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17 September 2023 12:09:00 Jem winston

Booked a flight through cheapoair on winair.
The flight was cancelled by the airline.
Cheapoair and winair refused to refund.
That's the same as theft.

Disgusting that this company can get away with theft so easily.

Date of experience: September 04, 2023

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23 June 2022 12:06:00 Guest

Rimowa cabin luggage dropped by employee removing it from the plane after a flight from St-Barth to Sint Maarten on 11th, May -2022.
All papers filled, no solution. Just a lady asking for more time everytime.

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22 September 2021 12:09:00 Guest

Do not fly with Winair. I bought a ticket through their website from Santo Domingo to St. Maarten and they cancelled the flight without any notice and without explanation, leaving my dog and I stranded at the airport for hours. Our 2 day travel turned into 6 days because we had to book extra hotels, another Covid Test, missed our ferry ride and more than a handful of taxis, plus the money spent for food over that week. They will not reimburse me for those expenses and claim that it wasn't their fault because the plane was with Air Antilles even though there was nothing on the website or ticket claiming so. When we finally got another scheduled flight, they made me pay all over again for the dog fees even though they were all paid for with receipts. If you can find another airline, do so.

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25 January 2019 12:01:00 DONT FLY WITH WINAIR

Winair, the company of shame!

I travel around the world often and Winair is the worst company I have ever taken.

I made two trips from France to St. Barth, with three flights in all These flights cost 1500 euros.

On two occasions, I could not take the flight between St. Martin and St. Barth when I arrived on time from Paris. The reason? The poor organization and incompetence of the Winair staff.

The first time, I had a ticket "Standby". We were many passengers waiting in the heat in a large hall. The hour of our flight had arrived and we had no information. After a while, they called passengers for St. Barts and people rushed and pushed for a place. Many people could not fly, and we were told that there would be no more flights to St. Barts. We then wanted to get out of the airport to go to the boat, but we were stuck in the airport. Finally, we were able to leave an hour later, and the taxi had to drive very fast to arrive on time to take the boat. I had to pay 20 euros for a taxi and 90 euros for a boat. The sea was very bad and I was very sick on the boat because of the sea and fatigue. I was up since 3am (French time) and I was traveling since 20H. When I arrived in St. Barth I had to wait another hour at the customs, and I did not have my car to go home because I left it at the airport.

The second time, I encountered exactly the same problem. But besides, I had a problem with my luggage. The lady of Winair (the only one who speaks French) said that the luggage had gone to St. Barts, and that we could go take the boat. I asked if she was sure of herself, and she said yes. I had a bad feeling and looked for my suitcase in the mess of the airport. Finally, after 30 minutes, I found my suitcase in the airport, all wet. I opened it and inside everything was wet: computer equipment, clothes ... If I had listened to the lady of Winair, my luggage would have remained abandoned in this state at the airport. A shame !

In the end, in addition to my two trips that cost me 3000 euros in total, I had to pay 250 euros more for the taxi and the boat.

In the end, in addition to my two trips that cost me 3000 euros in total, I had to pay 250 euros more for the taxi and the boat. And my travels have been very long and very painful, because in addition I suffer from migraines, hypertension and heart problems.

What I blame the staff of Winair:

- They give no information to the passengers.

- When asked a question, they do not answer.

- When we talk to them, they do not look in our eyes.

- They eat and burp in front of customers, and when they talk to us.

- They are unpleasant and give the impression that they are annoyed, while as a customer I have always been polite to them.

- They laugh with each other and despise the passengers when there are so many problems with this company.

- They do not respond to emails to the email address of their site.

- If you finally get the personal customer service mails, they give the impression that you bother and respond aggressively.

- They say the tickets have not been bought on their site so they will not pay you back.

- They make no commercial gesture for you.

- They do not take their problems.

- At NONE, no time they apologize.

- They lie saying that the luggage is gone and that we will be reimbursed (the lady who speaks French).

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09 May 2014 12:05:00 Ray Twomey

I had all kinds of problems with Winair. My confirmed bookings from St Kitts via St Martin to Saba and St Eustatius had all been cancelled without my knowledge. The airport at St Kitts had been misnamed. The agent at St Kitts took nearly an hour to rebook my confirmed reservations. Later I found that she had only booked me in to Saba. I had to go though the same process all over again to get off Saba. The only good thing about Winair are their pilots...

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18 August 2012 12:08:00 Guest

The only thing great about this airline are the pilots (that's why I gave it a 2). The booking agent I spoke with lacks any common courtesy and appropriate knowledge especially with regard to carry-on baggage. All they mention is the weight restriction - fine. But what about the size of the bags? What fits? I know it was a small aircraft, but that would have been useful information given that few people will have traveled on such a small plane. They were very happy to mention the EXTRA costs though for another piece of checked luggage. Seemingly, all they care about is making extra money of an unsuspecting public. Very poor customer service. Never again and don't recommend at all - take the ferry!

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