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T'way Air Reviews

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All reviews about T'way Air

11 December 2023 12:12:00 Nakamura

This airline was awful. We knew it was a budget airline and was no frills and evidently that includes the staff! The staff was so RUDE! We will never fly with this airline again.

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23 November 2023 12:11:00 Guest

It is a horrible airline and perhaps only the local may find them fine?

As a foreigner, you will never get support from them. They do not reply emails, IG messages, fb messages. You are on your own and at your own risk to book flight with them. No one will answer your questions!

It has been a week since I lost my baggage as the staff in the airport didnt give me my 3rd luggage tag. I have been traveling for 33years in my life and never once such incident happen to me. It was my first experience flying with Tway Air and totally disgusted by their irresponsible act.

Finally, after almost 1 week of sleepless nights, I found that their app could write in complain so I did.

What surprised me was, they said they found a bag similar to the photo I sent to them, but it is at the lost and found dept of Incheon airport and asked me to contact them on my own. Goodness sake, Im in my home country and they are the one lost my bag! Simply pushing the responsible to me to contact another department in the Incheon airport myself! Totally disappointed by their act and such horrible customer service!

When I wrote again asking them about compensation for lost bag, they replied me that they had replied me twice (help!! They reply me to contact another department), and I am asking about compensation, if any btw! Hilarious that such airline is allow in the aviation industry? No sympathy or empathy when they lost someones bag!

Please think twice before you fly with them!

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20 November 2023 12:11:00 Dorethy NGO

Baggage LOST
TW171 16/11/2023.
Reported in Singapore Changi Airport.
Cant locate anyone from Tway Airline Tway air in Singapore base. Despite calling them and emailing them. I can only contact Sats lost and found dept. They cant do much to help too. As the bag lost in Incheon Seoul International Airport Korea. T'way Air - 티웨이항공 no one reply my email, ig or fb. THERE IS NO CONTACT POINT AT ALL. How can an airline ditch the passage when my luggage is not arriving upon arrival in my destination & no one bother to check and contact me?! Felt so helpless travelling with this airline for the first time! Perhaps the company is giving too much freedom to the staff that they forget about customer service!? So never travel those airline please. There is no support at all!

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11 February 2020 12:02:00 Guest

T'way suddenly cancelled all flights from CNX to ICN starting Feb 12. They notified customers via email on Feb 11, basically stranding several hundred people in Thailand.

They're not even automatically refunding your tickets - you have to fight your way through their awful online booking system to cancel your booking on the flight they've already cancelled; and I'm still not sure if I'm going to get my money back.

This company is an absolute scam. Avoid like the plague.

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22 October 2019 12:10:00 Guest

Avoid at all costs. It's pretty much impossible to add luggage because their English website is unusable.

If you can afford an airplane of any sorts, you should be able to pay someone who can write English properly. Would never fly this airline ever again.

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21 October 2019 12:10:00 Elena

May 12, 2019 at 01:20 am I flew from Thailand, Bangkok to South Korea, Seoul. The staff at the registration desk asked me about how long I will be staying in Korea. To this question I showed them the flight ticket from South Korea, Seoul to Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City on June 13, 2019. So, I planned to stay in South Korea 30 days ( I know that 60 days total is allowed for Russian Federation citizens).
Then question came about my staying in Vietnam, I answered that I can stay 2 weeks there, according to visa rules for Russians. And then I will go to Cambodia. But the staff at the registration desk didnt like my answers and was talking with me in very rude and impolite manner. They put pressure on me and repeated to me many times that I must return to Russia and must buy a flight ticket to Russia right now.
But why? And was the reason for that?
I didnt break any rules in visa staying. I travel a lot, including Asia. I love Asia! And I know visa permission in every country which I visited or Im going to visit. I have many stamps in my passport as well.
The staff threatened me if I dont buy a flight ticket to Russia right now, I couldnt fly to Korea and then to Vietnam. So I had to ...
I paid $270 for it. And after that the registration staff allowed me to check in for the flight TW 102.
The flight ticket to Russia which the staff forced me to buy was unreturned. So I lost my money ($270). Actually, the registration desk staff forced me to lose my money.
Its violation of human rights and racism.

2)I wrote to the airline company, but 5 months passed and there is still no answer from them.
Yes, they forced me to buy a flight ticket to Russia and repeated many times in impolite manner of speaking that I must return to Russia and cant travel around Asia.

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