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16 November 2023 12:11:00 Anders Pedersen

Flew Doha-Kigali 29 October after midnight on a worn B737-800.Qatar Airways had issued this award ticket for Rwandair and also issued the boarding pass prior to Doha arrival. Accessed the Gold Lounge in Doha (gate C14); its roomy and hold most facilities. Boarding smooth upon lengthy bus ride. Onboard, neither WiFi nor video entertainment were available. My preordered special meal was not granted. Received apology and reasonable alternatives. Three kinds of hot food was offered; all good, filling, and plenty. Drink rounds were generous, incl. Provision of good wines. I inquired possible access for 3 empty seats in a row as a Dream Miles gold card holder. FAs, who were good and professional, took action on it. Eventually I got my seats and managed to sleep. Flight on time.

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16 November 2023 12:11:00 Anders Pedersen

Kigali-Doha 25 Oct. 2023 on a B737-800. Nightflight, on time. Check-in online is a nuisance as it never works with this airline. However, in airport they managed also to print out following flights boarding passes (with Qatar Airways), which was a relief. Cooperation with Qatar is better now, and lounge access is granted by holding Qatar Airways gold card. That was suspended for a year but has been reinstated. I coud also enter through my Rwandair FFP status. The Dream Lounge is Kigali is good and pleasant though not world-class. It supersedes the alternative Pearl lounge by providing panorama view over Kigali. Boarded after a 3 Minutes bus-ride.
Flight almost full, I managed to get a free seat next to me. My preordered seafood meal was delicious and delivered to perfection with my name written on the tray. It consisted of a starter (spicy tiger prawns), a main dish (salmon steak), and a chocolate dessert dish. Food on Rwandair is plenty. Four hot meal options was offered! I then also had beef stew to test and complement. Also good and tender. Wines were good and generously poured. The crew onboard are good, callbells answered and requests sought met.
Blankets, headsets, and pillows given to everybody. No WiFi. IFE was deeply subpar showing US * movies on shared monitors.

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23 December 2022 12:12:00 Felix

I traveled on 21/12/2022 from Dubai to Kenya and upon reaching there I couldn't find my luggage I filled my complain till date no reply given some manager number I called him and he said my luggage has been sent through G4S yet they don't know my location what a ridicule I think am about to sue the airline and it should be my last time using it even non of my family and friends will ever use it.

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06 December 2022 12:12:00 Guest

To be honest even if they paid me I'd never fly them again. What a rubbish useless unorganised pathetically run airline. The bus service in Zimbabwe is 10 times better.....hang on...there is no bus service in Zimbabwe so now u know how pathetic this lot are
If there was a minus 20 star rating I'd put that. Get out of the kitchen Wen u don't know how to cook

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16 July 2022 12:07:00 Shireen Abrahams

We had the unfortunate experience of having to deal with Holiday Aviation / Holiday Holdings via Rwandair South Africa after we tested positive for Covid abroad. When we were negative and ready to fly home, they did not answer their emails or take our calls for days! Johanna Tsatsi, the person who dealt with our booking did not respond, despite our travel agent sending several emails. Their customer service is abhorrent, along with their excuses. We are stranded for 7 days because of their incompetence. Only after it was escalated, did the process start moving. We paid the fare difference that they quoted us and 6 hours later, they are asking for another R26000! Illegally demanding extra money to be paid in 30 mins even after we paid the quoted amount that they gave us in writing.

Another 7 hours later and still no response from them. My minor child is however booked alone on the flight. How incompetent can you be?

Michel Anjinho was also aware of the situation but could offer us no resolution, also ignoring my emails.

No one has taken responsibility for this mess and pass the buck to the head office in another country!

Do not use this company or ever fly with RwandAir South Africa. When our journey started, they forced us to take a flight with another airline and had to rush to the airport within an hour.

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06 July 2022 12:07:00 Ernest

Not all passengers baggage will arrive at the destination airports. ESPECIALLY FROM AFRICAN CAMEROON. serveral complains have been layed but yet no improvements. Poor customer service

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15 May 2022 12:05:00 Bondewel Carlos

Worst airplane experience in my life!!
Planes show up with 5 hours up to 8 hours delayed. Flights cancelled at 02h30 am minutes of the fly off time. Two days later same flight at 02h30 was overbooked.
Shame that such companies exist. The Rwandans who use the company do it by patriotism an shut up because they have to shut up, they are used to!

