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Sky Wings Airlines Reviews

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All reviews about Sky Wings Airlines

19 February 2024 12:02:00 Guest

Tried to charge me £110 to add my middle name to my ticket after booking.

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26 May 2016 12:05:00 Guest

Was delayed for 16 hours at Larnaca on the return to Birmingham. No announcements, coffee, nothing. Then they tried to get out of paying compensation, passed the buck to everyone else, then had their licence revoked but are still flying under another name!! Rubbish.

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30 October 2011 12:10:00 Madame

It wasnt just flight to Athens. I was going to Erbil, Iraq. Most of passengers did not see families for 7-8 years! There were little children on board. Viking Hellas has treated us like cattles. It was the worse nightmare in my life! We should fly from Manchester to Athens, from Athens to Erbil. I was in Manchester airport 10 am, flight should be at 13:00. No information until 15. 15:30 airport manager told us there is a bus for us and we are going to Birmingham, will fly to Suleymaniyah, Iraq at 17. We came to Birmingham at 19, 20:00 we were in plane. Sat there for hour, then Sky Wings capitan told us, flight has been cancelled, we can go to Manchester!
We asked if he is joking but he just told us to go! We refused and asked to get us somebody from Viking but no one was available, so they brought police to plane! Police told us if we not leave plane they will take us out. We occupied plane for few hours, and decided to go. They used blackmail if we not go we gonna have to stay in Birmingham , if we leave they will take us back to Manchester.

When we left plane they put us to bus. With not heating and light and they brought us back to Manchester!
We asked driver to turn heating on he refused and just laughed!

We were cold and hungry. Company did not provide food or hot drinks, juts cold pepsi and water. I will not leave this like that.

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06 October 2011 12:10:00 Guest

Booked with Olymipic Holidays flying to Paphos from Birmingham with Skywings 25 September returning 2 October. Delayed 5 hours on outward journey - many excuses for delay including technical fault with plane, lack of cabin staff, problems in Greece etc. No food/drink voucher given. Should have departed at 09:15 then changed to 11:10 then 12:00 then 13:00 and eventually took off at 14:20. Plane old and tatty, seats very uncomfortable, no inflight entertainment, no orange juice, no ice. Return flight delayed by almost 3 hours - 1 hour of which we just sat on the apron. Again very uncomfortable. Some people that ordered meals and paid for them (we din't thank goodness) didn't get them - told problem with catering staff in Birmingham. Only tea, coffee and water available.

Have flown many, many times (both shorthaul and longhaul) and the landings in both Paphos and Birmingham were the worst I have ever experienced!

All in all I feel that this airline is a disgrace and I certainly would not recommend it to anyone. Beware if you have booked with Olympic and are flying Skywings.

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05 October 2011 12:10:00 Guest

Flew out to Crete with Skywings in September. Delayed for 4 hours on the way out and 5 hours on the return, booked with Olympic Holidays. The plane was realy old and my seat was loose! The cabin crew were ok, but the captain never said a word all the way back, so not even sure if we had one! The take off and landings were terrible, the worst i have ever experienced. I would never reccommend them and if you book with Olympic Holidays check first who your flight is with before you book it as you may spend most of your time at an airport!

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01 October 2011 12:10:00 sunkissed745

This is the worst airline we have ever flown with to the greek islands,if you value your safety and sanity do not fly with this company but if you like long delays skywings is the way to go.We flew with them september 2011 from zante following a fifteen hour delay with no explanations,we had no inflight entertainment,the cabin was unheated and no facilities for refreshments or food.Were given cold drink and a cheese and ham roll in all the time we were delayed.The turbulance we experienced solidly for three hours was horrendous,it really filled us with confidence knowing that the planes mechanic was sat at the rear of the plane with his tool box!.

