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Shorts 360

First flight year — 1981

Shorts 360 - commercial aircraft. Pictures, specifications, reviews.
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Aircraft operators: Air Seychelles, Freedom Air, SAP – Servicios Aereos Profesionales

Shorts 360 Specifications

Shorts 360-300
Length (m)21.6
Wingspan (m)22.8
Height (m)7.3
Wing area (m2)42.2
Maximum take-off weight (kg)12 290
Maximum landing weight (kg)12 020
Operating empty weight (kg)7 870
Maximum payload (kg)3 180
Standard fuel capacity (litres)2 180
Range with max payload (km)1 100
Cruise speed (km/h)360
Maximum speed (km/h)400
Maximum operating altitude (m)3 050
Take-off field length (m)1 300
Landing field length (m) 1 220
EnginesP&WC PT6A-67R,
2 x 1420 hp
Cabin Data
Passengers (1-class)39
Cabin width (m)1.93

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Reviews and Traveller Comments about Shorts 360:

06 July 2017 Guest

Does the Take off field length required (1300mts) is that the rolling distance required at MTOW or the total runway required?
I understand that if it is the rolling dstance, meaning top distance for VR, then it should be reached (that distance 1300) by the 70 % of the RWY as for Part 135 ..... Please contact me.

24 June 2017 Guest Felix

Hello, I ll need a reply on this as soon as possible please.

When it says Take off Field Length (1300), That is at its MTOW and Most importantly, that s just the rolling distance required? Because you also need some extra metters in the event of having to abort take off or else does the 1300 Mts already include that distance required? If not, What s the Minimum distance required for safely taking off at MTOW taking into account the event of Take off Abortion??

Please feel free to email me anytime.
Felix D.

10 June 2016 Guest

That picture above is of a Shorts 330, cause the tail of a Shorts 360 is a normal looking tail whereas the Shorts 330 has the dual tail like in the picture above.

04 June 2016 Sebastiao Jose Amaro

Please can you tell me what is the average buying price and leasing for a Shorts 330 or 360?
Also, I would like to know if the Shorts 330 can be a Quick Change Version airplane?

Thank you so much

Sebastião Amaro

30 September 2012 Kevin

Can you tell me what is the avrage fuel burn with max load
Thank you

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