Ultrashort flight within Seychelles
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Ultrashort flight within Seychelles

04.03.2013 г. Reporter
For this flight report, I would like to speak about a flight from Mahe (Seychelles International Airport) to Praslin (Praslin Island Airport), both courtesy of Air Seychelles. This route, which is 31 miles (or about 15 minutes) long, is flown around a dozen times a day. The aircraft used on the flight was a Shorts 360 (manufactured in 1981) belonging to Air Seychelles airline, with whom it has been in service since 2002. It seats 36.

Mahe International Airport is comprised of 2 terminals, one of which is for international flights and the other for domestic ones. It was from the latter that we departed at 9:45 AM, precisely on schedule. From the tiny waiting area we could see the aircraft used for inter-island flights.

Regional fleet of of Air Seychelles

Our plane
Shorts 360 of Air Seychelles

On the runway is a Boeing 767 preparing to take off for Paris. Other Boeings are being prepared for take-off.
Boeing 767-300 of Air Seychelles
Mahe International Airport

A fun little detail: the boarding passes were laminated in thick plastic and were taken away from us upon leaving the terminal to board the plane. Apparently, they're reused for each set of passengers.

Finally, we were on board.
Shorts 360 of Air Seychelles

The safety cards
Safety card of Shorts 360 aircraft

Everyone sat wh erever they pleased, as there were no assigned seats.
Comfort was limited and so was space, but it was only a 15 minute flight.
Cabin of Shorts 360 aircraft
Cabin of Shorts 360 aircraft

The cockpit
Cockpit of Shorts 360 aircraft

There were no onboard services. The "flight" attendant did a quick headcount of the passengers and demonstrated the safety procedures while we were on the ground. She then went back down the ramp, and didn't actually make the flight.

In flight
Flying over Seychelles
Flying over Seychelles

We arrived at Praslin after less than a quarter hour.
The sun was a welcome sight.
Shorts 360 of Air Seychelles
Shorts 360 of Air Seychelles

On our return flight several days later, we took an even smaller plane, a DHC-6 Twin Otter.
DHC-6 Twin Otter of Air Seychelles

On the runway of the Mahe airport are an Antonov-124 (very impressive) and an Emirates A340.
An-124 Ruslan
Praslin Island Airport

A very nice flight, in a plane which actually makes you feel like you’re flying.
Thank you for reading.
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