I have been waiting on the phone for over 1.5 hours . I already have a ticket, and I just want some information that could not be obtained online (although we are told the question can be answered online). It is extremely probable that I will never fly Avianca again.

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15 July 2018 12:07:00 eileen howard

subject complaint claim form does not allow enough space to explain.escalate this e mail to customer service. I was so greatly disappointed with my business class experience on avianca. I am 86 years old & flying business class was one of the things on my bucket i decided on my last trip to visit my family that i would pay the extra money,which was a big sacrifice for me,to finally fly business class.I was given a menu with three choices of meals and then told that the only choice was meatballs!Ironically,flying back on economy class,I had two meal choices. furthermore, to add to my sad experience I had 4 bags of coffee confiscated

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22 March 2018 12:03:00 Cheryl Branche

Avianca is awful. The ground service staffers are rude and at least one of the flight staff is obnoxious and arrogant during my trip from New York City in November, 2017.

I complained, in writing, to customer service more than five times without resolution. I have not heard from customer for more than four to six weeks now.

If this is the kind of customer service I can expect from Avianca, count me off of your fan list.

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02 December 2017 12:12:00 Guest

I fly around the world. Some airlines are better than others and some airlines are worse. I have flown many times over the previoyus 20 years with Avianca. This November was the worst airline experience I have ever had. Avianca has had a major dispute with their pilots. The adverse effect on schedules, non-notification of cancellation even though they had email, the abject interest of their ground staff and the total lack of response to my SIX emails including to Board members. We were delayed 10 hours. TEN HOURS! An airline is not just about the fleet but also about the performance and in Avianca we have just experienced the worst-performing airline ever.

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04 August 2017 12:08:00 Johnson

I thought Avianca was a great airline.....but no more. I paid for 2 tickets from Quito to Cuenca on Aug. 3 (booked in March). The flight was cancelled....I found this out 2 days before flight.....and I never received any notification (they have my email). The customer service agent cancelled the entire ticket(s) for me because there were specific flight times I needed and they had nothing else that would work. Then he told me I would have to submit an online refund request. I did do that. However, Avianca's Facebook page staff and telling me I will have to contact TAME airlines for the refund because they were the ones that cancelled the flight!! Ridiculous. I paid my money to AVIANCA and have the receipt to prove it. I am very disappointed with the hoops I am having to jump through to get my money back and all the incorrect information I have been given.

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03 February 2017 12:02:00 Mabel Svagna

Flew to Colombia, the 20 of Jan and back the 28 to NY. Just wanted to say the flight was fantastic, the stewardesses were very attentive, the planes were clean and comfortable, I'm 5'11 so leg room is very mportant, and the entertainment was also first rate. I wish I could afford to go more often to Colombia. Hopefully, I will soon and definately will fly Avianca, no other airline compares, Again, thank you

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15 November 2015 12:11:00 Guest

I had the most appalling experience with Avianca. I booked an airfare that simply got cancelled without notification. I arrived at the airport on the day of the flight to find out that my ticket was cancelled - 2 hours before departure!

The Avianca customer service could not care less about the cancellation (it seems this is the way they regularly operate). They simply advised me to buy another plane ticket - with a price premium for buying it 2 hours before the flight... of course! This seems surreal to me: in 2015, not even a notification of cancellation?

I am still fighting to get my money back on the price difference. I know I won't fly with them again because I do not want to have to deal with the stress of potentially arriving at the airport and handle a last minute airfare purchase.

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13 July 2012 12:07:00 LiLy

I was VERY Upset with Avianca on my last trip to Colombia, I will NEVER use Avianca again!!! They tried to put me on Stand By after I have purchased my tickets 6 months in anvanced and I got to the airport 3 hours before the plane had to leave. It is just a business, I heard of other people that had the same experience as me and my family and they have to pay extra $ to get a seat, increideble! how corrupted this people are!

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