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Tigerair Australia Reviews

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All reviews about Tigerair Australia

11 March 2019 12:03:00 Kym

The only afternoon flight Adelaide to Sydney 27Feb19 was delayed, then we boarded, next disembarked, later that evening the flight was cancelled. The cost flying to Adelaide to catch Tiger, overnight accommodation in Adelaide, no show fees at the motel in Sydney ( their phone did answer the previous evening). Could have caught Virgin next morning but Tiger texted and emailed saying they would depart 10am next morning. The flight was delayed then rescheduled 300pm which was too late to visit the Consulate in Sydney and we had a very very important need to be in in Whyalla by 12 noon thursday. The early thursday Jetstar return flights were rescheduled for the following week but at a cost and we flew back to Whyalla. Our losses amounted in excess of $1000 and a separate issue the Tiger flights to Sydney were charged 3 times. Our calls to Tiger and on line lodging of the details of this item had been done the week before. As of today, no resolve. Tiger did refund the one of the charges for the actual flight. No reply to a second follow up email and phone call. No a good day for myself and my partner! The wrongly charged amounts for air fares will be pursued. Whether we can get any of our losses re the delayed/cancelled flight is unknown. I have booked many tens of thousands of dollars for flights, for myself and friends online, but never have I been charged twice for a failed booking.

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16 December 2018 12:12:00 Raymond Bell

I will never fly Tigerair again!!!

My flight Perth to Sydney on 17 Nov was cancelled at 3 hours notice.

I have called "customer service" on 4 occasions but no one ever answers, despite wailing up to 35 minutes on one call!

I have emailed 4 times now and still no confirmation of my refund air fare.Last email said they had no record of my earlier emails...aaaggghhh

This outfit is not fit to fly in Australia.

Never fly Tigerair again!!

One star only because I cant rate you ZERO

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02 September 2016 12:09:00 Sully Family

we were traveling in fr om the USA and in transit and did not enter our bags into our reservation in advance upon arriving at the airport 2 hours in advance to get our TA flight - instead of understanding this they charged us over $900 Australian to put our 4 bags on our flight. Note, NO WH ERE on our documents or reservation does it say you MUST notify them of bags in advance or you will pay out the wazoo when you check in for your flight. The agent was snotty and not at all helpful "its on our website" - and yes, if I drill down multiple layers the fine print is there in their website - I can find these stipulations and charges. NOT customer friendly at all. No consideration for international travelers and just a sheer money grab - we offered to pay the regular baggage no avail...they charged us an extreme amount because we had not logged in bags ahead of time. Really crappy service. Btw, on board, you are packed in like sardines in a can, service is extremely basic, and the interior is worn and dirty. Never again will we fly on this airline.

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19 January 2016 12:01:00 Unhappy passenger

If you're considering Tigerair because of the low cost, think again and choose another airline. A Tiregair flight ended up costing me more than Qantas or Virgin options. They sting you at the airports with luggage fees. I had 1.8kg over the 7kg limit, they put me aside and asked to pay a fee for the extra weight, and when everyone else on my flight has already gone through the boarding process and went to the plane (when I started panicking if I'm going to make it to the flight at all), they told me I had to pay $53.50! My flight total cost was under $100, so it was a big surprise to find out how high the fee was. And I went through their website, nowhere they mention than an upgrade to 12kg of the carry-on will cost you $53.50. They do say you'd pay more if purchase extra allowance at the airport rather than online. But would anyone expect that "more" is more than double?? (the online upgrade of the carry-on to 12kg is $23). And why there isn't a per-kilo option, like with a checked in luggage? Why did I have to pay for the extra 3.2kg I didn't have? That's how they make money. It becomes a false advertising - saying the cheapest fares, but ends up costing more than other airlines. Save yourself a trouble and fly with the airline that shows more respect and decency.

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16 October 2015 12:10:00 William Saugez

(Too many hidden costs) Not the price they advertise. You think your getting a deal when you look at the price but after you go through the online booking the price has gone way up!

(Don't check your bag) I booked a flight online from Sydney to Cairns with one checked in bag. Once I got to the airport they told me I had two checked in bags and no bags for the return trip. They said they couldn't do anything about it. At this point I experienced the non-customer service that Tigerair is famous for. Be very careful when selecting baggage and double check once you have ticked off your return trip because it will change your first selection on baggage.

(No Customer Service) Never mind talking to any staff at the airport. They are very friendly but direct you to their website for any problems. The website is a joke, if you call the customer service number they tell you it's not their problem and direct you back to the website. If you try emails you will get a response only to say you have reached the wrong department and they direct you back to the website. I even asked to talk to a manager and was refused. No one at Tigerair will take responsibility for anything. So remember if you check a bag with Tigerair you may have to leave it at your destination or pay again to bring it home with you as I did.

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24 August 2015 12:08:00 Senior Citizens

We travelled MEL to SYD to MEL last week and had the most appalling experience.
Firstly, the access to Tiger Terminal in Melbourne is long, rough and dangerous, no rails and wet and dirty surface. To navigate the narrow access takes at least 10 extra minutes, walking: no escalators, no moving path. This condition has lasted for the past 10 years we are told.
Secondly, there is always an unexplained delay with no apology. The staff are tired and irritated when you ask the reason and when you point out the timetable and airlines responsibility.
Thirdly, the ground staff are rude and vindictive. We are senior citizens are had to face a 3 hour delayed flight from SYD to MEL. We asked the reason for delay. They asked for our boarding passes, took down numbers and gave them back. When the flight was boarding, our boarding passes were taken away from us, thrown into a rubbish basket and new ones issued. They had row 30 on them. We could not believe it. We were told by the young woman at boarding desk that those places are better than the row 15 we had paid for, as the boarding and exit are quicker. No amount of reasoning could move her. The plane was full, there was no question of redistribution of weight.
Fortunately, the staff on the plane were more understanding, as our health condition is not ideal, and we got back our original seats which were empty anyway. But the experience spoiled our flight which was otherwise quite smooth.
It is amazing such arline can be allowed to fly.

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07 November 2013 12:11:00 Guest

Love Tiger. Travelled with them 03NOV for the first time in years, and have to say they surpass Virgin and Qantas for comfort, cleanliness, efficiency by hosties and food. The food is fantastic. Can't wait til they bring in web check-in. Long live Tiger, you've won me :)

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07 October 2013 12:10:00 Guest

Phoned Sydney and Melbourne, only the recording of a ladys voice came on. Nobody would pick up. I tried to phone many many times, then i just gave up.

Next i tried Singapore customer service. I selected the "flight changes" option. A man picked up straight away. He was very helpful. He spoke english quite well, even though i had to repeat myself a few times and re-word my questions. I was very happy with him, he tried his very best to help me, and together we sorted my problems out and he answered my questions. I was patient with him, and he was very patient with me. So when i put the phone down after 12 mins, all my stress relating to my flight had subsided. :-)

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23 April 2013 12:04:00 Guest

I have flown with Tiger Airways a couple of times,and have found the airline to be clean, friendly staff and newish aircraft. The crew were very helpful and courteous. They are very strict when it comes to bording times,but people who fly should know that airlines have strict times.For the price you pay for a budget airline there are a lot worse around. Now that Virgin have taken them over it will be interesting to see what and how things change for Tiger. Hopefully for the better,as there not a bad airline at all

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