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Spirit Airlines

Country: United States
Domestic and international services in the northeast of the USA
IATA code: NK
ICAO code: NKS
Head office: 2800 Executive Way, Miramar, Florida, 33025, USA
Phone number: +1 954 447 79 65, +1 801 401 22 22
Fax number: +1 954 447 79 79
Year established: 1990
Main bases and hubs: Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County, Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International
Fleet: Airbus A319, Airbus A320, Airbus A320neo, Airbus A321

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Reviews & Opinions of Spirit Airlines:

04 January 2016 Guest

I flew spirit air fr om Ft Lauderdale to Niagara Falls Nov 27. booked my flights for 4 adults months prior and joined their fare club. I read over all their instructions on the luggage policy and paid the extra cost for 4 bags and 3 carry on. I instructed my family about not going over the 40lb lim it on the bags. When we got to the counter the girl was great explained that cause we booked as a group that we had a total weight of 160lbs with are bags so it didn't matter if 1 bag was over weight, as long one of the others was under the bag is ok... as long as we had a total weight at 160lbs. On top of this I still saved over 500.00 on this flight being a holiday weekend. These people writing in with all these complaints about Spirit Air must only fly once in a great while and think every thing is owed to them on Spirit. Go fly a larger airlines and see what you pay. Yes SW gives you 2 bags free but you really are paying for those 2 bags.

22 June 2015 Guest

spirit airline is good, you only have to pay for what you need. adding bags online is cheaper than doing it over the phone. Its normal for sometime delay because they are making sure for everyone's safety.

17 June 2015 Guest

My flight got cancelled because "the pilot didn't show up" which is a lie because they have back up pilots and 2 other flights were cancelled for the same reason, how can 3 pilots just decide not to show up? wasted my entire day waiting for them to rebook me, they were rude, not helpful or sympathetic, treated me and the others who were patiently waiting like we were stray dogs. they were unorganized, not well trained, and extremely unprofessional. Gave everyone an attitude and snapped at us for waiting, when we were told to wait and then not given any directions after that. Told us there were no other flights out to our destination, but when we got online and found all these available flights to our destination, they said they were unable to give us those flights. they then got on ORBITZ, just like a normal person would and booked us a flight, did not reimburse us for our time and never once apologized for the inconvenience. I will never fly with spirit again and I will be sure to tell everyone how horrible this airline is. I would have paid an extra $50 dollars to fly smoothly with another airline. Spirit is a joke.

16 February 2015 Guest

The worst, followed by the new American Airlines. All the services are shoddy, they don't participate in TSA-Pre, no food or drink, rude flight attendants and airport personnel. Kiosk services are routinely out of order. Fly only as a last resort in an emergency and report to the FAA so at least the bureaucrats can spend some time investigating this shamefully disgusting organization.

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Spirit Airlines Discussion:

02 October 2016 Guest

Our return trip home was supposed to be a 3:00 pm flight from Motego Bay Jamaica to Fort Lauderdale, Florida with about a three-hour layover and then a flight from Fort Lauderdale to Detroit. Our flight out of Montego Bay was called to board but then they asked everyone to wait because one of the bathrooms was not working. We were told the plane COULD NOT fly with only one working bathroom. For the next two hours we were repeatedly told the bathroom would be fixed in a few more minutes. Eventually we were told they were going to start boarding but the bathroom had not been fixed. There would be one working toilet on the plane. So saying we could not fly that way was not true. We took off two and a half hours late and after going through customs we had missed our connecting flight to Detroit. I was directed to a line at the Spirit counter made up completely of people who needed to be rebooked because they had missed their connectors as well. There were about seventy people in front of us and for the next hour and a half we stood in line as one person at the counter worked this line while all of the others handled people arriving for their flights. By the time my wife and I were able to talk to a someone at the counter it was 10:00 pm. We were rebooked on a 7:04 flight to Orlando with a one-hour layover and a flight from Orlando to Detroit. The next day we boarded our flight to Orlando, they announced the cabin door was shut and told us to turn off our cell phones. A couple of minutes later the captain announced that the ground crew spotted a potential bird strike on the airplane and we had to have it checked out. We waited for an hour while the bird strike was checked. During this hour at two different times the cabin door was opened and a total of about fifteen additional passengers got on the plane. It seems likely that what really happened was the plane was held to wait for connecting passengers from other late flights. We took off an hour late and when we landed as we taxied in to our gate we watched our connecting flight to DTW pull away from the next gate over. It was now 9:00 am the day after we started our trip home. We got off the plane and walked up to the Spirit gate agent at the gate our connector had just left. We were told we could be rebooked on a 6:45 pm flight to Detroit. I asked him if there was anything else to Detroit before then and he said no. I said there is nothing to Atlanta or Chicago and from there to Detroit? He said no again. We booked the 6:45 flight but a few minutes later found reasonably priced flights to Detroit leaving at 11:00 am on American. We cancelled the Spirit flights and requested a refund on the remainder of the tickets. Several days later I received a credit on my Amex of $80.00 per ticket. We missed one connector because this airline couldnt fly with one bathroom not working but then eventually, when it was too late for us and most of the other passengers on the plane, they could. We missed a second connector because of a bird strike that allowed about fifteen late arriving passengers get on the plane and was then cleared. Also we werent supposed to mind hanging out in the airport for ten hours on day two of our trip home. We have vowed to never fly this shady airline again.

30 May 2016 Guest

I will be traveling with a back pack and a small roller bag, should I be paying for the roller bag, or will I be able to sneak it in without having it pay $100 at the gate?

30 May 2016 Guest

We fly them. We haven't been disappointed yet. If you don't like their rules I suggest you just fly another airlines and pay the fees in their ticket prices. Round trip for two from myrtle beach to Philadelphia for under $100 total for two people. Vs $400-500..

17 May 2016 Stephen meyer

TAKE SPIRIT TO SMALL CLAIMS COURT IF YOU HAVE AN UNRESOLVED GRIEVANCE.............Spirit is cheap, that's about the only good thing i can say about them. MY STORY.........I was denied check-in for an international flight at the counter in FLL last October because I was 7 minutes late........ this despite the fact I was in their check-in line snaking outside the building for over 45 minutes. Obviously I suffered a loss of my ticket $ and prepaid hotels, mileage, etc. I wrote a certified return receipt letter stating my case to Customer Service HAHA at Spirit and got absolutely no response. So I decided to bring suit in small claims court in my home county in Florida. It cost me filing fees to initiate this suit, but what the heck, I was still mad this spring. I also added the value of the air miles they never credited in my frequent flyer account as well. All told about $1500 plus fees of $300. The day before the scheduled court appearance I got a call from someone at spirit and they offered to give me my missing miles, but when I inquired about expenses they said no..... because I was late. I didn't accept. I appeared in small claims court on the appointed day and secured a default judgment against Spirit because they didn't bother to show up. The total was just shy of $1800. To my shock and amazement within a month I received full payment from Spirit. My advice, SUE THEM.

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