Novosibirsk - Omsk, Embraer ERJ 170-100SU, RA-02861, S7 (Siberia)
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Novosibirsk - Omsk, Embraer ERJ 170-100SU, RA-02861, S7 (Siberia)

Greetings to aviation lovers and our sympathizers!

This report is about the flight between 2 major cities in Siberia. It was started from the new terminal of the Novosibirsk airport to Omsk. In 2017, I already wrote a review of this route, but then it was an old terminal. Today we will take off from the new terminal, which was opened in February this year.

The new terminal will be able to receive up to twelve million passengers a year. For registration of passengers there are 54 counters, as well as machines for self-registration. The throughput of the new complex is almost 2000 passengers per hour, it is also equipped with six air bridges. Let's finish with the official part and move on to the review itself.
In general, this review was supposed to be the last one in the summer series, but how to leave the new terminal for the very end? It must be shown first! Other reviews will have to wait.

My route was from Krasnoyarsk to Omsk with a transfer in Novosibirsk. The cheapest ticket at the time of purchase was 6750 rubles. I used the remaining miles on my account and covered some of that cost. Thus, the cost of the flight Krasnoyarsk - Novosibirsk - Omsk amounted to 5650 rubles. The cost of the ticket Novosibirsk - Omsk is currently from 4000 to 6000 rubles.
I arrived from Krasnoyarsk on Saturday afternoon, and I have a flight to Omsk on Sunday morning. I spent the night in a hotel near the Novosibirsk-Glavny railway station and early Sunday morning I took the first bus to the airport. If last November they were rather shabby cars, now there are brand new Chinese tourist buses of the Yutong brand. The fare is 80 rubles, baggage allowance is 50 (as I understand it, for one bag)

Travel time was a little over 30 minutes, but keep in mind that it was 6 am and Sunday. Traffic jams at this time are not observed at all, but the salon was 100% full. The bus makes a stop near my hotel, but I still made the right decision that I walked 10 minutes to the station. Because there were no empty seats.
When I arrived in Tolmachevo, it was still 2:40 before departure, so I could go to the aviation monuments. As you know, Il-86, Tu-154 and Tu-134 are installed near the airport, so I walked to them.

Tu-134B-3 RA-65693 this aircraft performed the last commercial flight of aircraft of this model in Russia.

Tu-154M RA-85684 for many years the Izhma airfield

IL-86 RA-86097, this type was the largest which was operated in the fleet of Siberia Airlines.

After wandering around the planes for a bit, I return to the terminal. By the way, the bus stop is located opposite the old terminal building. After arriving and leaving the airport, turn left and go to the end of the terminal, you will not pass by.

There is a small queue at the entrance to the terminal, which moves quite quickly. We pass control and find ourselves in the building of the new terminal. To meet arriving passengers, you must go to the left. To check in for the flight, turn right.

As I already wrote, there are more than fifty counters at the airport for check-in, but I forgot to count exactly how many for S7 passengers, but it seems to me that at least twenty.

I used at the self-check-in terminal and with the received boarding pass, went on to walk.

Opposite the counters there is a sculpture "The Conquest of Siberia", which previously stood in the building of the old terminal.

At the end of the terminal is a model of the MiG-3 fighter. Of course, it is interesting why this particular aircraft was chosen, if Alexander Pokryshkin achieved the greatest success flying the Bell P-39 Airacobra and 48 of the 59 enemy aircraft were shot down on the Cobra.

And this is what the terminal looks like if you look at it from the MiG-3. It seemed to me that there was little free space, columns take up a lot, as well as various shops and cafes that are still being built. It turns out a large terminal, divided into some small islands where people can move around, periodically creating small queues near the columns in the check-in area.

Well, we looked at the first floor, now it's time to head to the third. It is there that the pre-flight screening takes place.

On the second floor, or even this is not a floor, but some kind of island. There is a small exhibition of the Novosibirsk State Art Museum. Here you can stop and admire Russian painting

Next we go up to the third floor, where you have a wonderful view of the entire terminal. We have to admit that the natural lighting in the terminal is wonderful. Large windows and glass domes over the columns remarkably illuminate the building and visually enlarge it.

And it's time for us to check, unlike the entrance to the terminal itself, there are practically queues no.

Going through security and heading to the clear area. At the exit, signs with directions are immediately weighed. For domestic flights turn left, for international flights turn right.

So we ended up in the waiting room, for myself I divided it into four parts. The first one is the one we get into right away. There are chairs for waiting, and as I noticed, most of the passengers are with children, as there is a children's play area.

The second zone is restaurants and cafes. They go first line after you hit the clear zone. But going up to the first cafe and looking at the prices, the appetite disappears completely! 890 rubles for two eggs, two sliced]The third zone is various shops and small coffee houses, they run parallel to restaurants. The prices in them are reasonable, for example, 0.5 of water can be bought for 50 - 80 rubles, but there are also 150. Samsa, sausages in dough and other pastries from 100 rubles, which I think is quite adequate. Those who wish can bring salted or pickled mushrooms from Siberia.

The fourth boarding gates and nearby waiting areas.

panoramic windows overlooking the airfield, but it is impossible to approach them. There is an arrivals area through which arriving passengers go. And passengers waiting for their flight are separated from them by another glass. Therefore, the view of the apron is very limited.

