Flydubai Ц the Distinguished Low-Cost Carrier of the Arab Emirates
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Flydubai Ц the Distinguished Low-Cost Carrier of the Arab Emirates

Established by the government of Dubai, the low-cost airline company flydubai (Dubai Aviation Corporation) has been conducting commercial flights since June 2009. Today their fleet consists of 13 Boeing 737-800NG jets. Each plane is outfitted with the latest Sky Interior design, which offers better soundproofing, more comfort and more luggage space.

Their route network covers 28 destinations, all within 5 hours’ flying time from Dubai, and including several airports in Russia and the CIS, such as Baku, Yekaterinburg, Samara and Yerevan. In the near future, flydubai plans to expand its network with the help of newer passenger jets.
The trip described in this section was a flight from Dubai to Beirut in the autumn of 2010.

Flydubai Boeing 737-800

Planes used by flydubai are easily recognized by their bright livery. The imaginative design was created by Martin Snelling. The orange streaks are meant to represent warm climate and friendly attitude, while the blue lines represent the sea and sky.

Flydubai Boeing 737-800

As expected from a low-cost carrier, flydubai isn’t based in the main terminal of the Dubai airport. Passengers are taken to the plane by bus rather than a boarding ramp.

Flydubai Boeing 737-800

On the inside the plane looked anything but low-cost. Quite the opposite. Not even all full-service airlines provide every passenger with a personal entertainment system.

Passenger cabin of Boeing 737-800 Flydubai

flydubai happens to be the first airline company to have their Boeing 737NGs outfitted with the Sky Interior. Its most notable features are the larger carry-on luggage spaces, as well as the automatic lighting system which produces different lighting effects during daytime, nighttime and early mornings.

There are over 300 people of 57 different nationalities currently employed by the company as flight attendants.

Flight attendents of the airline Flydubai

The graceful rows of high-definition screens are a welcome sight for even the sorest eyes.

Passenger cabin of Boeing 737-800 Flydubai

Becoming familiar with the cutting-edge In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) system took me the first half-hour of the flight. Developed by Lumexis, the IFE Fiber to the Screen is approximately two-thirds lighter than traditional systems thanks to its use of fiber-optic electronics. The main interface is simple and intuitive. On the left you have commercial services, including movies, TV shows, duty-free merchadise and food options. On the right are the free services, including games, music and flight information. The commercial services can be paid for with cash or credit card.

Passenger cabin of Boeing 737-800 Flydubai

The system tracks the availability of products onboard the flight and offers only those which are in stock. After placing an order through the system, a flight attendant will stop by to help you finalize the purchase.

Passenger cabin of Boeing 737-800 Flydubai

Free games are an excellent way to kill time.

Inflight entertainment of Boeing 737-800 Flydubai

Information on duty-free merchandise can be looked up electronically through the system or by requesting a print catalog, whichever is more convenient.

Passenger cabin of Boeing 737-800 Flydubai

A map of the plane’s route allows you to track your exact position.

Inflight entertainment of Boeing 737-800 Flydubai

You can use the system to order food to be brought to your seat. You have to pay for the coffee, but the smile of the flight attendant is absolutely free!

The design of the cabin includes new seats made by Recaro, which have non-woven back pockets that are easier to clean. The seats are also lighter and their compact shape has made it possible to fit three extra rows of seats without compromising on leg room.

Seats of Boeing 737-800 Flydubai

Thanks to the new interior design of the Boeing, the luggage spaces are not only larger, but also take up less space in the cabin. You no longer have to duck to get to and from your seat, even if you’re on the tall side.

Boeing 737-800 of Flydubai in Beirut airport
A flydubai Boeing 737-800NG in the Beirut International Airport. Image taken by Rafik Hariri (BEY).

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