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07 October 2023 12:10:00 Guest

We were meant to fly to Cape verde on dreamliner. We didn't flying with privilege. We were not allowed to purchase anything on the 5 hour flight both ways. We were only allowed one free complement snack and drink!! Asolutely disgraceful.

The entertainment didn't work and the cabin crew going were extremely rude!

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27 September 2023 12:09:00 Keith white

Flew back from Budapest yesterday supposed to be Aer lingus but was privilege what a kip of a plane my seat was hanging off 29 a if anyone from privilege bothers reading reviews and cold air didnt work overhead the plans was roasting no room tostrech legs it was a total disgrace

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21 September 2023 12:09:00 Guest

Aer Lingus changed EI 583 Malaga - Dublin to Privilege Style today 20/9/2023.
*Notified by email on 1/9 with no option to contact them or check details of this antiquated aircraft.
.Dear Customer
Thank you for choosing to travel with Aer Lingus.
Due to operational reasons, your flight between MALAGA and DUBLIN will now be operated by Privilege Style on our behalf.
We are confident the service you receive from Privilege Style pilots and cabin crew will be to the same high standards our customers expect from us. Privilege Style meets all Aer Lingus Safety Standards.
I would like to thank you for your co-operation and understanding.
Please do not reply to the above e-mail address as this is an automated service and does not have a reply facility
Worst aircraft I have ever been on in 40 years of travelling by air. Looked like something from 1980s with a few modifications. Air vents not working, broken seat in row in front of me meant wouldnt stay upright and I felt completely uncomfortable and hemmed in. The safety video didnt play, only the audio. I couldnt see any crew demo from my seat One toilet at front had queues down aisle waiting to use throughout flight. Aer Lingus are quick to charge higher prices but do not match with service when switching customers to Privilege Style. My paid seats at front were changed to back of aircraft which I pointed out at checkin and at least I managed to get this rectified by desk clerk. I do not recommend this airline and I will avoid at all costs in future. I have since read almost exactly same issues reported by other customers throughout the Summer, obviously being ignored by Aer Lingus.

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10 September 2023 12:09:00 Guest

Aer Lingus changed dub-Malaga-dub to Privilege Style. Absolutely dreadfulair vents not working, panels loose on ceiling, dirty carpet, broken tray tables, overhead bin doors opened as soon as plane moved, one working toilet available as the back toilets were flooded so a constant q down the plane which led cabin crew to get annoyed as they couldnt pass, very rude staff on one of the flights, no communication not even flight duration. A horrible experience.

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06 September 2023 12:09:00 Guest

Aer Lingus changed us to Privelege Style from Malaga to Dublin September 2023.Have no worries. It was a 757. Better air conditioning that Ryanair flight out. Comfortable flight. Aircraft in grand condition. Staff & Services absolutely fine. Had some concerns when I got the email the carrier was being changed but after flying with them I would do again anytime.

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16 August 2023 12:08:00 Mrs H

I was nervous when TUI emailed to say the plane to Rhodes from Manchester was being swapped to Privilege Style Airways. Never heard of them! But I didn't have to worry. The seats were comfortable (more comfy than the TUI plane we had home from Rhodes). There were TUI cabin crew on board along with Privilege ones who were equaly friendly and polite. We had TUI food and drinks menu. No issues.

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09 August 2023 12:08:00 Guest

Yes is dated, but had the best sleep ever in a plane of theirs from Rhodes to Manchester, seats are comfortable , only reason i don't give it a 5* is because of no service food or drinks on a 4 to 5 hours flight, plus now Manchester airport is keeping us for almost 1 hour waiting to get out, plane was ready on time when we embarked in Rhodes, cleaned just prior, crew is smartly dressed, favourite uniform so far .

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29 July 2023 12:07:00 Peter Walsh

Plane swapped (for "unexpected operational reasons beyond their control") from Aer Lingus after booking day before traveling Dublin to Malaga. Obviously they had this planned all along as a rudimentary search of aircraft movements shows they have swapped out (all?) flights on this route and others for weeks.

Planes are ancient. 24 year old 757 not what you expect when booking with major airline. Plane visibly dirty exterior and definitely in poor shape interior. Numerous missing bits of chairs, visible glue repair around internal joints. TVs that roll down from ceiling for safety video were not all functioning.

Service was however excellent. Smartly dressed crew. Very polite and smooth flight. Felt sorry they had to operate such a crappy plane. Pilots professional with updates.

But overall ridiculous a OneWorld airline would farm out operations to a random spanish operator with plane at end of life and needing serious maintenance.

In flight wifi entertainment service barely functional and unable to stream video.

A single aer lingus rep on board there to pretend you got the safety and service you paid for. Total joke. Avoid.

