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More than 1,000 world airlines from all countries and continents. Regular updates to bring you the most recent information.
Most popular carriers:Delta Air Lines,United Airlines,Lufthansa,Air France,Emirates, Qantas.

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All low cost carriers of the world, offering the cheapest fares.
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Flight Reports & Reviews

Guangzhou-Shanghai on a China Southern Airlines Airbus A380

Guangzhou-Shanghai on a China Southern Airlines Airbus A380

19 September 2014 Georgy
Writing a new review on a domestic flight within China, from Guangzhou to Shanghai. The flight took place 3/9/2013 courtesy of China Southern Airlines, a member of the SkyTeam alliance. Flight number CZ 3571, departure at 2:45 PM. I arrived 3 hours ahead of schedule to check in (I selected my seat ...>>>
Bulgaria Air, Bulgaria's Flag Carrier

Bulgaria Air, Bulgaria's Flag Carrier

06 September 2014 amarchukov
In this review I'll be going over my impressions of a Burgas-Moscow flight with the Bulgaria Air company, the Bulgarian national carrier. Flight FB-663 took place 30 April 2013 from Burgas to Moscow (Sheremetyevo Airport). The plane was an Airbus A-319, tail number LZ-FBA. 1. Departure from Burg ...>>>
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Latest Airline Reviews & Traveller Opinions

Air Berlin
11 December 2014 liliana

My experience with this company was awful...I did a lot of complaints and they don't respond, only standard messages! It's a shame that being the second largest German company next to LUFTHANSA, they are so unprofessional. They refused to transport my pet (a Guinea pig), although I had all the documents required under EU regulations... but an employee was moody.

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Malindo Air
08 December 2014 Guest_Mk

I might be lucky as my 1st experience with Malindo Air fr om Don Meung (BKK) to KUL was quite PLEASANT with BOEING 737-900 JET. Clean environment: Seats and facilities are looks new. Wash rooms are spotless clean too. Appropriate entertainments: 7" in-flight touch screen device Comfortable seat: 32" seat pitch for economy class. * Require early departure for document check-in to avoid long queue, since only "lim ited city" are allowed for web-check in. * The only minor FLAW was delay in baggage claim ~ All passengers waited at correct belt for an hour plus before FIRST baggage appear at KLIA2 >.< * although delay departure for approx. 30 min. flight manage to land on time. (1600 --> 1610 which was acceptable). Many thanks and appreciate the politeness of the international air crews on board, OD 523 (4th Dec 2014). Will sincerely shortlist this air line as one of the flight option in future !!!

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British Airways
06 December 2014 neil balter

I recently traveled nonstop from Phoenix Arizona to London on August 31st and the flight was a wonderful and enjoyable experience. The problem we had started on September 14th on our return flight home. We boarded the plane and were majorly disappointed to find out that we were in the old style first class. After being in the new cabin on the way out I'm sure you can imagine our disappointment when we were then put into the old configuration of first-class. It was very run down and there was a rip in the seat. I was attempting to work on a very important presentation for the following day in Phoenix but when I went to plug in my laptop battery I found that there was no adapter for me to use. At that point I just decided that it is what it is and I would have to make the best of it. Since I could no longer work on my presentation I decided to put a movie on. I must tell you that after my experience on the flight out, the tiny screen in the old first class was just plain pathetic. The flight attendants did their absolute best to make up for the issues and I give them high marks for trying as hard as they possibly could to accommodate me. After that I decided to walk to the back and visit a friend of mine who was also on the flight. You can imagine my surprise when I saw him sitting in business class with a TV screen bigger than mine, a plug for his laptop, and a new seat. At this point it became obvious to me that the rest of the cabin, both coach and business class, had been upgraded to your new configuration. I cannot imagine why people in coach or business class would have the pleasure of the new upgraded seats, power and so on and yet those of us in first class are dealing with an outdated area. It doesnt make sense to me that the people in business and coach are being treated better than first-class. Just when we thought it could not get any worse, we landed in Phoenix to face another issue. We waited 45 minutes for our bags before being told that our luggage was still in London. Now we've flown on this flight before and had the same issue of our luggage not being on the plane. The difference is that we were informed before landing that our baggage hadnt made it and that they would have it delivered directly to our home. Well this time nobody informed us so we stood there waiting for 45 minutes at the baggage claim before we were told that the bags hadn't made it onto the flight. well then after contacting BA about my experience there response just it worst if your flying on Ba good luck but at this point i will not be seeing me there. Regards, Neil Balter

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Airline and Airport Discussions

Spirit Airlines
20 December 2014 Guest

Their logo is total bs. They took our money like nobody's business. They charge $25-100 for carry-on and for other things. The flight wasn't even comfortable and they don't offer free water or snacks; definitely not worth the $180 for 2 suitcases at check-in and then again at our layover. The seats are terrible and you can't push them back, making it uncomfortable to sit and fall asleep.

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Allegiant Air
20 December 2014 ANGEL

THIS AIRLINE SUCK THEY CHARGE YOU FOR EVERYTHING FROM THE BOARDING PASS TO YOUR CARRY ON BAG WHICH IS SUPPOSED TO BE FREE. WHEN CALLING THEM IT TAKES AT LEAST 45 minutes FOR SOMEONE TO GER ON THE LINE. THE CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS. THE DONT TAKE CASH BUT THEY DONT TELL YOU THAT NEITHER. The rip you off that's why the flights are so cheap they basicallyeft me out of 140 dollars and stranded at the airport because I didn't check in 2 hours prior to take off.NOT EVEN AT AN HOUR AND THEM THEY CHARGE YOU 75 dollars to reschedule at the airport. Even though i still had 55 minutes to make it to my plane. I will never in my life book with them I'd rather pay 300 dollars for a one way with delta then 88 dollars plus 66 dollars in taxes with allegiant,

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Frontier Airlines
20 December 2014 Guest

Customer By Web Form (Darlene Armenta) - 12/19/2014 08:48 AM My experience with Frontier was horrible. I got some buddy passes from a friend trying to help me out. Getting to LA was fine. Coming back was a nightmare. I was supposed to fly from LAX to Denver this morning at 9:50 am. I was the only one bumped. The next flight was full, so I waited for the 7:40. I found a computer to change my flight and print my boarding pass. When I went to check my bag, the young man was very polite and told me there were 8 seats left and I would definitely make the flight. The woman at the gate was rude right from the start. She told me she would call if there was a seat. Awhile later I went to check again. She seemed annoyed with me. She said there were not enough seats and the only way I would make that flight was if I bought my own ticket. I ran down to ticketing and shelled out $377.00 for a one way ticket. It was more expensive because it was in the exit row. Imagine my surprise when the seat NEXT TO ME was empty. I got up and counted eight empty seats. Two windows and six middle seats. I was completely lied to. What a horrible way to treat a customer, revenue or not. The woman who intentionally lied to me should have to pay for my return ticket. I did not get her name, but she worked in the evening at gate 31A and had bleached blonde hair with dark roots.

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