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Bulgaria Air

Country: Bulgaria
National carrier of Bulgaria
IATA code: FB
ICAO code: LZB
Head office: Boulevard Bruskel 1, Sofia Airport, 1540 Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone number: +359 02 402 04 00
Fax number: +359 02 984 03 03
Year established: 2002
Main bases and hubs: Burgas, Sofia, Varna
Fleet: Airbus A319, Airbus A320, Embraer 170

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Reviews & Opinions of Bulgaria Air:

24 December 2015 Guest

Do NOT fly with Bulgaria Air!!! The worst experience ever! The service is one of the worst I've ever seen. Delay of flights and luggage, stolen property from the bags and very poor attitude are just the beginning of your journey with this company. Customer Service is practically non-existent. The only official phone number on their web site does not reply for weeks and the number listed for luggage complains is invalid. Emails are never answered and the service you'll get will make you feel like you owe them a favour for using their services. They will wear you down and hope that you'll give up fighting the wall of bureaucracy they've created. I'd rather walk on foot next time then use their services again.


Bulgaria air is the worst company I have ever used! 22nd of July I was supposed to have a flight from Varna to Moscow departing at 17.20. When I arrived to the airport 2 hrs in advance I could not find my flight in the list. On information desk they said tha my flight was rescheduled from 17.20 to 20.35. And attention: there was no sign of delay on the schedule screen and at 14.00 there were no notices about the delay on the company's official site - it appeared much later. The contact center could not comment the delay and sent to the company's representative in Varna Airport. In the airport they could not provide any information either. Later on we discovered that due to the low volume of passengers our flight was combined with the flight going from Tel-Aviv to Varna via Burgas (which of course, the company was aware of much in advance). No services were forseen for the passengers in delay. A lot of passengers were with small babies and with connecting flights to other destinations from Moscow. There were at least two options for such passengers to depart earlier with other companies but Bulgaria Air refused to change tickets (which is a normal practice for other European companies) saying that the flights were fully booked and there were no tickets (while there were tickets available on the sites of these companies). After a 1.5 hours of battle with Bulgaria Air representative, they agreed to provide water and a sandwich. But they provided no sitting places for the passengers and no check-in till 18.35. So that the passengers had to organize on their own at least to safeguard the luggage (so that single moms and other travellers could go to bathroom or caffeteria without bags). Just some time before 20.35 they re-scheduled the flight again - till 21.00. But at 21.00 the only airplane in the airport departed for Minsk (not for Moscow) leaving small kids and their families on the ground on their feet for over 5 hrs by that time. As a matter of fact the company organized additional juice and water distribution to passengers - this was instead of hot meals and hotels which the company refused to provide. By the way, at 21.00 there was a notice on Bulgaria Air official site that the flight had departed at 20.35. The company representative appeared at 21.15 - after the passengers' riot explaining that the plane would land from Tel-Avive at 21.10 and depart from Burgas at 21.30 and assured that it would depart for Moscow at 22.20 (which does not seem to be feasible). Still waiting for resolution.

11 April 2014 Katherine Passler

I flew Bulgaria Air from Vienna to Sofia but was stranded in Vienna for a couple of hours. Their staff did not inform us at all why the delay happened or when the flight will be on. After several hours we were just told that we can fly now. When I contacted Bulgaria Air regarding EU-regulation 261/2004 we were told the weather - hence they do not have to compensate. This is just a lie as other airlines were flying the same route in the time in question (not bad weather!!!). Just imagine how the safety at board must be if they cut already corners with compensation and just lie to the customers. BEWARE of them.

05 April 2013 Antony Cole

I flew with Bulgaria Air from Sofia-Heathrow March 2013. Aircraft was A319. Excellent legroom! I think this is not only, because they've removed rows from the aircraft, but the magazine/safety card compartment is raised. The cabin crew are the best thing about the airline. Very attractive, polite and give a good old fashioned southern-style hospitality. Water, chocolates and newspapers were served before take-off, as there was a delay due to blizzard conditions at Heathrow, so we had to wait. The sandwiches are fine, but the gluten free meal I had ordered was excellent (grilled chicken with vegetables). The drinks service went by twice through the flight. The duty-free is cheaper than on other airlines i've flown with recently and despite a windy approach pilot did a good job. Overall outstanding for a European short-haul carrier, I think many airlines could learn from them (especially from their cabin crew! ).

