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UTair's New Sky Interior Boeing 737-800

19.01.2015 г. amarchukov
It's great seeing progress in the airline industry! My first ever review, written 3 years ago, described a flight with UTair from Moscow to Krasnoyarsk. In February 2013, I was once more flying UTair along the same route. But this time, instead of a well-worn Boeing 737-500, the flight took place aboard a brand new Boeing 737-800, only a year after it left the Boeing factory in Seattle. I was especially thrilled to see that the plane was equipped with Boeing's Sky Interior. UTair is actually one of the first airlines in the world to operate planes with the new interior layout.

But I'm running ahead of myself. UTair flights to Krasnoyarsk leave from Terminal A of Moscow's Vnukovo Airport. The airport is described in detail in my Red Wings review. I won't repeat myself here. I will add that UTair flights to Krasnoyarsk depart from Moscow at night, at 8:55 PM, and arrive in Krasnoyarsk at 6:00 AM. By the way, this company used to have 2 flights to Krasnoyarsk a day. Starting last year, they've reduced that to only one, but on the bright side, this takes place aboard the new Boeing 737-800.

Departure area for domestic flights in Vnukovo's Terminal A:
Moscow Vnukovo airport

We boarded by jet bridge.
Boeing 737-800 of UTair airline

Towards the front of the plane were 8 business-class seats. These were upholstered with gold leather. A bold statement, to say the least.
Passenger cabin of UTair Boeing 737-800

Next was premium economy class (these feature a little more leg room) and regular economy. All of the upholstery was leather, this time burgundy.
Passenger cabin of UTair Boeing 737-800
Passenger cabin of UTair Boeing 737-800
Passenger cabin of UTair Boeing 737-800

I'm not entirely sure why UTair opted for gold and burgundy, as these are not their official colors. Perhaps they're planning to re-brand soon?

During boarding, each seat was already provided with a blanket. A nice touch. There have been quite a few times when I've been on long flights like this where there weren't enough to go around.
Passenger cabin of UTair Boeing 737-800

All in all, the cabin was very pleasant. All the colors were still bright and everything smelled new.
Passenger cabin of UTair Boeing 737-800

The restroom was likewise spotless.
Restroom of UTair Boeing 737-800

The personal vents and reading lights were unusual: they were arranged in a kind of low-profile "nano-style".
Boeing 737-800 Sky Interior

The most noticeable part of the new interior were the compact baggage shelves. Those who have often flown on Boeings will remember how the old ones jut way out into the cabin, eliminating any headroom and creating a rather claustrophobic feeling. The new design first appeared on the Boeing 777 series.
Boeing 737-800 Sky Interior
Boeing 737-800 Sky Interior

At first glance, the baggage shelves look less spacious than before. However, they look quite roomy when open. I couldn't tell you if they're actually smaller than the old shelves or not.
Boeing 737-800 Sky Interior

The lighting system in the new Boeing interior is quite pleasant. At different times the lights would change color, from white (brightest mode), to pink (subdued mode), to blue (nighttime). When the lighting switches, the lamps dim slowly, like in a movie theater.
Boeing 737-800 Sky Interior lights
Boeing 737-800 Sky Interior lights
Boeing 737-800 Sky Interior lights

UTair's service is pretty basic. I would say typical for the majority of Russian airlines: flight magazine and newspaper, meals and refreshments.

The meals include several choices of hot food: chicken with rice, fish with rice, and sausage with pasta.

On the return flight (Krasnoyarsk to Moscow) the meals were about the same:

We landed in the Krasnoyarsk Yemelyanovo Airport 4 hours later.
UTair B737-800 at Krasnoyarsk airport

Baggage claim area in Yemelyanovo:

After 2 weeks, it was time for the return flight. Departure from Krasnoyarsk was at 7:25 AM, arrival in Vnukovo at 8:30 AM.

Check in at the Krasnoyarsk airport:

Flying over the boundless swamps of Western Siberia.
Flying over Siberia

5 hours later, we arrived at Vnukovo. This is us taxiing past passenger Terminal A.
Moscow Vnukovo airport
Moscow Vnukovo airport

We disembarked via jet bridge.
Boeing 737-800 of UTair airline

Around halfway down the middle of the terminal, there was a passage to the transfer area. Passengers with layovers in Vnukovo turned left here. Everyone else continued straight.
Moscow Vnukovo airport

Baggage claim at the Vnukovo Airport.
Moscow Vnukovo airport

The terminal building (Terminal A) and a multilevel parking lot on the side facing the commuter train station.
Multilevel parking lot at Moscow Vnukovo airport
Moscow Vnukovo airport
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actually this 738 was owned by Moscow Airlines (aka Atlant soyuz which corporate raided by UTair) that's why the style is in gold and red.

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