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Air Arabia Reviews

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All reviews about Air Arabia

19 December 2021 12:12:00 Ali Hassan

Very bad experince with Air Arabia, i booked ticket from Qatar to Pakistan,
1st flight was delayed in Doha towards sharja. And then from Sharja to Pakistan flight delayed up to 14 hrs.

Very very bad experience and coustmer service is worst at airport.

My advice pay more and avoid these type of airlines.

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27 October 2021 12:10:00 Guest

worst airline ever I travelled with
worst customer service call centre never answered horrible experience
never ever fly with them even given free ticket.

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12 October 2021 12:10:00 Guest

The worst customer service, calling since 1 week I stay on hold hours, nobody answers, shifting the languages.
I emailed no answer.
Social media both fb and Instagram only automatic answers.
Unfortunately I already booked my ticket, but this will be the last ever.
I don't recommend this company.
Rather paying extra money then getting headaches.
For the responsible if customer satisfaction matters for you, take exempl of other airline companies.

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26 September 2021 12:09:00 Guest

Horrible company. We had the worst experience ever traveling with this airline. They didnít let us to get in inside our flight even we are vaccinated and we have all our documents in law. They didnít know the rules to get in at Egypt, even with the official website of the Egyptian government says clearly that people with the vaccine can go to Egypt for holiday. We were vaccinated in the United States but they didnít understand that our vaccine is the same as in Europe and they didnít let us to take the flight. Horrible attitude from the Italian supervisor and the guy from the counter. This supervisor didnít speak a proper English and he didnít help us in nothing. We showed up him the official information from the Egyptian government but he didnít understand that he was totally wrong with his decision. I highly donít recommend flying with Air Arabia airlines never is it possible. They do the impossible for the customers donít have a nice time flying with them and they donít give you proper answers. It look like the people in the counter l donít even know what theyíre doing, besides a horrible attention. The supervisor was even worst. They are not prepared at all. My worst experience flying and Iíve been in more than 55 countries. I hope this situation helps to save you a lot of problems with this airline.
Cheers from Australia!

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09 February 2021 12:02:00 Ajay Chand Mehra

We booked ticket to new Delhi from Sharjah, booking made on 12th Jan 2020, for travel, 30th April 2020. . Flight was cancelled till 15th May 2020, due to COVID-19 lockdown. Marriage was performed without guests on ZOOM only. We requested Air Arabia for complete refund, but they emailed of credit to be used before 12-01-2021. other Indian airlines we booked from Delhi to Amritsar and back to Dubai, refunded even single paisa. we received full refund, without any deductions. This airline is very un-ethical and thriving on non-refunded funds. I forgot to use my refund 3/4 years back, they never called and never refunded money. Very very un-ethical working. Advise not to travel with them.