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29 June 2023 12:06:00 Guest

Absolutely disgusting airline. Filthy plane. No room for your legs, Im 52 not like Im tall. Avoid

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06 June 2023 12:06:00 Guest.

Flew with Privilege style as a charter for TUI to and from Corfu. These planes are very old and noisy. Staff were friendly but was a very nervous flight going out and back. Booked with TUI for a family Holiday so expect a decent plane and flight.

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06 October 2022 12:10:00 P Patel

Worst experience I have ever had, they were supposed to be flying some undesirables to Rwanda and the flight got cancelled minutes before take-off. £500'000 of tax payer money that could have been used on MP pay rises - wasted.

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02 October 2022 12:10:00 Guest

Flown with them as a charter for CONDOR. On time and nice airplane.

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18 September 2022 12:09:00 Guest

Never again,
Norwegian should be a shamed to use this type of cheap Monday companies.
We flew from Stockholm on the 3 of September to Split Croatia and when he try to land the plane I already new that the landing speed was to high! So we bumped and almost hit of the runway.
We flew back with SAS new Airbus NEO 320.
We paid our new return tickets for 600 euros.
So next when we book our tickets we we will cancel our flight when the airline companies leased this type of companies.
Privileges airlines never 👎 never again.
They should also maybe send the pilots and the crew members for education.

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17 August 2022 12:08:00 Guest

Flew with them from Stockholm Arlanda to Dubrovnik, Croatia. Itwas an excellent flight, the pilots were great. I'm afraid of flying but I felt no discomfort at all during the flight.

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14 August 2022 12:08:00 Robin

After reading several bad comments and seeing many bad ratings about this airline i was not amused when Norwegian Air changed my flight to Privilege Style but i have to say it was really not that bad. The airplane (13 years old Airbus 321) condition was fine (just a couple of crumbs on the seat from the flight before) and the staff was friendly. Sadly the flight had a delay of 75 minutes but all in all not a bad experience.

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07 August 2022 12:08:00 Neil

I read the reviews and as a nervous flyer wasnt looking forward to this flight one bit, I neednt have worried as there were no issues at all, seats were comfortable, we were only delayed for approx 20 mins and the 2 members of the Tui team on board were amazing and worked so hard all flight. We were on flight TOM4498 from Gatwick to Larnaca on Thursday 4th August.

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02 August 2022 12:08:00 Declan loy

The worst airline ive ever had the PREVILAGE to be on. Obsulte rubbish from start to finish. Airlingus is no better as they pond us of on the these clowns!!! Never again with either airline!!!

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01 August 2022 12:08:00 Guest

Return from Teneriffe not with condor, with P.Style B767. Everythink fine, nice service

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12 July 2022 12:07:00 Guest

I am annoyed at Aerlingus for giving them flights , they can do better , I can't rate them badly enough, they were so rude , uncaring and unhelpful at the check in, expected this to be just bad luck at to who we had but then again on the flight they were terrible. The were annoyed if anyone actually asked them for something, openly sneering/ giving out about those who were on the flight expecting them not to understand them. Probably the worst experience I have had on a flight thankfully I didn't need their help but witnessed many who did with small children and they weren't nice to them at all.
My rating is zero

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30 June 2022 12:06:00 Guest

Extremely poor. If you fly with them you could end up thousands of miles away from where you want to be.

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07 June 2022 12:06:00 Helen

Awful TUI bumped
Us of onto this aircraft! Pilot couldnt
Even be bothered to introduce his self over the tannoy didnt apologise for delay didnt even mention it! Didnt explain when we were going through really bad turbulence he just automatically put the seatbelt sign on with no explanation as what was going on , at the end of the flight he appeared looked down his nose at everybody that was on the aircraft like he had done us a great favour and getting us home as if it was a rescue flight , I think he
Forgot that we had paid
For this flight and we are customers!! Never been on a flight like it awful unfriendly and outdated

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03 May 2022 12:05:00 Karen manifold

Airline changed to privilege from tui. Squashed in like sardines in a can. Paid for extra legroom. Hubby couldnt turn. Most uncle flight ever experienced. Then left waiting for 35 mins to depart plane

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28 August 2021 12:08:00 Guest

Bad quality food, bad service, rude flight attendents.
Did not notice clients about delay.

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02 December 2020 12:12:00 Guest

Hello, I am trying to get in contact with you regarding a scheduled deportation flight planned for tomorrow. This flight will deport over 20 men who have been in the UK for over 20 years. Between them, they have at least 30 children, who will be left without a father in the middle of a global pandemic and just before Christmas. This separation will be permanent. If you are running the flight, you are abusing human rights and causing huge distress to a number of people. I urge you to reconsider- the financial and social impact of your actions should you deport will be huge. Once people are aware of your legacy as a company that abuses people's human rights and runs racist and inhumane forced removals, I doubt many people will be obliged to travel with you. Many of these men have also been exposed to COVID-19 whilst in detention. It seems that you are committed to #healthfirst, and this flight undermines all work you have done to keep people safe. Please reconsider and make the right decision.