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30 September 2011 12:09:00 Guest

Ive just got back from RHO and the flight was good, landed back 15mins late, all the tray tables working, the cabin crew worked very hard i didnt, was allways in the cabin, very friendly and helpful, i was so worried about flying with Sky Wings after reading everythink on here, but it was good as good as TCX, TOM and MON, i think most people on here are just after getting there money back from Sky Wings, i bet if they had flown with any airline they wouldnt be happy and would be putting bad comments on there reviews, i would fly with them again.

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29 September 2011 12:09:00 L and G Hearty

came back of holiday yesterday 28th september 2011 and flew both ways with sky wings almost cancelled my holiday after reading all the reviews about the airline before i went , we were delayed hour and half going and half hour coming back but that happens with any airline. i was absolutely dreading getting on the plane after all the negative commments about it but was pleasantly surprised the interior had been refurbed and everything matched i found it quite a comfortable flight we flew to rhodes so it was about a four hour flight , the crew were great both ways and the meals were amongst the best we have had while flying. we wouldnt hestitate about flying with skywings again.

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28 September 2011 12:09:00 Guest

Sky wings... never again. We went to Corfu with Skywings and the flight was 3hr late going out. The plane was very old and I sat on a broken seat as they didn't have any spare. Please if anyone is thinking of booking with airline DON'T

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28 September 2011 12:09:00 Guest

Well where to start... First of all the flight was originally meant to be flying form East Midlands Airport and then got changed to Birmingham International. Once at Birmingham there was a delay as the plane had to be changed... great start. Flying back to the UK with Sky Wings was awful, there was a 2hr delay and then due to being late boarding we then missed our airspace and had to wait another hour on the plane until one became available. The plane itself was scruffy and smelt of urine (apparently according to staff the toilets had been cleaned mmm). There was no in flight entertainment (on a 5hr flight) there was no leg room and the seats were very uncomfortable with a metal bar in the head rest. Whilst flying there was slight turbulence as expected but the whole plane vibarated under our feet. Staff were unhelpful and had a couldnt care less attitude. The food on the plane was nice, but that hadn't been prepared by them. Overall i would deffinately not recommend Sky wings to anybody and i would also advise not to book with olympic holidays unless you are certain of your Flight operator. At least the holiday was fantastic!

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24 September 2011 12:09:00 Guest

Just returned (21/09) to bhx fr om Rhodes, was very concerned about flights after reading tripadvisor and these reviews but can only say that the flight was not that bad. Yes the plane is old and cramped and some of the seats are a bit wobbly but we got there and back safely with only a 1 hour delay both ways and I have had worse flights with Thomson & BMIBaby. Olympic Holidays are a bit of a joke though, only saw rep on the coach to hotel and at welcome meeting wh ere she said that most of the trips were full anyway so if we wanted to go on any then to book quickly!

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24 September 2011 12:09:00 L's mother

My daughter & friend should be in Zante at the moment, but after 24 hours of delays, cancellations, rearrangements and even a suggested change of destination to Corfu, Sky Wings/Olympic had to admit that they could not provide the girls with the holiday they had booked. They were sent home from the airport. This was the girls' first taste of independent travel. What an experience... but possibly a better one than actually flying with Sky Wings, if other peoples' comments are accurate!

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23 September 2011 12:09:00 Guest

GSW 7011 7012 Sept 11th Sept 18th. Huge delays at BHX sat on aircraft eventually but they started refuelling. The we had to land at Thessalonika to refuel again. Suspect that fuel is cheaper there so flew with minimum from BHX
Aborted takeoff on return explanation. kept waiting at PFO lounge till 10.00pm when we were bussed to a hotel in Nicosia arriving to our beds at 2.00 in the morning. Flew back on almost new airbus with Viking Airlines.

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11 September 2011 12:09:00 Guest

How can the crew offer free food and drink for delays if it isnt provided ?The food they sell isnt theirs to give away...Im just glad I fly schedule,this doesnt happen .Next week I will be in the business lounge then taken to my seat offered champagne ,a flat bed and will wake up in my destination fresh and ready for the day ahead ...oh and on time lol

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