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24 June 2018 12:06:00 Guest

To Whom it may concern,

My name is Stenio Venh de Sousa Soares born on 07/03/1980 with the passport M959710 and Iím writing this letter in order to inform you of an unfair treatment Iíve been exposed to with airarabia.
On the 23rd of June 2018, I had a flight fr om Gatwick-London to Tangier-Morocco at 21:00 with the reservation number 56671996 at a cost of 214.30 GBP, Iíve arrived 19:45 at Gatwick airport, One hour and 15 minutes before the flight, when I was going to get in the checking luggage area, someone of the staff told me I couldnít get in with the printing reservation, and that I had to go and find the airarabia branch to ask for the boarding pass, when I finally found it, there was no one to assist me, Iíve asked the balcony of informationís wh ere could I get some assistance, they gave me a phone number (09067110004) that wasnít working, only after I found a place to charge my mobile, I could access the internet and try to find airarabias number on the internet(09067110009), once Iíve done it, tried to explain the situation to the customer service office for more than 20 minutes at 50p a minute ( minimum 25£ Iíve spent.
They didnít understood that I was on time, and that in my perspective I deserve to be reimbursed of the value of the flight, I couldnít make my point across because of the expensive rates airarabia has in a phone service that should be for free, your clients are the most important part of any business, threat them right and they will come back and advertise your company with good feedback for free, I believe no one would be satisfied with the quality of these procedures, why donít you aim for better quality service? This company should represent Morocco!
The reason for not wanting to help me, was that the call was made 20/30 minutes before the flight, so the customer service representative kept saying I arrived late, which I didnít, I ask you for your comprehension and consideration, Iím a regular flight user, this has never happened to me, sometimes I arrive 45 minutes before the flight and Iíve always managed to catch the flight, thereís always someone on the balcony willing to print the boarding pass, and if Iím really late, the airport staff will eventually ask the plane for a couple more minutes or grant me a quicker passage through the luggage check.
I want to remind you that we should act on the principles of good faith, and I canít see that with the assistance I was given;
- The main reason for not catching the flight was not having the boarding pass;
- Airarabia branch was closed making it impossible to print the boarding pass;
- No customer service phone number was available;
- Customer service representative kept saying I was late which I wasnít;
- Paid 25.00 GBP for the calls in less than half an hour call (while you are waiting for someone to answer, you are already paying)
-Had to pay for transports to exit from the airport at 15.00 GBP;
- Cancelled reservations at hotel;
- Missed a priceless gathering of professional colleagues and friends;
- Unable to use my vacation days getting to know such a cultured country!! (priceless)
Please reply with what can you do to assist me, still want to visit Morocco, or reimbursement of the 214.20£, I really believe and hope you will understand the whole situation, and how unfair it is if Iím not the one to blame.
Kind regards and hope to hear from you soon,
Stenio Venh de Sousa Soares

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20 January 2018 12:01:00 Adam Jomaa

Im a regular traveler with Air Arabia. Always ontime and seats are comfortable compared to other economy class. Great vale for money. Keep it up.

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30 July 2017 12:07:00 DIAS JACOB

"very poor customer service"


My self and My Family (4 Members) Traveled from MUSCAT TO COCHIN with Air Arabia on 15th June 2017. Worst experience. First, flight was delayed for 3 hours. My Baggage was lost and said that, come and collect after 3 days from Cochin airport without any compensation. finally they agree to compensate after several strike 50 USD per baggage per day and send many mails but no responds yet, still payment is pending . Very poor customer service at Cochin, they have threaten us. Was my first time flying with Air Arabia and will be my last. Would not recommend any one.

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20 December 2016 12:12:00 Guest

I regularly use this airline to fly between the UK and Morocco with my family. Last year we were delayed by several hours due to the airlines fault. EU law requires they make a compensation payment for the delays. Despite writing to them several times they refuse to respond. Having instructed solicitors we found that they are based offshore in the Gulf so litigation cannot be pursued in Europe for our rights. Be very careful in using this dubious airline - if you have problems they are like used car salesmen - dodgy!

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19 December 2016 12:12:00 Guest

After confirming with customer service that I can change the name of the passenger or cancel my flight for no fees or penalties, I went ahead and booked a flight for myself and a friend knowingly that he might not be able to travel.

Once my friend confirmed that he is not able to travel, I called the customer service for changing the name - they told me that I had to pay a penalty of 150 AED and 500 AED as a flight fare difference. After spending two hours of my life with customer service, they proposed an alternative to cancel a flight and book a new one and it would come to a difference of around 350AED between cancellation and a new ticket - thats when again the fare difference didnt make sense. And Thank God i didnt do that, i would be stuck with a useless ticket.

Well apparently, you can't cancel the flight while the flexi fare's first statement is about this. You can change the date or destination of the flight because they cant return you the money.

In my opinion Air Arabia is a professional con artist, never again... I should have listened to my sister when she said they con you the best they can on the flight. More to come when I actually take the flight,

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29 August 2016 12:08:00 Guest

THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE IN THE INDUSTRY: Air Arabia cancelled my flight without telling me anything- i got to the airport and not choice but to buy a very expensive flight back to Franfurt. I have been trying to contact them for 2.5 months, have written to them several times to get a refund for the cancelled flight and they havent even bothered returning one email or phone call. I WILL NEVER BOOK WITH AIR ARABIA AGAIN

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04 June 2016 12:06:00 Fuat

The worst airline I haver ever used. Toilets ( no tissues no soap) , tables and all the things were dirty. No hygiene .The crew was very rude and amateur. Using Air Arabia is the wrongest thing you can do in your life.