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02 September 2019 12:09:00 Guest

'Privilege Style' operated flight on behalf of another carrier. It certainly wasn't a privilege, let me tell you that. This was by far the worst flight I've ever had. The in-flight entertainment was virtually non-existent only 3 channels, 2 for movies but they only had one film showing on a loop on each so basically 2 films to choose from and the quality was so poor that it just wasn't worth the bother. Food below par as was the service - staff were not friendly and it was virtually impossible to get any drinks in between scheduled meals (we gave up). Interior very tired.
Make sure you query your airline or don't book Privilege. There were no menus or even an in-fight magazine so you were essentially left in the * .
If I could I'd rate them '0'.

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11 August 2019 12:08:00 Guest

Wow this was the worst airline I have EVER flown on ........ shocking food shocking (no) entertainment . You have to pay for literally everything its pathetic for a long haul flight !!!! No blankets or pillows you even had to pay for a glass of water NEVER EVER AGAIN .

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08 May 2019 12:05:00 Mark

Worst flight ever! Very slow boarding (1,5 hours due to overbooking!), plane old, terrible enternainment. Everything is for purchase, even water. On inter-continental flights, this is a crime. No blankets, no pillows. the temperature was freezing! Absurd.
The flight was operated for Norwegian Air.
Last time for both.

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30 December 2018 12:12:00 Guest

This airline is garbage. My two recent trans-Atlantic flights were the two worst of my life. The old, broken planes are mostly the problem. They are slow, the seats are broken and dirty (my headrest was missing) and the crew is not very friendly. Everything is for purchase, even water. On inter-continental flights, this is a crime. There needs to be at least minor provisions. How can they expect to please customers this way? The entertainment is terrible and hardly works. Lastly, the temperature was freezing on both flights. Youd think the staff would take a hint with everyone shivering and wearing all their layers, hoods up. Also, you have to buy blankets! Absurd.

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25 July 2018 12:07:00 Guest

Do not fly with this company! If you book vacations and fly with this company charter planes then you will regret it. They are unreliable, and their limited fleet of 4 old planes means that you will likely not fly when you want to. You will get your flight delayed or cancelled. DO NOT FLY WITH THIS COMPANY! They are * !

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09 July 2018 12:07:00 Carmine Minnella

The fight from Newark to Rome and back was fantastic the crew was great friendly and very professional.

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29 November 2016 12:11:00 Mallory

This was by far one of the worst flying experiences I've ever had. We had upgraded our seats and specifically requested the aisle, only to find that this plane could not accommodate any of it. After waiting in line for over 2 hours at Ben gurion airport we finally spoke to someone who told us that the flight was completely overbooked (business and first class included). Who actually does that on a 12 hour flight these days?!

We informed them that we were flying with my elderly grandmother who needs the extra room but since they had completely overbooked, they did nothing.

The crew had almost no idea how to work the plan and could barely get the plane door closed. When there were lines for the bathroom in economy, they reused to let us use the business class restrooms, even though that is what we were supposed to be flying.

I'm so incredibly disappointed with how this was handled and by I'll never be flying el al or privilege again.

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01 September 2016 12:09:00 Customer from Portugal Joana Reis

For us costumers, we expect from a company named "Privilege" at least some care when a problem cames. Well, 20 people came back from Cabo Verde, our luggage didnt come on the plain, 6 days have past and this "privilege" company gave us still no information, no explanation, no apologise, dispite many contacts we made, they just ignore us... It's a shameless performance.

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15 May 2015 12:05:00 Dave Noke

Operated a flight on behalf of Monarch from Alicante to Birmingham 15th May 2015 Clean & comfortable but rather old Boeing 757. Spanish crew but very polite and smart.

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20 November 2014 12:11:00 Guest

went fr om edinburgh to dalaman 1/10/12 on a 757 was a last min backup for thomson it was ok leg room not great couldn't understand the saftey announcment as its a spanish airline but staff wh ere friendly and overall i would rate it 3 out of 5

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28 September 2014 12:09:00 Stevelinda

Very professional crew, we were picked up from kefalonia after a 6 hour delay with Thomas Cook, leg room was far better than usual, customer service first class, I would recommend privilege airlines, they are a first class outfit.

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28 May 2014 12:05:00 Guest

we went to Heraklion (Crete), and we booked with monarch, but on behalf of themselves they used privilege style, and over all the flight wasn't that bad, although the landing was very bumpy and not that great

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