The gates are in descending order. The very first exit after entering the clean zone is number 10, at the very end of the terminal is exit 4. Exits numbered 1, 2 and 3 are on the first floor and you have to go down the stairs or escalator.
I need the fourth exit, right there I decided to stop. Moreover, this is the only place in the terminal where there is no double glazing and you can take pictures of aircraft.

There is a small waiting area opposite the exit, where you can recharge your gadgets right there.

When I got there, I was boarding a flight to Novokuznetsk. I witnessed how the whole family was late for the flight.
Several times they announced on the speakerphone that boarding was in progress, then that the boarding was ending, the passengers were called by last name. They announced that the boarding was over and after that for another five minutes the employee at the counter stood and shouted to the passengers for the flight to Novokuznetsk. I closed the counter, went downstairs, handed over the documents and then they appear!
- We were sitting over there and did not hear anything.
To be honest, I cant believe that somewhere there were no announcements.
On this their flight was over.
Passengers! Be careful! Keep an eye on the scoreboard and the time yourself, stay close to your gate, and do not wait for someone to come and take you by the hand to the plane.

And here our plane arrived from the flight and parked at the air bridge. By the way, I was surprised that landing at Embraer would not be across the street.
Embraer ERJ 170-100SU, RA-02861, manufactured in 2004 (19 years old). In the park of Siberians since June 2017. Prior to that, he flew with US Airways, MidAtlantic Airways and Republic Airlines with tail number N803MD

Then they called me and asked where it would be convenient for me to pick up the ordered food. Go to the cafe yourself, or bring it to the exit. I decided that I would walk to the cafe myself and pick it up.

I returned to the exit just in time for the start of boarding, there was already a small queue.

We scan the boarding pass ourselves and head on board, except for passengers with children.

The aircraft has a single-class layout and can carry 78 passengers.

My place is at the end of the cabin, on the very last row, and as it turned out, I will be flying alone on my block of two seats.

The plane seems to be small, but it has a lot. It seemed to me that the seats are wider than in the Airbus A320 and Boeing 737. There is also a lot of legroom. smaller, but there are twice as many passengers on the plane.

Boarding on the flight ended quickly, the occupancy rate was probably 95 percent. There were three or four empty seats.

While the flight attendants were conducting a pre-flight briefing, we were pushed away from the terminal to the engine start area.

The engines are running and we are heading for the runway.

While gaining altitude, you can also examine the contents of the pocket. Here we have a safety manual and a logbook for June 2023. Unfortunately, a little shaking resulted in blurry photos.

There are two individual lamps and a fan above the head.

Adjustable headrests with the airline's signature grey-green anti-macasars.

Large folding tables, again bigger than the larger Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 aircraft.

By the way! Gotta use these tables! When buying a ticket, I paid for the meals.
The "Morning" set cost 550 rubles. This price includes three cheesecakes with sour cream, a croissant and a drink of your choice. I chose tea.
The cheesecakes turned out to be quite tasty, but all together it doesnt cost 550 rubles, I agree with 400 rubles.
And its worth adding that earlier S7 provided waffles or bars on this flight, but now only water with gas or without.

After a light snack, you can also look out the porthole. And again, I want to say that the porthole is larger than that of 320 and 737.

The travel time from Novosibirsk to Omsk is about an hour and soon we began to descend.

Today, upon landing, we will be able to see the historical center of Omsk

Our flight is over, the plane has parked and will start its return flight in an hour. We waited a bit until they adjusted the ladder and opened the doors, after which they would take us to the Omsk airport by bus.

Omsk airport cannot be compared with Tolmachevo in size, here from the bus we immediately get to the baggage claim area. Now we have only one flight and a small plane. Imagine what happens here in the morning when two or three flights arrive at the same time and there is only one baggage carousel for all passengers.

There are two ATMs installed in the area where the greeters are located. Here you can also buy a bouquet of flowers from the vending machine.

I'm heading to the airport exit. As you can see, Terminal B is written, we also have Terminal A at the airport, but it has not been operating for several years.
In the near future, a temporary terminal is planned to be built nearby to increase the airport's throughput. As I understand it, it will look something like it was in St. Petersburg during the construction of a new terminal and the reconstruction of the old one.
In general, the new governor promised to build Fedorovka by 2028. But every incoming governor promises this, and Fedorovka is increasingly overgrown with grass.

There is a parking lot in front of the terminal, where you can leave your car for a certain amount for a few days.

Earlier, buses called at the station square, where there was a public transport stop. But then it was removed from here and now you have to walk a little more than a hundred meters from the airport to the bus stop.

You can get to Omsk airport by bus:
bus 17 ZhD. Station - Novokirovskoye cemetery;
bus 79 st. Barkhatov - st. Volodarsky; 305 st. Strelnikova - st. Strelnikova.

And we will probably finish the review of this flight.
Today we visited the new Tolmachevo terminal, so to speak, tried it, looked and felt it. The terminal is new and there is still room for development.
We flew on a small Embraer ERJ 170, which left an excellent impression.

During landing, we flew over the center of Omsk, seeing the historical center of the city and the confluence of the Irtysh and Om.
Evaluate the review of course to you. And I have a couple more descriptions of flights and airports ahead of me that I didnt have in my reviews before.
Thank you all for your attention and see you soon!
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