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All reviews about Southwest Airlines

25 March 2021 12:03:00 Shirly

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On march 24th 2021 I was in my first flight nightmare. As I was requested, I was wearing a mask the whole flight. The only thing that happens is because the mask was big on me, it was sometimes under my nose, and I fix it immediately when the flight attendant asked me to. I was at the beginning of the plan, and somehow I was the only one she was looking for. My dog was under the seat in his bag, his head was out because he was barking since he has anxiety, she was telling me to put is head in and the other flight attendant said it's fine because he didn't let people sleep. When we landed, a manger name Julian * was waiting for me, telling me she is going to call the police if I'm not giving her my name, while the other flight attendant screaming "dirty jew" and lying saying I was treating her bad, when I never ever reached to her even once! The flight attendant clearly was racist to me, lying I refuse to wear a mask, when I never ever refused to wear a mask, people on the flight next to me can tell it!!! When I was asking julian * to get the flight attendant name, I've been refused by her, violating my right the file a complaint against this flight attendant, whome I think should leave the airline since she give it a really bad name! I never felt so ashamed and embarrassed. I called the customer service and they didn't want to tell me her name, like the manager Julian * told me to do. I find the flight attendant a layer, racist and very rude. I find myself powerless against a big company that won't care, and will do everything to protect their employees and names. If I had a video to document all what happened, everything was easier

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23 May 2018 12:05:00 Gus P.

Flew Southwest last weekend to San Juan, PR. Flight was delayed out of Tampa for over 2 hours (no fault of the airline),
however, they awarded each passenger a voucher for another flight for the inconvenience. Now that is what I call outstanding public relations.

P.S. The round trip flights were both comfortable and smooth, not to mentions the flight crews were at the top of their game.

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13 January 2018 12:01:00 Guest

Staff is fantastic, planes are clean, and they were very helpful when my flight was cancelled due to weather.

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16 November 2016 12:11:00 Al Zimmerman

Excellent, fair pricing, great staff, clean planes, and usually on time.

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18 May 2016 12:05:00 Greg

Southwest has great friendly staff. Their boarding procedures and lack of seat assignments are great for those who like to sit in the front of the plane without having excessive first class cost. You just have to remember to check in early to get the best boarding position. 2 free bags per passenger means you don't have to worry about fighting for overhead space. Free snacks and reasonably priced adult beverages are great too.

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11 May 2014 12:05:00 Mary

Due to weather, we missed our connecting flight in Houston. The baggage handlers in Houston were very helpful and courteous, and retrieved our bags. Their help was greatly appreciated.

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11 November 2013 12:11:00 Allison

The whole flight was smooth, though the Captain expected a little turbulence. From the time the Captain introduced himself and the crew he gave me confidence in his and the Co-Pilots ability. He shared their joint 60 plus years in flying which made me feel completely at peace.
The crew was happy, smiling and had a good repoir with each other. That cohesiveness spilled out to the customers. Traveling can be challenging, yet the crew made jokes which made for an enjoyable atmosphere. They seemed to love their job!
To date, it has been my best flight and I travel frequently.
Thank you Southwest!

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08 May 2012 12:05:00 Angel

Getting off our cruise ship I received a voicemail for my boyfriend( not me or the other couple I was with) that his flight had been cancel. When we call southwest we then found out the the entire flight was cancel again they call my cell phone to tell my boyfriend but did not contact any of the others he was traveling with!! Guess we should be thankful they at least called him or we would have never known it was canceled. So when we finally get to the airport they rerouted us on 3 different planes to get home!! After we got off our 1st flight we were suppose to go to the people at the ate to get our next boarding passes only to find out the MANAGER in Tampa did it wrong but luckily the nice gentleman in N.C got it worked out!! Not just for us but the other 17 people that was being rerouted with us!! After our 9 hr ordeal ( mind you it should have only been a 3 hr flight) we were just thankful to see our luggage made it to ,that was until my boyfriend took my luggage off the carousel to see a BIG hole in the front and and BIG tear on the side!! I went to baggage claims asked him if he seen anything wrong with my BRAND NEW luggage ( just bought before this trip) he honestly said NO when I pointed to the BIG hole he said yea that's a manufactor defect there is nothing we are gona do for you. I was shocked and appalled at his attitude but then he said we are not responsible that the manufacture don't know how to make luggage that can Travel!!! SERIOUSLY this whole Airline has a defect from their plane that was canceled due to mechanical problems to the manager that don't know how to fix airfare problems to their baggage handlers finally to their customer service!!!

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23 August 2009 12:08:00 Guest

Los Angeles-Las Vegas. Booking was simple, efficient. Changing booking to later flight for small additional charge was also simple and efficient. Check-in easy and quick. Flight was delayed by around 1 hour which was mildly annoying but not uncommon in this day and age. Boarding was in groups. No priority given to families with small children/infants which is probably a mistake; upon being refused pre-boarding a mother with infant was told to "go fly someone else" if she didn't approve. Not a professional attitude. Onboard service generally good. Prior to landing, a passenger opposite was allowed to continue lying horizontally across 3 seats. It wasn't clear whether his seatbelt was fitted, however in the UK this would not be permitted. Flightcrew switched off seatbelt signs whilst aircraft was still taxiing at considerable speed toward its gate in Las Vegas. This seemed a little premature and would be a breach of safety regulations in the UK. Experience overall was average, but I have concerns regarding Southwest crews' attitude to safety procedures after this flight.

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