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23 April 2022 12:04:00 Stefano

Would not recommend this airline, delays at every stop. Then total mess at the baggage claim. In the plane attendant notified us that some bags had been left behind. This is after a three hour delay making a two hour transit become a five hour. Firstly they sent us a text that our flight had been brought up by two hours. So we came two hours early to the airport for a flight that later delayed by two hours.

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28 February 2020 12:02:00 Guest

Seems its a trend. 8 of us arrived in Kenya only to be told our luggage was left in Joburg. No reason given, just an instruction to come back later "to check". No guarantees whatsoever. Terrible. Imagine having all your toiletries checked in and after hours of travel you still cant take a bath. Furious.

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23 July 2019 12:07:00 Nits

I traveled with this airline last week 18th July Dubai to Nairobi
Right from start rude staff but the worst was to come upon reaching home my luggage was not there now on 23rd July and still no luggage..all I keep hearing is your luggage will get there today but nothing..I have nothing to wear and at this rate I have no hope of getting my luggage.
Am so disappointed and frustrated.
This is my worst experience. I have used different airlines and this has the worst customer service.

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02 January 2019 12:01:00 Kathryn

Best Airline, excellent service. I can't fault them in any way. They deserve 5*. Keep it up Rwandair.

Downside: they are not easily visible online when you are looking to book a flight with them.

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24 October 2013 12:10:00 James Monday

Its one small airline one may think of not being good but you end up in surprise! They are welcoming and the service is good indeed.
Keep up RWD

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18 May 2013 12:05:00 Guest

Rwandair has a perfect inflight and ground baggage staff.We'll provide pillows and blankets in all aircrafts throughout the fleet of big and small airplanes which will also include games and toys for children.And as far as lost baggage is concerned,the baggage loaded always belongs to the only flight which is ready to depart,so,therefore the baggage which you send at the check-in counter always reaches the plane safely and in accordance to the sequence of your passengers queues at the check-in counter inside an airport.But ,still we'll keep this matter in consideration and will request the ground baggage team to put the the passenegrs baggage in accordance as their reservations are made inside KIA.
And thank you for the appraisal of meals & wine,inflight and in such a case we are still trying to cater you the freshest meals and beverages.
And on Dubai-Mombasa route,the baggage is always checked by the rwandair baggage team for their own flight as they see a rwandair tag on the baggage which then they load in the airplane,so there are very rare chances of baggage to be lost but we'll contact the Rwandair baggage team in Dubai in this regard because see!Dubai is such a crowded airport where numerous airlines are having lost baggage problems but we'll improve as passengersr reports are recieved.

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13 July 2011 12:07:00 Guest

There is simply no system! How Rwandair carry passengers to Mombasa from Dubai without their baggage? It took them three full days to take a decision to take the luggage. There was no compensation at all despite the inconveniences! A whole 50 plus passengers to have their luggage left behinde? And none was paid imagine.

Maybe Rwandair should be left exclusively to the Rwandese as we are made to understand that they are the priority.
Even the blankets on the plane are not enough.

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28 June 2011 12:06:00 mmainil

I recently traveled with Kenya Airways/Rwandair through one ticket that I had booked as a package through Kenya Airways.
Problems happened: overbooking both ways (Kenya), making me board Rwandair without boarding pass, baggage not delivered when Rwandair received it the very same night I arrived.
While Kenya Airways has been cooperative in a settlement and is taking steps to help with the necessary paper work for the insurance, Rwandair has been most uncooperative, never responding to my messages and when I physically showed up at the office, they plainly contradicted their own report in front of us. Results: Financial loss on my side and problems with the insurance.

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15 September 2008 12:09:00 Guest

Rwandair Express Johannesburg - Kigali on an MD-80, business class. Really not a bad flight - we were about 1/2 an hour late boarding with no announcements, but after that it was fine: a reasonable little meal and nice wine. We had a touch-down in Bujumbura, so there was rather a lot of taking off and landing, but reasonably quiet and comfortable flight. My bags were lost in a connection a Johnannesburg (as always), and so it was the usual long process of waiting for the bags not to appear, waiting to fill out forms, and then waiting three days, but the bags eventually found me!

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