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Frontier Airlines

Country: United States
Scheduled low-cost services from Denver
IATA code: F9
ICAO code: FFT
Head office: Frontier Center One, 7001 Tower Road, Denver, Colorado, 80249-7312, USA
Phone number: +1 720 374 42 00
Fax number: +1 720 374 43 75
Year established: 1994
Main bases and hubs: Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International, Denver International, Kansas City International
Fleet: Airbus A319, Airbus A320, Airbus A320neo, Airbus A321

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Reviews & Opinions of Frontier Airlines:

21 December 2016 Guest


14 November 2016 Guest

I flew Frontier today for the first time. They charged for everything from carry-on items to cold drinks. If you change your random chosen seat they charge you a fee. The seats felt like they were ironboards. On top of that ther were to close together. Terrible three hour flight. Never again. One and done.

26 September 2016 Guest

I flew Frontier from Omaha to Denver on 9/24/16. Our departure was delayed for over an hour. When we were finally boarding, the gate agent made a fairly rude announcement about carry-ons. As Frontier tells you you must pay for carry-ons every chance they get, this seemed unnecessary or at least could have been done in a more polite manner. It felt like we were children being reprimanded by a teacher. When on board, there was another strange announcement about the fines and penalties for consuming alcohol brought on board. When we arrived in Denver, we sat on the runway for over 2 hours because they did not have a ground crew available. It was obvious that the pilots and flight attendants (who were very kind) were as frustrated as the passengers. The pilot was not even always able to get updates from the gate as he couldn't always reach them on the phone. When we finally were able to deplane, the customer service rep was quite rude (clearly she was exhausted and frustrated herself). Passengers also had to wait another hour to get their baggage. I used to love Frontier when they first came to Denver. This is not my first bad experience of late and I will not fly them again unless their fare is hundreds of dollars in savings. They don't treat their customers well and they clearly don't treat their employees well.

29 March 2016 Guest

DON'T FLY THIS AIRLINE. Their advertising is misleading due to add ons, baggage service is extremely poor though you pay for it directly, seats are small and cramped. Lines are long, and post flight problem solving is rude, full of unnecessary paperwork to avoid fulfilling their obligations and to follow their own polices. Face to face staff are friendly but are obviously overworked, and have to deal with irrate customers, due to their general mismanagement, and crass comsumer unfriendly management policies.. I have flown several of their competitors and they are all basic but MUCH BETTER. FORGET FRONTIER.

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Frontier Airlines Discussion:

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23 December 2016 EJ

This is so very sad. But, sometimes if a business can not make it, they need to hang it up. And Frontier needs to hang it up. Allegedly, Frontier outsources services and if you outsource it is difficult to pick up the phone and call for back up in a snow storm (8 inches in Denver that day). I never made it to the airport. I confirmed my flight the night before, had a boarding pass and then the email arrived that evening, writing: sorry, regret to inform your Frontier flight is cancelled. Go rebook online or call this number. I called that number and sat on hold for 2 hours. BUT, I was booking a flight to my destination on the computer as I sat waiting. Somehow, the past few days had a hopelessness feel to it all. I applied for a refund from Frontier. Then I got an email from Frontier giving a voucher for the flight if it was used in 90 days. Hm...this was - and I say WAS - a two week vacation planned for nearly two months ago. I will hang in there for the refund hoping Frontier isn't on the bankruptcy horizon. So sad. I remember when this airline started up in Denver - it was much fun, the flight people sang as they worked. It was high spirited and made Denver proud. Now it is an embarrassment.

21 December 2016 Guest

Frontier is the worst business I have ever had an interaction with. I dont know how they spread so much rage and still stay in business. Our flight to Cleveland was one of hundreds canceled out of Denver the weekend before Christmas. They tried to claim it was weather related, even though it had been beautiful for days and no other airlines were having these problems. Lines were horrendously long to talk to customer service and remedy our canceled flight. We were lucky and only waited a little over an hour. The customer service agent seemed like she could care less and just wanted a nap. She was not helpful at all. She had no recommendations for us. We were told we couldn't fly into Cleveland until Friday! (Mind you, this occurred at 9am Monday) We finally got out of her that we could get tickets on a flight to Cincinnati. Upon asking about our luggage that had been checked to Cleveland, we were told that our checked bag would be taken off the canceled flight to Cleveland and we could pick it up at baggage claim, recheck it on the new flight to Cincinnati. When we arrived at baggage claim there were hundreds or suitcases strewn around the carousels. After waiting half an hour, I was told that our bag was still going to go to Cleveland. Meanwhile, my husband was told to wait there and the bags would come up on the carousel in about 45 minutes. It turned out our bags would indeed be showing up. Get your story straight people! Fr om the time the flight was canceled to the time the luggage made it back to baggage claim was almost three hours! The flight to Cincinnati started getting delayed over and over. As hope that we would make it to Cincinnati that night and still be conscious enough to drive to Cleveland ebbed away, we started looking for other options. We ended up getting on a standby list for a flight to Columbus and getting on that plane. With all this bouncing around between flights, I was told we could fill out a form directing the airline to ship our bag to us in Cleveland when it landed in Cincinnati. When we landed in Columbus I asked a frontier agent wh ere I could fill out the form. She didnt know what I was talking about! She told me to call customer service. More conflicting information, imagine that. I called customer service and proceeded to wait on hold for 2.5 hours! Upon talking to a person, she told me my bag had actually been pulled off the Cincinnati flight when it was discovered we were no longer on it and was in Denver. She took the address for delivery and said the bag would be overnighted. Imagine my surprise when I got a voice mail the next afternoon saying I had to call Frontier baggage at Cincinnati and provide delivery information because our bag was actually in Cincinnati! Six hours and 20 phone calls later, I was finally able to talk to someone who said my bag did, in fact, make it to Cincinnati and I had to give them delivery information to ship it. Does no one know anything? Who spreads all this false information to so many employees? How is it that one company can have so much conflicting information? This fiasco is the absolute epitome of incompetence. And my story is better than some others. I made it home that day. The same cannot be said for everyone Frontier screwed over this past weekend. I hope these atrocities indicate a company in its death throws that will soon be nothing but a distant memory of anguish and a warning to others how not to run an airline.

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