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Bulgaria Air Discussion:

17 November 2016 Guest

Dear Sir, We require 3XA319 on dry lease basis for 05 years. You are requested to kindly send us reasonable rates for requested aircraft. An urgent action is requested. Regards, ZARA KHAN ZADCO (PVT) LTD ISLAMABAD PAKISTAN

17 March 2016 Guest

All airlines need to be sentenced by the ombudsman and fined heavily for their dirty behaviour. its disgraceful fr om the minute you start booking your flight, I have been lied to by the airlines after a ticket paid for at 247euros has not been guaranteed, but for a further payment of 152 Euro it can be guaranteed. so wh ere do we stand with this airlines inability to guarantee you a seat - someone please tell me why they do this. Also why when im on the website often the price rises by the minute ?? who is on the other end of this scam. I am a regular traveller but when i buy a train ticket i dont expect it to go up when im booking by the minute or by hour or even by the day. so why do you do it? Thanks Bulgaria Air, great care in the sky but appalling honouring your ticket reservations.

11 January 2016 Guest

Flight in november was complete desaster (Brussels/Sofia) finally in the night cancelled . After claim , just got a email to say you get a free ticket (which is much below the min amount of 400 to 600 Euro !!) because they say it was due to weather conditions ... which is a complete lie !! Whole Europe that day was perfect weather , not one other aircraft delayed. Finally when you reply again ........ no answer any more Then when you call the callcenter ... after one week (price for fligth meanwhile already 40 euros more expensive) nobody answer ... 20 calls .... nobody. After office hour finally twice someone ... they say never got the emails (all emails where Always send correctly) ... finally on a Saturday they say ... we call back Of course nobody calls back What a * company is this We will inform EU about those practices and undertake further steps

31 July 2015 Peter Skipp

I flew Bulgaria Air from Vienna to Sofia yesterday, completing a two-sector flight form Madrid that began on the ultra-confused Fly Niki/Air-Berlin operation. I expected Niki/Berlin to be the worse part of the trip, expecting the proudly proclaimed Bulgarian National Carrier airline to live up to suitable standards. I was wrong. The boarding (from a bus gate) was shambolic and there was a 10 minute delay. A cabin crew member was hanging around the entry vestibule and failing to acknowledge passengers' greetings. I was, however, offered a Bulgarian daily newspaper for which I am grateful. The economy seat (the same Recaro as on Niki/Berlin, but with no storage space and set at a much tighter seat pitch) was very cramped (I am a compast 1,7 metre tall adult). The announcements were 1. inaudibly quiet; 2. rushed; 3. pronounced in poor street-wise Bulgarian and entirely incomprehensible English (I am bilingual in both languages). Food was awful -- a turkey, cheese and salad sandwich with a chemical smell. Bulgarians eat awful bread (the lack of bread culture in Bulgaria is notable -- waiters ask customers how many slices of bread they want to order, and one is charged by the slice!!!) and the tasteless bread that fell apart in millions of crumbs came as no surprise. Coffee (awful taste) came in plastic dispenser cups that were arbitrarily filled to between 1/5 and 1/3, with dry creamer and sugar available. Also on offer were Coke and Fanta (both warmish). Oh, and still water (also warmish). Fruit juices were available only for children (!) and comprised only orange juice. In any event, it ran out before the flight crew moved to my seat row. (There seemed to be only a handful of children on the flight...). As the flight crew served, they quipped to each other about how hard their lives were, ignoring passengers' questions and requests and dripping coffee and drinks on other passengers' laps without apologising (I assume they simply failed to notice). Bulgarians can be very generous and wonderful friends but their national culture can also make them appear most arrogant, hostile, me-firsting, off-the-wall, and inattentive. The cabin crew were of the latter persuasion... Disembarking was chaotic and the flight crew yet again demonstrated disdain bordering on hatred for the passengers by ignoring their parting thanks and smiles. Though Sofia Airport Terminal 2 falls offtopic, it is worth stating that the awfulness of its smell, feel and Portakabin-like appearance rounded off a dismal experience. Bulgaria Air clearly does not like to pay for airbridge gates, so we were bussed across a long distance in a hot bus and dumped by the fragrant entrance of the terminal like so much human rubbish. Thank you, Bulgaria Air NOT, and do not expect any word-of-mouth praise, or any return business!

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