Tel Aviv - Larnaca TusAir
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Tel Aviv - Larnaca TusAir

In early October, ter. the organization attacked Israel, and most airlines stopped flying to Tel Aviv.
But Im on vacation, where should I go? Israeli airlines have continued to fly, but their tickets are expensive. My Malta-Hungary plan had to be postponed. There is only one direction left, inexpensively - Cyprus. There are 5 airlines flying in the Tel Aviv - Larnaca direction: El Al, Isr Air, Arkia, Tus Air, Cyprus Air. I chose Tus Air for 220 shekels.
Flighted on November 3, at 13.00. Tel Aviv airport was not crowded; the first terminal was generally closed. There were no people at the reception desk. I didnt have any luggage; by the way, they charge for luggage. I went through security checks and started walking around the clean area, there were flights to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Shenzhen, this is China, and flights to the EU.
Oh yes, there was also a flight to Sochi.

Tus Air is a small airline, only 5 A 320 aircraft.

There is a mesh on the windows, its not very good to take pictures.

The plane from Larnaca arrived half an hour before departure.

Passengers were called for boarding minutes ten before departure, and there werent many passengers, only 25 people, thats good.

I took a seat by the window, alone on three chairs.
Its hot outside, sunny, November after all , temperature 28 degrees.
Nearby there were El Al, Boeing 777 and Boeing 787 planes.
Well, it seems they started pushing us away from the terminal.

At Tel Aviv airport, three runways used to take off towards the sea, but now, due to shelling, they took off towards Jordan. We took off and immediately turned north, flying over Israeli territory.

On the right side I saw an airport, what an interesting one ? Probably Amman, it seems there are no other airports nearby.

We turned to the west and its already the sea....we fly further.

Service has begun.
There was a choice of tea or coffee and cookies, free of charge!

What a luxury, if only they hadn't gone bankrupt....But seriously, I miss hot meals, drinks, amenity kits,..... and other nice things from other decent airlines.
Tus Air did not have a flight magazine.
The flight from Tel Aviv to Larnaca is only 40 minutes.
We started to descend.

The approach was straight, without any turns.

Sit down! We taxied to the terminal.

But we stopped not at the terminal, but on the airfield, as many as two ramps arrived, a lot for 25 passengers.

Nearby there were two MEA planes, an airline from Lebanon.

We took a bus to the terminal.
Passport passed control.

At the airport there are cops with machine guns and dogs.
I walked to the city, there are three kilometers from the airport.
Tus Air is based in Larnaca. The flight went well, thanks for the coffee, and the price tag is high for such a short flight.

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