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Virgin Atlantic Airways

Country: United Kingdom
Long-haul airlines from London to USA, Central America, Asia and Africa
IATA code: VS
ICAO code: VIR
Head office: The Office, Manor Royal, Crawley, West Sussex, RH10 9NU, UK
Phone number: +44 1293 562 345
Fax number: +44 1293 561 721
Web-site: Year established: 1984
Main bases and hubs: London Heathrow, London Gatwick, Manchester
Fleet: Airbus A330-300, Airbus A340-300, Airbus A340-600, Boeing 747-400

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Virgin Atlantic Airways. Airline code, web site, phone, reviews and opinions.

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Reviews & Opinions of Virgin Atlantic Airways:

10 January 2014 Osprey4356

Having become a fan of Virgin America, we decided to give Virgin Atlantic a try on a recent flight to London. Across the brand, the experience is the same and alway superb! We were able to obtain their lowest fare Upper Class tickets for the same price as an economy fare on United Airlines. Best lie flat seats in the industry. They give you a "sleep suit" on the night flights. Food is superior to any airline. Their afternoon flights even feature tea service complete with finger sandwiches, scones with clotted cream, and of course, tea! No complaints. We'll be back.

19 December 2012 Guest

I flew with Virgin in Nov 2012, I have flown with them before and found it an excellent experience, but the last two flights were disappointing. We paid extra for a window seat going out to Cuba, only to find out that there was no window on the seat I was allocated, we did complain but to no effect. The food was also disappointing, below average and not much choice, on the return flight, the so-called hi-tech entertainment onboard did not work, the stewardess could only offer a portable dvd player which was larger than the seat space..

18 June 2008 Guest

Booked our family holiday with Virgin as we had heard they were the best. After a 27 hour delay, we boarded the plane. Just glad to get on it, travelling with our two children who were just keen to get there. The flight and service was good despite them running with a minimal crew. The flight back just an hour delay, seatback TV's not working correctly - they did correct this. Thank goodness! I was asked if I wanted duty free and both items I wanted were out of stock. Not impressed at all and certainly not the best airline that I have flown with.

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Virgin Atlantic Airways Discussion:

22 June 2015 Barbara

WORST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE. I still cry when I think about this flight. I had the misfortune of being surrounded by disgusting, absolutely plastered British men for 11 hours, which would be bad enough, except the flight crew did NOTHING to keep them in check; in fact they actually encouraged it. The staff gave them so much alcohol that they were screaming, hooting, hollering, standing in the aisles, and even starting fist fights. They were making me and the other woman in my row extremely uncomfortable because they were being loud and encroaching on our personal space, so I asked them to please be quiet and back off. This only fueled their rampage, and apparently made me a target. For the rest of the flight I got cat-called, whistled at, and was the object of all sorts of lewd gestures and insults, many sexual in nature, which is frightening when you're a young girl travelling alone. Eventually I had a breakdown and curled up in my seat crying. One of the flight attendants took me aside and patted me on the head and told me not to mind them because they were just "jaunty." When I got home I wrote to their customer service explaining what had happened, and got an email back apologizing that I was "inconvenienced," and basically told me to suck it up. I don't how the British view sexual harassment, but in America that's more than an "inconvenience," and Virgin Atlantic seems to think that this is completely ok and normal. I went through a whole ordeal on that flight, only to have insult added to injury when interacting with their HR department. What an all around abhorrent company. They're not interested in the safety or well-being of their customers, and show a shocking lack of empathy. IF YOU'RE A WOMAN STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM THIS AIRLINE AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE. IT'S DANGEROUS!!!

02 March 2015 OConnor

Take note all travellers with children of this statement: I n-flight entertainment does not form part of your holiday. Virgin Atlantic aim to rectify any technical faults during the aircraft turnaround, however, neither Virgin Holidays, nor Virgin Atlantic will be held responsible for any lack of availability due to technical faults or difficulties or aircraft changes. Travelled recently and entertainment fault outward and inward. Complained but forced to upgrade at a cost of £200 per seat to get entertainment. Would never travel with this company again. Thought they were customer focused but they have list their gold star service reputation.

08 June 2012 Guest

Ya know,..I had something happen to me that is totally unheard of the first and only time I flew Virgin airlines. It was 1990,and I had called for a price quote.I was told that because I wanted a standby fare,it would only be $199.00. Fine,as I was used to these cheap fares with this type of ticket. You cant reserve a seat,but rather just wait until all people are seated then go onboard for an empty seat.I dont think there is this type of thing anymore. Anyway,..I knew my cousin would be waiting for me at the end of the road,so I only took the ticket price,plus perhaps $50.00 for extras I might come across. So,I get to tthe check in counter,they take my luggage,give me my tags,and tell me to go to the boarding desk where my gate was.I get there,and several others were there for their standby tickets too. There,I found out that we would be paying inflight,..not on the ground.I thought this was really odd,as did a few others I talked to about it as we waited. Once the plane landed,and we were all onboard,I waited to pay.The plane took off,and anout a couple of hours into the flight,the stewardess came down the aisle taking the money for these standby tickets.I noticed some frowns,and herd a few disgruntled words,but didnt understand them. Until it was MY turn to pay. Remember now,..I had only brought the price of my ticket,plus a little extra. A total of $250.00 all together. The steward asked for my money,and I handed her $200.00. She handed it back,saying "I'm sorry.,there's not enough here.You need $100.00 more." I looked back to the others who she had approached,and their faces told me everything.They,too,had been taken for an extra $100.00 per ticket. Well,I said,I had been told to pay $199.00,and that was all I had. The stewardess began to harass me,saying that I had no business getting on this plane without the right amount of money to pay for the ticket,..and if I thought I was going to,I was wrong. She then went for security,who also tried to squeeze more money out of me,which I didnt have. After a few more minutes of this,one of the pilots came back. (I assume there were two,as usually is) He proceeded to listen to the guard,and the stewardess about how I was trying to cheap and not pay the right price of my ticket,..which I protested wasnt true! He left and came back a few minutes later,saying that I would have to get off the plane.Now ,..what I say here isnt funny at all,..if you are waaaay up in the air,,..can he do that? This was my first thought. A totally irrational thought,but there it is. How in the heck was I going to get off this plane.I swear,it scared the heck right out of me! Not a joke here. The pilot attempted to calm me down,saying that I would be dropped off at Denver co. They would make a stop to do so. I almost collapsed at that,in gratitude,oddly. Then,I realized that I didnt know anyone in Colorado,I had no money,and it was cold there.I didnt have any winter clothing,as I was going to a warm place.Well,in my luggage I had some warm sweaters,etc,so I relaxed a little. So,we get to Denver,but they do NOT just let me go.I was taken to the Airport police dept,where I was arrested for trying to defraud the airlines of $100.00. I asked about my luggage,..would it stay with me,and I was told that it had gone on to LAX,and would be there for me when I got there. I blinked at the attemdant there,and said nothing. I wont go on more,as it turns into a full blown short story.Suffice to say that I was released that evening,and found a Catholic Church who(even tho I wasnt Catholic) gave me enough money for a bus to LA,etc,etc,etc. ***The point if this long post is that this airline is vile,and if Richard Branston goes along with this type of treatment of customers,then he is as vile as his airline is. **I dont know about the food,the entertainment,or anything else,as I wasnt allowed any of that on my nightmare flight. Not even water was offered to me**

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