Novosibirsk-Moscow on a Boeing 737-700 "Yakutia"
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Novosibirsk-Moscow on a Boeing 737-700 "Yakutia"

This review is dedicated to the Yakutia Airlines flight from Novosibirsk to Moscow. The flight took place on March 4, 2023. Let me note that for Novosibirsk this flight, number R3-788, is a transit flight. The flight starts in Neryungri (Chulman airport) and then flies through Novosibirsk Tolmachevo airport to Vnukovo. It is carried out several times a week.

Departure from Novosibirsk

For many years I have not been to Tolmachevo. During this time, the airport has changed noticeably. A new large passenger terminal was built, the platform and station area were reconstructed. I still managed to “jump into the last carriage” and fly out of the old terminal, which is now no longer used in its previous form.

At the entrance to Tolmachevo airport, we are greeted by a Tu-154M monument plane - a former airliner of an airline based in Novosibirsk Siberia/S7 Airlines.
Самолет-памятник Ту-154 в аэропорту Толмачево
It should be noted that the airport owners are generally sensitive to decommissioned equipment. To the right of the station square there is a space allocated for the “eternal” parking of 3 more famous airliners of the Soviet era - Tu-134, Tu-154 and Il-86.

The road runs straight into the new passenger terminal.
The building looks huge in comparison with the old air terminal on the right .
  • Новый терминал аэропорта Новосибирск Толмачево
The old building now looks more like a bus station. Just in front of it, the renovated airport has a bus stop and a place for a taxi.
Старый терминал аэропорта Новосибирск Толмачево
The main entrance to the new terminal:
Новый терминал аэропорта Новосибирск Толмачево
At the time of my visit the building was almost ready for use. Only small touches remained to be completed. Looked inside:
Самолет МиГ-3 внутри нового терминала аэропорта Новосибирск Толмачево
Since Tolmachevo Airport is now named after Alexander Pokryshkin, the airport owners decided to install a full-size copy of the MiG-3 fighter inside the terminal. On such a plane, the future Soviet ace started the war and already on June 26, 1941 opened the account of his victories.
Самолет МиГ-3 в аэропорту Толмачево
There are already several good reviews on the site about the new terminal of Tolmachevo airport (see: Reviews of Tolmachevo Airport).
I regretted that the terminal did not have time to open at the time of my departure and went to check-in at the old terminal.

By the way, just a hundred meters from the passenger terminal at Tolmachevo airport there are 2 hotels. Very convenient for transit passengers. The closest one, called “6-12-24” (pictured below) is located right on the station square. The more reputable "Skyport" is located by the highway at the exit from the airport to the city.

I go into the air terminal. Previously, Tolmachevo had one elongated terminal, divided into 2 sectors. Sector A for international flights and sector B for domestic flights. Now, as I understand it, these 2 sectors have become a “sterile” departure area adjacent to one large new terminal.

In the check-in area of The low ceilings are pressing from above.
Since my flight was a transit flight, there were almost no passengers not checking in. Most passengers on planes fly from Neryungri.

Nearby a large area is reserved for departures of flights of the base carrier S7 Airlines. There was no excitement there either. Probably because the departure was at an off-peak time, in the middle of the day.
The real pantheon dedicated to Alexander caught my attention Pokryshkin... well as a monument to military pilots of 1941-1945.
Памятник летчикам в аэропорту Толмачево
On the left is the rear wall of the new terminal, and on the right is sector A of the old terminal, lost against its background:

2023 was the year of the 100th anniversary of domestic civil aviation, a huge poster announced this at the Tolmachevo airport.

From the features of registration of the Yakutia airline. This carrier has also joined the airlines' ongoing promotion of putting hand luggage into the calibrator. The dimensions are larger than those of the Pobeda, but there are nevertheless limitations..

To get to the boarding gate you need to go through a number of shops and cafes.

The departure area at Tolmachevo itself is quite large and spacious.

The boarding gates are located along a long narrow gallery.

In some places there are even travelators for faster travel.

Between the metal structures there is a small photo exhibition with historical photographs of Tolmachevo Airport.

This is what the airport looked like in the 1970s:
Историческое фото аэропорта Новосибирск Толмачево
Disembarkation of passengers from the just arrived Tu-154:

We haven’t forgotten here about Pokryshkin, whose name is now an airport.

The apron is clearly visible from the glass landing gallery. Traffic in Novosibirsk cannot be called dense, but some flights are constantly departing and arriving. Regional Embraers-170 of S7 Airlines fly back and forth to neighboring Siberian regions:

The RA-73404 airliner in a unique coloring was also caught in the frame - with the inscription “Siberia” (the old S7 Airlines logo ) and a stylized Christmas tree on the tail.
Самолет Аэробус А320 S7 Airlines в аэропорту Толмачево
And here my plane has arrived from Neryungri and is preparing to fly further to Moscow:

Самолет Боинг-737-700 авиакомпании Якутия в аэропорту Толмачево
Boarding is announced.

2. On board the Boeing 737-700 of Yakutia Airlines

The Boeing 737-700 airliner is a shortened version of the more popular Boeing 737-800. The plane even looks compact from the outside.

The Yakutia Airlines fleet has 3 Boeing 737-700 airliners. There is no business class on these planes. Passengers are accommodated in one economy cabin.
Пассажирский салон Боинга-737-700 авиакомпании Якутия
The cabin has 25 rows and seats 148 passengers. The seats are covered with covers and dark blue fabric and already have a rather “tired” look.
Пассажирские кресла Боинга-737-700 авиакомпании Якутия
My flight was carried out on an airliner with tail number RA-73263. The aircraft was produced in 2006. Over the past period of time, I have flown with 3 Turkish carriers, as well as with the Scandinavian airline SAS. Since 2020, in operation at Yakutia.

The following are several photographs of the interior of the airliner.
  • Пассажирский салон Боинга-737-700 авиакомпании Якутия
  • Пассажирский салон Боинга-737-700 авиакомпании Якутия
I was lucky to get a seat at the emergency exit. Therefore, the 4-hour flight from Novosibirsk to Moscow was quite comfortable.
  • Пассажирские кресла Боинга-737-700 авиакомпании Якутия
On-board service at Yakutia Airlines can already be called standard for Russian air carriers. The main entertainment was the in-flight magazine in the back of the seat in front.

For some reason there were even two magazines. One called "inflight",..

..and the other called "Yakutia".

The first magazine is more general - entertaining different topics. And the magazine "Yakutia" is more focused on information about the airline.
In-flight meals are also available, but for a fee. Only water is free.

Other dishes or light snacks, as well as more expensive drinks, can be chosen from the proposed menu.

I ordered myself sandwich with chicken fillet, which cost 300 rubles.
Сендвич и кофе на рейсе авиакомпании Якутия
The sandwich turned out to be fresh, packed at Tolmachevo catering on the morning of the departure day.

The entire flight took place in thick clouds. Moscow greeted us with the traditional grayness and slush of winter.
Боинг-737-700 авиакомпании Якутия

3. Arrival at Vnukovo

There is nothing special to write about Vnukovo airport. The airport is well-known and overused, I try to fly through it whenever possible.
I would like to note that Yakutia Airlines does not park its aircraft in the terminal arms. Delivery from the plane was carried out via platform buses.

Exit to the city through the well-known baggage claim hall...
Зал выдачи багажа в терминале А аэропорта Внуково
.. then the arrivals area.

For tourists in Vnukovo there is now a "Discover Moscow" counter, where you can get information about the city.
Информационная стойка в аэропорту Внуково

Here, in fact, and that's all. Thanks to everyone who read the review to the end.
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