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21 March 2015 12:03:00 Joss


I booked a flight from Erbil (Kurdistan) to Delhi (India) with Air Arabia, which was cancelled less than 2 weeks before it was due to leave.

I contacted them by email and using their online contact form on about 10 separate occasions, asking to be put on another flight. I said I'd be happy to fly on a different date, with a different airline, or even from a different airport (as long as it was close). Each email was ignored, and I was only contacted after I wrote on their Facebook page.

Even then they ignored my request. Instead of putting me on a reasonable alternative flight, they only offered me a flight from Baghdad/Basra or a refund. I didn't have an Iraqi visa, nor did I want to face the safety risk of travelling through Iraq, and a refund was no good to me as I'd then have to pay much more to book the same flight with another airline at short notice. I explained this, but rather than send a decent reply Air Arabia just issued a refund without my permission. That only happened after I sent them 3 other emails. As a result I had to cancel a nice 6 day trip to Erbil and spend 22 hours on a bus to Istanbul instead.

This was the worst service I've ever received from an airline, and having now googled Air Arabia I see that this was not a unique experience. I'd recommend everyone to seriously steer clear of these bunch of cowboys, they have no customer service skills whatsoever.

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09 September 2014 12:09:00 Guest

My luggage did not arrive. Now at Kiev airport they say we have send your baggage to Ivano frankivsk airport and at Ivano frankivsk airport we call they say there is no such baggage. What a horrible airline

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13 February 2014 12:02:00 Guest

The online booking system is not working correct or it is a professional system to cheat passengers
Two bookings two time the wrong date on the confirmation Ė changing the booking seconds after the confirmation costs 160.- the first time I thought I did the mistake Ė the second booking I did screenshots and the screen shows another date than the confirmation by email.
Never again!

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22 December 2013 12:12:00 Guest

Worst airline i have ever flown with, did not make it clear on website when booking that baggage had to be paid for separately so when i got to the airport i had to pay 35 pound for a 15kg bag and also 30 pound when i came back, nearly 70 pound for 1 bag!!!!!!!. No onboard meal which is not made clear on website all food and drink has to be paid for, not even glasses of water where offered!!! no eye masks or ear plugs available. Some people with laptops on while taking off and none of cabin crew said anything. Also worst landing i have ever experienced. Will definately not be flying with this company again!

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16 July 2012 12:07:00 Gulzar

I like Air arabia, specially its timing we say flights are not on time, but Air Arabia is Before time araival and deperture. Rates are also good, Seating leg space is excellent better than Emirates or other airlines

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28 September 2011 12:09:00 Guest

Indeed it was a pleasure traveling with Air Arabia by me and my wife from Hyderabad India to Damascus via sharjah and Tehran via sharjah to Hyderabad in December2010. The inflight service, maintenance,inflight decor were excellent. The support staff at Sharjah Airport was coperative, helping and supportive. I pray Allah (SWT) for the continued success to Air Arabia in the coming years. The management and staff KEEP IT UP AND DO CONTINUE WITH YOUR HARD WORK EFFORTS TO ACHIEVE MORE ENDEAVOURS

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09 March 2010 12:03:00 Joseph & Fly

Its an Excellent And reputed airlines with friendly courtious and beautiful crews serving all its coustomers equally and to the satisfaction of all travellers.
Its a Blessing for all those middleclass travelers with
limited resources,also worth every single penny spend.
Kudos to Air Arabia and its leaders and crews. Good job!
Well done ...Keep it up..Thanks for this oppertunity.
Joseph & Fly

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02 March 2010 12:03:00 Guest

Good service,But peak season i had seen its rate goes much higher than the normal airlines ,that practice is not good one

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