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Austrian: Flying with gifts

Austrian: Flying with gifts

06 August 2014 morrow
Traditionally, Id like to start my flight review with Austrians with some words about the airline. Since 2012 all flights have been carried out by Tyrolean Airways. So dont be surprised when you see Austrian (operated by Tyrolean) written in your ticket. Its just a brand (the same as Continen ...>>>
The NordStar Airlines and Krasnoyarsk Airport

The NordStar Airlines and Krasnoyarsk Airport

25 July 2014 amarchukov
NordStar is the brand name used by Taimyr Air Company for its mainline passenger flights from Norilsk, North Siberia. The company's air fleet consists of Boeing 737s and ATR 42 turboprop planes. Operating hubs include Norilsk airport, Krasnoyarsk's Yemelyanovo, and Moscow's Domodedovo. The flight ne ...>>>
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South African Airways
24 August 2014 Adam Kidton

I am an ultra-frequent flier Diamond Skyteam (Delta); Executive Platinum Oneworld (AA), 1K Star Alliance (UA) and I have travelled SAA on the New York JFK to Johannesburg route (flights 204/203) 10 times this year (5-round trips). Of these flights (9 in coach and 1 in business) only 1 has been remotely satisfactory. On 7 the entertainment system has not worked properly (on 4 not at all). On 7 flights the temperature has been either boiling of freezing and the cause of a multitude of complaints. On 3 flights I did not get the meal i ordered and on the flight I took in business the cabin smelled of the toilets, and the seat power went out, which meant that the seat could not be moved for 90 minutes. In the coach cabin, there is no seat power, and the entertainment system is contained in a steel box under the seat which eats up the vast majority of the leg room. On top of all of this, complaints whether written in flight or emailed do not get resolved... Then there is the bipolar nature of the flight crews, some of whom are apologetic and cool, but the majority of whom are churlish and in one case actually threatening. SAA on the New York to Johannesburg route is to be avoided choose either Delta via Atlanta or BA via London instead.

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Cubana de Aviacion
24 August 2014 Delores Ortlieb

My husband and I flew with this airline in March 2014 yes the airplane was older but the service and food that we received were great we are going back to Cuba this Dec and we will go with this airline. We will not go with Sunwing as the service on board is terrible.

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Air Berlin
23 August 2014 Happy flyer

Well, I will post something oddly positive about air Berlin. We flew with this airline several times and never had a problem. We had a lost suitcase one time, but it was delivered just next day, and the courier drove it 500 km to get the luggage to our house. Someone also called to apologize. We flew with air Berlin to Thailand couple weeks ago and the flight and service were second to none. We flew with two small children and felt very looked after. The aircrafts were newly refurbished, clean, food was fine. Overall, we had great experience with this airline, actually I would say superb for this cost of flight we paid.

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Airline and Airport Discussions

Saudi Arabian Airlines
27 August 2014 Guest

The worst travel experience ever. Gate agents in New York delayed me for 2 days saying I needed to get a transit visa to travel through saudi arabia on route from US to Malaysia. Then they again refused to issue a prepaid ticket and the gate agent requested a $300 cash bribe in order to expedite issue of the paid for ticket. Months later I'm still arguing with them and visa and the attorney general for a refund. They won't respond of emails letters. warrants...

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Sunwing Airlines
27 August 2014 Jess

Just thought I'd join in on the lovely comments I'm seeing about Sunwing. Trying to fly back home from a week long vacay to Vancouver and Sunwing apparently doesn't want me to leave! Wasn't properly informed of the almost 6 hour delay to Toronto (11:30pm to 5:15am?!), then they pushed it to 7:20am and finally at 2:45am it got pushed to over 8 hours for 7:50am. Luckily, I got my family out here to pick me up again the second I found out about this ludicrous "delay", but I'm guessing others weren't so fortunate. Now I get to pay for a cab to drive me back to the airport at an early hour and get to stand around in the same clothes as yesterday in hopes of getting on a plane at a decent time. I'm insanely mad but know that there's really no point in yelling at their staff, since they're not directly to blame. And from what I'm reading, I really don't want a credit to anything sunwing related bc I will never fly them again! So in solidarity, we should all spread the word to friends and family NEVER to fly or book with them a again. That's the only way to stick it to them, considering I've been seeing nothing but bad reviews about them and their customer service. You definitely get what you pay for with this company!

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27 August 2014 Sarah

I also agree with Eric and Carla. This plane is out of any standard for longer flights. There is no space for the legs and even arms if you are placed in the middle of the row. There is no entertaining system at all, the service is bad and the crew not as friendly as they should. Sorry for telling this, but I have never had such an uncomfortable flight as the one with Windrose from Lisboa to Fortaleza on August 6th. I would never ever fly again with Windrose. This is really not good for the image of TAP. Think about it !

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